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Our Guest Lil de Fin

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SID: Lil, someone told me you basically used to be a shy person.


LIL: I was really shy because being born in the bush I didn’t meet many people. Of course, being a pastor’s daughter, people ask you, would you do something, would you give a testimony. I heard myself saying no, no, I can’t do that. And I got so tired of hearing myself say no. And so I said, “God, the next thing you ask me to do I’m going to say yes.” Well guess what happened? A pastor phoned me and said, “Lil, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and I felt the Lord said, I must ask you to come and preach in my church.”


SID: He knows how to set us up.


LIL: You know, in those days we had those old fashioned phones with the wire connected to the desk. I remember putting that wire behind my back so he couldn’t hear, and I said, “God, I can’t believe you.” Then I took the phone back and I said, “I’ll be there, Pastor. Thank you very much.” Because I had said it. If I had said no there, I would not be sitting here today.


SID: God said, “If I can trust you in little things, I will trust you in big things.” 1939, your great-grandfather hears from God, prophesies what’s going to happen in the future. What did he say?


LIL: He prophesied that after the war there would be a healing revival and there was.


SID: Yes.


LIL: And then he prophesied there would be a charismatic revival and there was. Amongst many of the denominational churches, the Holy Spirit fell. And then he said, “I see people going to church with pens and notepads.” And that was the word of faith movement.


SID: The teaching.


LIL: That’s right. And then he began to say, “I see it. I see it.” He said, “I see the greatest,” imagine this, “the greatest revival the world has ever seen.”


SID: And you know what, I see that, too. Now, God spoke to you, to you personally, and said you would have a part in it. What did he tell you?


LIL: He stood by my bed one night and he said, “I’m going to do a work in your day, which even if it were told you, you would hardly believe it.” And every day, I said, “Tell me, Lord, tell me, Lord, I’ll believe it, I’ll believe it.”


SID: Well you and I are going to see it very soon. You are going to see it very soon. So you’re speaking, praying for a group of doctors in Switzerland and God shows up again. What happened?


LIL: They asked me to open in prayer, and as I said, “Father,” that’s all I said, I went into a vision and I saw Jesus sitting in a chair, and we were sitting around him and he looked at me, and he said, “Tell me your stories.” In this last move of God, in this mighty revival that’s coming there will be so many stories. There will be so many testimonies and we need to know when we tell our testimony and when we tell your story, we’re telling him, and his anointing is on that. And when we tell our story in our testimony it brings people to Jesus. It brings people of other faiths to Jesus and everybody must begin to tell their stories. Tell your neighbor. Tell your neighbor your testimony. Tell the people in your street what Jesus has done, the people in the shops where you are, I want to say to you, tell your stories. Heaven is listening to you and the anointing of God will be on you. You will be a soul winner because we are in the days when it’s souls, souls, souls, souls! Miracles are important. God wants you to heal and he wants you well, and he wants you to tell people about it because it’s time for souls, souls, souls.


SID: Lil, you raise up teams of people, and there was a team that went to a hospital ward, and what happened?


LIL: Okay, this was very recent. And the team went into the hospital, and they were just going from bed to bed, can we pray for you, can we pray for you? Everybody said yes. Everybody said yes until they got to one man and he just said no thank you. So they just left him and they went to the next bed and they prayed for each bed, and then they left. Well two days later, they thought they’ll go back and see how the patients are. When they got to the ward it was absolutely empty except for one man in the bed, and he said, “You’re the team that came to pray the other day.” He said, “Please come and pray for me.” He said, “They’ll all healed and they’ve all gone home.”


SID: Could you imagine if everyone there, the ward was healed except you and you’re the only one that said, no, I don’t want prayer. You couldn’t wait for them to come back. When we come back, I want to hear a couple of the many, many secrets of the power of Smith Wigglesworth that you were told, and then I want you to pray for the fire to come on everyone that wants this. Be right back.

