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SID:  Hello. Sid Roth here with Something More! And why something more? Because its twice the length of Its Supernatural! television. And this is our new digital show. I want some feedback from ya. I want you to tell me what you think of it. And were gonna get to the point where its gonna be so interactive youll be able to send us questions while the show is on the air. Thats what my hearts desire. I have a guest. I dont believe Ive personally met you, Robby. His name is Robby Dawkins but he has something to offer. The best word I know in Hebrew to describe Robby Dawkins is this guy has got chutzpah! Now the big question, Robby, is do you know what chutzpah is that you have? (laughing)


ROBBY: (laughing) I have heard the word but I am not quite sure what it means.


SID:  It means NERVE! It means BOLDNESS!


ROBBY:          (LAUGHING)


SID:  Am I describing you? Am I nailing you right now?


ROBBY:  I think my wife would completely agree with that, with that word. (laughing).


SID:  Now according to my notes you were born in a missionary family. You were saved as a child. But there was a major thing that happened in your life. Your parents brought a heroin addict home to live in your home. Now I dont know


ROBBY:  Yes.


SID:  that I would bring back a heroin addict to live in my home. How did you have such chutzpah?


ROBBY:  (laughing) Well at the time I was nine years old so I really didnt have much choice in the matter. But it was, it was my dad. You know I mean he was a


SID:  No, no, no. I mean how did he have so much chutzpah? Thats the better question.


ROBBY:  How did he have chutzpah I think its a holy chutzpah (laughing) that comes though.  


SID:  Yeah!


ROBBY:  Uh, yeah. He, you know he just was seeing so many young people that were just roaming the streets, that had run away, that were getting into drugs and it just broke his heart, you know, and he wanted to do something about it. And you know this is, this is back in the 70s. You know it would have been in the early-mid 70s and just, he didnt, didnt know of very many programs. You know Teen Challenge wasnt in our area  


SID: Uh huh.


ROBBY:  or things like that so there wasnt a lot of ministries in the area that could draw to. And so he just said we need to help em. And so he went out one night, found this young man, brought him home. And my wife, excuse me, my mother was like well where are we gonna put him? And he says well you know we got a bed besides Robbys bed. Lets just put him in there.


SID:  Oh, no!


ROBBY:  And so, yeah, this is not, this is not something I recommend. But, but the Lord really did something spectacular with it. This story really demonstrates the redemptive power of God, I feel, because  


SID:  I could have, I could have NEVER have put a heroin addict next to my daughter!


ROBBY:  Exactly. Exactly.


SID:   How old were you?


ROBBY:  I was nine years old. Nine years old.


SID:  Let me tell you, you have some gutsy parents. Okay, go ahead. (laughs)


ROBBY:  But they were, they were you know this young man was just in you know terrible you know DTs and withdrawals and terribly and of course with heroin theres sickness involved and he was just you know throwing up you know constantly and just shaking terribly and screaming out profanity just in pain and so I mean I saw some pretty bizarre behavior and after many days I had woken up in the early morning hours and he was just standing beside my bed and I kinda of you know jumped back in bed because you know the behavior that Id seen from him was so bizarre. And he had his arm on the window sill. We had kind of a high window sill and he was looking out on the backyard. And I looked at him. His back was turned to me and I looked at him and I said you know I called out his name and I said you know I said are you okay? I said do I need to get my dad? And he turned and when he turned around to look at me just the whole front of his tee-shirt was just you know up at the top was just wet and it was tears. Tears were streaming down his face. And he turned and he looked at me and he said Robby, he said Jesus came in the room this morning. He said I woke up early this morning and I was feeling so sick and I just said you know God whod want somebody like me and why would these people help me? He had been prostituting himself on the street for drugs. He had a dad who had beaten him nearly every day you know and why he ran away from home and he was just trying you know get enough money to eat and do drugs. And he said you know God who would want somebody like me? And Jesus just appeared at the end of the bed and opened His arms and He called out his name and He said Ill take you. And he got up and he walked over and just Jesus embraced him and he said, he said, he said He just took it all away. Its all gone. He said he sat, He hugged me and He kind of rocked me and he said it just all went away and He just began to speak all the things in my ear that I never heard my dad say. Things of hope. Things of love. Things of affirmation. And he said, and he said its all gone! He said the addictions gone. The shame of the things that I did is all gone. The hatred for my dad, all of it just left right in that moment and he dropped his head and he


SID:  Yeah, but wait. Heroin addiction was an instant withdrawal?


ROBBY:  Instant.


SID:  And did he have DTs?


ROBBY:  Absolutely instant change.  


SID:  You know did he, did he have any suffering at all after it was gone?


ROBBY:  After that no. No. It was instantly gone.


SID:  Isnt that physiologically impossible?


ROBBY:  Absolutely. But not spiritually. You know God can break through. Hes made these bodies and He broke through you know just the natural barriers and transformed his physical being.


SID:  What effect did this have on a nine year old kid thats hearing profanity? Thats Ill tell you something.  


ROBBY:  Yeah.


SID:  Yes, Jesus appearing was instrumental. But what your mom and dad did I think that broke him more than Jesus appearing from what Im hearing you say.       


ROBBY:  Yeah, yeah. I mean he could not I would hear him tell the story over and over again afterwards and he couldnt, he just couldnt believe that people would be that loving, that caring. You know He had not experienced that at home. You know he had experienced a lot of rejection and a lot of hurt and so he was just shocked you know that there was just that much love. And after he told it to me I ran to my parents bedroom because I was just, I was just overwhelmed with emotion and I just literally burst in. You gotta remember this was early in the morning, it was still kind of you know it was daybreak so it wasnt fully light yet and I burst into my parents bedroom and it woke my dad up and he turned the light on and he said what did he do? You know cause he thought maybe something inappropriate had happened or that hed scared me and because as soon as I burst in the room and I just burst into tears. And I through tears I told my parents you know trying to get the words out and choking through them I said I told them what he had just related to me. And I looked at my parents and I said Thats what I wanna see the rest of my life! I wanna see. Because you know, Sid, his face completely looked different. His, his there was a sense in the room, I mean I was, I was a child and Im nine years old but I could feel, I could feel something in that room. I could feel what I would now know as Gods presence, the reality of Gods tangible presence. Theres two people right now listening that are feeling that right now. Theyre feeling that tingling


SID:  No, theres three, Im feeling it too!


