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PERRY:  So here’s another one. Ready? The tail of the dragon and serpent, remember it’s actually the Greek word for serpent, draws a third of the stars of heaven. You know what’s really wild? There is another snake in heaven. All the ancients know it as “Hydra, the serpent.” And if, if you take it and put it right in the circuit of heaven where the twelve major constellations are, from head, from the head of it to the tail of it, it can take up a third of the heaven. If you, if you take it this way and then turn it around and go that way, and I’m talking about in the circuit, some say it’s about a fourth total where it sits, but if you move it in to where the circuit is— Now is that not amazing how God would take an emblem of a snake, they called it a dragon. Because why? So that the people of that day who were so aware of this stuff, He would say “Now wait a minute, let me show you the real story of what happens in the heavens. Let me, let me use parallels.” So, so the point I make is we in the west, we don’t speak in symbolism. You know, we just tell it like it is. “I’m going to tell it like it is. You know, give him my piece of mind! Okay?” And we just make it clear: that’s purple, that’s blue, uh, the floor right here is black. That’s grey carpet. And we just tell it plain. We don’t say “And I saw sapphire-looking bricks—


PERRY:      —like the firmament of the heaven on a clear day. No, I just say “That’s pretty colorful, it looks like a sapphire blue, ain’t it? Cool.” Okay? We don’t talk that way. But the ancients, if you’ve ever read the writings of the philosophers, they were detailed. They were descriptive. And the culture of that day demanded that a book be written in that form. Another thing you have to understand is let’s go back— “cause Daniel— Here’s something else. The Book of Daniel is the companion book to the Book of Revelation. I mean there are ten things that Daniel saw that John repeats. All right? One of the thing, one of the things that John saw that Daniel never got in detail with is, uh, John saw the “false prophet” in Revelation, chapter 13. And most of your Old Testament writers they see the “anti-Christ”, but they never see the “false prophet.” Now why does John wait to see the false prophet? Because the false prophet is representative as a lamb which is a false Christianity, and so God never showed it to Daniel “cause Christianity didn’t exist then. So what God does is He waits ‘til it exists. He waits ‘til it come into existence. And then He said, Okay, John, I’m going to show you something else. There’s a lamb with two horn’s going to come with this guy and he’s going to issue them— and He goes into all that. So God waits— it’s almost like— Let me say it to you this way— uh, this, this is good. I think Sid will appreciate this. It’s like the teaching of “The Rapture.” And one of the arguments I get about the Rapture teaching is, is people will say “Well, I’ve read the whole Old Testament and it’s not there.” Let me tell you something. Everything that’s doctrinally sound in prophecy is always found in the Torah. I wish I had time to show you all this. It’s always found.

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