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ADRIAN: I was in a place, likewise in a place of desperation in my life. It had its downs and its ups. But I got desperate, and I went back to what I knew as God, or Church. And I was memorizing the Nicene Creed. I use to ride a bike to work, so I was reasonably fit. I try to maintain that fitness now, but I was riding—

SID: You’re doing a whole lot better than me! [laughs] but go ahead.

ADRIAN: [laughs] so I would ride to work and on the way, I was memorizing the Nicene Creed, so the very God of Gods, light of lights, and so on. And one time I was riding home, and where there are just open fields, and basically on the highway, just going through these open fields, I heard the audible voice of God say to me, “I’m going to lead you to someone who’s going to further your Christian walk.”

SID: Excuse me, did you say audibly?


SID: That means, it sounded like me?

ADRIAN: Yes, I looked around.

SID: Okay, had you ever heard an audible voice of God before?

ADRIAN: No, never. Never, but I was so hungry. And I think that was the key. God responded to my hunger.

SID: But did God give? I always have to ask this question; the hunger came from God, or did it come from you? Was it the chicken, or the egg? No, I’m just teasing.

ADRIAN: And the answer is; yes. [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

SID: I think it all comes from God.

ADRIAN: Yes, Amen. So I guess he put a desire within me for more of him. He discovered himself to me, and so then I was hungry. I was trying to find God in a creed’ and then he said to me, “I’m going to lead you to someone. You’re scratching around, the surface, I’m going to take you deeper.” And that person introduced me to a Pentecostal Church where as soon as the worship started, I was just overcome. The presence of God; I knew that I was meant to be there.

SID: Speaking of the presence of God, you two gentleman realize there has been such an increase. The minute you started talking about your Visitation, it just kept getting stronger and stronger. Does God want to do anything right this moment? There’s such a nice Presence of God here. [laughs] I don’t want to miss anything.

ADAM: It is very strong. It’s a beautiful thing and we’ll see what the Lord does. I’ll see if he gives me some words of knowledge or maybe Adrian will get something. We’ll see what happens.

SID: Okay, Adrian, was this Church connected at all with Adam?

ADRIAN: We actually met there later on. That was in 1985; in 1988 we happened to be going to the same bible college together. And so, that of course, caused us to meet there. At which time, Adam was an artist. So prophetic, now he’s a prophet, and he also is an artist. So we often see the people who are very artsy to be prophetic because they’re capturing in vision from within.

SID: Well, you know your book here, “The Divinity Code” [music] to understand it, your dreams and visions; I’ve never heard of a book that is so inclusive. We’re talking about 3,000 metaphors, a dictionary of names and places. How did this book evolve?

ADRIAN: Well, Sid, that took us 5 years to put that together.

SID: I’m sure, I don’t know how you did it in even 5 years. [laughs] [music ends]

ADRIAN: And there were times in that, where we were in the tunnel still trying to see the light; at the end of that tunnel. And where the body of Christ would be in that place, or the Church would be in that place where it could accept what God was giving us through revelation, God was giving us.

SID: Why wouldn’t they accept it?

ADRIAN: Well, we were actually called heretics; heretics for our teaching, or for the revelation that we were bringing to the body of Christ. And so, it was yet to be unveiled to the body of Christ, particularly in Australia. In America, you had John Paul Jackson; you had some real pioneers that had done a lot of work.

ADAM: Yeah.

ADRIAN: In this area. But the revelation that God was giving us, was a burden that we felt—

SID: It was kind of new for Australia.

ADRIAN: Yes it was very new for Australia.

SID: I see.

ADRIAN: And Australia in some respects is conservative, particularly the town we come from.

ADAM: Yeah, and even though it’s all backed up by Scripture, it was outside of the box, and they really gave some grief. But we love them, we bless them. But it was a hard time. But one of the things I’m going to say that really opened up for America, for that book was a man called James Watt. He was the last remaining elder of the Latter Rain Revival. He’s passed away since, but he had and encounter. He had an encounter in Israel in ‘9two I think. And the Lord appeared to him and spoke to him. And said, “One of the keys to the end-time revival is dreams and visions.” So, he was so shaken by this encounter, he tried to find the right books. He couldn’t find anything—

SID: Mm.

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