ROBBY:  …and that reality of Gods presence.  


SID:  Theres three. Im feeling it too! (laughing)


ROBBY:  Its right there I can sense it. Im feeling it and I know and theres two people


SID:  Four, do I hear five? (laughing)


ROOBY:  And one of them. And yeah. You know one of them is somebody whos battling theyre struggling with drugs right now and right now Jesus is doing what he did to my friend Hes doing to you right now. Hes breaking the power of that addiction off you right now and its going now by the authority of Christ. We thank You for that Jesus! Yeah!  


SID:  Well, and let me take you, jump you a little bit. Youre now a youth pastor. Youre discouraged. Youre young. You get a phone call and theres someone on the other line talkin about her dad. Well what happened?   


ROBBY:  Yeah. You know that was so incredible because I had prayed for so many people for healing and nobody got better. They got worse. And I was just


SID:  I did the same thing so I can relate. Go ahead.


ROBBY:   I mean it  


SID:  I had some


ROBBY:  …it was like running joke.


SID:  But what, what, what, what, what. Did you ever have anyone ever die on you? I did!


ROBBY:  Multiple people!


SID:  Oh! (laughing)


ROBBY:  As a matter of fact it was a running joke. At the church where I worked at, the church where I was a youth pastor it was a running joke. Dont have Dawkins pray for ya. He can turn paper cuts into cancer. (laughing) And so people and I would pray for people and they got worse. You know and I mean it was just, and I was just like Im gonna save peoples lives and not pray for healing!    




ROBBY:  But something happened you know its so true because something did happen there and as I was I got a phone call and I was in a particularly NOT good mood. I just had some tension things that had happened earlier and I just was, I was upset. I was not in a good mood. So there was noThere wasnt any you know its not like I earned this or deserve it. It wasnt like I was coming off a 21-day fast, you know? It was just I wasnt in the best even attitude. And the phone rang and this woman just she had opened the phone book and just stuck her finger on a church name and called.  


SID:  Huh!


ROBBY:  And she goes you know I and my family were not church people she said and you know but, but you know something is happening right now that we need help on. And she goes my dad is going in for his third heart by-pass surgery. And she said the doctors dont have much hope for him. My mom and I had to talk him into doing this surgery. He didnt want to do it. And she goes I need help. And Im sitting there thinking this poor woman. She doesnt realize she drew the short straw when she got, she got me answering the phone for her.


SID:  Thats right with your track record! (laughing) But go ahead.


ROBBY:  Thats exactly right! I thought this poor lady. And so as I started to pray I mean there was not one prayer of, of absolutely no prayer for healing whatsoever. I was just praying Lord, comfort them. I literally said Lord I pray that he has all his affairs in order. That he has you know the proper insurance in place. I pray that cause everything Im hearing from her hes dying. And she wasnt even asking for prayer for healing. She didnt even know to do that. And then right in the middle of it I just heard the Lord say clearly to me He said Get out on a limb. And I was like get out on a limb? I dont like climbing trees. I dont like heights. Im kind of nervous with heights. And I was like what does that even mean? And then He said take a risk.  And a lot of people say you know faith is risk and I do too now. But nobody, Id never heard that before. I never heard a teacher say that. I never heard anybody. And Im like theres no risk here to take. Theyre not even Christians. Its not like God was gonna heal them.


SID:  You know most people approach faith without that aspect. Without risk. In other words to say well if God tells me to do something Ill do it. Theres no faith there!  


ROBBY:  Exactly, thats exactly. I say, I say that very thing. Im glad to hear that you say it too because I say that very thing. And so I was like theres no risk here. Theyre not even Christians. In my perspective at that time Im like  God barely even likes to heal His own kids, His own followers. Why is He gonna, why is He gonna heal one of them! And then the Lord spoke to me and said, and this is from the old King James you know from the Book of Psalms, it says Open your mouth and Ill fill it. And I had heard that over and over again. You know my parents had used it as a but it was always as a passage of provision so I always applied it to food. You know open your mouth and Ill fill it. And I


SID:  I had plenty, I had plenty of food. I always applied it to what I said. I mean take a look at me. No, Im just teasing. (laughing)


ROBBY:  (laughing) I got you beat on that one, Sid. (laughing) Im the bigger, Im the bigger guy here.




ROBBY:   I assure you! But I was like you know I had just eaten lunch. I didnt need any more food. Its exactly you know Im, Im, I dont need that. And so I was like man, you know what do I you know what does it even mean and then it occurred to me what the Lord was saying. I wanna give you something. I wanna give you. Open your mouth and go to say something you normally wouldnt say. And so there was no you know again like what you were saying I was expecting well heres what you, heres what you say. Just say this. It wasnt there. And so I just said You know I just really sense God is about to. And I wasnt sure what I was going to say next and I just, it just  it was almost like it flew out of my mouth. And it was like I had to go there with expectancy. And then it just came out and I just said completely heal your father. I said as a matter of fact your father is gonna have a brand new heart. Gods giving your father a brand new heart. And she did not say anything about it.    


SID:   Stop, stop, stop, stop for a second.  


ROBBY:   Sure.


SID:  When you said that, after you said it what was going on inside of Robby?


