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SID: I’m here with John Mellor from Australia, I’ve seen him on the Internet, and… he was praying for me last night, and I’ll tell you, that is a tangible power that’s comin’ outta you. Tell me, just kinda whet our appetite, tell me one recent miracle.

JOHN: Well just last week, I was doing a healing seminar, and when I do seminars I do, I do, demonstration. And a man there, for five years, struggled on a walking stick, his legs were numb, he, he worked in an iron foundry, a six-hundred pound lump of metal hit him in the side. It tore all the muscles and nerves, and he was on, he had a, had a machine that pumped painkillers, morphine, into him, that could not even begin to dull the pain. And for five years he struggled, like an old man, he’s a young man, and then I called him up to demonstrate healing, laid hands on him in Jesus, the power of God touched ‘im, he fell down, and then he got up,

John: How do you feel mate?

Young Man: There’s no more pain!

JOHN: And he ran.

Young Man: I’m healed! Praise God!

JOHN: In fact, he—

SID: I’ll tell you John, I felt that raw Outback power, but go ahead

JOHN: And he ran out the door and I called out, “Watch out for the bears!” ‘Cause it’s out in the country.

SID: You say, every believer should be able to walk in that raw Outback power. But, This is ridiculous. How old is your grandson?

JOHN: Well, I’ve got one grandson, I’ve got quite a few grandchildren, he’s nine now.

SID: Tell me about the nine-year-old.

JOHN: Okay.

SID: And, by the way, if the nine-year-old can do this, guess what?

JOHN: Okay, I’ve got one grandson, Beau Mellor, he’s a, he’s had a healing ministry for 18 months. And it happened I came to my son’s church and I was ministering, and he sat there, in the front row, watching his granddad do all the miracles.

Woman: I can hear. I can hear!

JOHN: And after I left, he decided to hold healing meetings. And I hadn’t laid hands on him, but in his heart he said, he wants to be like me. And so he began to round up the neighborhood children, began to preach the gospel, lay hands, well they’re getting healed. And so, he prays for people at his school, he prays for adults, he prays for children.

Beau: “No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

JOHN: And they told him, the school, you gotta stop praying for these children, this is not a Christian school, and my grandson said, “They have a right to hear the Word of God.”

 SID: Now, that’s his, that’s his grandson. Tell me about, how old was your father when he started in ministry?

JOHN: Okay, well my dad was 69, he was a drunken alcoholic, aggressive man, anti-Christ, he had an amazing encounter with Christ, he got born again, filled with the Spirit, and he began his first healing ministry going out, knocking on doors, he first began to ask all the neighbors who hated him to forgive him. He started a Bible study, he rounded up all the unsaved neighbors, and he had them in his home, here’s someone that they hated, he asked them to forgive him, he began ministering to them, he began his ministry at 69, and in those days, I didn’t believe in healing, and he began to mentor me in healing.

SID: You know,

Audience Member: Wow!

SID: You told me, before we went on the air, that your father was one angry man.

JOHN: Very angry.

SID: Yeah. He, he would say horrible things to you as you grew up. He would literally, and unbeknownst to him, he was cursing you, cursing you.

JOHN: All the time.

SID: And he was an alcoholic, and then your mom had severe mental problems.

JOHN: Yeah.

SID: And you had to live in homes, and you were in a motorcycle gang.

JOHN: Yeah.

SID: And you got into a horrific accident, and two bikers saw your accident, that were strong, they were part of a Christian bike club.

JOHN: Yeah.

SID: They follow you to the hospital, what happened?

JOHN: Well what happened is, they came to the casualty, the casualty is sewing me up, and one of them said, he said, “You know, God loves you, and has a plan for your life.” And I got home out of the hospital, I couldn’t stop thinking that Jesus loves me, and has a plan for my life. So I’m, I’m lyin’ in bed one night, and I had a lot of depression and mental torment, and on one night I just cried out, I said, “Jesus, if you are real, set me free. “Help me, forgive me.” And this presence came in the room… I fell asleep, I woke up in the morning, I felt this amazing peace. I looked out the window, I could see how green the leaves were, I could see the, I could hear the birds singing, I thought, “What’s this strange sensation?” Then I realized, it must have been my prayer, Jesus must have come to me, and since that day my life has never, ever, ever been the same.

SID: That’s our guy! I pray that he become your guy! Because he already is, you just have to know that. Now, you were preaching to everything living, but you didn’t know a thing about miracles. So you go to a people group, and as I understand it, you don’t even know the language, the Aboriginals.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: And how many people came to your first meeting?

JOHN: Well what happened is I, is I worked as a missionary amongst the tribal Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory. I was based in a town of Katherine, and I had an outreach at a place called Binjari, this Aboriginal reservational community. And I had one old lady, and I had three or four children, that’s all I had. For five months. And my church was just a field, I sat on a log, they sat on the ground, I shared simple Bible stories, and I shared about Jesus, and then, then I became so desperate, I began to fast and pray 10 days a month, from the first to the tenth. But, thing is, I wasn’t praying for healing for them, I was praying for them to find Christ. But after five months, one day I was there preaching, preaching out in the grass there, and I heard, I had a, and this old lady always limped, and I had this compassion to pray for her. You know, I’d never seen anybody healed. I laid hands on her leg and I thought nothing more of it, I wasn’t really expecting God to do anything. And the next week I went there, there was a crowd. I thought, “Why are they here?” I found out the old lady was healed. And then of course they wanted me to pray for them. God healed them. And then they called me the missionary man who heals. And so my brain was confused ’cause I didn’t really believe that God would do this today. And you know, despite me, despite me, God moved.

SID: You also bumped into witchdoctors, demon-possessed dogs.

JOHN: Aw, yeah.

SID: Demon-possessed dogs?

JOHN: Yeah, well see, out there, amongst the Aboriginal community, they had the Gadachi men or witchdoctors, and they put, try and put curses on us. In fact, I would go to have meetings in these remote areas, and the witchdoctors would come out, and they’d come out and attack the people, and they’d punch them, in fact, they had these, they call them camp dogs, and the dogs are demon-possessed. And every time you’d pray for people, or mention the Blood of Jesus, they’d go rabid and wild and attack you. And so, when I had to pray for the people, I used to have a, what I called a camp dog stick, and when I was praying, I had to hit the dogs,

SID: This is not your average church!

JOHN: And so the dogs, they had their jaws around my ankles when I’m praying, and I’m bashing that, meanwhile, meanwhile, guys are coming in and punching the people in the team, gettin’ the microphones and hitting them over their head. It was wild.

 SID: Well I tell you what, he had to pray and fast because there is a level of reality that is dark and evil. And he was in it. And if he didn’t pray and fast, I don’t think I’d be talkin’ to him today.


SID: But then, he goes to Scotland, and major miracles break out! And then all the secular press is actually interviewing him about the miracles, because they went there as skeptics, and they came back as believers. Be right back.

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