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My personal belief is, we have yet to see the greater works.  As great as all the signs and wonders and miracles did, I honestly believe that as I have prayed, in particularly over these last four months as I have really said OK God what are we doing here?  Where are we going?  And what I know that I know is God wants you to know how to walk in the supernatural.  And I honestly believe with all of my heart, we haven’t scratched the surface of our potential; of the reality of what God wants to accomplish here on planet earth in these closing pages of history.  But I do believe this, I believe that the way that God is orchestrating, the way He’s had me put this together in kind of a different format as opposed to teaching the basic, you know, get saved, get baptized with the Holy Ghost and understand the gifts of the Spirit.  I’m approaching here from a whole different paradigm and that is helping you to understand the principles and precepts with faith, the will of God and understanding how God works.  So that then, with that as a foundation, we can now bring in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and you’re going to operate at a much higher level.  Praise God.  And I’ll tell you this, just as kind of a peek into the future, the gifts of the Spirit are just the beginning of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Glory to God.  Now I want to show you something from the Word of God in terms of the miracles that Jesus did.  We have in the Bible, as recorded in the Bible, approximately thirty-five miracles, depending on how you count miracles.  If you count the miracle of the miraculous birth, we account the ascension; some say upwards of forty miracles.  Actually there’s some miracles, we’re going to get back to this in a few minutes here, but there are some miracles that aren’t even accounted that in my opinion are some of the most significant miracles, and again, we’ll come back to that.  But, when we look at the miracles that we have, we need to look at them categorically.  As an example, the very first miracle that Jesus did was turning the water to wine.  Well, people might say, “Well that’s not a miracle that we need much today because I don’t drink” or “Who needs wine?”   Well, the greater miracle is what happened in the miracle and what we see in this miracle is molecular change.  Glory to God.  Jesus turned the water into wine.  Now what’s interesting about this, as again, as we dig into this and a little bit in this study, but we’re going to be looking at the science of the miraculous, the science of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Because again, if you can understand the simplicity from a scientific perspective and understand that God works within the laws of creation; which I’ll come back to, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.  But God works within the laws of creation to accomplish His will.

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May 19th, 2018 at 8:35 am

Our Guest David Martin

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You’re also going to find this: as you begin to incorporate the gifts of the Spirit, it is the greatest joy you are ever going to have.  There is nothing in my opinion more rewarding than to know you made a difference in somebody’s life.  And again, through this teaching and so often when we think about teaching on the gifts of the Spirit, we think about jumping right into the various elements of the gifts of the Spirit, the specific gifts, and we are going to be doing that.  But most importantly here, my desire is that over the course of the study, multiple sessions here, tentatively eight of them; you are going to learn how to incorporate this into your life.  And as you do, as you’re at the mall, as you’re at work, as you’re cutting your grass, meeting a neighbor, sitting next to a fellow student; you are going to have opportunity to demonstrate.  People need to see the reality of a miracle working God.  And as you allow God to do this through you, and as you again learn how to do it naturally, you are going to have person after person tell you thank you, thank you, thank you.  And I’ll tell you this, only the halls of eternity are truly going to reflect all that you did every day as you are walking in the supernatural with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Learning this, learning the gifts of the Holy Spirit makes doing what Jesus did a reality.  Now we are going to be digging into this verse in John 14:12 where Jesus says, “we are going to do what he did and greater”, but for most people it’s just kind of out there; it’s kind of like “yeah that sounds good”.  But what you are going to discover is that it is God’s desire for you to do what Jesus did.  Through this course, through this study you are going to recognize it’s real.  Actually, one of the things you are going to find out is God’s reality is your reality.  And just as God operates in the supernatural, we are going to teach you through this course how to live and operate in the supernatural, that God’s reality is your reality.  Your whole paradigm, your shift of thinking is going to be that of the miraculous, the supernatural, looking for an opportunity every moment of every day to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you, just as He did through Jesus.  Amen.  Literally, I believe this:  the operation of the Holy Spirit, and that’s what we’re really looking at here, is the foundation to the church.  We look at the early church and we look at the book of Acts; it’s amazing.  When you go through the book of Acts, one of the things you will discover is you begin to look for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit.  The operation of the Spirit, the operation of the supernatural.