ROBBY:  Well, it was, it kind of everything was kind of coming out so fast that I, I, it was almost like as Im hearing it is Im hearing it for the first time as Im saying it you know so I mean its not like Im hearing it in my spirit before. I felt an encouragement to step out and to say something. I didnt know. I didnt really understand about authority. I didnt understand about that.


SID:  But, but you know what it sounds, it sounds to me like you had what is called a mind by-pass. It wasnt in your mind. It came right out of your spirit! (laughs)


ROBBY:  I would liken it to that. Yes, exactly. It was just like, it was just like me saying the words God is about to…” was, was just the vehicle to release something that the Lord wanted to say. Its almost like, Sid, that, that it wasnt gonna happen until I said it that way. And then when I did it just came out like that and I added to it which really wasnt an addition cause I didnt have any foreknowledge about it. But I said But Hes also going to give him brand new lungs to go with it and shes not said anything about lungs. And soon as I said it I said now wait a minute. I just totally interrupted my prayer. And I said now wait a minute. I said you need to understand something. I said Im no healer. I said matter of fact you know Ive never prayed for anybody and seen anybody healed.  




ROBBY:  And I said a matter of fact I said you know its probably a bad thing that I just prayed for your dad.  




ROBBY:  I said because most of the people I pray for ended up dying or getting worse or getting more sick or things get worse for em. I said you know I wouldnt listen to anything that I just said I said because I dont know what Im talking about!


SID:  Robby, do not say that when I take a gulp of water. There could be a disaster on this set! But Im going go ahead.


ROBBY:  (laughing) And so I had no, I had no idea, you know I had no idea what had just happened. It just kind of was there and came. And so then she I said so you know I said I mean Ive heard of people getting healed and I know of people you know and I said sort of theologically I believe it but I just never see it. I dont know anything about this. And she stopped and she goes you said God is gonna give my dad a brand new heart? And I just kind of chuckled and I said yes but you need to understand something. And she goes thank you! and she hung up the phone. And man when I heard that click (snaps finger) of that phone it was like my heart dropped to my toes. And I thought I bet this is some TV expose show




ROBBY:  …exposing pastors who make you know declarations of healing but actually kill people with their prayers and I just fell right into the trap. And I mean my heart started racing and I was like man, and I literally was like Ive gotta get my resume together because Im gonna get fired. Were gonna get sued. Im gonna lose my position. I mean everything. My mind started racing in panic. Now I know that to be the, the enemy. That, that feeling and that caution and all that. And you know, Sid, theres some people that wont pray because they feel that and they think its their feelings or theyll even think thats God stopping them from doing something foolish. And yet


SID:  Well we really do have an enemy. But bottom line because were running out of time.  


ROBBY:  Sure.


SID:  Tell me what happened with her dad.       


ROBBY:  She comes back the next week, she calls me. Well she calls me later that day and she called and through her tears, I mean I could barely understand her, as a matter of fact the first time I hung up on her and she called back because I couldnt understand her. And then, and then she said my dad has a brand new heart. She goes they opened him up. He did not have any He had a valve from a pig to replace a damaged valve and it was completely gone. It had disappeared. Everything was human. There was not even scar tissue from previous surgeries.


SID:  Now wait. Ive heard of metal being replaced with bone but this really trumps that! A pig a pigs  


ROBBY:  This was a valve. Yeah.


SID:  A pigs valve being replaced with a real valve? (laughing)  


ROBBY:  With a human  


SID:  A human valve!


ROBBY:  And the doctor looked and said your dad still told the wife your husband has the heart of a thirty-year-old man. And she said you didnt know this but he had had a half a lung removed. She goes I didnt even bring up his lungs because the lungs werent the issue. But she said when they, you know cause they have to separate the ribs you know and do all that but she said when they did they checked and they saw a whole rib and they sent him, as a matter of fact they sent him for an x-ray to verify that he had a whole lung in place of the half lung.


SID:  Robby, this is a creative miracle!


ROBBY:  Yeah, yeah, it was.


SID:    You have just become normal! Normal as defined by the Bible!


ROBBY:          Thats right!


SID:  I want everyone that is with us right now to become normal! And so were making available Robbies book Do What Jesus Did. Its actually a full package. It includes 4 CDs. And the thing that I wanna get into actually on when we come back has to do with the chutzpah that you operate under but youre not the only one in your family that operates under holy chutzpah.


ROBBY:  Thats right.


SID:  Your wife did something that astounds me more than the story you just told me but well talk about that when we come back. But this whole series Do What Jesus Did package you have these amazing true stories but you have the teaching worked right in along with it. And many people say that youll become spiritual giants. Youll actually emerge as a spiritual giant from this material! What kind of feedback are you getting from ordinary Christians that start harnessing this power?


ROBBY:  Well its incredible reports of people coming back that are, that are going out and praying the same way and seeing the same results. And you know I mean theyre tapping into the reality of Christ in them. You know theyre, theyre people who have been praying for change in their community and transformation in their family. I mean the answer is Christ in you and if we have relationship with Jesus Christ then, then its there. And the ingredients to do all the things Jesus did lives in us if we have relationship and weve been filled with the Holy Spirit.


SID:  And you teach the prophetic, you teach how to heal


ROBBY:  Absolutely.


SID:  But you teach something that so few believers understand and ministering the presence of God! I wanna talk about that also when we come Ive got too much to talk to Robby about. For an investment of 39 dollars Id love to send you the Do What Jesus Did package, the 4 CDs and the Book. And Ill be back with Something More!

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September 20th, 2017 at 8:03 am

Our Guest Steven Brooks

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SID: Now I said to Steven, whatever he tells you to do, do it. Sound familiar? Okay. Steven.


SID: You just got back from meetings in England. What happened there?

