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Hello, Sid Roth here, and welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest recently had a five-hour encounter with Jesus. It will change your entire understanding of Christianity. Next.

Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Now, my guest Kevin Zadai has been a guest a number of times, but I have to tell him, I love talking about in 1992, he went, minding his own business, to the dentist, and he died in the dentist’s chair, but he went to heaven and he came back with a supernatural sign to prove to the skeptics he really went to heaven. He plays 14 musical instruments. He played zero when he went to heaven. 14, it would take a lifetime for someone to know how to play 14 musical instruments. I guess you’re the most shocked that you’re able to.

KEVIN: Yeah. It’s proved to me all the time, Sid, in fact, I’m working on my 15th now.

SID: Well, you heard a voice and God said that his voice is heard in the secret place. Everyone wants to hear God’s voice. What is the secret place to you?

KEVIN: Well, I saw that the secret place is actually in the throne room of God, and it’s next to where the cherubim, or there’s a cherub on each side of God and it covers him with wings. And they’re huge. And it’s just like the mercy seat in the Old Testament when he built the arc of the covenant. And if you get right there in the shadow of the most high, where those wings are, then that’s your dwelling place. And there, there’s no hindrance, there’s no disease, there’s no other voices except God’s voice. That’s the secret place. And we have been given access through Jesus Christ. We can sit with him in the heavenly realm, but I can tell you that we have all been bought that place through Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I bought this place for you. This spot in heaven is for you.” And he said, “You can come here anytime you want and sit with me and you can hear God’s voice and take it back with you.”

KEVIN: He said, “You can know my will and bring it back to you.” That’s what we’re supposed to do in prayer is go to…

SID: Can we literally feel, when we go to the secret place, what you felt when you died and went to heaven?

KEVIN: Without a doubt. See, I was in the same spot, Sid, and when this happened to me, I was taken to that place. And I realized that we were all supposed to know this place. This was supposed to be our home. And this is where we’re supposed to abide. There’s no devil in hell that can come into that place, and that’s why we need to be there so we can hear God’s voice. It’s very clear there.

SID: When I hear secret place, I heard what you said, but when I hear secret place, I think it’s the area I go to pray. But you say that’s just the start.

KEVIN: Well, you know, honestly, Sid, we’re seated within a heavenly realm, according to Ephesians 2:6 and also in Colossians chapter three. And I’m telling you the truth. That’s where we’re supposed to pray from. We’re supposed to pray from heaven to the Earth. We’re supposed to bring back with us what’s there and make the kingdom of God that is in heaven, make it on the Earth, we’re to yank it here violently. That’s what I do in prayer. I demand that the kingdom of God come on the Earth as it is in heaven. And that’s prayer to me. Prayer to me is his transformation, which means I transfer from the other realm to this realm.

KEVIN: I see my prayers answered because I already see it in heaven. It’s mine. And that is true faith. It’s a substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. This is easy. You can teach a three year old to believe this.

SID: That’s our problem. We’re not three.

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