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Our Guest Jesse Duplantis

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SID: Jesse, I am so intrigued by your background. I don’t think man people know about it.


JESSE: That’s right.


SID: And also I’m intrigued by the humor. You tell me, before you became a believer in the Messiah, you weren’t a funny man.


JESSE: No, I was not funny. In fact, when God saved me, the first time I ever preached, people were falling out the pews. And I was so mad, I went home and told Cathy, and said, “What’s wrong with these crazy people?” And she said, “You’re funny.” I said, “This is serious business. What are you talking about being funny?” I mean, I told a joke every once in a while like everybody else. But when the Lord came in my life, I got so happy, Sid. I’m so full of joy, which is the fruit of the Spirit, and I’m so happy, which is an emotional feeling, I’m just a dangerous individual.


SID: Tell me about you. I can’t even picture this long-haired, rock and roll singer that has a bottle of Scotch every day.


JESSE: Every day.


SID: That does everything a rock and roll singer is notorious for doing. How in the world did you get saved?


JESSE: Well I’ll tell you. It’s a miracle. I drank a fifth of whisky a day, smoked a little dope a week, snorted cocaine, PCP, crystal meth, took trips and never left my house. You understand what I’m saying. Now I’m sitting there, but what happened was Cathy, she was watching Billy Graham. God made Cathy tell me something that got my attention. Now I worked on the same circuit as Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, KISS, Alice Cooper. I mean, let me tell you something, you young people, girls screaming, and that was your mama or your grandma, one or the other who was doing that. But anyway, I was ready to do a rock show in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ll never forget it, Sid. Quickly, Cathy said, “Jesse, Billy Graham is coming on.” And I thought, “Okay, what do I want to watch him for?” And she said this: “He pulls more people than you do.” And it caught my attention. I said, “You know, the guy does fill up stadiums.” So I decided to watch him to get Cathy off my back. I was sitting in a hotel just like this. You know how Billy Graham says at the end, “If you’d like to get saved, write me and I’ll send you the same literature that I send, and go to church next Sunday.” I jumped. I got off that bed. You got to understand how I looked, long, dark, chocolate-brown hair, makeup. I had a good body in those days. You got to believe it by faith, but I did. I had a six-pack. I got a keg now. I had a six-pack, you know what I’m saying. And I got up, I immediately left and went into the bathroom, but I couldn’t close that door fast enough. God got in that bathroom with me.


SID: Why did you go in the bathroom?


JESSE: Because I was told never to cry. I was raised with a bunch of Sicilians. You do what I got to do. My grandfather said, “If somebody mess with you, we don’t fight in this family. That’s what the Mississippi River is for.” I’m serious. When you’re raised on the streets of New Orleans, you do what you got to do. Now what happened was I didn’t know how to pray. I said this: If there’s such a thing as a God, whatever Billy said, then you do that. I got born again. Something supernatural, now I didn’t hear thunder and lightning, and I had to go do a rock show. Are you ready for this Sid? I come out of there, my three-year-old daughter looked at me and said this, Jodi, she said, “Daddy not going to hell no more.” And I said, “Cathy, did you tell her I was going to hell?” She said, “No, she just saw it.” I went down, did that show. Now I walked in there, the night before it was fun. When I walked in, it was an upholstered sewer now. I saw sin for the first time in my life. And I opened up that show with Sly and the Family Stone, “I Want to Take you Higher.” Real quickly [singing] dah, dah, dah… [talking] And I’m supposed to sing, [singing] Feel it getting stronger. [talking] But what came out of me blew me away. I went, [singing] Everybody in this place is going to hell! [talking] That’s a true story. And people smoking dope. They went, wow, babe, we’re going to hell. That’s a true story. And the drummer, he told the lead guitar, “Grab him. He’s tripping. He’s on some bad drugs.” So anyway, I closed out that session, I mean that set, and Jimmy said, “What happened, man?” I said, “I met Jesus.” He went, “Wow, man.” You know, that kind of stuff. From that day I knew something had happened, but I couldn’t explain it because when you’re not taught you don’t know.


