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Our Guest Dr. Francis Myles

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FRANCIS:  Now I feel the anointing. So now what we are about to do this is the last part he showed me. Amen?  I only do what I see my Father do is what Jesus said when he was on the earth, and that’s what we are supposed to do. So everything I have done is exactly what he showed me, I have never diverted from what he showed me, except adding this new thing that he showed me when I was in Africa. And here is what he showed me. When the people jumped the prophetic bloodline, this is in the heavenly vision. In the heavenly vision, the bloodline disappeared. I know the noise was gone. I said, ‘What happened to the bloodline?’ He said, ‘I have cut it off.’ He says, ‘I’ve cut it off.’


But then a spirit of “tehila,” what David would call the highest praise, what David called the highest praise, amen? Which means there’s lower praise, then there’s highest praise. I saw the “tehila,” the spirit of “tehila” come upon them and all the people were celebrating, praising God, I mean there was intensity, they were praising God without any reservations and the spirit of joy was all over their faces. And God said to me, He said, “What I am telling you to do, the denunciation of genetics, is a legal transaction. And because it’s a legal transaction, it happens in my Father’s Court.” Because anything to do with genetics in a nutshell is decided by the Probate Courts. Are you with me? He said, ‘What is a protocol?’ David told you about coming in the court of my God. Praise. Come through His gates with thanksgiving, but when you are in His royal courts it’s praise. He says, ‘Tell them when they jump the line they’re going to give me some praise!’ When they jump the line, c’mon somebody, they’d better give me some praise!


They’d better, uh huh, uh huh, –He said, ‘My people better–.’ Let’s get the pulpit out, because people are jumping, I don’t want people to bump into the pulpit, because I am done with it. Amen? I don’t think Sid wants any liability there. Okay? I jumped and then I knocked myself by the pulpit. You know, Americans. You know, you amazing people. So anyway, so come close to your line, those that are there, now remember it’s not how far you jump. It’s just make sure when you jump, the jump looks like a step, the key is to get the line behind you. Are you with me? Because when you jump the line, when you jump the line, the prophetic act is you are leaving behind the bloodlines of your ancestors, that’s the prophetic act!


Then the Lord of hosts will cut it off! And the angels are going to begin to enforce your deliverance. Are you with me?


I was in Seattle Washington, I saw 200 people jump the line and there was holy pandemonium because the power of God broke out but in the spirit I saw thousands and thousands of demons, they did not know what was going on, and the Lord said, ‘They are confused because these are the demon trackers and they can’t find the blood they used to track. It’s gone.’


It’s gone! Hallelujah! Whooo! Glory to God! Hallelujah! The Lord said to me, Sid Roth, there’s miracles. Hallelujah! Listen, listen! I believe in miracles. Without miracles, I’m dead. Without miracles, I’m dead. But because of “It’s Supernatural” I am standing before you Lord tonight. So miracles are going to happen. So if you’ve got any kind of disease, some of you may even, some of you, when you jump the line check yourself. Because what you came with is gone! [AUDIENCE ERUPTS IN PRAISE] You will find you will be healed, somebody. This is what the Lord told me, Listen he said to me, He said tell my people because this is such a powerful technology, okay, it’s not like the old technology of repenting over the iniquity of your forefathers, the problem, the Lord says the problem with that it’s a half measure, I have used it to a degree, but the God says the problem with that– is that the lineage you come out of is longer than your memory. So even though you repent over what you can remember your ancestors did, the Lord says there are stuff you don’t know what they did because the lineage is longer than your memory [so] the enemy will still come to you. But this way you just cut it off, you just cut it off. The whole line! And the Lord can follow it all the way back to Adam and just snip, snip!


C’mon somebody. Are you ready for this?


FRANCIS:  Okay. So I’m going to do this. When I say, ‘Jump the line,’ I want you to jump. And when you jump what’s going to happen?

AUDIENCE:  Praise!

FRANCIS:  And then when you are praising God forget about me– You know somebody, that’s when I find a word of knowledge. That’s when I say things every time. That’s when normally people see the Messiah walking in among us. Are you with me? In Seattle Washington it was 5 year old and 6 year old children crying. Crying. I said, ‘Why are you crying?’ There’s a man in white walking between the people. It was the Messiah after they jumped the line. Children of 5 years old don’t lie. It was not one, several of them–  it’s a church in Seattle Washington. Powerful. I feel the Messiah in the house. So let’s do this once, when I say jump you’ll jump the line and then you’ll go into the praise and I’ll begin to pray, forget about me, just do your praise, amen? And then we’ll be out of here tonight. Are you ready? Okay. Here we go. Don’t jump until I say jump. Okay? In the name of the Father, the Son and His Holy Spirit.– I say: JUMP!



