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SID: You know Jesse and we had a couple of meals with you and Amy. It’s hard to believe but at 14 you overdosed in drugs and alcohol, you’re rushed to the hospital. What did the doctors say about what was going on?

JESSE: Well, I came a half an hour away from death. It was a really close call. It was a miracle my father found me in time. See, I was raised in a Christian home, Sid.

SID: You told me you were running from the call of God.

JESSE: Yes. I was–

SID: Not walking, running.

JESSE: I was running. I was much like Jonah, I was running. I kept running, even after my overdose. I was in and out of jail, I was in and out of rehab. Twenty years old, Sid, I found myself in a jail cell. I told the Lord, “I surrender. Whatever you call me to do, I’m going to do it.” That was the greatest decision I ever made.

SID: The judge said, “I’ll tell you what. You can either go to prison or you can go this place called Teen Challenge.” You’re not a dummy, “I’ll go to Teen Challenge.”

JESSE: That’s exactly right.

SID: What did that do for you?

JESSE: After I got out of Teen Challenge, I went into a season of extended fasting and prayer. I just began to seek the Lord. Day after day I would pray in the Holy Spirit. I was really challenging myself. I would go into my prayer room and I would pray one hour. The next day I’d day I’d pray two hours, then three hours, four hours.

SID: What happened to you? Tell me some of your experiences.

JESSE: The Holy Spirit visited me and it was so strong, it was so powerful. The fire of God just came on me. I remember that fire coming in my hands. It felt like the love of God. It was the overwhelming, consuming fire of God’s love. I was just totally wrecked. I remember just crying out for souls and asking God to send me to the nations. And then I began to ask the Holy Spirit, “Teach me how to worship.” The Holy Spirit started teaching me about worship, and how to minister to the Lord, and how to just praise and worship the Lord. As I did, Sid, every day that I would go into my prayer room, the glory cloud would build more and more each day.

JESSE: One day in my prayer room I said, “Lord, I want all that you have.” I was so hungry, and I was desperate in this season of fasting and praying and just contending. I had this vision of this white cloud that came out of heaven, and it rolled over my body. I mean, it just … I was engulfed in this cloud. This encounter was so powerful, Sid, so intense, I told the Lord, I said, “Please make it stop. I just can’t handle anymore,” because I really felt like I was going to die in the presence of the Lord or be translated like Enoch.

SID: Amy, is that true? In the meantime, she’s got her own life going on. They weren’t married at the time, obviously. You’re pretty young, you’re 17. Your friends were, I guess, lovingly kidding you saying, “Calm down a little. You’re going too far with God.” Why were you going so far to the point where it intimidated them?

AMY: Well, I grew up in a small town, population 4,000 in Alabama. I didn’t really know anything about the supernatural or miracles. But I knew that there was something more, I knew that God had more for me and I was hungry. Hunger will take you places that nothing else can. I got filled with the Spirit when I was 17 years old. My friends were just … I was so hungry for souls I would go out and buy Bibles and give Bibles away. I was praying in the Holy Ghost and they didn’t know how to take that. Yeah, they said I was too saved is what they would call it.

SID: Tell me about the first time you were asked to speak at the church.

AMY: I was 17, I got filled with the Spirit. Within a month I was asked to speak at my church. I shared just what I knew, my testimony. Young people were coming forward to me weeping saying they had never felt God like that before. That’s when I knew that God had a call on my life to preach the gospel.

SID: This is happening to her, and she’s really pursuing God, and she finds out … actually, it was a miracle of God you found out you had a rare type of cancer.

AMY: Yes. Absolutely. Within a year after I was filled with the Spirit, I got diagnosed with cancer. The doctors actually said it was a one in a million chance that they would even find the cancer the way that they did. Although I didn’t know anything about divine healing, thank God for medical doctors because I believe God heals both ways. I actually became a cancer survivor, but I really felt that the enemy was attacking me in the very area that he had called me to, which was miracles.

SID: Not only did the devil try to take her out with cancer, she finds out her mother has terminal cancer, but she is a great woman of God, and her husband is a great man of God. It didn’t turn out the way they expected. But because of what the devil tried to do to her, because of what the devil did to her mother, they have a passion to get you free of any terminal disease, but especially the one that begins with a C. Be right back.

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