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JERAME: All right. Well I’ll just share a few things here. Myself and my wife we are hosting an outpouring of the Spirit that’s happening right now in San Diego and so for the last 8 months we’ve been in extended meetings and you know we’re around 200 nights now and after 200 nights of hosting the Holy Spirit we’re starting to get some glimpses of I believe what God wants to release in this next season to a generation. And we’re really excited because one of the things that we really feel like is that God is reintroducing the Person of the Holy Spirit to the Church. And you know a lot of people you know when I would say something like that they’d say well what do you mean? Well a lot of the Church thinks that the Holy Spirit is a goose bump, a tickle, a wind, a fire. They might think that you know the Holy Spirit is a dove but the reality is that those are things that happen are when the Holy Spirit comes into the room but they are not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the God-head and the Holy Spirit is a co-equal with the Father and a co-equal with the Son. And so what we’ve been seeing is that God is releasing a fresh revelation of the anointing of Son-ship.

Well how many of you know that Romans 8 says that it’s by the Spirit of God that we cry Abba, Father and it’s by the Spirit of God that we hear the Father’s voice. You know it says in John, chapter 14, Jesus He said to His disciples, He said: If you love Me and you keep my commands I will pray the Father and He will give to you a Helper and He may abide with you forever. The Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees Him nor knows Him but you know Him for He dwells in you and will be upon you. He said I will not leave you orphaned. And so in this outpouring of the Spirit that we’ve been experiencing, I mean we’ve been seeing some amazing things. I mean we’ve had where God has healed Lyme’s Disease, Parkinson’s, people being healed from stage 4 cancer. You know we even had just the most amazing miracle happen without anybody having to lay hands on anybody. You know we had a dead raising that happened. That was amazing. Actually we did a resurrection life service and when we did that you know it’s kind of an awkward advertisement like Hey! Bring the dead [laughs]


JERAME: You know like but we said we’re going to do a resurrection power service and it was for Easter this year and so you know Sunday night Easter weekend we did the resurrection power service and part of me was like hoping that no dead guy showed up and the other part was like but we won’t see it happen if we don’t pray for dead people and nobody showed up with a dead guy so I was like you know a little bit relieved. But then I thought no, God You said resurrection power. Well so then I automatically went into what you would think. So God’s resurrecting dreams. He’s resurrecting prophetic words. You know all those things which resurrection power can you know pertain to a lot of different elements.

But one of the things that happened is a woman came up in the meeting and she came and brought me this piece of paper. She said hey my friend’s been in a coma for a really long time. Listen,  those who are watching right now you got to understand something. There’s no time and distance between God and where you’re at! You could be home sick right now, I want you to hear this testimony, but you got to understand. So she brings me the letter and she says this is a testimony all about my friend who’s in a coma and you know it’s not looking good. In fact you know it’s really, really bad and, and that’s all she said to me and I just had faith. How many of you know that Jesus, He prayed for the centurion soldier, you know he had a servant who was at home dreadfully tormented and you know He declared a healing word and the minute that He declared that healing word the man was healed that very hour.

And so I thought in my head hey, we’re going to release resurrection power over your friend and so I kind of just cut her off and said yeah, let me see the piece of paper. I grabbed it and I said in the name of Jesus we release healing over this woman. I command you come out of the coma. I command you to be healed! We release resurrection power, resurrection glory now in Jesus’ name! And then you know I gave her a hug and said goodbye and it’s so funny. About four months later she shows up back up at the fire and glory outpouring and one night she comes up and she says I have to give a testimony. And I said okay, well what’s going on? She said I’m so convicted of the Lord that I haven’t given this testimony yet but do you remember me? You prayed for my friend that was in the coma? And I said yeah, I remember that. And she said well what I didn’t tell you was that she was dead!

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