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SID: Now some of you may be wondering why I’m seated and that’s because you don’t understand the Jewish way of teaching. When Jesus, and his name from Miriam his mother, wasn’t Jesus, by the way, it was Yeshua. When Jesus taught, when Yeshua taught he would be seated and many rabbis teach this way. So I thought I would teach this way. Is that okay? All right. Now I’m going to tell you what the Holy Spirit revealed to me and this is important for you to capture, to grasp. The first thing I want to talk about is a word that I understand Joyce Meyer had a tape series on this, a CD series on this subject and no one bought it. And then she changed the title and people bought it. But the original title was what I want to talk about, “Humility.” Now I have a friend and this friend, he says to me all the time, “I’m nothing.” And I have to tell you, teachers like Kenneth Hagan on the righteousness of God and Messiah Jesus, and so I heard him say that and I didn’t say anything. That’s his business, you know. But you know what? It’s got to do with motivation. I hear many people say, I’m the righteousness of God, and that motivation isn’t right. You know what I’m saying? And I hear people say, I’m nothing. I can tell you now, I can honestly say to you, I am nothing. I’m nothing. Without God, I wouldn’t be seated here. Without God, I wouldn’t even be alive right now. Without God, I wouldn’t know where I’m going when I die. Without God, I wouldn’t want to live. And I found this in Scripture, Galatians, chapter 6, verse 3, “For if anyone thinks himself to be something when he is nothing, he is deceiving himself.” You recognize the only thing good in me and the only thing good in you is the Messiah. Galatians 2:20, maybe you can understand right now, “I’ve been crucified with the Messiah. It’s no longer I who live, but the Messiah who lives in me and the life that I now in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.” So anything good in me is from the Messiah. I had the privilege of meeting Katherine Kuhlman, and Katherine Kuhlman would have all this wonderful worship. But you don’t know, she had a motivation behind this wonderful worship. She would be backstage saying, “Holy Spirit, if you don’t show up, nothing is going to happen.” She knew that she was nothing and God could use nothing and make something out of nothing. There’s no room at all for arrogance. Now one of the keys of walking in humility is walking in forgiveness, and I want to put the word “instant” forgiveness. Why? The longer you wait, the tougher it is. You have to instantly forgive. Mark 11:25-26 says, “Whenever you stand praying if you have anything against anyone,” that’s pretty inclusive, you know, anything. What? Anything. Against who? Anyone. Now here’s where forgiveness gets tricky. It’s very important to realize if you’re waiting for a feeling you may wait forever. It’s a decision. I’m going to follow the Messiah. I don’t care if it hurts, I don’t care what happens, I don’t care what I feel, I am a follower of the Messiah, and I am going to instantly forgive. It’s a decision and you can do the decision. You can’t do the feeling, but you can do the decision. The feeling will come. The second thing is I used to think in the wrong, this was wrong, that if someone did something bad to me they had to ask for my forgiveness in order for me to forgive them. Untrue. I am commanded by God to forgive whether they ask me or not. And number three, you can forgive someone and truly forgive them, but they have to earn your trust. That doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You don’t have to trust them, but you have to forgive them. Now you know when you understand this, it’s easy to forgive. Someone said it this way: Unforgiveness is drinking the poison that you want the other person to drink. You know who you’re hurting? You’re just hurting yourself. Now the second thing I want to talk about is something that not too many people talk about and they’d better. This is the most important thing on the heart of God at this moment in history, and it’s holiness, purity. Hebrews 12:14 says, “Pursue holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” By the way, this is my P.S. No one will see the Lord in this life or when they leave. Anyone interested in seeing the Lord when they leave? Anyone interested in seeing the Lord in this life? Without holiness, you will not see the Lord. I mean, I kind of, I can rest the case on that. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators nor adulators, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covenants, nor drunkards will inherit the Kingdom of God.” Biblical morality does not change with the times. God says, “I am the same yesterday, today and forever and you that think you can practice new age, homosexuality, sex without marriage, living with a partner without being married, pornography, everything listed in Deuteronomy 18 and see God, you are as the scripture says, you are deceived. I’m telling you that holiness is possible, not in yourself, but it’s called grace. It’s not grace to sin, it’s grace to have the power to overcome the sin. Let’s get it straight. And when I come back, I’ll go to the next point.

