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Our Guest Patricia King

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SID: There are two kinds of heavenly encounters. Everyone knows about one kind. That’s the sovereign one, where someone’s caught up into heaven, but very few understand about the second kind. Tell me about that sovereign one that happened to you.

PATRICIA: Well, in 1994, it’s January 1994, I was in Florida at a revival meeting and I did not know, Sid, at that particular time that you could actually access heaven when you were living in the Earth. I didn’t know it. But the Holy Spirit took me up into heaven in that meeting and it was definitely sovereign. Sovereign, we mean, it’s under God’s control. It’s not like, we didn’t believe for it to happen or anything like that. And I was actually shocked and all of heaven was laughing. There was such joy in heaven. And I struggled with that a little bit at the time because I thought, well down on planet Earth, we’ve got a lot of issues that need to be looked after. We could use your help, but it looks like you’re having a party up here or something. Right?

And so I was a little bit struggling with that. And the Lord spoke to me, He said, “We don’t have any anxiety here. There’s nothing that we are concerned about because the victory is already secured and we live from that position. And we want you to live from that position in the earth.” And so it was a real testimony to me and I gleaned a lot out of it. I had some other visions within that encounter and that … but when I came out, I wanted more of those sovereign encounters. So I kept crying, “Oh God, take me back, take me back.” And I was waiting for God to sovereignly pick me up again and take me into heaven. And it didn’t happen.

Then you bumped into a mutual friend of ours, a prophet that is now in heaven. His name was Bob Jones. And it changed her whole paradigm about ascending or descending with heaven. Explain it.

PATRICIA: So that was six years later and I’ve been praying for another encounter this whole time and I was picking up Bob Jones from the airport, first time I met him, but I’d heard a lot about him and about his spiritual encounters. And so, when I picked him up, we were in the car going back to his hotel and I told him about my 1994 encounter. And he says, “Yep, I have those every day. They’re my raptures.” He called them his raptures, right?

I said, “You have these every day? I would love to have these every day.” He says, “Well, you can have them every day.” And I said, “Well, would you pray for me?” He said, “Yep, but not now.” So I thought, “Oh Lord, this is going to be amazing.” So the next day we’re in the lunchroom at the conference, and he says, “Well, do you want to go?”

And I said, “Yeah, you mean like right now?” He says, “Yep.” He said, “It says in the Bible, in Ephesians 2, that we’re seated in heavenly places in Christ and Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven.” So he said, “You’re already there. Why are you asking for something that you already have?” And it was like, “What? I don’t feel like I’m already there.” And he said, “It’s got nothing about feeling, it’s about following the Spirit. Right? And also in Hebrews it says that we’re to come boldly before the throne of grace to obtain mercy and to receive grace in time of need.” Well–

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Our Guest Justin Perry

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SID: Can you take a scripture and give me an example of…..say?

JUSTIN: Absolutely. So one of the easiest ones, because it is a prayer, is what we would call The Lord’s Prayer or The Disciple’s Prayer out of The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus teaches us, when you pray, pray our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done. Well, she would say, take that prayer phrase by phrase and spend as much time with each word as you need to. So, whenever you pray our Father, you had parked there and say, “God, you’re such a wonderful father. You’re teaching me how to be a son. You’re teaching me how to be a daughter. Thank you for loving me like a Father.” Then you would move on. Hallowed be your name. God, your name is wonderful and glorious. Your name is above every name. And the purpose is allowing your spirit to fully engage with the revelation of the word of God.

And she would teach that however far you got before the presence of God became so overwhelming that your focus was more on his presence than what you were reading, then you stop there and you allow the presence of God to be the sole focus of your affections and your love and you just allow the presence of God to be your all in all in that moment. She would say that the goal of Bible reading is in the quality rather than the quantity read. The purpose is to get the revelation of the word of God rather than to accomplish reading a certain amount of scripture.
SID: Look into that camera and to tell our audience, what the word of God really is to you. The Bible, the thing that sometimes she’ll dust off and open up because you’re desperate, but that’s not what it is to you is it?

