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BRIAN: And I was accustomed to getting words of knowledge but only inside church services. And as soon as I walk into Popeye’s I see this lady and the Lord says, “I want you to go pray for her! There’s something wrong with her arm.”


BRIAN: And I’m like, “No way!”

DONNA: [Laughs]

BRIAN: “No way! I’m not going to do this, Lord!”

DONNA: You had just prayed for 15 hours! [Laughing]

BRIAN: Right! Exactly!

DONNA: And you had just gotten a prophecy. So —

BRIAN: Yeah!

DONNA: The time came and you’re like no, I can’t do it!

BRIAN: Yeah! I let fear really hit me.

DONNA: Uh-huh.

BRIAN: And I was so scared, at that moment thinking well what if nothing happens? What if I look foolish? And I’m allowing this stuff like kind of take over.

DONNA: Uh-huh.

BRIAN: And it’s just freezing me, right?

DONNA: Uh-huh.

BRIAN: And so a buddy of mine looks at me and says, “Brian!” He said, “What’s going on?” I said well I think God might be telling me about this lady who has a pain in her arm. He said, “Dude! Just go pray for her! Man, you prayed, 15 hours with us in the car with you asking God for an encounter! Then Blaine calls you out! You’re standing in the doorway of your opportunity! Just go!” I said, “No!” I mean Donna –

DONNA: Imagine this.

BRIAN: I was the biggest chicken at Popeye’s Chicken that day!

DONNA: [Laughs]

BRIAN: Really! And so I would love to say that I went over finally but I didn’t! My friend went over for me. And he said, “Ma’am, you have a pain in your arm and if you let me pray for you, God will heal you right now!” And it was almost as if my friend Greg had been praying for 15 hours and got called out in a meeting and the power of God hit him. No! He just simply stepped out in faith and obedience and love and this woman got healed!


BRIAN: And I learned a valuable lesson that day! That the kingdom of God is at hand even when you’re a chicken!

DONNA: [Laughs]

BRIAN: Right?

DONNA: I believe that!

BRIAN: And that God really wants to move! And so that began to open my eyes and God began to dismantle fear by giving me lots of different opportunities. 


BRIAN: So you know I understand where people start in this place of they’re intimidated. They’re fearful. 

DONNA: Sure.

BRIAN: That’s where I started too.

DONNA: Sure. And I like the fact that you have said the word “ordinary” a couple of times.

BRIAN: Yeah.

DONNA: Because not everybody is an ordained minister Not everybody is sent out by a church or not everybody has had the training, the seminary, whatever. And if you have, wonderful! That’s great!   

BRIAN: Right.

DONNA: But not everybody. The most part of us are ordinary or we feel ordinary and that’s what you were feeling. I’m just an ordinary man.

BRIAN: So I am.

DONNA: Although your passion inside was just crying out –   


DONNA: To move in this way as you go and you minister to people and you see these people praying and healing.

BRIAN: Yeah.

DONNA: And so you had your opportunity.

BRIAN: Yeah.

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