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May 12th, 2018 at 6:23 am

Our Guest LaDonna Osborn

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LaDONNA:    And so Kadimoo he got up and took off the car tire pads that he had on his knees. And he ran and he ran from way at the back all the way around this massive crowd and came up on the platform to give testimony. I mean the man was wild. The people all knew him. And when they saw him of course they went wild too. But here’s what he did. He had on these dirty shorts and a dirty shirt and his eyes were just… imagine, you can imagine! He came over to where my father was and he grabbed the microphone and, and, he went right to the edge. I remember this platform where they had a bannister and he leaned over that bannister and he began to shake that microphone and he says: It’s true! It’s true! It’s true! He’s alive! He’s alive! He’s alive. If he were not alive, how can he heal me? Believe it! He’s alive! Believe it! He’s alive! The greatest sermon that could ever be preached! Jesus is alive and here is the proof! Hallelujah!


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LaDONNA:    But you see that was God’s love. That was just God’s love. Be encouraged by that. Because so often we’re, we’re told the formulas to receive healing. We have to, you know, be so perfect. Be sure you went to church last Sunday and be sure you’ve paid your tithes, and be sure you went to the last prayer meeting and be sure you’ve memorized all the healing scriptures and, and be sure you say the prayer just right, I mean pray to the right one, and, and be sure and say it in the right name and, and do it in the right posture. And I don’t know if you need to sing a little first or whatever, but be sure and get it right. No, no, no, no! God is love. And He wants to heal. He wants to help. He wants to provide. He wants to reverse. He wants to comfort. He wants to bring solution. He wants to meet our needs. God’s love is His greatest power. Well, what is Satan’s greatest power? Now here’s it gets interesting. Satan’s greatest power is “the lie.” That’s his power. Look at, look at this. I’m reading to you from John, chapter 8. See from the very beginning in the garden when Satan the… symbolizes the serpent crept into that garden where he did not belong, he began to discuss with Eve, and you know the story, the first thing Satan said was “did God really say that?” Now there’s an important clue. Because he will come questioning God’s word. When you hear that breath of questioning God’s word you can know immediately who he is and you know what to do about him. So that has been his tactic. The next thing he said was “um, um, you won’t lie.” So in that conversation his questioning God’s word went directly to contradicting God’s word and that’s the way it is with us. You see Satan has no power over our lives when we’ve given our lives to Jesus. Do you believe that?

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Our Guest Robby Dawkins

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ROBBY: I got Robbie. She got Gloria. Lord, I bless Gloria and I just thank You for Your hand on her and I just pray Lord just for those open doors for her and just how you’re going to use her in Jesus’ name. And I just thank You for just for that breakthrough and for that release of Your peace, of Your power and Your presence in Jesus’ name. And this lady here you’ve got a kind of a pink blouse with glasses. What’s your name? Ashley? Ashley, I just see a real prophetic gift on you and the Lord’s going to begin to increase it like never before. And I heard God say that He’s going to begin to fine tune some things that He’s been speaking to you. There’s some dreams that you’ve had and that you’ve been kinda puzzled about but I heard the Lord say He’s bringing clarity and that He’s even, He’s also, there’s been some dreams that have been some things that are for you for ministry and the Lord’s is going to open those doors. And some of it you’ve just said well I’m just going to lay it aside and just whatever the Lord picks up, whatever the Lord does that’s fine. Does this make sense? You’re not being nice are you? Don’t be nice. Seriously. If it doesn’t make sense tell me. I want to know cause I’m learning too. Okay? So but I just saw the Lord opening that up and I felt like I just saw numbers flying around your head too and you sorta being able to put numbers in order and you’re able to make things sort of line up. I feel like there’s some organizational things and stuff that you have in you that you’re going to be able to help too with other people. But I really felt like the Lord is just saying this is a new season. Do you mind just standing up right now? Holy Spirit, we just thank You… Is this your husband? Are you guys together? No. Just a friend who’s blessing her. Lord we bless her in Jesus’ name. We just thank You for Your presence and Your power and Lord we just thank You for that breakthrough too. Lord and just those things that You’ve spoken to her through those dreams. Lord, we just pray Your blessing and just that provision and Lord, just that clarity of prophetic ministry that is coming for her. We just bless that in Jesus’ name. Thank You for that in Jesus’ name. Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord.



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April 21st, 2018 at 8:34 am

Our Guests Hank Kunneman, Chuck Pierce and Rich Vera

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SID: You know, the reason that I’ve selected these great prophets is they’ve been with me before and they’ve had their prophecies out there on the air, and their accuracy is so on target that that’s why I wanted to find out about 2018. Rich, what is God showing you about the number 18, 2018?


