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SID: Tell me about, very briefly the woman from Malawi that had a tumor. How big was this tumor?

LADONNA: Yes, she had a tumor that was the size of a 9-month pregnancy, and she had carried this tumor for 9 years, so she was known in her village as the “Pregnant Lady.” And she came, she heard about Jesus; she believed. And all that night she said about every 5 minutes, was up going to the bathroom, passing this terrible black stuff. By the next morning, that stomach was flat, that tumor was completely gone, and she came and gave testimony. Isn’t that wonderful?

SID: Can cancer stand against the Name of Jesus?

LADONNA: It cannot; cannot! A man came in one of Crusades. He came out of the hospital, he had Cancer Of The Brain. He had tubes out of every part of his body. He came out of that ambulance. He was completely healed; healed instantly by the power of God. Nothing’s too hard for God!

SID: Real quick, tell me about the boy in Liberia that was healed in his left eye.

LADONNA: That child, oh my goodness. He was blind in his left eye, he had a surgery and it had caused him to go blind. and he stayed in front of the platform every service crying out, praying, praying, praying. On the last day, that boy’s eyes came open. He was perfectly healed. Sid, blind eyes come open, deaf ears come open, running sores, leprous types of sores, this Elephantitis that makes huge legs, Water Head Babies; it’s a Hydrocephalus—.

SID: Okay, guess what? My faith level is zoomed.

LADONNA: Hallelujah!

SID: I know yours is too.

LADONNA: [laughs]

SID: I want you to pray now.

LADONNA: Oh, believe; believe, whatever you need.

SID: I’m getting in on this one. [laughs]

LADONNA: My friend, lay your hand wherever you want Jesus to lay His hand. Close your eyes and see Him laying His hand on you. Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, we stand on your Word. Your Word of promise. You have declared Yourself, “I am the Lord your Healer.” We take that promise to ourselves. And I come against every ‘spirit of disease’, every ‘Infirmity’, every ‘limitation’ that the enemy of God has put on these people who are looking to Jesus, the Healer. And I command these Spirits, every one of you to leave the people. Take your ‘pain’, take your ‘symptoms’, and ‘be gone in Jesus Name’. For we stand in the ‘Authority of Jesus Christ’ declaring, “That the sick are healed.” Whatever problem you have had; Right now, begin to believe for your Miracle. Just in your heart say, “Thank You, Jesus, for my Miracle. Thank You for my healing. Thank You that my life, my health is being restored, thank You that the pain is leaving. Thank You; that “By the Stripes of Jesus, I am Healed. My body is not the health of disease, it is the ‘temple of God!’ I receive You Lord Jesus, as my Master and Lord, and my Healer right now!” Now say, “Thank You; Thank You, Jesus!” It is so according to your faith. Don’t fear, only believe.

SID: I have to tell you something. We’re going to get so many great reports, but there are people with arthritis, pain in your elbows—.

LADONNA: Mm-hmm.

SID: I really see this. All of your body pain, it’s just dropping off. All that pain is dropping off.

LADONNA: Amen, yes.

SID: Here’s the most wonderful thing about LaDonna and her parents who are now in heaven. Her father was just a simple Farmer. He didn’t have any great gifts, but he taught his daughter what he knew from the Bible. And I love it, where you talk about how simple this teaching is.  


SID: How powerful this teaching is. How it’s going to transform your life, it’s so simple. So I want to get the book, the classic by T.L. Osborn; “Biblical Healing.” The 3 best teaching CD’s by LaDonna, and a bonus called, “Jesus Visited our House” by T.L. and Daisy Osborn. They report more Miracles. You see, I want you to have this first of all for you to be healed, but second of all, because healing is the commercial if you will, of God that causes people to be open, whether they’re Hindu, or Jewish, or Muslim.


SID: To be open to the Gospel. We’re making it available for an investment for $45, and it is an investment. I do these outreaches all over the world for Jewish people. In our last outreach, over 500 Jewish people after they saw Miracles, not before—

LADONNA: That’s it!

SID: stood up and boldly proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah. By the way, that wasn’t in some little city in the United States. That was in Jerusalem Israel, and I guarantee you, I am as normal and common as any human that ever lived. And anything that LaDonna can do, anything that her Parents can do, anything that I can do, it’s all God! We’re nothing; He’s everything.

LADONNA: That’s it.

SID: And I’m going to tell you, your investment is going to reap souls, get you healed and have you impact your world. So this is Sid Roth saying, There really is Something More. Go for it! Go for the gold. Why do I say, “Go for the Gold?” Because it’s yours! Take it, take it!

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