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March 18th, 2019 at 3:39 am

Our Guest Dr. Francis Myles

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FRANCIS:    –So we believe insomnia’s going to get [delivered]–this day’s generational insomnia, amen? That  –the beloved of God is supposed to sleep like a baby. Amen? God designed you to sleep like a baby so you can live longer. Amen? So, anyway I wanted to give out those testimonies. The point is these things work. Okay? Thousands now have gone through this. Okay? Where the woman who saw me on a TV show with Patricia King and I talked about this and she jumped the line in Kansas, and a– cancerous tumor this big on her shoulders fell to the ground when she jumped the line. So we know what this thing can do. So now that I’ve given you the testimonies, let’s let me give you the teaching behind it. And very quickly, and then we are going to pray for everybody. We’re going to trust the Messiah. Amen? Can you feel His presence? He’s already here. He’s really here– There’s nobody’s more happy tonight than the Messiah because you are about to going to get another piece of your salvation. Amen? So– 4 years ago– that’s when I [was] on the television show– friends of mine had come out of town to meet with me which was at a– resort in Dallas and I remember that I forgot something in my car around 10 o’clock at night. So I went to get the thing in my car so I can give it to them. And when I got to the curb I got it out when on my way back all of a sudden the form of The Lord Jesus Christ was standing next to me and–and He said to me, ‘Let’s walk, I want to talk to you.’ So we started walking back to the resort together and He says to me, ‘It is time.’ He said it 3 times. ‘It is time. It is time. It is time.’ I said to Him, ‘What time? What do you mean?’ You know how the Lord speaks, sometimes He just speaks like ‘What do you mean.’ And He said to me, He said to me, ‘It is time for My people around the world to experience genetic salvation.’ I had never heard of the word “genetic salvation.” I said to the Lord, ‘What is that?’ He said, ‘Genetic Salvation is when the finished work of the cross is applied to your genetics.’ To change your genetic inheritance. Then He began to say to me, He said, ‘Son–’ then as He’s talking to me He’s talking about the Lord, He is the Word so the Word just comes out of you. You know and all of the sudden the scripture that I’ve read, and then as He’s talking to me– He brought up the scripture when He said, when the Messiah was on the earth, He said this of Himself, ‘The Son of Man has come to seek and save that which is what? Lost.’ He said to me, ‘Son, you guys are so evangelical in thinking– so you take that scripture and you only apply it to the salvation of souls. He said, ‘What I was literally saying is a blanket statement. And anything that the first Adam lost, I came to get back.’ That’s the assignment of the Son of Man. Anything the first Adam lost, that’s my Father’s property, I came to get it back because it’s the inheritance of the Lord. And He said to me, ‘One of the things Adam lost is the genetics of God.’ He says, ‘Francis, do you know that when Adam and Eve were created they were the only human beings apart from me who had flawless genetics.’ He said, ‘There was no disease that could touch them–.’ When you have flawless genetics no disease that can attach to you. That’s why the whole subject about stem cell research is scientists realize that there is something in the world of DNA that can bring healing. Am you with me, somebody? The only thing they don’t know is that the Messiah beat them to it. Are you with me, somebody? But there’s a truth to it. He said, ‘When Adam and Eve were created, son, they had perfect DNA.’ And when they lost it, when they lost it, this is why there was a need for the man who could not only atone for the sins of the world but who could also restore the original DNA of the Father. That’s why a Savior couldn’t come from among us. Because everybody, no matter how powerful, even Moses, had compromised genetics. So God had to look outside this world to find a man with flawless genetics because the DNA had to return. Are you with me somebody, hallelujah! What is happening tonight is the return of the DNA of God upon your life.


