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JERAME NELSON: All right. You guys doing good? Yeah, c’mon. I just really sense such a presence of God in this place right now. And, you know even as we’ve been worshipping I could just feel, I could just feel a miracle anointing in this place. And I, I really believe God wants to touch people. He wants to, He wants to set people on fire, even as we’ve been testifying about – in the, you know the other set. But I want to talk to you guys today about how God wants to activate our spiritual senses. And I’m excited about that because I believe that there’s no greater gift than to know God.

And I believe there’s no greater gift than to hear His voice and to see what His plans and heart are for the world and to be able to co-labor with Him to see those plans and to see His heart released. And so, you know, can we just pray real quick? Yeah. Lord, I just pray right now for everybody here, Lord God, in the studio audience and everybody else that, Lord, is watching by way of, of television, and we just, we pray right now for the spirit of wisdom and revelation, God, and the knowledge of You.

That, Lord, eyes would be opened, and ears would be opened, Lord, that hearts would be enlightened, God, that we would know You more, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Yeah, so you know what got me going on the subject of activating your spiritual senses was, um, when I was in Scotland a few, you know, years back I had an encounter with Jesus. And we talked about this a little bit earlier, earlier, but what had happened is I was praying to get ready for some revival meetings. And, in about 5 in the morning I was, I was going through what we call jet lag, when, when you travel and you minister, you know what I’m talking about? And so I, I was jet-lagging and as I was jet-lagging I decide there’s nothing better to do than pray so I put my headphones on and I began to worship. And I’m telling you and this – I had an encounter where Jesus walked into the room. And when He walked in the room He was absolutely beautiful. I mean it was like one of the, the most precious encounters that I’ve ever had with God. And, He walks up to the bed where I’m sleeping and, and,

He walks up to me and He’s dressed in all white with a blue sash around His neck and, and He actually comes up to me and He pulls back the sash like this and when He does there’s His heart. And I’m telling you His heart was on fire! It was, it was absolutely amazing. And, and He reaches out and He, He starts praying for me, and as He starts praying for me my entire body, it just, it’s like it catches fire and all my senses they begin to be heightened and, and just my awareness of God just was heightened. And, and then in an instant after He prayed for me He left. And after He left I began to pray and I, I asked God I said God, what was that encounter all about? Because God never does anything without purpose. And, as I began to pray the Lord gave me a scripture. He said, Jerame that was Hebrews 5:14. And that says that solid food belongs to those who are of a mature age who by reason of use have exercised their spiritual senses to discern good from evil. And the Lord began to speak to me and this is what He said. He said Jerame, He said I’m in a, I’m in a place right now where I’m going to begin to activate my people’s senses and He says what they know up here is going to begin to flow down here in their hearts.

And He said what I’m about to do is I’m about to release an anointing to activate people to fully hear My voice and to fully tap into the supernatural so that they can co-labor with Me to do the works of God. And you see I want you to understand something. How many of you know Jesus walked in the supernatural? Right? Now I want to, I want to say this to you. When I say He walked in the supernatural He walked through walls. He walked on water.

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