JUSTIN: Yes. The word of God is bread. It is food. The word of God is that living water. It’s the very life from the heart of God that he’s provided for us, that we can touch and taste of God himself, his very nature through the revelation of his word. It’s one of the most glorious gifts that he’s ever given to man because at any time you or I can open our Bibles and have a face-to-face meeting with the creator of heaven and earth, the God of the universe. That’s what the word of God is to me.

SID: What would you say to someone that is watching us right now and they say, “You don’t understand. I have a stressful life. I get home. I want to not open my Bible and just zero out.” What would you say to them?

JUSTIN: I would say that we don’t even realize often how much we need the life of the spirit and the life-giving power of the word of God. Many times the exhaustion that we experience at the end of the day is predicated by our desperate hunger for the word of God and the presence of God. And so if we don’t have a desire to get ahold of God and to go after his presence and to dig into the word, I think the best place to start is to say, God, make me hungry. Stir hunger in my heart. Help me to hunger and thirst like the deer panting after the water brook. A prayer for hunger is a prayer that God will always answer.

SID: Everything you’ve been saying is really neat to us that I didn’t even get to the teases, what happened when you went to heaven? We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Carlie Terradez

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SID: I have Carlie Terradez here. Carlie, you were not raised in a Christian home, but at 14 you went to heaven.

CARLIE: I did. I did.

SID: Tell me about it.

CARLIE: Well, at the time I had just chronic asthma and I’d had a really serious asthma attack and landed myself in intensive care. And during that time there I actually died and had an out of body experience. Now I wasn’t raised in a Christian home so I didn’t have the language for it. But in that moment I remember looking down on myself, looking at the doctors working on me, shining their torches in my eyes, their flashlights and just being moved, kind of like I was floating, really. Just kind of floated through a doorway in the hospital room there and just really entered a long, long, bright light and just felt just love and peace.
But as I was traveling down that hallway in then, in towards the light, I felt drawn to the side to some large gates. And as I was standing in front of these huge golden gates and a figure appeared in front of me. And that was the first time when I noticed that I had on a white robe. It wasn’t a hospital robe, it was a white robe with my bare feet and standing in front of me, it was a figure that put his… he just put his finger on my chin and lifted my head up to his face. And his face just shines so bright. And I didn’t realize then that I was meeting Jesus. I didn’t have the words to describe that. He just, he knew me. He knew everything about me and he said to me, “It’s not time. It’s not your time.” And I woke up and I was back in the hospital bed.

SID: And this, she now has just a passionate, something inside of her just to find this one that exuded such love. But she started looking because she had no paradigm on Christianity. She started looking into the new age and got deeper and deeper into…not the same thing. And so she cries a desperate prayer. What happened?

CARLIE: I just said, “God, if you’re real, I need to know and I need to know you’re real.” And the doorbell rang and I ran downstairs and opened the door and there was a vicar standing there with his black shirt and the white dog collar on.

SID: A vicar is like a priest.

CARLIE: A priest. Yeah, priest from the Anglican church. And he was standing there with a tract in his hand and it had a big red question mark on it. It said, “Why Jesus?” And he didn’t even get a word out. I just snatched that booklet from his hand and slammed the door in face. I just knew that was my answer. And I ran upstairs to my bedroom and I read all the way through it and I accepted Christ, prayed the prayer salvation on the back and just felt the presence of God.

SID: What a wonderful testimony.

CARLIE: That was the easiest doorstep conversion ever.

SID: Now, what happens to your collection or new age and occultic books?

CARLIE: Right after I was born again, those books just disappeared from the bookshelf. No one touched them. No one threw them out, they were gone.

SID: Now, for the first time, when you recognize God was speaking to you, you were at a woman’s Bible study and you told me that you were suffering from epilepsy. How bad was it?