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Our Guest Barbara Yoder

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Barbara: They don’t want to share the gospel and there is an aversion in the church today to share the gospel. And when you look at the pattern in Acts, in Acts chapter one and chapter two what happened? – there were all these thousands of people that followed Jesus, but when it came down to it, how many people were there that really believed Him? How many people were there that held on, that believed that what He said, who He said He was and  what He said was going to happen, how many were there that believed Him? Only a remnant. 120. A remnant is like a piece of cloth left over. There’s a mantle left over that literally is going to be passed out to the 120. In other words, how do we translate that today? There’s more than 120. It’s the desperate. It’s the hungry. It’s the starved! It’s that group of people who aren’t satisfied with going to church, in fact people are leaving churches by the droves because they’re bored to death with entertainment and a good time. They want to do the works of Jesus, they want to be who Jesus was. You and I are to be, and please understand, we’re to be as Jesus, so we’re to be like God. God is in us, so there’s a way that we are little gods on the earth today. And when the 120 were overtaken by the power of the Holy Spirit– I love this, I don’t know, it’s maybe two or three years ago God just showed me this– and I said “Holy moly, I’ve been missing it all this time!” What did they do when the Holy Spirit fell on them in Acts? They ran out of the Upper Room out into the city. And when they ran out into the city, what was it– 2 or 3 thousand people got saved in one day. And it was so supernatural they spoke in the tongues of the people that were there. Can you imagine– I just came back from Indonesia ministering, but I didn’t minister in the church. I went to one of the largest corporations in Indonesia and ministered, it’s owned by a Christian, ministered to the corporation. They flew in all their managers. I prophesied  to over a 100 people, it took me over 4 hours to do it. But I did it because the owner wants a supernatural business. What did she do when she got baptized in the Holy Spirit? She ran out of where she was, out into the marketplace, started a supernatural business and is now multiplying that. She just got a brand new contract which will double it. She’s getting ready to quadruple the business– I love it, I’m going to go there any time she asks me. She put me up in the best hotel in Jakarta– she’s got money–


BARBARA:  You know– I’m kidding (laughs). But the point I’m making is what did the church do? The church was birthed on the day of Pentecost? What did the church do? They ran out of the building and into the city. And I believe that we need to create churches where people are equipped and empowered to then leave the church and go out to where their assignment is. We’ve been struggling to get into the church and find a pulpit when God is looking to get us out of that dingbat place and out to where the people are and literally see them transformed. You’ve got power, lift up your hands, you’ve got power in your hands because the Lord didn’t say I give “the some” the power to heal the sick– some have more healing come through them than others. (Barbara gives a word of knowledge: This gal right here the power of God’s all over you, and in that dress right there, God’s getting ready,

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Our Guest Kent Henry

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SID: Kent, when you say Jesus is the core of everything, explain what you mean.

KENT: People need to take Jesus and put him back in the center of their lives, Sid. We’ve wandered away. A lot of people regardless of church background, they’re just way too busy. Take irons out of the fire, you’ve got too much going on.

SID: There are people watching us right now and they say, “Okay, God has anointed Kent Henry for this but not me, I’m just nobody.”

KENT: Oh, no.

SID: What would Jesus … look in the camera and tell them.

KENT: I’ve got a scripture, 1 John 2:27, “You have received the anointing of the Holy One, start operating in it.” Because I heard that years ago, I thought I wasn’t good enough when I first started leading worship and people said, “Well, there’s something different about your life.” Remember, 1 John 2:27, 20 and 27 says, “You have received the same anointing to go about your business every day and pray for people and worship at a high level,” so let’s get it on for Jesus. I’m going to release you right now and you’re going to sing You Are Awesome in This Place and I know, I know that you know he is awesome. You go to the music set now.

SID: I want to tell you something, some of you can’t sing Jesus is the core of everything because you don’t know Jesus. You either have your own experiential knowledge or you have a zero and you think you might know him because you went to church since you were that little. But this is what Jesus said in the original Greek, “This is eternal life that you might have your own experiential knowledge of me.” I want you to say this prayer, mean it to the best of your ability, and Jesus is just waiting for you. You will know the difference. You’ll know the truth, the truth will set you free.

SID: Say this out loud with me. Dear God, I said out loud. Dear God, I’m a sinner and I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus just washes away. Some of you can almost feel it now. Washes away your sins and makes you clean. Oh, God, say it’s so good to be clean because of the blood of Jesus. And now that I’m clean, continue out loud. And now that I’m clean, I ask Jesus to come inside of me and be my Lord. Fill me with your spirit as David said he lifted holy hands to God, fill me with your spirit. You are my Lord. You are awesome, God. Amen.

SID: And now, here’s Kent singing, of all songs, You Are Awesome in This Place.

