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SID: Okay, Perry.


SID: This is amazing to me. Tell me about the breath of the holies from this ancient rabbi’s teachings.

PERRY: Okay. There was a tradition that in the tabernacle of Moses, you knew when the glory of the Lord came down by number one, the sound of a man breathing. It would be like breath, like … like a wind blowing. And the second way you would know is the … where you had the chamber of the inner court in the holy of holies, we call it where the inner curtains were. The curtains would start moving like a man’s lungs breathing. They would expand in and out. And this became known as the breath of the holies. Now what is interesting is in Hebrew, the word breath, wind and spirit is the same word. You have to read the context of the verse to see what it’s speaking about. It’s [Hebrew language]. And [Hebrew language] means the Holy Spirit.

PERRY: Now, if you start tracing this down, this is in the tabernacle of Moses. It became known as breath of the holy place, breath of the holies, holy breath, Holy Spirit. So in other words, that breathing sound was a manifestation of the [Hebrew language], which is the Holy Spirit, or the spirit that’s holy, the Spirit of God. The interesting thing about that is if you come to the New Testament in Acts, Chapter 2, verses one through four on the day of Pentecost, there is a sound from heaven like a mighty rushing wind, and the bible says it filled the house where they were seated.

SID: Just before your dad was promoted to heaven, he gave you some advice. What did he tell you?

PERRY: Okay, we’re sitting in the house and he was 78 years of age at the time, and he said, “I had a dream.” And he said … and I’m going to make the dream real short, but he said, “In this dream, I’m in a church service and I’m seeing the enemy attack people. I’m seeing him attack people.” And he talked about the sexual sins, he talked about temptation, he talked about pressures, he talked about depression. He said all this was coming against God’s people. And then he said, “The Lord told me this.” And he said, “I’m going to tell you this because I’m not going to live long enough to tell people this. I can’t go out and preach now.” Because he was getting up there, he knew.

PERRY: And so, I said, “Okay, what is it?” He says, “Now, when the Spirit of God quickens this to you, you tell people that the solution to the attacks that are coming,” and this is his exact words, “They must learn to pray excessively in the Spirit.” And so I said, “Dad, what do you mean by excessively?” He says, “Not your normal worshiping in church, not your normal praying in the Spirit, going to …” He said, “You’re going to have to go into a prayer chamber and pray in the Spirit, sometimes for 30 minutes to an hour to break stuff that’s on you.” He said, “If you don’t pray,” and he looked at me and says this, “If you and this generation does not learn how to pray in the Spirit, you’re going to come under attacks that you’re going to have a hard time coming out from under.”

SID: It’s mandatory.

PERRY: Yeah, it’s a mandatory thing. And so, when he said this to me about praying excessively, he says, “Now, do you remember your Uncle Rufus?” Now let me explain who Uncle Rufus was in case we get into a story about him. Rufus Dunford was my dad’s uncle, and Rufus Dunford had a gift that when he was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, he could speak in diverse tongues of any language in the world, go up to any foreigner in the coal fields of West Virginia that worked in the mines, of anywhere in the world, and speak to them in tongues, because a lot of those people came from other countries and they couldn’t speak English well. So nobody could witness to him. So he’d preach to them and witness to them, and they just thought he knew the language. They even thought he was a Catholic priest when he’d speak Latin. They’d call him Father Dunford ’cause they thought he was a Catholic priest.

SID: Perry, could you very quickly pray for everyone to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues?

PERRY: Alright. First thing we want to do, you have to repent. So let’s pray a prayer of repentance. Everybody in the studio, if you want to agree with this and pray and this is fine. Say this with me, Father in heaven.

SID: Father in heaven.

Audience: Father in heaven.

PERRY: In the name of Jesus.

SID: In the name of Jesus.

Audience: In the name of Jesus.

PERRY: I’m coming to you.

SID: I’m coming to you.

Audience: I’m coming to you.

PERRY: Asking you.

SID: Asking you.

Audience: Asking you.

PERRY: Forgive me.

SID: Forgive me.