SID: But what happened with that bottle every day? What happened with the drugs? What happened with the womanizing?


JESSE: Instantly delivery, completely. I mean, I shut down. I told Cathy, I said “Let’s go to church tomorrow.” This was on Saturday night, Labor Day weekend, 1974. She thought, my God, you’re going to church?


SID: You have such a childlike, simplistic faith.




SID: You sit down. You have conversations with God.



SID: Not necessarily, we understand, not necessarily the audible voice, but you know God’s voice, and so many with love to be able to hear God’s voice.


JESSE: Oh yes.


SID: But the problems that you have, do you remember, how do I know that you have problems? I’m a member of the same race. It’s called the human race. Of course, you have problems. But if you knew you could sit down and have a one-on-one with Jesus you wouldn’t have a problem. Am I right? I want to find out how he hears God’s voice and he says what the Bible says. God is not a respecter of persons. So Jesse says anything that God does for him, you can do. You can do it better. Be right back.

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Our Guest Art Thomas

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ART:  Now I want you all to test it out again. Test it out again. One temptation we have is we say like you know if I tried once and it didn’t work then I have to therefore try harder to make it work this time. But I’ve learned what I actually have to do is try less. Because if I’m trying that’s not faith. Okay? Faith is resting. So try less. Don’t squint harder or try to push power out your arm. You don’t have to say more words. Just keep it simple because Jesus is very simple. All right. Test it out again. Anybody healed this time? Yeah? What happened? (listening) Wow. How long on that? How long has that been going on? Years? Wow. Feet were numb. Shoulder pain. Back pain. Wow. Thank You, Lord. Whooo!




ART:  Anybody else on this side here? Yeah, yeah. What happened? Couldn’t move your arm and now you’re moving it. That’s awesome. You know I just want to… Jesus, thank you for this gentleman.




ART:  Right now I speak complete healing into this body. Life of Jesus flow in right now. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Now you look like you’re wanting to stand up. Is that what you want to do? You want to try this out?  I’ll hold your hand here. We’ll put this up. All right. Thank You Lord. All right. Now. Now what are you feeling right now? Life in you, you said? Yeah, thank You Lord. In Jesus name, spirit of infirmity go and never return. Thank You Lord. You’re so good. You’re so good. Now are you feeling better right now than you normally do if you’re standing up? Yes? Okay. What feels better? What kind of improvement are you having? More energy? That’s great! Do you feel like something’s continually happening right now? Awesome. That’s great. Now look at me guys. I’m not going to jump around and say I pulled a man out of a wheelchair. Okay? He can do this on his own. All right? But we’re walking through this. I want to see 100%. Right? I want to see 100% and I want it to be genuine. I’m not going to pretend something happened that didn’t. But he says he’s feeling lighter. He’s feeling energy. He’s feeling better than he has before. Those are good signs. That’s a move in the right direction. John chapter 9 Jesus laid his hands on a blind man. He said what do you see? The man said I see people like trees walking around. It wasn’t complete. Then    He put his hands back on the man’s eyes and then his vision was fully restored. So what’s that tell you? If Jesus has to do it twice sometimes we do. If Jesus can have two turns we can have 20! All right? So we’re going to keep believing. Keep seeking. All right. Now is there something you couldn’t do before that you can try to do? Okay. Now you said your right arm is moving? All right. How much movement do you have right now? A little? Okay. Can you try to move it right just now so I can… Okay. And that’s more than you’ve had before? Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Now here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to keep ministering here. I know everybody wants to watch this but since we’re here why don’t we minister again to those who still need it. So put your hand up again if you still need healing. Do it again. Be healed in Jesus’ name. Those who don’t have someone in front of you I just want you to agree over here. I’d love to have some help. It’s shake and bake. And I know… yeah. Jesus, thank You. Thank You so much. You’re so good. I speak life into this body. Yeah. Any damage that’s happened in the brain we command it to be restored right now. Life to you in Jesus’ name. Every cell, every nerve function properly. Receive messages from the brain. Miraculous restoration in Jesus’ name. Awesome. Arm wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. (laughs) Yeah. Wake up. C’mon. Thank You Lord. Looks like you’re moving it even more. Try that again. Try. Wow. Wow. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Lord thank you for recreation. Thank you for restoration. While I’m still laying hands on this gentleman is there anyone else who’s healed yet? Test it out. Yeah. What happened? Your knee was swollen and the swelling’s gone? C’mon! (laughing) I love that!