STEVEN: We had some very powerful meetings in England where the Spirit of God was moving. And in the last service mantles began to fall on the people in a very, very tangible way, coming over their shoulders, people having powerful sensations of a burning in their hands, healing gifts being released to God’s people. You know, it’s like a new wardrobe. If we wore the same clothes for 30 years it might get a little bit boring. So God releases new mantles, new garments, new assignments, new callings and new giftings, and they fall on God’s people with tangible presence of God’s goodness.

SID: Many physical healings take place?

STEVEN: Yes. Healings take place and also people can get healed while at the same time receiving a healing anointing.

SID: No, I’m talking about in the meeting in England.

STEVEN: Yes. Yes, it was happening. People were being healed in their bodies and then standing up and receiving a new anointing to go out and pray for the sick from the very thing they just got healed from.

SID: You know, I’m hearing things, people with problems in the neck, if you move your head you’ll see that the pain is gone. Anything actually from the neck up, sinus, thyroid and any, it’s yours. Just take it.


SID: Steven, we hear the term from the Bible, “Prayer and supplication.” What does the word, I know what prayer means. What does the word “supplication” mean?

STEVEN: Sid, before we talk about that supplication there are people that are watching right now, you’re smelling a fragrance like a burning incense and the Lord is healing sinuses, the Lord is healing incurable infections and you’re like, what is this fragrance that smells like myrrh or frankincense burning? And so that is the cleaning power of God. There are people watching with HIV and as you’re smelling this, God is cleansing you of that disease and you can go back and check, you’re going to find out that Jesus has healed you of HIV. So receive the healing anointing of Jesus now.

SID: Okay. Supplication.

STEVEN: It’s just where you go before the Lord in prayer and you’re asking, but you’re asking in the sense like, “Lord, I can’t take no for an answer. Lord, you promised me in your Word that you would do this for me.” And you come before the Lord and you pour your heart out before God, and God looks down and says, “I’m going to do this for you. You have given me your heart. You have devoted your life to me. I’m going to answer your prayer by fire.”

SID: Briefly, I’ve got to ask you about this angelic wealth transfer you teach on.

STEVEN: It is in the Word of God revealed in the New Testament as an End Time revelation for the Body of Christ. You see in Haggai, Chapter 2, Verse 8, where the Lord says, “The silver and gold is mine, saith the Lord of Hosts.” And that basically means, Lord of Hosts, the captain of the angelic armies, and Jesus Messiah is captain over all the armies of Heaven. But often times we don’t see in the New Testament what we see in the Old Testament of the Jehovah names of God, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom. You move to the New Covenant, you don’t see that. But in the Book of James, Chapter 5, it says that “The wicked rich have heaped up treasure in the last days and it’s come to the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.” Who is the Lord of Sabaoth? That is a transliteration where we have lost the original Hebrew, meaning it is the Lord of Hosts. It is Jehovah Sabaoth and it is the captain of the angelic armies. He is going to come and send his angels, and shake wealth into the Body of Christ where the Body of Christ is moved from being the tail to becoming the head.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. I believe that the Glory of God is so strong on this set.


SID: You said I was distracting you because you can’t see maybe on TV, but if you were close you would see gold on my face.

STEVEN: Yes. I almost feel like I’m vibrating and shaking under the power of God that’s in this studio right now.

SID: I need you to pray right now mantles, miracles.

STEVEN: Lift up your hands wherever you’re at. Father, in the name of Jesus, this is an End Time church that you have. The End Time church must be a prophetic church. There was one John the Baptist, but now there’s a corporate body saying, “Prepare the way for the Lord’s return.” Father, let that End Time prophetic anointing, lift your hands, let it come on your people now. In the name of Jesus receive healing anointings falling on you now. Somebody’s lungs were completely healed. You can now breathe. You are delivered from asthma. Anointings for prosperity, financial anointings, gold anointings are coming down now. Evangelistic mantles are calling and falling upon you. John the Baptist and Paul type ministries, receive it and go out in the power of the Holy Spirit. Mighty, mighty, evangelistic mantles are falling upon young people all over the world. Take it and run with the fire of God.

SID: And in Yeshua’s name, in Jesus’ name, yes there is an Orthodox Jewish person watching me right now. I say to you that the promises of God for everyone are yes and so be it in Yeshua’s name.

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September 13th, 2017 at 9:59 am

Our Guest Hakeen Collins

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LARRY: Welcome back to Something More. I’m your host, Larry Sparks, and today we are talking about a very important [music] ends – very necessary – topic in the Church today because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of doom and gloom out there. You laughing – you don’t need a prophet to look at the news and say wow, there – there is all sorts of stuff going on. Deep darkness is truly upon the face the Earth; but simultaneously, in Isaiah 60, it talks about a glory that would arise, on the people of God. I believe one of the ways this glory is released is when our words come into agreement with God’s words, and we speak what He is saying. And so it’s such an honor, Hakeem, to have a true a modern prophet of the Lord on here, –




LARRY: a prophetic important for our words to be agreeing with what God is saying – whether it’s about a person, –




LARRY: about a situation – because again, it doesn’t take a prophet to see the negative.



HAKEEM: That’s right.


LARRY: It doesn’t take a prophet to see the dirt – call that out. It takes a prophetic eye, it takes a prophetic ear, to hear what God is saying about a person and a situation. So what I want to talk about right now is so many people are thinking to themselves, Well, okay you’re saying that this prophetic ministry is available to me. I imagine I have to hear God first before I speak, and we’ll talk about that a little bit later. But I want to ask you how, you know, God’s – I heard Kris Vallotton once say this: God’s first language is not English, and it’s not Hebrew, –




LARRY: because He’s God! He speaks –




LARRY: different ways. So can you talk about – just teach – teach a little bit about how God speaks; the different languages of God.


