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SID: I have Cindy Jacobs here. Most of you know her. She literally is a general in intercession and prophecy. Cindy, every year, you have a group of prophets, really, not just from the United States, from the whole world. I would love to know what is really coming to the surface for this year.

CINDY: Well, you know, Sid, for the church, we are coming to a place where I feel God and many felt that God is going to tip the bowls of Heaven, all the prayers, in other words. People have prayed for their loved ones and, you know, the power of God is going to visit and extreme suddenlies, extreme visitations. In other words, literally the kind that just arrest you in your path.

CINDY: All of a sudden, you have prayed for years for your child. Bam! They turn. Or, you know, you have been wanting to be able to have that TV show and it comes. By the way, there’s some I’m just watching that right now you have been trying to get television and the Lord is just saying that door is opening to you. Someone else has been wanting to buy a home. You’ve been frustrated. There’s a suddenly coming for you. There’s suddenlies.

CINDY: Fact, this has been a word for the past three years, Sid, that this whole group of prophets come. We’ve been given words, of course, about miracles, but now it’s like in the glory, the Lord kept saying, “In the glory I’m getting ready to manifest my power.” God never stopped being the Creator. This is what we’re going to see. I mean, we’re going to see legs grow where there’s no legs, eyes for.

SID: You know what my vision is?

CINDY: What?

SID: I want to go into Hadassah or one of the Israeli hospitals with the soldiers, Jews and Arabs that have missing limbs. I want to bring a camera in there. Can you picture this? The arms are going to grow out. I don’t know about you, I’m sick and tired of bad news. I want good news.

CINDY: Wow! Well, I have to tell you, Sid, it’s like you were right there with us, that same Holy Spirit.

SID: Right.

CINDY: Oh, listen, I’m feeling the anointing of God for healing.

SID: Go for it, Cindy.

CINDY: Holy Spirit, I thank you. You’ve never stopped being the Creator. Creator, I thank you right now for creating new eyes, particularly. I see people that have been blind. I see someone, you have no pupils, the Lord forming pupils for you. I see someone with cataracts are disappearing, glaucoma’s disappearing. I see someone else that you needed hip replacement. You’re feeling fire in your hips and the Lord is creating new. New kidneys, new bladders, new stomachs. I mean, it’s the new-

SID: What does 2019 mean?

CINDY: Well, you know, 2019, if you look at the numbers, you know, and you begin to study about it, it means birthing. God is birthing such a new thing. It’s like a child in the womb. When I carried my children, you know, we didn’t have 4D sonograms. I couldn’t imagine what that child looked like, but I felt it inside me. I felt my children. That’s like what’s going on with you, Sid, and so many people in the world. We feel. We feel that baby kicking. We feel something. Listen, God is getting ready to do such new things for you. If you are watching this show and you are feeling hopeless, I want to tell you shake it off.

CINDY: God is getting ready to do things for you that you cannot imagine. God is doing something. Those of you who have never had a prophetic word, I want to say to you there are some people watching, you have begged God to give you a word. I feel like the Lord is saying to you right now, “I am trying to tell you I am real.” There’s people watching this show and you’ve said, “God, if you are real, I want you to talk to me today.” Well, God is talking to you and He’s saying, “I am not only real, I have come to transform your life and give you miracles.”

CINDY: Lord, give miracles to those who have never had a prophetic word, financial miracles, miracles in their family, miracles in their careers. God wants to show you how much He loves you. Don’t let Satan steal your joy. You make a decision, whatever comes, you’re going to look at your friends or husbands or whoever and you’re going to say, “No, no, no, Satan’s trying to ruin, to steal our joy.” That is a no. No way that is going to happen. Satan has no business in my joy. We can’t line up with the accuser, we’ve got to say what God.

SID: You know, we’ve had a segment before this show in front of the audience and Hank Kunneman had the most amazing word about the future of President Trump and the wall. Let’s take a look at it now.

HANK: I said, “God, give me your heart and tell me what is taking place.” I’m going to make it quick. He said, “Hank, here is what is happening from Heaven’s perspective.” He took me to Exodus 14:22 and 29-30. Here’s what it was. Israel was shut in. They had mountains on either side of them, they had an enemy that was pursuing them. They had the Red Sea in front of them. Fake news began to be formulated by the enemy, accusing the president, called Moses, of having an agenda that was trying to be bad for the people. “You brought us out here,” they said, “to kill us, because there wasn’t enough graves in all of Egypt.” They thought that he was working alongside of a very leader that he used to work with. He worked with Pharaoh.

HANK: There is a lot of stuff going on about Russia and trying to label this president and this administration with it. Here’s what God did. What did God do? Again, we don’t have a United States without immigration. We are all here. This isn’t an enemy against immigration. What did God do to unite a nation? He divided. He allowed division. The Bible says in verse 22 and verse 29 that there was a right wall and there was a left wall. God created a wall. Here’s what He did. Republican/Democrat, the Bible said he congealed the right well and the left wall. In other words, God had His hand on them that stopped and caused there to be an influence that was of His hand. God’s hand is on this nation, on the right and the left, and He will get His wall built.

HANK: Here’s why. The Lord said to me on January 1st at our New Year’s Eve service, He said, “The wall that you think is dividing the United States, you’re misreading the sign. It is not a sign of division, it’s a sign that’s going to unify you.” That’s what happened in Exodus 14. The right wall, the left wall, they walked in on dry ground. What is that? Supernatural. God has a supernatural agenda for the United States and for President Trump. We need to stop attacking it because God is trying to create, like He did with Israel in Exodus 14, a clear path for this nation and for your children and for a

generation to come. Verse 30 says, “That day.” What day? The right wall, the left wall, the clear path, the drowning of the enemies, the stopping of an agenda, the enemy. It says that God that day saved Israel out of the hand of the enemy, and God is about to save this nation out of the hands of the enemy. The Lord says this, listen to me very quickly, the Lord says, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. For I, the Lord God, am speaking now to those who have stood in a place to oppose and to be divisive. My truth shall march on and I shall trump the agenda of the donkey party. And I shall trump the pride of the elephant party. And I shall trump the stubborn mule or team. I shall cause my agenda to go forth, that this nation shall go forth,” says the Spirit of God, “in a new season that I have promised.

2019 is the beginning of a new era. It’s a year to break delay. It’s time to prepare to greatness. I want Cindy to pray and decree over you right now. Cindy?

CINDY: I decree over you in the name of Jesus that you’re going to have a healing anointing. I decree that you’re going to see miracles. I decree you will have miracles. I decree you’re going to have joy, the fruit of the spirit of joy is going to manifest in your life. I decree that the enemy has been defeated. I decree that you are an overcomer. I decree that God is going to multiply through you this year.

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