ART:  I love that! Yeah? C’mon. Thank You Jesus. They’re doing everything right. I don’t even need to come over. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Thank You Lord. Is there anyone else I’m missing here? I can’t see around the corner. Yeah, how about you. I see you way back there with your hand up. Right in the middle. Yeah.


WOMAN #1:  …it’s going down.


ART:  C’mon!


WOMAN #1:  It’s going down. It’s still going down.


ART:  Wow! Wow! That’s awesome. That’s awesome.




ART:  You? Yeah. (listening) Are you feeling that pain anymore? Are you still feeling it?


WOMAN #2:  Well, some. But I do feel like I can you know move my limbs more better.

ART;  That’s awesome!


WOMAN #2:  You know I’m having a problem in the stomach a lot of times.


ART:  Yeah, Jesus paid for 100% so right now I speak 100% healing to that body. No more pain in Jesus’ name. All right. Test it out again. Any change? Specifically right now I’m just feeling my right ear. Is that bad pizza or is there someone here with a right ear problem? Yeah. So c’mon over. What’s it do? Is it…


WOMAN #3:  It’s like when I plug this up I’m not able to understand what you’re saying. You’re like muffled. I’ve been…


ART:  Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. All right. Open up in Jesus’ name right now. All right. I’m talking the same volume. Any change? Oh yeah. You’ve going to plug that up. Test it again. And be honest, not polite. Yeah. Any change yet?


WOMAN #3:  A little.


ART:  A little? A little’s great. Yeah. Thank You Jesus for a little. All the way is better. (laughs) Yeah. 100% in Jesus name. Check that out. Any change? Still talking the same volume?


WOMAN #3:  Uh, uh. No. It’s getting better.


ART:  It’s getting better? Wow. That’s awesome. Thank You Lord. 100% healing in Jesus’ name. Open up right now. Open up right now. Check that out. Still the same volume? Any difference?

WOMAN #3:  Still the same.


ART:  Still the same? Okay. That’s fine. Open up in Jesus’ name. 100%. Thank You Lord. You folks realize how awesome this is? (laughs) How many of you this is the most miracles you’ve ever witnessed?


WOMAN #3:  It just went up!


ART:  That’s awesome. It just went… This is awesome!




ART:  All right. Try that out again. Any, any difference? Still going…


WOMAN #3:  Yeah. You just went up when you…


ART:  Wow! Wow! That’s great! Good. (turns to man) Are you feeling any more change right now? Okay. All right. Do you want to sit back down? You want to stay… Okay. That’s all right if you sit down. That’s not a lack of faith. That’s just being considerate of ya. Right? You need help sitting down? Okay. Good, good, good, good. Okay.


WOMAN #3:  Okay. My ear is completely…


ART:  It’s completely open?


WOMAN #2:  Completely.


ART:  (laughs) Wow!


WOMAN #3:  Completely! Completely! Completely!