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Our Guest Israel Pochtar

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SID: So Israel Pochtar moves with his wife, who did not say, Hallelujah to Ashdod, moving from a fun city, Tel Aviv to Ashdod. So they move there and everything is going okay, and they’re getting established. And all of a sudden, 1000 very religious Jews, you know the black hat and the high hats and the black outfits show up at your congregation. Why did they come?

ISRAEL: You know, they didn’t like to see Israelis coming to the Lord, especially in the cities in the Judah. They had been emphasizing that. And we were the first congregation in the history of our city, and the city is pretty big today, 250,000 people, and it’s only two congregations, one Russian, one Hebrew. There is no traditional churches, no [unintelligible], no Baptist, Pentecost or whatever you name it, only us. So they just decided to close us down because we were preaching the Gospel daily and attitudes started to change, and people knew about us.

SID: They actually began cursing you on the main TV station there.

ISRAEL: Yeah. Their protests, demonstrations were all over TV, radio, newspapers and it gets ugly and unfair many times, putting Nazi crosses by my name and all kind of stuff. You know, they didn’t know to address Jewish people. They didn’t know what can touch their hearts. So it was tough. It was a tough experience.

SID: Now they actually came to your house.

ISRAEL: And they actually, not only my house. First of all, they started to come to every meeting we had, the group of people protesting, cursing, praying against, spitting. And if you would come to my congregation, anybody would come to my congregation, back then, they would come, shouting, a loud crowd of orthodox protestors and they need to hear why they’re not supposed to come to the congregation. Now they started to follow our cars, our people, trying to figure out when we leave and they come to visit, not only my neighbors, every congregational member got visitors, and they visited not only us, but also our neighbors to tell them how bad we are and what’s wrong we do. And of course, that’s illegal, but you know, we cannot stop it. Also, they posted my pictures, my wife’s pictures with my home address saying, “Dangerous, Careful. Israel and Victoria Pochtar” and my address.

SID: I have to ask you this, Israel. I don’t know how you did it, but I don’t know how you did it with a wife and children, and that type of persecution. How did you stand? How did you really do it?

ISRAEL: You know what I see, you can never be ready for persecutions. And actually, you know, the Holy Spirit talked to me before and I knew it’s going to come, but it caught us by surprise anyway.

SID: Why didn’t you leave? Why didn’t you just give up? Most people would have.

ISRAEL: Yeah, but we just know. We were called to the city. We had word from God and he promised us, and we knew one who isn’t us is stronger.

SID: According to the scripture, “Without a vision, my people perish.” This man had a vision from God. And then today, you come to my meeting in Jerusalem. You see 650 Jewish people of which 98 percent stand up and make professions of faith. You’ve got, you see all the healings that are going on. You told me a phrase. You told me it was a new day for Israel. What did you mean?

ISRAEL: Yes and it’s a new day for Israel because Israel is changing. And many people cannot imagine that, but God is opening hearts of people like never before and it’s not a major revival yet. But at the same time, you’ve been there and you’ve seen a number of people who could never have come together as non-believers and one place and hearing the Gospel, and respond to the Gospel. It’s a new day for Israel and atmosphere in Israel is changing. I know many of that, it’s connected to the prayers of Christians, of people from all over the world who pray for Israel faithfully, for some a lifetime.

SID: I’ll tell you what, I want you to see right now the almost 650 Jewish people standing up and publically proclaiming, in Jerusalem, Israel, that Yeshua is my Messiah and Lord.