KENT: (singing)

KENT: Release Lord.

KENT: (singing)

KENT: All over the world tonight, Lord.

KENT: (singing)

KENT: Every vessel in this place.

KENT: (singing)

KENT: Over you, over your friends tonight, we sing.

KENT: (singing)

KENT: Every vessel, Lord.

KENT: (singing)

KENT: We release right now the night of impartation, mighty God. Touching every vessel with your glory, your holiness. Lord, we look away to you tonight. The power of heaven, the glory of who you are and what you do. Touching every human heart, every life tonight, Lord. This is real because you’re awesome. You are awesome. You are awesome in every vessel in Jesus name. I want somebody to say hallelujah, lamb of God, hallelujah.

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Our Guest Guillermo Maldonado

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More, more, more, more, more, Jesus, more, more, more, more, more of the Holy Ghost. Father you lift your hands toward heaven. There’s something happening! But I still see people that don’t respond. I want you to start praying in the Holy Ghost. (To man): You be healed now. You walk normally. Be —. walk, walk, walk. [Throw that] crutches. C’mon, Letty. C’mon, Letty, put her to work. Lift your hands toward heaven. C’mon, let’s go. (praying in tongues) Something is happening. You must respond to the  Holy Spirit! You must respond to the supernatural! You must lift your hands toward heaven and tell Him, “Jesus, I’m hungry! Jesus, I’m hungry!” That couple, come over here. I’m hungry, Lord, I’m hungry, Jesus. I’m hungry, Jesus. I’m hungry, Jesus. I’m — Jesus, I’m hungry, Jesus.  (prays in tongues). The power, the power of God is on you, the power of God is on you, the power of God is on you. Pick him up, pick him up, c’mon lift your hands. The power of God is — (prays in tongues) There’s fire in your hands. There’s fire in your hands. Pick him up, pick him up, fire in your hands, power, power, power being released, power, power is being released. Lift your hands, c’mon. Don’t wait for me to touch you. The presence of God is here. Don’t wait for me to touch you. C’mon let’s go, c’mon let’s go. Don’t worry about her, you take it. (prays in tongues) C’mon, power of God is on her, the power of God is on her, Jesus. (To young woman): The power of God is on her. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, the power of God is on her. Jesus, Jesus. C’mon, power of — Let her go, let her go. The power of God is on you. Father, I activate this young person to heal the sick, to prophesy, to cast out demons into the school and wherever she goes. I gotta feel fire on you. Fire, fire, fire, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. Keep praying in the Holy Ghost. Father, in the name of Jesus I activate you to walk in the supernatural, to walk in gifts of the spirit, to walk in miracles, signs and wonders, to prophesy, there you go, there you go, there you go. (prays in tongues) C’mon, pray, pray, pray, pray. Keep praying in the Holy Ghost! Something is happening! I said: “SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!” Jesus! Respond. Respond. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Okay, I want you to hear me for a moment. I want you to hear me for a moment. How many sick people we have here today? And people that are taking pills for your depression, any area that you need a miracle I want you to lift your hands. Okay, listen. I just activated you in the supernatural. I want you to get close to one of those people that they have both hands lifted. Get close to those people, take them by the hand, we going to pray one another, and you will see how many miracles God will do in a moment. The power of God is on her. What’s wrong with you? Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out. Frank, over here. (To woman): Okay, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with your feet? Say it again? (Turns to others): Guys, don’t — hear my instruction before you pray for the people. I want you to hear my instructions. No impartation. Stay in somebody’s spirit unless instruction is given. So I want you to hear the instruction because I want you to do it in your street, with your family. (To woman): So what’s wrong with you? (Woman): Neuropathy in my feet, and pain from having breast cancer and chemotherapy from 2002, and my feet, I’m having trouble walking with them. Okay, the power of God is on her. Father, I command  —can you pray in the Holy Ghost, my God, the power of God is on her. “Father, I command every sickness, every disease, when I count to three GO! Let your kingdom come, let Your will be done. One, two, three, NOW!” In Jesus” name. Pick it up and test her. Okay. Daughter, I want you to start moving your feet and running and jumping. You’re healed. You are healed. You are healed! There you go, there you go! C’mon! C’mon, put your hand together. C’mon! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  C’mon!  HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Responding, she’s responding to the supernatural! C’mon, put your hand together! Ahhhhh!

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