ART:  Now I want to to point out, in case you didn’t notice that, I want to point out I didn’t even pray for her the last time. Okay. Like the Bible says you’ll lay hands on the sick and they will recover. It doesn’t even say you have to say anything. It’s just you can speak a word of authority. So feel free to just lay hands on someone and just chill and let them know it was Jesus when they’re healed. Right? You know we say “in Jesus’ name” cause we want them to know who did it. Right? And it was Him. All right. I want you all to get some sleep tonight if you possibly can after seeing all those miracles. So I just want to pray for you one more time. I’ll let them tell you what to do and how to dismiss and then we’ll let God continue to minister in your lives and maybe we’ll have more miracles in the morning. So just keep seeking Jesus. Lay hands on yourself. Believe for healing. Jesus, thank You for all these miracles we saw. Thank You for what we witnessed in this place. You’re so good. You’re so amazing. And we worship You for it. Lord we want to be the people who respond rightly to miracles. That it causes us to rise up in praise for You. That we worship You for it. Lord, You are so good and so amazing. Thank You, Lord. I pray Lord that we would see more miracles in the next couple of weeks than we saw in this place. That we would see even more miracles in the next few days than we saw in this place. Lord we thank You. We worship You. We praise You. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.

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Our Guest Keith Ellis

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KEITH:  The other day I prayed for a woman with a 4 centimeter tumor. It was in her stomach. 4 cen… My driver’s here. He was there. 4 centimeter tumor in her stomach. And I looked at her and I said “Healed!!” And she just left and went back to her doctor. I didn’t know she was scheduled for surgery. She’s goes. She’s out shopping. She gets a call on her cell phone and her doctor says you need to come by. We need to get some tests ready for surgery. She goes and guess what? There’s no 4 centimeter tumor!


AUDIENCE:  Hallelujah!! Whooo! (CLAPPING)


KEITH:  There’s no… the blood has cleared up. The blood is perfect. She’s standing in the church crying. The blood is perfect. The 4 centimeter tumor is gone! What did God do? He gave her a minute! Just one minute with God. Sixty supernatural seconds. But here’s what the Lord said. You remember those sixty seconds? I said yeah. He said, He said you know you keep telling everybody about that Esther, if you read in the book of Esther, as the Jews were about to go into destruction, you keep telling everybody that there’s a word that all of a sudden things turn for the Jews favor. And the Jews came out on top. Right? You understand that? He said you’re always telling everybody. He said I want you to tell people this. He said I want you to tell them that this year, this year, right? This year just like that word “turn,” in the… you can even look it up in the Strong’s. It’s the number is 2015. What does that tell us? WOW! That things are going to turn for us for the good. Just like it did for the Jews in the book Esther in 2015. But God said the way that I showed you that hand going around sixty seconds? He said how old are you going to be this May? And I said Lord, I’ll be 60 years old. 60 seconds and 60, my book’s coming out, you know, so God waits till I was 60 to let me write the book that happened 35 years ago.




KEITH:  You know it took me a while didn’t it? You can tell I’m not a writer. But anyways it was you know 60 seconds and I’m turning 60 years old. Now watch this now. Here’s what He said to me last night in a dream. He said 60 and 60 is how much, my son? I said 120. He said how many was in the Upper Room?




KEITH:  120. He said if I was you I’d get prepared.


AUDIENCE:  Whooo! Hallelujah!