[begin video]

SID: I want you to experience the peace of God. I want you to know the Moshiach of Israel. I want everyone that wants that same peace to stand up right now and let me pray a supernatural prayer over you. If you want that peace, stand up. If you don’t want them to know the Messiah then don’t. You want the Shalom of God, stand up God. If you like life the way it is, sit down. If you think there must be something more, stand up. You’ve seen miracles tonight. You’re about ready to be a miracle. You are about ready to be a miracle. Say out loud, Dear God, I’ve made many mistakes in my life for which I’m so sorry. I want to know you. I want Yeshua to be my Lord. Lord Yeshua, give me that new heart. Come inside of me. Take over my life. Amen.

[end video]

SID: This is the set time to favor Zion. Israel, do you have a couple of words of knowledge, real quick? What is God telling you, who is being healed?

ISRAEL: Yeah. There is people with problems in their wrists and joints, and the Holy Spirit is touching them, touching you right now. Receive your healing. I feel the flow of the Holy Spirit.

SID: Me, too.

ISRAEL: It’s really touching people, touching their backs, touching their bodies.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. There is a flow of the Living Spirit of God right now. Whatever you need, take it. Whatever you need, take it. The Messiah paid the price for you for every pain and every disease. According to Psalm 103, “Bless the Lord, O my soul, forget not all his benefits.” He’s forgiven all of my sins. He’s healed all, all, all of your diseases. By faith, take it right now. Do something you couldn’t do because healing is yours. Jesus gave you that.

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Our Guest Cherie Calbom

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest says there has to be a marriage between the natural and the supernatural. She says that what you do not know about the natural is killing you. So Cherie, you talk about this marriage between the natural and the supernatural as a partnering with God. People, they feel satisfied, oh, I’m a certain age, I’m supposed to have these aches and pains, I’m supposed to get sick every once in a while, I’m supposed to lose my memory, I’m not supposed to have good sleep. That’s what happens when you get old. You say, wrong. Explain.

CHERIE: I say absolutely wrong. This sub-optimal health is not what we are to have. We are to have vibrant health, supernatural health. But we must do our part. God is calling us to do our part. So a little headache, a little insomnia, fatigue, a cold several times a year, constipation, all of the problems that people are running to the drug store, running to their doctor for, don’t just accept it.

SID: Brain fog.

CHERIE: Brain fog is big. It’s really big and allergies, and asthma. Many things that people accept, this is just part of life. My blood sugar goes up, my cholesterol goes up. I have this problem and that problem. No, God says no, you don’t have to have that.

SID: High blood pressure runs in my family, heart trouble, diabetes.

CHERIE: You know, we all have an Achilles heel, somewhere, something. [So] we have to work a little harder maybe than our neighbor does. But God says, no, you don’t have to go there. You can have Divine health, supernatural health, life.

SID: You got it.

CHERIE: Choose life. Choose life in all you do and all you eat.

SID: Okay. You had a vision you shared the last time of believers on a battlefield. Tell me that again.

CHERIE: It was such an exciting vision in a healing service. And the Lord took me to a huge battlefield with God’s soldiers lying all over the battlefield. And I saw labels across them. Their armor was askew, you know, the sword and the shield lying at their sides. They were in pain, they were sick. And I saw cancer, a label like cancer on one, heart disease on another, diabetes, scleroderma, lupus, MS, arthritis, headaches, migraine headaches, fatigue, on and on it went as I walked this battlefield. And not only were the soldiers down, they were being kicked and punched, and hit by demonic forces. They were not able to stand up and fight like the soldiers that had their armor on and intact, and their shield and sword up. And God said, “Cherie, I want you to go to my people and teach them how to live, how to eat. They are just being destroyed for lack of knowledge. They’re eating man’s food. (unintelligible) everything beautiful God has done. God has given us beautiful food for us for our wholeness, our healing, our life and man has diverted it.

SID: I hear about this “GMO”, genetically modified food. Why is that bad for us?

