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SID:  And you know most people, most people they pray for a healing but if it’s from the kingdom of darkness which is at least a third of Jesus’ ministry you’re going to get nowhere unless you go after that spirit.

ROBBY:  Exactly. And so I begin to bind that spirit of infirmity and I begin to break it and I could see that this man was beyond his own control. You know I mean it was clear and I started saying can you hear me? Can you understand and he wasn’t unresponsive. And she said she thought he was having another stroke. He had had a stroke a year before and she’s like he had a stroke and she goes he can’t speak. He can only say “yes” or “no.” He can’t, he can’t respond. And so we begin to pray. He began to quickly go to you know very dark purple and, and his lips were getting really dark purple and then they began to turn blue-black and I looked over and I could tell there was a medical doctor standing there and just by the way that he was checking him and, and you know looking at him and examining him I could tell that he was a you know I didn’t know he was a doctor. I wasn’t sure if he was an EMT or a nurse or you know but I could tell he was a medical professional.

SID:  Yeah, I have that here. I have the doctor’s testimony. It is amazing what he said. But go ahead.    

ROBBY:    Yeah. And he, and he, his you know his testimony of course goes into lots of medical detail that I don’t even understand or can totally comprehend but you know he’s tried to put it in his layman terms and all of a sudden we laid him on the floor because I could just see this was getting far worse. And the doctor was propping up his head to keep the airway clear, to keep his tongue from going back and, and all of a sudden he went into what we call, what they call the death rattle and it’s that very labored breathing when it’s last breath.  

SID:  I haven’t really heard that but it’s a pretty standard thing I understand.

ROBBY:  Yeah. They call— it’s, it’s, it’s a reflex that you know sort of happens or it’s just the last breath and it’s got a lot of saliva in the throat and that was, that was happening and just all of a sudden the saliva started coming out of his mouth and that again he explained to me later, the doctor that that’s a sign of somebody expiring. You know it wasn’t foaming of the mouth like, like a seizure type thing. It was a, it was just the release, like there was no control in the throat at all. And then his eyes, by that time his lips were fully blue-black. His head started to relax and turn. His eyes fully dilated, the pupils fully dilated which the doctor later explained to me was a sign of being brain dead. And the mother began to scream “He’s dead. He’s dead!” And I was trying to calm her down. And so I stopped you know and I had my hand on his heart and I could feel it. You know I could feel that it stopped and, and it was, it was just I immediately— You know what really and incredibly began to happen, Sid, is I’ve prayed for many people to be raised from the dead and I’ve never had a total success. I’ve had a couple of times where it started. We started seeing signs of things happening and we had family members, Sid, stop us from praying and forbid us from praying because they were afraid, we found out later, they were afraid the person would come back. It was a death wish on the person.  

SID:  Humm!

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