KEITH:  He said you know what happened on the day of Pentecost. By the way the mother of Jesus was in that Upper Room. C’mon you all. When the Holy Spirit came and the glory and the presence of God. You know David knew how powerful that was. You know when Saul was king that Ark was down there and he just left it. You know King Saul? Who when David come back what was one of the first things he wanted to do? He wanted to bring the Ark home. The glory and the presence of God. God is sending His glory, His presence home. Where? Israel! And to the Jewish people. The Jews first and then the rest of them. And you know what? I have Jewish blood in me too so I know what God’s doing. God is speaking. You’re about to see the greatest move of God among the Jewish people you’ve ever saw. You’re about to see creative miracles. That’s going to cause the Gentiles to come into revival. Worldwide revival. Is that right? I’m glad we’re connected to Sid Roth. I’m glad I’m connected to Jesus, he and I both.    I’m glad God is about to bless your life. I’m glad you’re about to get “sixty supernatural seconds.” Some of you have been hurting in your left arm. You’ve been hurting in your left arm. I felt it several times. Some of you it may be arthritis. It may be poor circulation. I keep feeling this in my left arm. God’s, I believe God’s healing that right now by faith. If you believe that, if that’s you, you’ve been having problems in your left arm raise your hand right now. Somebody… yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Your left arm. Yeah, yeah. There it is right there. It’s in your left arm. Not only that, somebody’s been having trouble in their sciatic nerve. Their sciatic nerve. I kept feeling my sciatic nerve in my leg, going down the side of my leg while I was sitting there. Who in the world in here has got that problem with your sciatic nerve? Yeah, hands are being raised all over in sciatic nerve. Not only that, there are people that are in here that literally you’ve been having trouble with your ears? Your ears. Raise your hands, all those that’s having trouble in their ears. Yeah, yeah. I command that spirit of deafness to go in the mighty name of Jesus. You get out spirit of deafness. GO in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Some of you are going to begin to have prophetic dreams. How many want them? You can’t release something unless you have something! I have prophetic dreams all the time, that’s every night. I mean I’m a dreamer. People ask my wife says what does your husband do the most? She says dreams.



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Our Guest James Maloney

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SID: You know, Dr. James Maloney, you have such an outstanding ministry with signs and wonders, and being translated to other parts of the world, and there are so many things we’ve talked about previously. But 50 years of divine health and then you get hit. What happened?


JAMES: At 58 years of age, I had been in the ministry over 40 years or so, and I just got exhausted and allowed some frustration in my life over hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of services. And I opened up the door to vocalizing the frustration and it had turned into anxiety.


SID: Would you say you got very critical?


JAMES: Yes. I began to murmur and complain. First Corinthians 10:10 says that, “The Children of Israel, as they murmured and complained in the wilderness,” we all know this, “that they opened the door and they were destroyed of the destroyer.” And my particular situation, I want to make it very clear to our viewing audience, that none of this God authored. None of it is in his perfect will. I’m the one that opened up the door to verbal frustration and complaining. Now you know, I don’t want anyone out there to think we’ve all complained at one time or another that if you have just a little open door of complaining and murmuring that’s really going to open up a major door of the enemy against you. No. Just in my situation, God expected more of me because of what I’ve seen and experienced.


SID: You found the open door. What did you do about it when you found it?


JAMES: Repented. And I mean fell on the rock and just came into, cut into even a greater referential fear of my Heavenly Father in just a childlike simplicity of no matter how difficult, painful, whatever I was going through, that I could just cast all my cares upon the trustworthiness of God the Father. You know, I don’t understand all of this, what doors were open. When the door or the revelation came, I quickly repented, but as many of us could relate to this, I wanted God the Father to do an instantaneous miracle.


SID: You’ve come a long way because I talked to you when you couldn’t go out, your condition was so bad. But you have a long way to go. You are a hundred percent convinced it’s going to manifest and I would not have you on the show if I wasn’t a hundred convinced it’s going to manifest. But why aren’t you just waiting? Why are you coming on in this condition you’re in?


JAMES: Well I refuse to give up. I refuse to die.


SID: Even though it hasn’t manifested completely on the outside, you are now moving in such extraordinary miracles, such extraordinary presence of God coming from you, it would be a crime for you not to be on television right now.


JAMES: Thank you. I’m going to do something here. I’m going to smile over that statement because it’s so gracious of you, Sid, but I have to have a little help, so I’m going to lift up this left lip.


SID: A merry heart is good medicine.


JAMES: Hey, I want to first state before everyone, I do not have cancer. I’m completely healed of it.


SID: Praise God. And I’m going to tell you something else. The Anointing does not depend on the way the temporary earth suit looks. Did you know that? And James is now walking in such extraordinary creative miracles. When we come back I’m going to have James share just a few of them. And I have to tell you, in all the years I’ve been investigating miracles, I’ve never heard of so many outrageous miracles. I mean, you went through hell, but you entered into Heaven on Earth. Be right back.

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