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YVON: And I remember once praying, and I said to the Lord, “You know what? God, I love you for everything that you’ve done for me. And I’m just going to indulge in who you are. I’m really just not going to be bothered with this back condition, and I’m just going to love you for who you are.” And I remember I felt God was saying, “Good, because that’s what I want.” So I started praying that day. And as I began to pray, I was taken into a trance. And in that place, I began to see Jesus for who he is. There was divine embrace. There was divine hugs. I always tell my husband, there was even divine kisses. God was like, “I just love you. I love you for who you are.”

YVON: And I was telling God that I loved him and I did not want to get out of that glorious presence. Immediately, I was on my back, but it was a different place. It was like I was on the seabed, and I was laying on my back. Over me, there was waves and waves and waves, but the waves were heavy, but they were gentle at the same time. Then I finished my prayer station, came back to my body, and as I was getting up and leaving the room, I stopped, because I was like, “Whoa, I always used to get up with a lot of pain, but the pain is gone.”

YVON: So then I went back to my prayer closet. I said, “Lord, did you just heal my back?” And he said, “Yes, I did.” And I said, “Wow.” And he said, “My love healed you. But let me take you one step further. There’s going to come a time where, when you embrace people, they will be healed. The love that you received from me, you will release unto them and they will be healed.” And at that time, I was like, “Beautiful.” But I still didn’t believe it, or I didn’t really understand it until we had a healing meeting and this lady came in and she was embarrassed to come up the front and ask for healing, because her church, they didn’t do that. So she thought, “At the end of the meeting, I’m going to grab Yvon, and I’m going to ask her to lay her hands on me and do the whole thing.”

YVON: So she came to say hello to me, and hugged me first, before she asked me for prayer. And as she was hugging me, she started to weep, and she continued to embrace me. She didn’t want to let go. And I was embracing her, not knowing what was happening. And I said to her, “Are you okay?” She said, “No, you don’t understand. As soon as I hugged you, power hit me. I’m totally healed.” And at that moment, I began to cry, because I was like, “You were right, Lord.” I didn’t believe, or I didn’t fully understand, but then that began to happen. And I began to tell people, healing is in His love. Because of His love and because of His compassion, He will wash you clean from everything.

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