HAKEEM: Yeah. It’s – that’s a very good question, Larry. , me as a seer prophet – I will say a seer prophet – God speaks to me and you in unusual ways.




HAKEEM: He usually will speak through my spiritual senses. Even as we have 5 senses, I believe, prophetically, we have prophetic senses.


LARRY: Sure.


HAKEEM: And so as God will begin to open up my spiritual vision, He will give me visions of things; He will also give me dreams; He will also give me impressions.




HAKEEM: And I believe those are prophetic indicators that allow us to understand that God does not speak in one way. Sometimes we just think that you know, Gabriel would just come, and he –


LARRY: laughs


HAKEEM: would just speak and – and it will get a message. But I believe that God will use our prophetic senses – open our prophetic system – excuse me – our prophetic senses, –


LARRY: Sure.


HAKEEM: to begin to activate us in the prophetic realm. So in other words, dreams are one language that God will speak through. I mean He warned Joseph in a dream, –


HAKEEM: and gave him a word; even what to do with Mary and Jesus. Also, we see that God used the prophets – even the Old Testament.




HAKEEM: Even now, God is causing dreams to open up. Also vision –




HAKEEM: is another way that God speaks. You know the prophets were known, and they were caught up, and God showed them visions of Heaven.


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: So these are prophetic languages. People just think that God just wants – just going to speak, but God –


LARRY: Audibly, or something like that, yeah.


HAKEEM: audibly – but no; God speaks in so many different ways. I remember, Larry, I was in a service, and then God was speaking to me, and I saw words over the congregation. I saw like letters; I saw like words of someone having cancer. That was God opening my vision, allowing me to see in the spiritual realm, but also gave me a word of knowledge.


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: Then He will also open my spiritual senses in regards to my – my sense of smell.




HAKEEM: I was ministering to a young man in college, and it’s almost where God was opening up my spiritual senses with taste, where I taste like a lemon in my mouth. And it’s almost like well wow, how did that happen? God, what is You showing me? But He was just even unlocking my taste buds, allowing to get my attention, because no one put no lemon in my mouth!


LARRY: laughing Yeah!


HAKEEM: But there was something sour, this taste that I felt; and I sensed, while I was talking to him, God was opening my prophetic senses.


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: And as I was ministering to him, I said, There is sour; there is bitterness in your heart towards your father.


LARRY: Wow; wow. Well I want to stop there for a minute, because what I – what I love, Hakeem, is you have – whether it’s a taste, whether you’re seeing something, –




LARRY: whether it’s like words over somebody’s head – what I love is that when these impressions come, whatever it looks like, the first thing that you’re doing, even as you’re talking to somebody –




LARRY: and one of these impressions come, you have a dialog with God.


HAKEEM: Absolutely.


LARRY: You – you talk to God about it. I’m wondering how many people out there, that God is speaking to them in these different ways.




LARRY: I mean do you think that there are people out there who God is trying to communicate with, and maybe they just don’t recognize it’s God?


HAKEEM: Yes. I believe that God is always speaking, –




HAKEEM: but He’s always speaking in different ways, and I believe we have to be sensitive. When we say, Lord, use me claps, Here I am. Send me! like Isaiah, –


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: If You use me, God will not just use your ears; but He wants to use your whole body. We are the body of Christ, so He wants to use our senses; He wants to use our body. And so I believe, in this hour, –


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: God is going to begin to activate those who have been questioning whether this gift is for you, or is it just for the prophets; no. I believe that the prophetic gift is for you. I believe that God is going to –


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: open up your prophetic senses. Even those who are watching right now, God is going to open it. And I just begin to prophesy over you, that your gifts will be unlocked; that your prophetic senses – your eyes, your ears, your mouth – you will be used of the Lord. This will be such a season where God is saying I am going to active your gift; I am going to open your prophetic senses. You won’t have to worry about being it –


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: just being a prophet; no. God says, I’m going to make you prophetic, and I am going to pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy. – You are that son, you are that daughter, that God wants to use in your generation.


LARRY: Yeah; yeah. Even as you’re saying that Hakeem, I just feel like there’s folks out there, where you’re questioning, Am I hearing from God?, and I feel like the Holy Spirit actually wants to begin a dialogue with you.




LARRY: I – I feel like it is legal for you to experiment with the Holy Spirit.


HAKEEM: That’s good.


LARRY: And you might think, Oh, wait; that’s scary. No, because when you ask God, when you ask God for the Holy Spirit; when you say, Holy Spirit, speak, you’re addressing God; He’s not going to give you something bad. He’s – it -just like in Scripture, When you ask, He’s not going to give you a snake, He’s not going to give you a scorpion; He’s going to give you only that which is good when you’re addressing Him. So I encourage you to ask God, in Jesus’ name. And, you know, it might be some sort of impression, it might be a vision, it might be a taste; it might be some way, vidio ends just like as Hakeem was just praying, your spiritual senses are being awakened.




LARRY: You must dialogue with the Holy Spirit. And I feel like even now, the Holy Spirit is saying, I am willing, child. I am more willing than you are. I am willing to begin that dialogue. All you need to do is ask. All you need to do is ask me what I am doing, and I will give you clarity, says the Lord. So it’s whacked desk, it’s just amazing –




LARRY: how that happens!


HAKEEM: Yes. And it always activates when – by faith.


LARRY: Yes! Yes.


HAKEEM: You know, God desires for us to have the faith – even like a childlike faith – and when we get to that place and understand that we don’t have to worry about how it comes out; –


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: but just speak the heart of God out. How I activate people, Larry, in the prophetic, is allowing them to speak, like God.


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: You know, become oracles of God. What is God saying?


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: It’s easy to encourage someone, it’s easy to build them up, and that’s how you start flowing in the prophetic; it’s just by faith, and just speak as God is speaking.


