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SID: Steven, on the outside, you had it made. On the inside? You’re coming apart at the seams. So, how in the world that you get free?

STEVEN: The Bible says, “Be sure your sins will find you out,” and my secret sins started catching up to me. It reached a point where I really had to start confessing the sin I was suppressing and hiding from people in my life. So, I confessed sin to people. It was the first time I was really looking in a mirror and coming to terms with my own brokenness, “Wow. I really am a slave to sin. I really am deprived. I really am twisted on the inside,” and I was broken. I was really broken. My mother, my Christian mother who was praying for me vigilantly the entire time I’m in this movement. She says, “Are you ready to give your life to the Lord yet?”

STEVEN: I was like, “Okay.” I mean, I had intuitions about Jesus that I was suppressing when I was in the New Age Movement. Every New Age teacher goes out of their way to try and account for Jesus. Never Buddha or Muhammad, but for Jesus, they always have the new explanation about what His ministry really was. That was always a red flag to me. I had a soft spot for him, so I was like, “Okay, Jesus, if you’re real, I want more of you. I want you as you actually are. I’m not going to fit you into this New Age paradigm anymore.”

STEVEN: A few weeks went by and nothing really changed in my life until I confessed another round of sin that was worse than the first one, and that’s really when I bottomed out. I had nothing left. I had no strength left. I had nothing good in me. I was a wreck. I realized I’m not fit to be lord of my own life anymore. I went outside on the back balcony of my house, my stupid 4,000 square foot house I was living in, and I just fell at the feet of the Lord and I was weeping.

STEVEN: It was the first time I was actually repenting. I had this conviction, I hadn’t just wronged people. I’d sinned against the Holy God and I was weeping before Him, apologizing to Him, reaching out to Him. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was just giving Him everything that I had. When I did this, I felt His presence enter in on the horizon in front of me. I felt Him enter in and this presence engulfed me.

SID: As you’re saying this, I can feel the presence of God. Can you? Some of you in the audience and you at home? Go ahead.

STEVEN: Right. Yeah. So, His presence comes in and it starts engulfing me and it starts filling me at the same time. It’s a personal presence that is self-authenticating. I knew when I was in this presence that this was the Jesus of the New Testament. This is the Jesus I was suppressing in unrighteousness. All I could stay in my head during the [      ], during this time, was “Jesus is Lord.”

STEVEN: It’s so simple. He’s the Son of God. I was making it so complex. It’s the simple thing. Jesus is Lord. What really stuck out to me, Sid, which wrecked me, it really broke me. The Lord showed me how creation was responding to Him. When He was there, I could hear and detect in the Spirit that the sounds of nature, the crickets, the leaves on the trees, the sound of the wind was glorifying Him. All of nature was crying out and I was detecting that. I picked that up in the Spirit.

SID: I believe God knew you needed to have that. Am I right?

STEVEN: I needed to have that because I believed that nature was God and that I was God; and He was showing me, “No, even nature itself knows who I am.” I thought to myself, “If nature itself recognizes Jesus is Lord, who am I to deny Him?” I went back into my house after and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I had all these light bulbs going off in my head showing me the New Age Movement is a demonic deception set up strategically to lead people away from the experience, the born again experience I just had.

STEVEN: From that day forward, I never wrote another New Age article. I quit my job overnight, sold my house, sold my car, made an apology video online, apologizing saying, “I’m really sorry, guys. I’m no longer writing New Age articles, and I’m actually a born again Christian now. So, I just want to share with you my story and my testimony.”

SID: So, you were able to tell hundreds of thousands of New Agers that Jesus is Lord. But then these demons, they didn’t want you doing this, and they came back and hit you again. What happened?

STEVEN: Yeah, there was demonic attack going on in my life. I was having night terrors. I was having nightmares. I was having things fall in my house randomly. It like there was a demonic fester in the atmosphere in my house. What the Holy Spirit started to show me and reveal to me was, “The reason why you’re being attacked, the reason why you’re being oppressed, even though you’re walking with Me, is because you are giving legal ground and legal right to these demons by having occult and New Age paraphernalia in your house.”

SID: So, what did you do with all this paraphernalia?

STEVEN: Well, I had a bonfire. I put them all together, I burnt them all. I threw all my objects, my trinkets, my jewelry, even my clothing, my idols, I threw it all in the garbage. As soon as I did this, there is instant spiritual breakthrough in clarity in my head. Praise God.

SID: The sad thing is, this New Age movement is invading the church. You mentioned that the Pew survey showed 61% of professional Christians are involved in one or more New Age practices or beliefs. I want to know what these practices are. We’ll be right back

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