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MARILYN: Do you know healing is the “bread of the children.” Isn’t it? That’s what Jesus said. So we’re going to eat some bread early, because healing is for us in a daily way. Plus all believers are to lay hands on the sick. Not just certain names, and I know there are healing evangelists, I don’t argue with that. But all believers are to pray for the sick. So this is what God wants us to do. And let me tell you it’s hard for people to argue with a miracle. A Buddhist gets healing, his ears are opened that are deaf are you’re going to tell him that Jesus doesn’t heal? Too late, right? So I have found that healing works in every country. With the Hindus, every religion. Healing works with the Muslims. Healing works with the Buddhists. I’ve done healing meetings in China, getting ready to go again and it works with the atheist.

Because when you get a miracle you know and you’re praying in the name of Jesus it’s Jesus who gave you the miracle. So many, many people get saved because they receive a healing miracle. And it works right here. People say, “Well, you have greater miracles over there.” Not really. I have bigger crowds so I have more miracles. But I don’t have greater than here. And let me just share with you how important it is for you to heal the sick. When I first began to travel, you know women didn’t teach, you know they didn’t teach the Bible, they didn’t do those kind of things. When I first got involved with television was in Denver Colorado. I had to meet with a board, nine men, and I was going on channel, I wanted to go on channel 9, and so they looked at me and they said, “Well, we can tell you are not television material.”


MARILYN: They said, “You should stick with the radio, you’d never make it in television.” But I knew in my heart God wanted me to do this. Now remember, this is” the only people I know who were on at that time were Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and one pastor in our city. But when God is for you, who can be against you? Put your hand on your hearts: [say] I won’t forget. God is for ME! So who can be against me! So a Catholic man spoke up, he said, “Oh, I think we oughta try to her, I think she’ll pay her bill.” So here I am, 42 years later, none of those men are in television, I still am!


MARILYN: See this is the key thing, that He’s for you. So point to yourself again, say: I won’t forget. (Audience says “I won’t forget”) He is for me. (Audience says “He is for me”) Now I didn’t start in a big flashy way. I was invited to a small Assembly of God church in New Jersey. And I said to the pastor this was my first time to speak in a church. I had never spoken in our church, not that my husband wouldn’t have let me, we didn’t even think of such a thing, so we were shocked when I got the invitation. And so I said to him, “How long do you want me to speak “cause I’m frightened?” And he said “As long as you’re anointed.” He said, “And when you’re not I want you to sit down. And if you don’t I’ll tell you.”


MARILYN: Wow! I was wiped out with this to start with. So I got up, I’m preaching, and way at the back, and they met in a gymnasium, was a man in a wheelchair. I could only see him from here up, and why I did this? I said, “In the name of Jesus, get up and walk!” This is during the sermon. Well he didn’t walk. So I got really anointed, really loud, “IN JESUS NAME, GET UP AND WALK!” He didn’t walk. And the assistant, one of the assistant pastors was standing beside him. I said, ‘dave get him up!” And Dave went” [shook his head no) I said, ‘Dave, where’s your faith? Get him up!” He said, ‘marilyn, he doesn’t have any legs.”


MARILYN: That’s was the way I started my healing ministry.

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