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MICHELLE: For example, every single thing in my life especially as a minister, but in everyday life, we have to yield ourselves to Him. The Bible says in Romans chapter eight, we know the witness of the Holy Spirit. And so therefore, that special witness helps you lead. And I’ve learned to depend on that witness more than I depend on anything in the natural. If somebody tells me something, a certain date, a certain time, a certain appointment, I always ask the Holy Spirit first, “Is that going to happen, Holy Spirit? Is this the way it’s really, really going to be?”

MICHELLE: And if I feel the anointing, I know that’s what He’s leading me toward. If I don’t feel the anointing, I don’t pay any attention to it. And sometimes if I feel a block, then I know it’s not His will.

SID: Well, I do know that the Holy Spirit gave you such courage once you knew He wanted you to do something, you went as a young woman into a very life threatening situation.

MICHELLE: When you love Jesus, when you’re baptized in the spirit, this is one of the greatest gifts of the Holy Spirit. You fall so in love with Jesus and you become so bold for God. It’s what the Holy Spirit does in our life. And I had a burden for souls in China, so I organized a trip in my ministry to go. We were going to the Philippines. So I decided, let’s take a side trip to the People’s Republic and I want to bring in bibles. This is what I want to do.

SID: You know you could end up in prison at that time?

MICHELLE: Oh yes, yes, yes.

SID: With having bibles, bringing it to China.

MICHELLE: Yes, exactly. Especially in Chinese. These were not English bibles. And so I had prayed about it. We organized a group, we worked with a ministry that specializes in touching the underground church. And we decided to take 30 people. They were all going to smuggle the bibles, but when they met us in Hong Kong, this underground ministry, they said, no, these people are not all … Cannot do this, that there has to be about nine of you. So we selected nine individuals that would not mind risking their life, be able to go in, put the bibles in their suitcases and know for sure those suitcases are going to be opened.

MICHELLE: There’s no way they wouldn’t be opened. That they’re going to be opened and trust God to blind the eyes of the guards as they look in the suitcases not to see the bibles. And that’s what we did.

SID: I’m in awe of what the Holy Spirit did there. Do you speak Chinese?

MICHELLE: No, I don’t.

SID: And did any member of your group speak …

MICHELLE: We never did. We never …

SID: But what happened?

MICHELLE: Yes. This very first bible smuggling mission, we did get our bibles through. And by the way, when they opened up my suitcase, they were shocked because the Holy Spirit gave me a strategy. He said, put the cosmetics all on top of the clothes. I had no idea that the Chinese guards in 1980 were not familiar with cosmetics and the way women dressed in the west. And they were talking to one another and it distracted them from looking at my bibles. So I praise God for that. But then when we got to the People’s Republic of China, it was very strict. They ordered a guard with us at all times. We couldn’t even keep the key to our room. So as we were praying, I began to really ask God, Lord, we risked our lives to come in here. We need a way to be able to reach the Chinese people. And we have guards with us the whole time. We don’t speak the language, Holy Spirit. How are we going to do this?

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