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KEVIN: think about that you would look for, you don’t. I was stuck on His face; I could not look away. I could not look away from His eyes. He had a lot of beautiful hair. It was He had long hair.

SID: What did you feel, when you were looking in His eyes?

KEVIN: I knew, when I saw the spot in His eyes where I formed, as a thought.

SID: Hmm!

KEVIN: And I saw that in His eyes; and He thought of Me, and He breathed me out, and I became a spirit, and then I was sent to my mother’s womb. And I saw that everything that He thought about me was formed into my spirit, and then sent to the body. And that I was standing before Him now, at the end of my life, is what I thought; and that I was giving an account for what I had done. And I realized that everything about me, that was the true me, was part of Him. I

SID: What was the first thing He said?

KEVIN: He said to me, He said, “Kevin, “

SID: And by the way, did He speak, or was it thoughts?

KEVIN: Oh, He spoke.

SID: Okay.

KEVIN: And it His voice

SID: Did He gave a good radio voice like I don’t?

KEVIN: [laughing] Yes,

SID: [laughs]

KEVIN: He had a very good, strong voice; it seemed as though things vibrated when He talked. And I didn’t have a physical body, but His voice was very strong. And so, His words are, are fire; that His words, are the what they talk about in the Bible; they can even “split the cedars of Lebanon.” the Lord’s voice roars; and so He had that about him. Everything He said was simply the truth; He did not waste words.

SID: But the very first s- statement was what?

KEVIN: He said, “Kevin, in Matthew 12:36”, and I had to go look it up; He said, “I told the Disciples “

SID: We won’t tell anyone that; it’s just between the two of us. [chuckles]

KEVIN: [chuckling] Yeah; He told, “My Disciple”, He said,

SID: [chuckles]

KEVIN: “I told My Disciples”, He said He said, “You will be held accountable for every idle word that comes out of your mouth.”

SID: Why does that scare me so much, every time I read that? Could it be I have some words that are that are “idle”? [laughs]

KEVIN: Yes. And so, He saw that I was taken back because I thought that we were going to the Celestial City and He was welcoming me into Heaven, and yet, He starts teaching me right away. And He is a Teacher a very strong one and so what He did was He came up closer to me, because He saw that I was shocked by what He had said; it hit me hard. I felt convicted because I was a talker; and I would talk about anything and say anything that came to my mind. But I did not adhere to the chapters in James; it talks about our tongue being a “rudder”. And so the rudder of our life, it says in- in the Scriptures is that our tongue, what we say steers our life; and that if we can control our tongue, we can control our whole life. And so, I looked at Him, and He came very close to me. He came and He whispered; really close to me, He said, “You know when I said that, I meant that”, and He stepped back and smiled! And that’s when I realized

SID: You know when I but when I read the Bible, and I read that particular Scripture, I know He meant that without Him even being here; and I still talk more than I should.

KEVIN: Well, the thing about Him, that I can tell you is that everything that’s red letters in the Bible is from His mouth; and that when He said it, it changed something inside of me. I actually felt as though there were pieces of the puzzle that were not completely flush, and in place; things started to be adjusted inside of me immediately. The words that He spoke to me had now become reality in my spirit,, inside of me. It corrected me.

SID: Hmm.

KEVIN: And I made some adjustments down in there immediately, and repented in my heart. And at that point, we just went on; He just went on to like, correction.

SID: Okay. I want I want I want to fast-forward.

KEVIN: Yes sir.

SID:, you, how did you find out you had to come back? Or, that you were coming back?

KEVIN: Well I didn’t. And

SID: You didn’t?

KEVIN: I was

SID: You didn’t’ come back?

KEVIN: No, I did.

SID: [laughs]

KEVIN: [smiling] I did. I didn’t think I was coming back, and I was so excited, and very happy. But about halfway through the 45-minutes, I started to realize that He was talking about things that had pertained to the realm of the Earth, as far as the truth. So when He was teaching me, He was talking to me about the power of prayer, He was talking to me about the things that He has intentions for us; angel activity; He talked to me very long about word as well. And then He started to introduce me to a ministry, as He saw it. And at that point, I started to realize, “This is not going to the Celestial City. This is not talking to Bible characters, and seeing my new mansion”, and I started to think, “Well what’s going on here?” And I listened to every word He said because it was so powerful. But I’ll tell you, Sid, one thing that I did think right away; I thought, “You know what, if I had known the truth as much as I do right now by listening to Him, I sure would live a different life if I came back.”

SID: Hmm.

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