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SID: Okay, now you’re going to love this next dance. Remember, when she uses the word dance it’s literally a strategy from victory. Many of my guests provoke me to such jealousy like Ana. I said, “Ana, do you ever see body parts hanging in the air that God wants to put into some of the people in the congregation?” She’ll say, “Oh yeah, I see that. Yeah. Isn’t that normal?” Tell me about in Washington, DC, the body parts you saw.

ANA: We were praying and then suddenly I looked up and I saw these kidneys fall from the sky. So I grabbed them. Now this sounds weird, but I grabbed them.

SID: You can see why she provokes me to jealousy, don’t you?

ANA: And so I held them and I say, “Who here needs kidneys?” Then slowly but surely this woman came forward and she said, “Oh, that’s me.” I said, “I’ve got them. Can I pray for you to be healed from whatever’s going on?” She said, “Yes, yes, yes.” So I prayed. I said, “In Jesus’ name, I pray for the creative miracle of new kidneys.” I just released them and then she was completely healed. How I know she was healed is she said, “God, I want to test this.” She went to drink gallons of water, which she could never hold her urine before without pain and she was completely healed. It was amazing.

SID: One of my favorite dances is the dance of joy. Tell me about that.

ANA: I think joy is one of the most overlooked weapons we have against the enemy. There’s that Scripture in Psalm 23 that says, “I sit at the banquet table in the presence of my enemies,” and I think, man. Then in Psalms also, in 16 it says, “In your presence is fullness of joy.” So if we’re going to sit at the banquet table where there’s a feast before us in the middle of our enemies and going through warfare, we can actually get full of joy. When we get filled of … Because His presence, we get filled of His presence. We get filled of joy. It actually shifts the atmosphere. I’ve seen this personally come. I’ve seen it in action because I pray for people sometimes and Sid, I have to tell them, “I’m not laughing at your situation. I’m just going to warn you, when I get full of his presence I giggle. I just start laughing.”

I said, “Please don’t be offended,” but just like I’m laughing now. Please don’t be offended. But I just feel His goodness and I know that He’s going to heal you, so I just get full of joy. And what happens is then they get healed and I’m like, “Praise God.” So this thing about joy is so important. But see, we don’t think about warfare like that. We don’t think, oh, we could sit up in His banquet table. People ask me how do you do that? How do you sit up at his banquet table?

I say now, this seems simple, but I take the scripture and I take it and put it into action. It says Philippians 4:8, it says, “Meditate or dwell on the good things, the pure things, the righteous thing.” I take that and I sit and I go, “Okay, I think about Jesus. Jesus, you’re good. I love you, God because you’re sovereign. Father.” So what happens is I’m doing that. I’m no longer thinking about what I’m going through, the hard things, the testing stuff I’m going through. I just think about Him, and as I think about Him, suddenly things start to get lighter, right? It’s like, then you can find yourself right up feasting in His presence. The banquet table is all about feasting in the presence of God.

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