CHERIE: We’ve mixed the seed. Does scripture say, “Don’t mix the seed.” And we’ve mixed more than just seeds now, you know, a fish gene with a tomato gene. It is an abomination unto God and it is harming people. They have done studies with animals, the poor rats that they’ve given a GMO diet to, you see huge tumors hanging from their bodies like in a year, a year and a half, and it’s totally messing up people’s lives. So I say, get organic over the top GMO crops — which are soy and corn, sugar beets is big, canola is a big GMO crop. Get organic and get organic as much as you can.

SID: You say that people that start eating right actually start zooming more in the Spirit.

CHERIE: Oh they do. I’ve heard from people all over the world who say, “Cherie, I got on your program and I got off the sugar, and I got off the bad stuff, and all of a sudden my brain fog lifted. I’m hearing the Holy Spirit. I’m hearing clearer. More clearly, the Scriptures are being revealed to me and my prayer life is coming alive. And I have more energy and I can spend more time with God in prayer and reading.” It’s changing people’s lives spiritually as well as physically.

SID: I’ll tell you what, Cherie, there’s such a presence of God. You’re about ready to understand the natural so that you can fulfill your destiny in the supernatural. And there is one item that is the root of just about every disease on the planet, and I’m going to have Cherie teach on this when we come back.

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Sid Roth

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Sid: This week I’ve been speaking about my brand new book I’m so excited I feel like almost a third party looking at this book. I mean it’s like I know I didn’t write it; I know that God supernaturally put the materials in my hand the information in my hand. Because I believe this is a key catalyst to the next, to the greatest, to the last move of God’s Spirit on planet earth.

Now I’ve been talking all this week about and I’m looking at it right now it’s such a beautiful cover. The title of the book is “The Last Lap” subtitled “The Emergence of the One New Man.” And there’s a picture of a Gentile Christian and a Messianic Jew with their arms together, locked together running around a track. It’ a relay race and it’s the last lap that is coming up. And rather than the Jewish Believer passing the baton to the Gentile or the Gentile Believer passing the baton to the Jewish Believer the 2 are running together.  And there’s a prayer shawl around them and the glory of God is around them and this is God’s Champion because as you look at them running together you won’t see a Jew and a Christian running together, you’re going to see them merge into One New Man. This One New Man has a name He’s the King of the Jews Yeshua Jesus the Messiah and its God’s Champion. And we’re about ready to participate in the greatest event of history the salvation of the world.

You see I found out that there’s a law of evangelism that has been hidden from the church. It’s called… well it’s in Romans 1:16 Paul says “I’m not ashamed of the gospel because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.”  Not just God’s historical order which it was but God’s historical order and God’s spiritual order. And I have found that as the church reaches out to Jewish people it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism to all people you’ll have to read the book on this. But there’s a section in the book that I can’t deal with completely but I must get your understanding enlightened on and it’s got to do with the Biblical festivals. There’s a lot of controversy about it you see the devil tries to get you in one religious ditch or the other religious ditch but there’s no time for religious ditches anymore. Are you aware of the fact that every major event during the life of Yeshua occurred during a major festival?

Are you aware of the fact that more miracles occur on the Shabbat that’s Hebrew for Sabbath than any other day?  Well the book of Colossians the 3rd chapter the 16th and the 17th verse tell us what these festivals are. They’re shadows of things to come, understanding that now let’s look at Leviticus the 23rd chapter where it begins to talk about the various feasts starting in the 1st verse. Leviticus chapter 23 verse 1 “And the Lord spoke to Moshe, Moses saying “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the feasts of the Lord.” Now the word feasts is moad which means the appointed times, which means the appointments.

