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SID: Now you’re not saying that you have to do these feasts. You’re saying, what a platform to understand who Yeshua was. What a platform to understand his teaching in reference to his own culture. What a platform to have an insight into the whole first coming of the Messiah and the whole second coming of the Messiah. What an insight into just having contact with heaven, just through this point of contact and the feasts are the appointed times. I take it a step further, the appointments with God. Now the thing that really intrigues me is you went to a healing meeting, even though you’re praying for people that are being healed, you go to a healing meeting and our friend, who’s been a guest many times on this show, Bill Johnson, is teaching on healing, but somehow you ended up in front, then he prayed for you. What happened?

JASON: Yeah. A friend of mine introduced me to him, and Bill Johnson laid hands on me. And he said, you wear many mantles like Joseph. And he gave me this word and God began to speak to me through that. He said to me, Jason, you’ve known me as the son of Joseph as the suffering servant, but you haven’t fully known me as the son of David. You’ve known me as the lamb, but not fully as the lion, don’t settle for a form of godliness that lacks power. The greatest revival in the history of the world is coming and it’s rooted in supernatural signs and healings and you need to pray for the sick and you will see me do incredible things to impact people’s lives.

SID: What happened when Bill Johnson laid hands on you?

JASON: Oh man, I felt the presence of God. I felt the anointing of God. And out of that, I had this encounter with God in that meeting, where I understood that every believer including myself, needed to be activated in supernaturally ministering to people. And what happened is shortly thereafter, I get invited to a messianic congregation to speak and I go forward and I say, before I speak, can I just pray for people that might need healing? We never even got to the message because so many people came forward for prayer. And one of the elders of the congregation who had muscular dystrophy, wound up getting supernaturally healed. The rabbi walks into the congregation the next week, he sees her dancing. She could barely walk sometimes. He’s like, how is this possible? She’s like, I got healed.

SID: Just out of curiosity, you had seen some healings before, but they evidently, after Bill prayed for you, they really increased with intensity.

JASON: There was an activation in my life. And although I had encountered that, sometimes it takes it being stirred up and us being encouraged and exhorted to walk in it. And I began to walk in it in a new way as a result of that, and started to see many supernatural things.

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