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MATT: This happened three times until I realized, God doesn’t want me talking right now. And as I was there, just in the weighty, tangible glory of God, I started thinking, there’s other things I need to do. And God spoke to me right then and changed my life forever. He said, “Matt…” Because I didn’t see the future. I didn’t see the 35 nations we’d go to. I didn’t see the people that would get healed. I didn’t see the children that we would rescue out of trafficking. I didn’t see any of that, but God saw the future. And he said, “Matt, you won’t be able to access what I have for you in the future if you don’t have this time with me now.”

SID: Release a presence of God so that we have the grace to do what you did right now.

MATT: Lord, I thank you. Whoa. I’m telling you, I feel the anointing right now. I feel the glory of God. I’ve been feeling it throughout this time and Lord, I thank you. Holy Spirit, you are filling homes right now. You are filling people right now. Lord, I thank you that you are opening up the door to a heavenly secret place. There’s going to be a fresh visitation of the Holy Spirit in your life, where you’re going to see even the very countenance of Jesus. And He’s going to visit you. And He’s going to spend time with you and He’s going to bring you into the weighty glory of his presence. So Father, I release that over people right now and I just see the glory of the Lord enveloping you right now. I see a overshadowing of God’s presence coming over you. And not only is God going to give you a grace for prayer.

MATT: Some of you… There’s someone watching right now, you have felt dry and you’ve had a struggle in prayer, but there’s a new grace coming on you right now to just be. To just be in his presence. You’re going to say the name Jesus and His glory is going to show up. There’s going to be new grace on you for that intimacy with God. And I also see the hand of the Lord extending right now to heal people. And in the name of Jesus, there’s a miracle anointing. And I see the Lord told me that he’s going to heal cancer. And I see people be healed. Tumors dissolving right now by the fire of God in Jesus name, cancers are going right now. And I also see a heart condition being healed. And I see the hand of the Lord covering your heart. The beating has been off rhythm and there’s been fatigue in your body. And right now I see the hand of God, healing your heart and giving you a brand new heart. You’re going to have even new energy starts to surge into your body in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

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