CARLIE: I had three or four seizures every day and it wasn’t safe. Sometimes my husband will come home from work and find me collapsed or he’d get a call from the hospital from intensive care. It nearly killed me several times.

SID: So for the first time you recognize God was speaking to you at this Bible study. And what did he say?

CARLIE: During that Bible study it was with a different kind of Bible study than my usual church. And my friend was leading the Bible study and she actually just left time in the Bible study for kind of a time of meditation where in a sense where we would just listen and hear God and I’d never really done that before. And in that time was the first time I really remember hearing God on the inside of me. He said to me, “In two weeks time, you can be healed from this if you choose to be.” And he set before me in my mind, I saw a vision of a light switch and he said, “I set before you life and death, choose life. When you’re ready, just flip the switch and turn the epilepsy off.”

I went home from there and I’m just like, “Lord, you know, I need to see, I need to understand what you’re saying in the word of God.” And for the next two weeks, the Lord showed me in the word of God how Jesus had a healing ministry and he went around healing all who were oppressed. I went back to that Bible study and in that Bible study my friend said, “I just feel like the Lord telling me I need to pray for you.” So she prays a quick prayer and I just know in my mind I turned that switch. I turned epilepsy off. I went from taking 13 different medications a day and having three or four seizures every day to never having another one of them and that was 15 years ago.

SID: Now, this woman is as bold as a lion with the word of God. She knows. Carlie was bold when she needed healing for herself, but I wonder how bold she was when her three-year-old daughter had days to live. Be right back.

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Our Guest Jason Noble

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SID: Now, angels play a big part in everything that you do. Tell me about Shelly.

JASON: So the week after that Friday, John was in the hospital on Monday, that Friday I got a call from a lady who said, “Were there two angels in John’s room on Monday night?” And I said, “Yeah, there were. I saw them.” And she goes, “I saw those two angels in his room also, and they were the same angels that were in my room when I was 16 years old, dying in a hospital. They showed up and I was completely healed.”

SID: Now you talk about every miracle in the Bible, and you trace them. All have human components. Explain that.

JASON: Yeah. Every miracle, whether that be Jesus or it be other people, the disciples, or it be the four friends that carry the man to Jesus and drop him through a roof. There’s always people that position themselves, who would line themselves up with they acted and played their part and played their role with what God’s word said about being that conduit that he could work in our lives. He loves to partner with us. And so I want to be the type of a person that says, man, God, I want to partner with you and I want to see breakthrough in my life and in the people’s lives all around me.

We all want a miracle, but it always starts with a crisis. And how we respond when that… To be honest, we’re always only one call away from a crisis. I mean, life could be turned upside down in a minute. And what do we do? And what I’m coming along and encouraging him is, no, don’t let fear, don’t let worry, don’t let anxiety take over, but position yourself. That’s where we stand on God’s promises. We speak of life and we hold on to what God’s promise, no matter what we see, we work. I always say to people, what’s your go to? What is the go to in your life when your life turns upside down?

SID: And you also talk about believe and obey. That simple?

JASON: Very simple, believe and obey. I’ve heard people say, “Well, I must not have enough faith for Jesus to do a miracle in my life.” And the Bible says we either have it or we don’t, the size of a mustard seed. And we’re given that faith. I tell people all the time, if you’ve lost your faith, go back to the point of salvation and get it restored. But belief is something we can build. I always say this: Faith is like knowing there’s a gym. Belief is actually going and working out.

SID: Big difference.

JASON: Big difference.

SID: Give me an example of what you’ve just been teaching. You were at Costco’s.

JASON: Yeah, I was at Costco one day and I’d walked in. I was probably hanging out at the Oreo cookie aisle, kind of just enjoying those a little bit. No I’m kidding.