Audience: Forgive me.

PERRY: Of all my sin.

SID: Of all my sin.

Audience: Of all my sin.

PERRY: Hidden sin.

SID: Hidden sin.

Audience: Hidden sin.

PERRY: Secret sin.

SID: Secret sin.

Audience: Secret sin.

PERRY: Public sins.

SID: Public sins.

Audience: Public sins.

PERRY: Anything.

SID: Anything.

Audience: Anything.

PERRY: That’s displeasing to you, God.

SID: That’s displeasing to you, God.

Audience: That’s displeasing to you, God.

PERRY: Forgive me.

SID: Forgive me.

Audience: Forgive me.

PERRY: Cleanse me.

SID: Cleanse me.

Audience: Cleanse me.

PERRY: By the blood of Jesus.

SID: By the blood of Jesus.

Audience: By the blood of Jesus.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

Audience: Right now.

PERRY: Help me, Lord.

SID: Help me, Lord.

Audience: Help me, Lord.

PERRY: To walk in victory.

SID: To walk in victory.

Audience: To walk in victory.

PERRY: To walk in faith.

SID: To walk in faith.

Audience: To walk in faith.

PERRY: To follow you.

SID: To follow you.

Audience: To follow you.

PERRY: And to have deliverance.

SID: And to have deliverance.

Audience: And to have deliverance.

PERRY: In my life.

SID: In my life.

Audience: In my life.

PERRY: And heart.

SID: And heart.

Audience: And heart.

PERRY: Today.

SID: Today.

Audience: Today.

PERRY: I receive Jesus.

SID: I receive Jesus.

Audience: I receive Jesus.

PERRY: As Lord and savior.

SID: As Lord and savior.

Audience: As Lord and savior.

PERRY: Amen.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

PERRY: Praise God. Amen, amen.

SID: [crosstalk]

PERRY: Now, this is going to take two minutes. I’m going to give you three things. I’m going to tell you what I tell folks. I’ve had 200,000 people baptized in the Holy Spirit in meetings in America. Alright? Number one, the same faith that you’re saved with is the same faith you receive the Holy Spirit with. You don’t have to have a greater faith, more faith, pray more faith in. If you can believe what I’m saying, you have faith. Number two, when we ask the Holy Spirit to come in, you have to ask him to come in and baptize you, fill you. He will do what you ask him if you’ll believe. Number three, the bible says that when they were filled, they spoke with tongues as the Spirit gave utterance, and I like to say it this way, they spoke as the Spirit gave them inspired words. And when you’re praying for the Holy Spirit and you’ve asked him to come in, it’s happened to me, it happens to everybody I’ve ever met, you will, at some moment, hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you, and it’s your spirit praying. Your spirit’s receiving the power of God.

PERRY: When you hear those words coming into your spirit, and you’re hearing it, speak it with your mouth and you’ll feel the power of God be released. Okay? So right now, say this with me. Everybody, let’s pray this together. Say heavenly Father.

SID: Heavenly Father.

Heavenly Father.

PERRY: According to your word.

SID: According to your word.

PERRY: According to your promise.

SID: According to your promise.

PERRY: I receive.

SID: I receive.

PERRY: The gift.

SID: The gift.

PERRY: Of the holy ghost.

SID: Of the holy ghost.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

PERRY: Spirit of God.

SID: Spirit of God.

PERRY: Fill me.

SID: Fill me.

PERRY: Baptize me.

SID: Baptize me.

PERRY: In God’s power.

SID: In God’s power.

PERRY: And with the Holy Spirit.

SID: And with the Holy Spirit.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

PERRY: Say this with me. I receive.

SID: I receive.

PERRY: The Holy Spirit.

SID: The Holy Spirit.


SID: Now.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

PERRY: In Jesus name.

SID: In Jesus name.

PERRY: Now lift your hands and start worshiping. Praise God. [foreign language]

SID: [foreign language]

PERRY: Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

SID: Now, Perry was given seven words from an angel that changed his life, and it’s going to change your life. Be right back.

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