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SID: Jonathan, what is the ancient mystery behind the pandemic? I can almost picture, Jonathan, you being at one of these meetings the President of the United States has, and him asking you that question.

JONATHAN: When Jeremiah said, the prophet said that judgment was coming to Israel, and he was prophesying for the 19th year, which is now 2020 for America. He spoke about a plague or pestilence coming. He said it prophesying over a field called the Valley of Hinnom. And he said, because of what you did to your children, it’s going to come back upon you. And it wasn’t that it was only one reason. There is not just one reason for a plague. But, he said, this invokes the judgment of God. They offered up thousands of their children. Well, we have offered up millions of our children. America has offered up 60 million unborn children. The world has offered up over a billion. We have done more of this in this generation than any other.

JONATHAN: And what is this plague that has come upon us? The sin of killing children is the sin of the older against the younger. Well, we have now a plague that specially strikes down the older, rather than the younger. And where does it happen? Jeremiah said that it’s going to return to the place that is the center of where you lifted up your children. Well, the center of abortion in America is New York. What became the center of the plague? New York. New York City is the capital of abortion in America. That is, became the center. More have been struck down there. Remember, Sid, we spoke about that image of death that appeared over New York City? Well, it all came back.

JONATHAN: And also the day that the headlines filled America saying that the plague had come to our soil, there was a date next to it. The date was January 22nd. That’s the same date that America legalized the killing of children. It was also one year anniversary, one year to the day, that New York passed that gruesome law of killing children up to the time of birth. And you know what they did, they celebrated it, and they lit up the harbinger, Sid. They lit up the tower in pink to celebrate it. So, here this came.

JONATHAN: But not only that, but there is a jubilee of judgment as well. And if you take when abortion on demand began in America, this horrible sin, it began in 1970, before it was legalized across the nation. And it was New York that pioneered it and really introduced it to the rest of the nation. And so, if you take jubilee, the 50th year is 2020 is the jubilee of abortion. And, when the day that they passed it, it was two days, April 9th, and 10. When they did a study to find out when the peak of the plague struck New York City, they found it was April 9th and 10th, 50 years to the day, the day that they legalized the ancient sin that brought judgment to Israel.

SID: Jonathan, you teach about a key scripture that is the most urgent scripture for this moment in history.

JONATHAN: Yeah. This is in The Harbinger, it’s in The Harbinger II. But, it’s now, it’s the one that we have in our hearts, but it’s so critical. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.”

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