SID: That’s where you like to…

JASON: But I walked in and I met a lady from our church and she said, “Man, I’ve been having massive headache. I’ve been having just massive migraines.” And I said, “Oh, I’ll pray for you.” The Christian line: I’ll pray for you. And walked on and went about my business. About three aisles down God said to me, “You’re not going to pray for her.” I go, “Well, I think I plan on it.” He goes, “No, you need to get back and do it right now. Don’t leave here without praying.” And so I did it. I went down and I prayed for her and she was automatically set free.

And so you wonder how many opportunities we miss because we don’t take that moment right away. Belief and obey.

SID: You talk about there’s things in life we have to ignore. And you even talked about Jarius’ daughter.

JASON: Yes. Oh yeah. Because I mean when Jesus came on the scene, the family was saying, no, she’s dead. Why didn’t you come? And Jesus ignored it. He didn’t answer him. And I think in our lives we have to ignore things like doctor’s reports, or when doctors say there’s nothing else we can do. That’s when Jesus gets to step in and incredible things happen. There’s things that we have… Even some friends we need to ignore. If you have friends in your life like Job you need to ignore him.

SID: It’s not so easy to ignore a doctor’s report..

JASON: That’s right.

SID: … who says you have cancer and you have four months to live. So what would you do if such a horrible report came to you?

JASON: Man, I’d take it to God. I’d just say, God, this is what I’m hearing. What do you say? What’s your truth about it? Speak to me. The hard part of that… Here’s the hard part, is holding onto that, holding onto what God says, but when God speaks, you can hold onto it. I’ve even heard believers say that, “I’ve tried everything that there is to try. Now I guess I can pray.” Prayers are last resort. And I say no, pray first. What are you desperate for? Are you desperate for God to show up or are you spending more time on WebMD trying to figure it out? I mean, what are you desperate for? And that’s an important question. Desperation. Like the lady with the issue of blood. She was desperate in scripture where she would be willing to travel and meet Jesus and be so glad just to touch his garment. Many of us would’ve given up. She was desperate.

SID: Okay. What happens when you see so many miracles, but then the people you pray for die? There’s a lot of people in that situation. Next.

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Our Guest Hrvoje Sirovina

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SID: This gets so wonderful that some of you have been saying, “I have to live with it.” No you don’t. You just have to have more knowledge.


SID: The biggest issue in bloodline prayer, you call covenants.

HRVOJE: Covenants are actually the biggest issue in bloodline prayer because we have came to understanding that usually, like iniquity and sin, go to the third and fourth generation. What we see even in the Bible. But what we see with covenant is that covenants, and some of the covenants are even eternal. Because the Bible speaks about that Adam was created in the image and likeness of God. So that’s an amazing thing. But the Bible also teaches us in Genesis 5 that Seth, which is next in line after Adam, was made in the image and likeness, not of God, but in image and likeness of Adam. Which means everything what Adam had went through, and the sins, he passed on Seth, and he had to deal with that.

SID: So you’re saying that we could go all the way back, with the covenant, to Adam’s sin and if there’s some vestiges on us and we don’t break them, what’s the repercussion?

HRVOJE: So actually what happened is that we are bound, we are limited. So it’s not about salvation, it’s about living the life Jesus proclaimed over us before we were born. So there–

SID: It’s not just theory, it’s a fact that we can…

HRVOJE: It’s a fact. It’s a fact. And that’s what we want to see. We want to be a living testimony for everything what Jesus has done on the cross. We want to see everything because it’s too precious, the blood he has shed for us. So we want to live it out completely. That’s what we want to seek.

SID: Okay. If I’m understanding, we are instantly saved, but we have to work out our salvation through fear and trembling and break the generational bloodline curses. But explain the difference between forgiveness and cleansing.