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: And I have seen a tremendous breakthrough by people that are just speaking for God!


LARRY: Yeah.


HAKEEM: Just releasing the love of God. It’s the love that draws people.


LARRY: And when we come back, we’re actually going to talk about how you can decree and declare the promises and the purposes of God – right now, in your life, and in your nation, in your city. Because let’s face it, there’s so much darkness on the Earth right now, but God has a prophetic strategy. He’s looking for a voice on Earth, to agree with that which is established in Heaven. I believe God wants you to be that prophetic voice, and I believe our prophetic guest here, Hakeem Collins, is going to help activate you, so you can declare God’s purposes and promises – with clarity. Stay tuned; we’ll see you in a minute.

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Our Guest Jennifer Eivaz

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. What would it be like if every prayer you prayed was answered? Do you think your prayer life would be more important than it is now? Do you think you might be praying all the time? Well my guest says she’s learned through God teaching her step by step how to have all your prayers answered and she’d like to teach you. Is there anyone interested? You know, Jennifer, I have a picture inside of me. You’re a young child. You’re abandoned by your father and I can just picture you walking up to strangers, strange men and saying to them, are you my daddy? That must have been a tough time for you.

JENNIFER: That was what was repeated to me, that I was doing at that time just as a very young child, looking for my dad.

SID: And your mom remarried. She married a Mormon and so you became part of the Mormon Church. You kind of had your period of rebellion. You drank, you did coke. That’s more than a period. That’s a big period of rebellion. And how in the world did God get a hold of you?

JENNIFER: It was a miracle because I had no interest in Christianity at all. As a Mormon, naturally they want you to stay in the Mormon Church and you’re taught who to avoid, so we were taught to avoid Christians. And so becoming desperate, becoming understanding that the Mormon Church was not taking care of my problems, my uncle, he invited us to church and he went to a Pentecostal church. That would be far cry, the farthest thing that we would ever go to. But when you’re desperate you try things you would never try.

SID: If you’re sinking in the ocean you don’t care who throws you a rope.

JENNIFER: Exactly. So my mother and my half-sister, and myself, my stepfather didn’t come, we went to my uncle’s church and it was wild. It was everything you would think about as far as a traditional, old style, vintage Pentecostal church.

SID: You had zero grid.

JENNIFER: No grid at all. Ran around the church in worship. The ladies didn’t wear makeup. They believed that was holiness. And I sat there not even registering at all what the preacher was saying. And then what happened is he began to play on his guitar, and he sang to the congregation. And I remember exactly what he sang, and he sang “Are you Ready.” And when he hit that I felt the power and the presence of God upon me. It was like liquid warmth and it came all over me. And I felt that, and I began to cry. And I heard a statement in my heart. It was God speaking to me. It was Jesus speaking to me, and it was a distinguishable thought, and it was I accept you as you are. And it’s something I needed to hear because as a Mormon I was not feeling accepted as I was. I was failing the standard. But here Jesus, before I even accepted him, before I knew him the correct way, he was saying I accept you as you are. And so one of the ladies in the church, she sat down next to me because I was obviously being touched by God, crying and everything. And she asked me if I’d like to receive Jesus into my heart, and I said yes. And she prayed me through the traditional sinner’s prayer, and I meant it with all my heart. And then she said this, she said, “Would you like be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Now I knew about the term, but I didn’t know what it meant. Mormons, we didn’t have that in the Mormon Church obviously. And I said yes, and I began to speak in tongues.

SID: Did she tell you to speak in a supernatural language?

JENNIFER: No, she didn’t.

SID: It just bubbled out of you.

JENNIFER: Yes, it just came right out.

SID: So you get settled in the faith, but you must have had a problem with your Mormon stepdad.

JENNIFER: I did. He didn’t come to us, excuse me, he didn’t come to that church service. Obviously he wasn’t going to have anything to do with that. And about a month after my mother and myself, and my half-sister, we all gave our life to Jesus, about a month after I was studying for my exams in my bedroom. I of course lived with my family and the power of God came upon me for intercession. I hadn’t been taught about intercession. I hadn’t been taught about prayer. I didn’t know anything about this. All I know is I was on the floor weeping, wailing, crying out to God for the salvation of my stepfather, and I landed it like this. I landed it saying to God, I said, “Save my stepfather or why don’t I just die.” The words were really strong. And so I thought—

SID: That is strong. Save my stepfather or just kill me. That’s what in effect you just prayed.

JENNIFER: Yes. And so it was not long after that a local church in town, they offered a seminar on the differences between Christianity and Mormonism, and he actually went on his own. And as a result of that he gave his life to Jesus.

SID: You learned from starting with praying for your stepdad and your family about prayer that few believers understand. You say that when you realize the value of prayer you have tremendous influence with God. I want to find out why you have such influence with God. Any of you interested in that? I am. Be right back.

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Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

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SID:                 Sid Roth with Something More. Im with my good friend Jonathan Bernis and you know Jonathan from Jewish Voice. Youve probably seen him on television. Jonathan, you have a passion for the Lost Tribes. Question One: What are the Lost Tribes?


JONATHAN:    Well theres two definitions of Lost Tribes. Ill give em both to you. The narrow definition is that in 722 B.C. the northern ten tribes of Israel were taken into captivity by the Assyrians. Its called the Assyrian captivity. This is at a time when Israel and Judah were divided. Ten in the north, 2 tribes in the south. And they were never heard from again. We dont read about them coming back from the Assyrian captivity and so in a narrow sense the ten lost tribes are those ten tribes that were taken by the Assyrians and we dont know what happened to them. Theres lots of speculation throughout history. The other definition of the Lost Tribes are really what I call the scattered remnant of Israel. You need to understand, Sid, that through history the Jewish people were scattered numerous times.


