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SID: From this prophecy, is he going to be a two-term president?

JON: I will say yes, but I will also say, that is dependent on you. Not just your voting, and everybody should vote their conscience in this election, but also your intercession. Also your prayers for President Trump, your prayers for the administration will tip the scales in this election.

SID: And I can’t let you leave without telling me about briefly the vision of heaven.

JON: Last year, I had a prophetic experience. The Bible in the book of Revelation talks about how God’s throne is surrounded by a vast sea of glass. And in this prophetic experience, I was shooting up through the sea of glass. And I popped my head above the waters and I looked and I saw Jesus in his majesty, in his glory, in his fierceness seated at this gigantic table. And on this table were piles of crumpled up pieces of papers Sid. And these crumpled up pieces of paper represented invitations, commissions, and inheritances that his own people had rejected. And I saw the Lord take one of these pieces of paper and he put it into the sea of glass and the whole invitation was reconstituted. But I think the greatest expression of the reconstitution that I saw occurring was the reconstitution of invitations that the Lord from the depths of his heart had sent out and they had been rejected. And the Lord is giving many people another chance to respond positively to these invitations.

SID: Invitations for what?

JON: Even to come to know him and be saved and to be rescued.

SID: I want you to pray real quick for the inheritances, the invitations, those callings that you have. And these callings are still alive. Nothing is impossible with God, pray.

JON: Yes. And further, if you don’t receive this, this is going to affect your generations tremendously. We need to receive the blessing God’s given. Father in Jesus name, we approach the highest court of the kingdom of God and we are asking for the reconstitution of these invitations, according to the vision that you’ve given me. In fact, we governmentally release them. We declare that where they’ve been crumpled up and thrown aside, as you’ve been the global trash collector and you’ve brought them back before your throne, that you are reissuing them right now. And Lord, we release the reissuing of these covenants, these invitations, these commissionings, these inheritances in the name of Jesus Christ.

We declare father God that even as a nation where the enemy has tried to capture the inheritance of this nation, that you are restraining the enemy and you are releasing the saints to possess the kingdom and the inheritance of this nation will stand as a burning lamp in this season of history in the name of Jesus.

SID: How would you like to have been at a lot of private meetings at the White House, with all the different agencies? Jon Hamill, literally gets behind the scenes, knows things that you won’t read in the news. You won’t even read it in the fake news.

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