RICH VERA: You know, 18 is so significant. Eighteen stands for bondage and judgment. But in the Hebrew, the number 18 is for life and new life. God is bringing us in this year to the finality, to the end of the struggle and the system that has kept us bound, and in 2018, God is judging, not people now. God is judging the system that has corrupted society. The church is going to, the church in America, and that’s where we see all this crazy things going on. And also ’18, we are beginning a new life for those that have been faithfully waiting in the promises of God.


SID: Rich, tell me about the fires in California, the weather things that are going on. What does that mean to you?


RICH VERA: So if you notice the fires, the floods happened on the east coast, Houston and it happened in Puerto Rico, and the fires happened on the west. Now the Lord spoke to me, and I prophesied this a few months ago in my church, and the Lord says the fires symbolize judgment. And the Lord says, “I’m judging the system that is corrupting society in the nations of the world.” And the Lord says everything that comes from Hollywood, from California impacts the nations of the world. Whatever we watch on television, people in Africa, they want to be like the Americans they watch on television. People in Argentina, they all want to be like what they see on television. And literally from that state, it has corrupted the morality of the nations of the world. The Lord was telling me, “I’m judging the spirit. There is a stronghold in California that affects the rest of the world.” And the Lord says, “I’m judging the system.” And then when God is done judging the system and removing those that have been used of the enemy to allow the corruption to continue, God says, “I’m going to strengthen my church.” God is going to empower the church on the west coast. I saw the church on the west coast as a feeble man that could not even move or get out of bed. And the Lord says, “That’s the condition of the church on the west coast.” And God says, “After this great cleansing,  God says, “is going to empower the church to go back to the days of Aimee Semple McPherson, where this lady, by herself, impacted the whole state and souls were saved. Whether anybody liked it or not, she had an incredible impact with the Gospel of that state.


SID: And you know what’s so amazing? Her background, you would say, how could God ever use her?




SID: Divorced, a couple of children.


RICH VERA: And a woman preacher in those days.


SID: That’s true.


RICH VERA: And that’s coming back in this generation. And I want to prophesy to the church in the west coast, this is the season to rise up and to let this fear be put aside. God is going to anoint you with the ability to speak the Gospel with boldness. And God wants to bring back the conviction of the Spirit and God wants you to know that you’ll be protected. If you speak the Gospel, signs and wonders will follow you and you will not be destroyed by the enemy in this season. 


SID: Tell me about you talk about the judgment in sports, in other areas [unintelligible].


RICH VERA: Yes. I saw a lot of this cleansing is going to touch us. The prophets mentioned before different areas of society in America. And I saw in the sport industry, in the different categories, that God was going to humble the proud, especially those that claim themselves to be believers and they have forgotten the God that prospered them. And the Lord told me that many of them were going to be humbled to a place that they would lose everything so they can gain back their work with Jesus. And also, God is going to raise up those with a voice to proclaim the message of the Gospel and the name of Jesus with no shame in spite of the possibility of losing financial. So there’s going to be a shakeup to humble them to realize that it was God the one that made them great, not the NFL, the NBA or anybody else.


SID: Tell me about, you told me that there was going to be a cure for breast cancer. And I just read an article that someone has just developed one.


RICH VERA: Yes. About six months ago the Lord gave me a vision and the Lord says, “I’m going to judge the killer of the babies.” And I saw something that what was going to come out of a secondary resolve that was going to be like a discovery of something that will push back breast cancer on ladies. And as we saw today, two days ago, came an article saying exactly what we’re saying, and you saw that.


SID: What about things like feebleness, Alzheimer’s?


RICH VERA: You know, this is the most amazing thing. What happened in Israel with President Trump proclaiming Jerusalem to be the eternal Capital of the Jewish people, as Chuck says, is a significant thing in the spirit world, because for him to be the man that spoke boldly to the nations of the world, he released a spirit that opened a portal for blessings to be released from Israel to the rest of the world. If you look on Psalms 122, it says, “If you pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Now, the word “to pray” means more than just pray. It means if you do something about it, the Bible says, “There will be great prosperity among those that love Israel.” So when the President went, and I saw this in a vision, and proclaimed that on television, there was literally a portal that opened up and it began to flush like a waterfall to America. And we are about to experience prosperity like we have never experienced before because the Bible says, when Jerusalem gets blessed or when something happens concerning the peace of Jerusalem, prosperity is the result that follows Jerusalem.


SID: Okay. There’s my problem. These prophets have seen so much for this year. And we’re going to have not just information, but activation. 

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