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SID: Rebecca, you say that every believer who has the Holy Spirit in them, or they wouldn’t be a believer, can prophesy. I think it’s really a lack of knowledge and fear.

REBECCA: Absolutely. For one thing, many of us just haven’t been told or exposed to that idea that we can prophesy. But Paul said, “I would that all of you prophesy.” And I imagine Paul saying, “I want every one of you to prophesy.” And so that exposure to the idea that we all could hear God’s voice is kind of the first step. And then the truth is that the very first lie really I think that the enemy said to Eve in the Garden was has God really said? And so he challenged her confidence in her ability to hear God when she was walking with him in person. So that intimidation, that fear, the enemy is still saying that same phrase to us today. Did God really speak to you? Is that really what he said? Did you really hear it right? And that’s the plan of the enemy to separate us from the voice of God with intimidation and fear.

JERMAINE:  When you hear from God, you begin to see how he sees a person, he begins to see a perspective. You get a glimpse into how God views something and that heart begins to come alive inside of you. You’re like, “Wow, this is God’s perspective on this situation or this person.” And it just takes you into seeing God and to see how he views us.

SID: Tell me about this dark mantle.

JERMAINE:  Yes. And so the Lord gave me a prophetic vision where he showed me that there are these leaders and people of influence spread out globally who are wearing these dark mantles and they were keeping darkness in operation. They were keeping evil in operation in the earth. And I saw the Lord come in and begin to strip these mantles off. And as he did, his light began to break forth in those places. And so what I felt Lord saying through that was that he’s getting ready to raise up people that are going to replace where evil has once dominated certain structures and certain systems. That he’s bringing his people that’s going to bring his light into those industries, into those areas, into those places of authority that darkness has once really occupied.

SID: Rebecca, why is it important for every believer to be activated in prophecy?

REBECCA: All of us have a part to play in God building his kingdom on earth, and Jesus taught us how to pray. He said to pray thy will be done. Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Well, we have the Bible as the overall what God’s will is, but what about our day to day lives? How do we really pray Lord, your will be done if we don’t even know what his will actually is? Which job should I take? Deciding where to move my family and so forth. We need to hear the voice of God to be led by his voice so that we can release that in our lives and cause his will to be done on earth.

SID: Well, you know what I think it’s so wonderful? The two of you have had this breakthrough in prophecy, but it’s almost like there is a presence of God that when you teach, everyone gets a breakthrough in prophecy. Now, all that we’ve been talking about begs the question, if all can be activated in the prophetic, what is stopping us? We’ll be right back.

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