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PAT: And we’re not allowing her to get married till she’s 45 or 50! But anyway. [Laughs] But talk to us for just a second longer before we go to a break that what birthed this book inside of you? What birthed writing about raising burning hearts? Where did that come from?

PATRICIA: Well I have to say honestly it was the Word of the Lord to me. It’s just like He said I want you to write this book. And I’m like I’m still in the process of raising kids! But you know God has really blessed us! The three oldest who are all in ministry. Our son Judah is right now working underneath Lou Engle and his Ecumenical School of Missions.

PAT: Oh!

PATRICIA: Our daughter is at IHOP, International House of Prayer with her husband on staff there. Another daughter is on staff at a House of Prayer in Quebec in Canada. And so what we’ve seen is that they themselves have carried these values of really loving God and so it’s on the heart of the Father that we go back to family, as God designed it! I think you can agree with me.

PAT: Beautiful, yeah!

PATRICIA: That the breakdown of family, is one of the largest contributors to society’s breakdown! And so if we can go back to hey, let’s see the hearts of the fathers turn to the children and see the hearts of the children turn to the fathers! Let’s see the healing that God wants to do right there in the family! Let’s prioritize that! So that’s really what it was birthed out of and certainly birthed out of the heart of our heavenly Father!

PAT: Well you’re watching Something More! [Music] And we’ve got Patricia Bootsma here with us and we’re really excited! Hang on! When she comes back she’s going to tell us how to awaken God in your home!

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PAT: Hey welcome back to Something More! We have Patricia Bootsma here! And she and her husband are pastors there in Toronto at Catch the Fire! God is using them! They’ve raised, I mean six children. Some are still being raised.


PAT: But just mighty warriors for the kingdom! And you know I think that the Lord is using you even on this program because before we go even deeper into it I want to talk about the revelatory gift.


PAT: How to teach your kids how to hear the voice of God. But talk to the single mom that’s watching out there because – or the single dad that’s out there and, you know, that are walking through tough times in their home. You know the school is sending them reports. Your kid’s got ADD, ADHD. They’ve got all this. I used to say I’ve had ABCDEFG! 


PAT: And talk to the single parent that’s watching right now! I really think the Lord is going to use you right now to speak to that parent that’s just done!

PATRICIA: Yeah, absolutely! You know I’d say first of all there is always hope! That in God there is always hope! And so we have the Father who Isaiah 54 talks about as her husband can come along and help. And I really think it’s important that we as a church to come alongside the single moms in our church. We’re trying to do that. Even pair godly men. I remember this man in our church when I was really getting a lot of healing about father wounds.

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