HRVOJE: I think that’s very important. We see in 1 John 1:9 where the Bible says, “If we confess our sins, he’s faithful and just, to forgive us and cleanse us from all righteousness.” Even Jeremiah, in Jeremiah 33:8, says that God, “I will cleanse you from your iniquity and I will forgive you your iniquity.” So there is a difference between forgiveness and cleansing. Yes, when we received Jesus into our hearts, we were forgiven, but we still need cleansing in a lot of areas of our lives. So what is cleansing? Cleansing means … Sin means that we are pardoned of everything from the past, even unto Adam, but cleansing means to be every effect sin had on our life being taken away, so we can live in freedom, health and joy, and blessing.

SID: What difference has it made in your life?

HRVOJE: Absolutely a huge difference. Because I love prayer. It’s not that I pray every day my bloodline. But when I see that things which legally belong to us, what Jesus did on the cross, and I don’t receive it through prayer, through intercession, I know there are things the enemy is holding against me before God, the righteous judge. So I know there is something in my bloodline. I know because we have to understand there are three categories of sin. There is the Adamic sin, which is the original sin. There is personal sin we go through, but there is inherited sin from our forefathers, what the enemy uses against us so we don’t live in freedom and blessing.

And that’s what I feel when I know he’s my provider, but something is not breaking through. I know there is something in my bloodline. And I go present my bloodline before God and say, “God, through the blood of Jesus Christ, I pray not just for forgiveness but for cleansing.” And I see even in my family, in the Church and everywhere I go, immediate answers.

SID: I think it’s amazing how immediate these answers are. Explain the main requirement for bloodline prayer.

HRVOJE: The main requirement I would say is being in a covenant with God. So being in a covenant with God means I lay my life down for the purposes of the kingdom of God. I lay my life down for his name’s sake, and he’s my Lord. He’s my King, he’s my savior, he’s my everything. That’s being in a covenant with God.

SID: Why does the devil fight covenants so hard?

HRVOJE: Because it’s about authority. The covenant, if we are in a covenant with God, we are growing into authority. And the enemy is not that much afraid about the power which was given to us. He is afraid of the authority which is given to us and into which we grow into. Because when we have power we can guard ourselves from every effect he has on us, but if we have authority, we take the ground he has stolen from us, from the kingdom of God, and we take it back for the glory of Jesus.

SID: I can’t wait for you to share the time you were suddenly, instantly transported to heaven.

HRVOJE: Actually, it was surprising for me too. Because I was driving in my car and praying like I usually do. And suddenly I was … We would call it second heaven. And I stood in front of a golden mountain and next to me was an angel. So in that golden mountain there was a door, and I asked the angel, “Am I allowed to enter in?” And he said, “Yes.” So I entered in and I saw things around in this mountain. And then I saw a treasure room and I went into the treasure room. And in the treasure room I saw there were so many treasures in the treasure room. But what I also saw is that these treasure rooms were guarded by demonic entities. So they couldn’t see me, but they could see something is different in the atmosphere, because I was guarded.

So I saw this treasure box and I thought, “I want to have this treasure box.” So I asked the angel, “Can I have this treasure box?” And he said, “Yes you can, because that was stolen from your ancestors. And because you were made righteous, and because you have a testimony of sanctification, which means you are in a covenant with God, you are allowed to redeem that.” So when I took the treasure box, I immediately wanted to give it to Jesus. And suddenly I was in the third heaven, how we would call it. And I laid it in front of Jesus’s feet and suddenly was back.

So when I came back, two minutes, maybe three minutes later, somebody called me. And because in that time I was a real estate agent in Germany. And somebody called me and said, “Hey, do you want to sell my house?” I said, “Sure.” Because that’s what I do. So I asked him, “Where is the house?” So he said it’s in a city which is very close, around 20 miles from me, and he said, “The area’s name is Golden Mountain.” And he said, “The street is Golden Mill Street.” So I said, “For sure I’m going to take that.” In that time, it took nine to 12 months to sell a house or a property in Germany. I sold it the very next day.

SID: Do you believe you could pray for our studio audience and our audience at home when we come back, for them to recover any treasures stolen from their generation?

HRVOJE: Absolutely.

SID: Are you interested? I am. Be right back.

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