SID:                 Of course.


JONATHAN:    The ten tribes. Then the tribe of Judah was taken captive into Babylon. Only a remnant returned. What happened to the rest? 70 A.D. Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. After the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132 B.C. or A.D. rather, 132 to 136, they forbid Jews to live in Jerusalem and Israel and this is known as the Diaspora, the great dispersion. And then throughout the Middle Ages you have Jewish communities being banished from different countries and wandering through Italy, through England, through Spain. The Spanish Inquisition of 1492. Later Portugal, a few years later. Where did the Jewish people go? They were scattered throughout the nations of the world. And so now God is in process of fulfilling I believe fulfilling Isaiah chapter 11 and other prophecies where He says “I will regather the outcasts of Israel.” So the Lost Tribes, the scattered remnant of Israel are the Jewish communities that were scattered throughout the world, wandering throughout the world and are now being restored to the nation of Israel, to the State of Israel.


SID:     Some Rabbis actually believe essential for End Times is to restore the Lost Tribes from the four corners.


JONATHAN:    Well I absolutely believe that. The promise to regather His people back to the Land, see He said if you disobey My commandments you will be scattered but then I will draw you back. Deuteronomy and almost every prophet talks about the regathering at a set time in history and I believe its the time known as the End of Days or The Last Days.


SID:                 Okay. Well you are really specializing in this. How did it start?


JONATHAN:    Well for me personally I, as with many other things like Russia, I wandered into it. It was really Gods divine leading without me even knowing about it. I was…


SID:                 I thought that was just me!


JONATHAN:    No, no, no.


SID:                 I call God the great pusher. Id like to say Im the great follower but in my life Hes pushed me into everything.


JONATHAN:    No, both of us have been pushed into things. We had no idea.


SID:                 Right.


JONATHAN:    And He prepared this for us before the foundation of the world. Thats what is so exciting! Well I was invited to Ethiopia after the Russian revival of the 90s which you were a part of. We saw amazing things, Sid. We saw so many salvations, healings, miracles in Russia. I could ride in a taxi and almost every taxi driver that I met I led to the Lord in a short taxi ride. It was that powerful. It was a revival. So after that began to wane I was asking God whats next? Show me! I had no idea and I just wandered to Ethiopia. Somebody invited me to Ethiopia and that was the next assignment for me. I met a group called the Beth Israel.


SID:                 The House of Israel.


JONATHAN:   The House of Israel. Ethiopian Jews that had retained their identity and been persecuted for hundreds of years. Many had been taken back to Israel but tens of thousands remained in Ethiopia in poverty. And suddenly the light came on and I saw heres Jewish people that are in need. You know in America we dont think of Jewish people in financial need and poverty. In Ethiopia theres Jews in absolute poverty and another idea, another strategy to reach Jewish people this time not with cultural festivals, with music and dance, but with medical care, with dental care, with eye care and so we began to organize, our ministry began to organize clinics.


SID:                 What other areas besides Ethiopia?


JONATHAN:    Right.


SID:    …have you been working in?


JONATHAN:    Thats where it began to answer your question. So it began in Ethiopia and then I began to read about various Lost Tribes. Different books were sent to me. Articles. And I learned about a group called the Lemba. This is…


SID:                 Its in Africa.



JONATHAN:    In Africa in the remote bush of Zimbabwe. And I sent someone to try to find the Lemba. And they found the Lemba. I get this phone call from an Ethiopian member of our team, and he calls me from Ethiopia and introduces me on the phone to a member of the Zimbabwean parliament thats a member of the Lemba tribe. And he tells me come. Weve been praying for you. Ive written to you, youve never written back. Long story short, I flew to Zimbabwe and it was so complex just getting there, Sid. I had to fly to Johannesburg which is a huge commitment in time. And then when I got to Johannesburg had to take another flight to Harare then we had to rent a small plane. Oh, and its even more interesting. We had to clear a field to take this small plane.


SID:                 I can match that description when I went to the lost tribe of the Kaifeng China Jews…


JONATHAN:    Right, right. I went with you. You remember?


SID:                 Thats right!


JONATHAN:    The Lord spoke to me in Russia said go with Sid and help.


SID:                 And then as a little aside, he never got as sick in his life (laughing)…


JONATHAN:    You remember.


SID:                 …as he got on that time.


JONATHAN:    One of the sickest Ive ever been. It took me a month to recover but anyway thats another story.

SID:      But now let, I wanna go into another area because this is so fascinating. When he does these clinics all of the doctors and nurses and dentists and people that come along theyre strong believers and they not only help the people physically but they pray for them to be physically healed. Your last event. Tell me about it.


JONATHAN:    Well I just came back from Zimbabwe two weeks ago, and incidentally it was in Zimbabwe that travail began to just come out of me again so theres something in connection with these lost tribes, with the Lemba and other scattered Jewish communities that I believe is directly connected to me going back into travail. Its a new season, Sid. We are in a new time in history.


SID:     Its not just on the lost tribes.




SID:                 You see Jonathan moved, hes like a fisherman. He goes where the fish are biting. Fish were biting in the former Soviet Union? He went. God directed him there. Fish are biting in these lost tribes? God directed him there. But Ive got some good news. This is Americas time. Frances time. Italys time. This is Israels time. The Jewish people are going to be on fire for the Lord! And once again theyre going to be the catalyst for the greatest Gentile revival in history!


JONATHAN:    Sid, I wannaà I justà I wanna accent that. I believe that were entering into the greatest revival the world has ever seen. Look back at the first century. I used to read the New Testament and think oh, if I only lived in that time when my shadow healed someone. But the more I understand the times we live in the more Im thankful that I live in this time. I dont wanna live in any other time than now, Sid. Its the time to favor Zion is here!


