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JODIE: The let you know he was reading them right then. The atmosphere was thick and electric and I could feel the glory of the Lord and the hope of the Lord and his faith and his love. I’m watching this angel and this angel, I’m watching it pick up the pen and mark off promise after promise after promise. I’m feeling things start to shift in my body. I can feel things shifting again, as I’m saying this right now, I know you who are listening right now, God is reading out promises from heaven right now in our lives and things are beginning to shift. Amen. I’m lying there and … you know, I’ve often called this angel a tick off angel because in Australia we say tick off instead of check off or mark.

SID ROTH: I’m glad you trans—

JODIE: Yes. This angel at first had a stern look on its face and even as I was looking at it and the presence of the Lord was so thick, I was like, “Why is the angel ticked off, looking so serious?” Then as, as the angel started to tick off a few more promises, I realized that affliction was leaving my body and torment was leaving my body and pain was leaving my body, and the angel’s demeanor started to change. There was this sense of peace that came over this angel, different. And I knew in that moment, the angel had not been stern or ticked off with me. The angel was ticked off with the enemy who had kept my body in affliction and torment for so many years. Again, I’m watching and I’m seeing the angel again and it’s hard to explain, but in that moment, there were just tears dripping down my eyes as I’m crying out again and again and again, “God, you remembered me. You’re the God of Lazarus still,” and they were more ticks and ticks and I understood in this vision that God had not forgotten a single promise that was written over my life. He had not forgotten. There was an order to it, there was an alignment to it, I knew that there were way more promises on that … they just went on and on and on in that moment.

SID ROTH: That meant you are going to ling a long, long, long, long time.

JODIE: Amen. Amen. I could feel health being returned to my body. Anyone who’s walked a long journey, they understand that there’s a sense of sickness in you. I felt that leaving, and there was a sense of knowing, “I’m getting well. I’m getting well.” I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “You can rest now, Jodie.”

Well, I woke up the very next morning in the hospital room to a nurse standing next to me and I looked and everything felt different. I felt different. I looked in the corner and I was like, the angel’s not there. I couldn’t see the angel, but I knew the angel was still at work. I knew God was still at work. The nurse was taking all my observations and she said, “Wow, you’re doing well.” And there was this look of shock on the nurse.

SID ROTH: I could picture that.

JODIE: I remember thinking, “Yes. Thank you, Jesus, I am doing well.” I knew I was doing a lot better.

Well that day, I was able to … they allowed me to try and eat some food. I’ve not been able to eat and I was able to eat. So then they gave me something else to eat and I was starving and I was able to eat. I was able to drink. I was able to get up. Yes I was weak, but I was walking and I was walking around in the room. Well that same day, the very next day, the night before there was no hope, doctors had no hope for me, the very next day, they released me from hospital. But this is what’s incredible about it. The doctor’s name who signed my release form from hospital was called Dr. Lazarus.

SID ROTH: When we return, Jodie is going to pray that Lazarus come back, which will activate healing in every area, every cell of your life. I mean every area, every cell. Next.

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