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LARRY: Welcome back to Something More! Larry Sparks here and we’re going to talk about why it’s so important for you to see into the spirit realm. One of the things that people are very cautious about and have concerns about is, okay, well the angels, being able to see angels, man that sounds great but what if I start seeing demons? Because there’s really an order of the heavenly realms. I mean I’ll have Jamie talk about that but all I know is this. I remember learning from Bob Jones you have a 1st heaven which is our atmosphere. You’ve got a 2nd heaven which is the realm of angels and demons and then obviously you have the 3rd heaven where God is. So what happens when the “see-er” realm becomes real to you? What happens when you start seeing into the spirit and you’re able to see into that 2nd heaven realm with angels and demons? So why is that important though? Why is it something we should not be scared of and pursue not so we can just be all spiritual but so we can pray strategic prayers that I think hit the mark?

JAMIE: Yeah.

LARRY: So share on that.

JAMIE: So many people, this is so fascinating. Larry, and I think it’s I love how you set it up because there’s the 1st heaven, the 2nd heaven and the 3rd heaven and we don’t really recognize it because as believers we all just want to die and go to heaven, right?

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: It was like hey you come to Jesus, you say the prayer.


JAMIE: Now I’m excited, I’m going to go to heaven!

LARRY: My name is written in heaven.

JAMIE: Yeah. My name is written in heaven so their only understanding or at least our common understanding of heaven is that that’s the place you go to when you die.


JAMIE: But there are different heavens and different spiritual realities that exist within those heavens.


JAMIE: And so we know we’re here, we’re in the 1st heaven but we’re also seated, according to Colossians 3, in the 3rd heaven with the Father in Christ Jesus. And that’s what I believe Adam had the ability to operate out of. He was in two places at one time.


JAMIE: So when God says where are you Adam it wasn’t because He didn’t know where he was in the 1st heaven. It’s just He looked over in one moment He sees Adam in the next minute He no longer sees him. He and Eve they’re next to His side in the 3rd heaven. Adam had the ability to live in two places at one time so now as believers we’re positionally seated in heaven.


JAMIE: Right? Which means we are, what does the scripture say in Romans 16:20? “The God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.” Where are our feet? Our feet, right, we’re in the 3rd heaven and our feet are in the 2nd heaven now.

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: Boom! He’ll crush Satan under our feet shortly.


JAMIE: So then what does that have to do with here and now? Well there are two realms trying to connect with the 1st heaven. It’s either the 2nd heaven or the 3rd heaven.


JAMIE: Which one are we going to ask or allow to be in our life? And so we have to operate with this understanding. And here’s where I find it’s super fascinating and people don’t want to discover this. But if I was a doctor and I said hey, I’m sorry to tell you but you have this terminal thing growing inside of you. Would you want to know where it is? This is bad news but would you want to know where it is?

LARRY: Yeah. Yeah.

JAMIE: Because if the doctor could say but there’s a cure!

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: If you know where it is there is a cure!

LARRY: Wow. Wow.

JAMIE: And if you could spot it, you got it.

LARRY: Yeah. Uh-huh.

JAMIE: You know that’s the demonic.


JAMIE: We’re not afraid of seeing those things or being aware of that reality because I know as a believer God is crushing Satan under my feet! And so if I can spot it I got it! If I can see it, right, I could turn this around in the name of Jesus.

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

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