SID:                 Well I had a dream and in the dream God came to me and He said “Im coming back soon” three times! Im coming back soon! Im coming back soon! Im coming back soon! Tell me some of those miracles that happened in Zimbabwe.


JONATHAN:    Were seeing all kinds of miracles…


SID:                 Tell me some specific things you saw with your eyes.


JONATHAN:    So two weeks ago we had, we set up this prayer tent, and by the way the first Lemba outreach we did over 5000, now you heard this correctly, over 5000 Lemba, Jews, came to faith in Jesus as Messiah in one week. 5000!


SID:                 Praise God!


JONATHAN:    So some of the miracles. A woman came in with a goiter on her neck, a huge goiter, and as we began to pray for her, as our prayer team began to pray the goiter literally began to shrink, shrink, shrink and by the time we were done praying, our team was done praying, the goiter was completely gone.


SID:   By the way theres power in the testimony and theres someone with a goiter right now on your neck…




SID:    ….as a matter of fact and it is going down in Yeshuas name. In Jesus name. Go ahead, tell me something else you saw.


JONATHAN:   Weve had other people that were carried in. They didnt come in wheelchairs cause they dont have wheelchairs. They were carried in just completely lame and walked out of the tent. Able to walk out. Let me tell you another one that I was part of that was absolutely amazing. This was in Ethiopia, in Gondar Ethiopia. A young man came in probably 18, 19 years of age, deaf and dumb. Now whats fascinating is that he had grown up in the same community so its like a Bible experience where they all know him from childhood. And the Lord opened up his hearing and I was standing behind him whispering, kind of like an old Ernest Angley thing. Yeshua. And he was Ye-shu-a. And he was standing behind him and all of the elders of the community, and this is what made the miracle so amazing, all witnessed this and knew this young man was born this way and they had no explanation. They were absolutely stunned. And I was just kind of taunting them, getting him to talk because I could see they were, they didnt know what to do with this. They were absolutely stunned because they knew this man his whole life.


SID:    And this young woman was sharing that God is telling me theres someone with problems in your hands. And you have problems bending your fingers. If you do that right now you will walk right into your miracle. Now Jonathan, I am…


JONATHAN:    Carpal tunnels is being healed right now as we speak.


SID:                 I see it.


JONATHAN:    Carpal tunnel.


SID:                 Anything to do with the hands.


JONATHAN:    Yeah!


SID:                 Tell me about this. Tell me about this, this amazing brand new book.


JONATHAN:    Okay, Sid. This is a workbook. This is the third in a series. Im going through the scriptures and Im looking at the names of God, the revealed compound names of God. This one Adonai Yireh. We sing Jehovah Jireh. The correct Hebrew is Yireh. And it means The Lord Will Provide.ö It comes from Genesis 22 where God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. So the first provision is Jesus. Okay? And everything that He provides for us. Theres two points to this. One: confessing the word of God. When we confess the word of God were releasing life. Were releasing power. Were also hearing the word and its getting into our spirit and building faith. So Im a big believer in confession simply because it works. Its Biblical and it works! And then Ive connected it to the Hebrew language which is a modern revival of an ancient language. Its a pure language. Its a heavenly language. And I like to call it a super language. Just as theres super foods that have nutrients and vitamins that are abnormally rich. The Hebrew language is a normallyà abnormally rich. The word Shalom for example. Peace. We have the English peace. So I say peace to you it means rest. It means to experience Gods peace. But the word Shalom has like 20 words that its connected to. It also means well-being. It also means wholeness. It also means completion, welfare. All of these English words that we have to confess.


SID:     So what youre saying if I understand this right Jonathan takes the promises of God which are supernatural and puts em in a super-food package called Hebrew. Thats the way God originally did it!


JONATHAN: And faith, and right. And when you confess the word. So we confess shalom were confessing 20, more than 20 English words and it comes to pass. Why, Sid? Because confession has creative force. What separates man from all of Gods creation is articulate speech and theres life in the power of the tongue. So Im a big believer in confession. Im a big believer in Hebrew and when you put them together (clapping sound) you have a supernatural (clapping sound) emergence (clapping sound), emergence.


SID:                 What feedback on your first two books, The Lord Your Healer, the one The Lord Your Peace. These have been out for a while. What type of feedback is your office telling is coming on that?


JONATHAN:  Well I got a letter from a pastor who had taken this, I believe it was an Indian woman that was dying of cancer in the hospital. I think it was leukemia. And he began to play the tape for her. I dont think she was able to confess it but the CD that is attached to it has me confessing the scriptures in English and then a Hebrew, a native Israeli speaking them in Hebrew and he just played it in her hospital room day after day and she was completely healed of leukemia. And he was writing to thank me for her healing. I didnt do it. The Word (tap sound on desk) of God (tap sound on desk) healed (tap sound on desk) this woman!


SID:  You really have a passion for not just confessing Gods word but being able, and on the transliteration are you finding people that have never studied Hebrew can in minutes can speak it?


JONATHAN:    Five minutes and youre speaking Hebrew fluently when you follow along with the Hebrew speaker.      I went to Hebrew School for years, Sid, and struggled for my Bar Mitzvah. I hated Hebrew School!


SID:                 Me too! (laughing)


JONATHAN:    And guess what? You dont have to be a Hebrew scholar. You can actually put the Hebrew language to work in five minutes with these workbooks. And thats what they are. Theyre workbooks! You said something about investing before.


SID:                 Yes.


JONATHAN:   When you get this youre investing in the ministry. Well youre not just investing in the ministry, youre investing in yourself! Youre investing in building into your spirit life. Investing into yourself peace and rest and provision and healing. All of these revelations that come out when you speak forth the Hebrew language, confess the Hebrew language it gets into your hearing, gets into your spirit and comes out being spoken with and releases life!

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