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HANK:  Talking about light, he talked about how there’s going to come inventions of light that have to do with medical cures. Medical cures watch. It’s coming for children especially in the area of cancers. There are major medical breakthroughs that are going to come out of Israel. The Lord is going to show us how simple this has been …

SID: No wonder the devil is trying to destroy Israel.

HANK:  Yes, that’s right. Because Israel is where the Lord brought the original balm of Gilead. The healing balm from Israel is going to happen again out of Israel. Major medical discoveries that won’t be held up through bureaucracy because of just the evidence that’s coming. One of the other things I saw is the Lord bringing land rest. In fact, I was watching the weatherman. They were talking about how they were prognosticating all these hurricanes and all of a sudden the hurricanes didn’t happen. They were saying, “What is going on?” And God sit in the vision. “This is because I have given the land rest.” And I said in the vision, I said, “Well, how can this be possible? Don’t you understand God, all of the evil?” And the Lord said, “Listen, I raised up a man, Joseph, a righteous man under a King or a ruler, Pharaoh who did not know the Lord or honor the Lord. Yet I gave the land rest because of Joseph.” This is what’s coming upon the United States and it’s what’s coming up the earth. Rest.

HANK:  And the other thing we’re going to see, God said this, and in every decade, okay, there’s always something significant that happens in every decade. You know, music or maybe you know, like the hippie movement or something like that. This decade, God said, has been given to and for the children. That’s why there’s going to be major breakthroughs regarding childhood diseases and things that have plagued this generation. The things that we’ve seen regarding certain cancers. Alzheimers, diabetes are going to be known, watch this now, as sicknesses of the past. This is how much God is going to let it rain upon the just and the unjust.

HANK:  The Lord’s desire is three elections to raise up his plan that he wants to cover a recompense movement. Okay? Pay attention to the words..

SID: I just heard it. Recompense.

HANK:  Recompense, but the trumpet has to sound louder for a while to expose corruption. That’s one of the things that we’re going to see is major corruption. In fact, Putin is going to get restless in Russia, but God’s going to cage him. China’s going to try to come to the aid of North Korea, but they’re going to have so many of their own issues in their economy and protests that are going to arise. Asia Minor is going to become Asia Major. Major outbreakings. The underground church is about to arise as the bamboo curtain comes down. The veil that’s been over the middle East. There’s going to be major movements of people gathering in the Middle East, even in the United States, especially among the children. But in the Middle East, watch the areas of the pyramids and the President at the time this happens in Egypt is going to allow these protests, not protests, but gatherings of worship where the areas of the pyramids are. They’re going to say Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua.

HANK:  This is going to happen. Major difference of music is going to start coming out of the nations. A different sound in worship and praise is going to begin to take place. Supreme Court vacancies. I mean it’s going to seem like one after another. It’s going to start happening and there is yet, God has not yet pulled the covers back but there is a major exposing that is coming at a very high level that will even touch the Supreme Court that will be part of the reason why vacancies will take place. But there are coming rulings like 8-1, 6-3, 7-2, and it’s going to shock people because we’re getting judges righteous as the first.

SID: I tell you what. I like happy endings. Now, my next guest has seen judgment or sickness and even death hitting many ministers and politicians this year. Be right back.

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