Did you know that God has an appointment with you? You don’t want to be late now you’re not late for a doctor’s appointment if you have a life threatening disease you will not be late for a doctor’s appointment how much more a moad. An appointed time meeting place that’s what the word in Hebrew means a meeting place for you and God. So the word feast means a time to meet with God an appointed time. The appointed time of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are my feasts. So these are Jewish feasts, these are Biblical feasts but even stronger God says “These are My feasts.” Now I want to establish something right here this has nothing to do with salvation, this has nothing to do with righteousness.  You are saved because of the blood of the Messiah repentance and the blood making Him Lord!  Plus nothing however it’s got a lot to do with the salvation of the world. It’s got a lot to do with understanding the end times. I am convinced that we have many of the ingredients for the end times we know from the word of God but the order is completely different and the key to understanding of the last days. And if God’s children don’t understand what’s going to happen if it’s a mystery if God’s children then how are we going to be walking in line with God?

Now with that let me read to you again Leviticus chapter 23 verse 2 “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the feasts, the moad, the appointed times the times that you are to meet with Me which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations.” You know what the word convocation means in the Hebrew? It means rehearsal these feasts are rehearsals, rehearsals of what? Great events in the life of Messiah from the past and great events in the life of the church in the future. How are we going to know these great events, how are we going to know to rehearse these great events unless we understand the Biblical feasts.

Now can we understand them from a rabbinical Jewish background? Yes, there’s much to understand from rabbinical Jewish background? Yes there’s much to understand about from rabbinical Jewish background. Can we understand them from a Messianic Jewish background? Yes there’s much to understand from a Messianic Jewish background but I believe that there are mysteries in these feasts that we will not understand until that one new man emerges the Jew and the Gentile one new man in the Messiah. Why did we stop observing these feasts?  I can tell you why because the devil read the book. In the book of Ephesians it said that Yeshua came to break down the middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles and the devils tried to erect the wall of separation between Jews and Christians.  And one way he’s done it is he’s had the church leaders and in my new book I go into detail and you’ll understand that the reason that we observe Shabbat, or Sabbath, on Sunday has nothing to do with the resurrection of Yeshua.  It originally was done to distant ourselves from anything Jewish. Now who stands to gain form distancing ourselves?  From erecting a middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles?  The devil.

There is something so supernatural about the Shabbat, about the Sabbath turn with me to Isaiah 58th chapter the 13th verse. “If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on My holy day and call the Shabbat a delight the holy day of the Lord honorable and shall honor Him not doing your own ways but finding your own pleasure nor speaking your own words then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

I love the New Living Translation of Isaiah 58:14 “If you observe the Shabbat He says if you do this I will give you great honor and give you your full share of the inheritance I promised to Jacob your ancestor.” And I can tell you that God rested on the 7th day the Sabbath.  It would start Friday night and ends Saturday night and there is a spiritual law and a physical law that we need to rest and we need to stop doing our own things and our own ways and take a day to rest the body. The only rest is really in the true Sabbath who’s Yeshua Jesus is our true Sabbath.  But I believe there’s certain supernatural blessings when we identify with not just the Jewish feast, not just the Biblical feasts but He calls My feasts. Which are called holy convocations, and again the Hebrew for convocation means rehearsals.  Rehearsals for things that will happen in the future, coliseums will not be big enough to house all of the believers when we come together on these biblical festivals there’s going to be such an outpouring of God’s Spirit.

…I believe that we are in store for a reformation. One of the greatest reformations in history what Martin Luther had was nothing compared to the reformation that’s coming it’s the last great move of God’s Spirit and I believe many of the ingredients are highlighted in the book “The Last Lap” subtitled “The Emergence of the One New Man.”

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Our Guest Larry Sparks

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Sid: Hi Sid Roth here with Larry Sparks and Larry has been studying revivals and there is a lot to be learned as far as anything they did we can do. And I believe that we’re so close to the return of Jesus we can even do it better. Tell me some of the things that you’ve learned about studying previous revivals.

Larry: Well first thing is I immediately I think of the Welsh revival there’s a man named Evan Roberts. This man was desperate for God. He was hungry to seek God he was hungry to see God move in his city and his nation in a powerful way.  And the thing that we learn from Evan Roberts is that there is a need for perseverance.  You know one thing that I read that he wrote is that “I said to myself I will have the Spirit,” and through all weathers and despite all difficulties I went to the meetings. He was constantly in atmosphere and environments where the Holy Spirit was moving he was constantly doing what he could to keep himself hungry. He said…and this is what gets me he said “For 10 or 11 years I have prayed for revival.  I could sit up all night to read or talk about revivals it was the Spirit who moved me to think about revival for 10 or 11 years. Now I’m not saying that that’s always the case where we have to pray for 10 or 11 years but Evan Roberts tells us that there is perseverance that is needed to experience the breakthrough. As a result I believe that the Welsh revival, this man carried he prayed for this for 11 years and he saw over 11,000 people come to know Jesus.

Sid: But what about someone like Katherine Kuhlman what did you learn from her?

Larry: I learned from Katherine Kuhlman that there’s always more and that’s interesting to think because Katherine Kuhlman was somebody I wish I had known because here’s this lady who walked in unusual miracle healing anointing. I mean her healings here I go on YouTube I go on the computer and I watch them and her demeanor and her kindness and compassion it just it’s just amazing. And the miracles would just breakout in the presence of God. But I’ll never forget I watched her talk to the Student Body at Oral Roberts University and the first thing she said this to me was the secret of her ministry.  The first thing she said as she opened in prayer is she said “God there’s no one here that’s hungrier for more than me.”  And I thought to myself Katherine wait a minute your hungry for more, you’re seeing things that we desire to see, you’re seeing things these amazing miracles just popping left and right in those services, in those meetings and yet here she was saying “God there’s no one hungrier for more than me.” So how does that translate, what does that mean?  It means that the God that lives inside of us is enormous He is huge, He is great!  And Katherine recognized this Katherine knew this that the Spirit of God who lived inside of her was capable was capable of accomplishing anything.  And she had stepped into a certain measure of anointing, of power, or miracles but she wasn’t satisfied she was wanting more. And Sid I believe there’s some listeners who are tuning and there’s a couple of categories and I think the Lord really wants to minister to just based on that word, just based on that word from Kathryn back in the 1970’s for those of you who feel like “You know what I’ve never experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit, I’ve never been filled with the Spirit, I believe in Jesus He’s my Savior but I’ve never encountered God.  I’ve never encountered God like you’re talking about I believe the Holy Spirit wants to fill you. And I believe that those that have been filled with the Holy Spirit and maybe you’ve spoken in tongues, maybe you operated in prophecy, or gifts of the Spirit and I believe that there’s more.  In the Book of Hebrews it talks about the elementary things of the faith has repentance and baptisms, baptism plural. And I believe that there are multiple baptisms we can experience in the Spirit. Yes we get certain gifts but I believe that there are so much more that we can walk in.

Sid: Larry tell me a contemporary someone now that is in the forefront of revival and what you learned from that person.

Larry: One person I actually gotten to spend a good amount of time with is Randy Clark and some of you may know Randy Clark as the evangelist God used to really help to ignite the Toronto Renewal Blessing. God’s used him in a powerful way in healing and teaching other people in activating them in healing ministry. What I’ve seen in Randy is 2 qualities 2 keys to sustaining a life of revival. We all want revival we all want the move of God we all want to experience God. And God wants to touch you but I also want to encourage you God wants to transform you and in Randy’s life I see these 2 keys that were humility and hunger. Now what does that look like? Humility recognizes that there’s so much more of God that I’m presently experiencing.  And Randy was a leader he was a pastor, he was somebody as leaders and pastors it’s easy for us to think “Well even though deep down I’m hungry for God I don’t want to show it in front of my people, I don’t want that to be a sign of weakness no that’s the greatest strength because when you lead a church or ministry or people or Bible study and you’re hungry you’re leading them into the same place that you’re going. And that’s what happened with Randy he got hungry he had these dramatic encounters with God starting in 1984 where everything for him and his church changed. He had an impartation of healing and then his church became a place where God would move for moving. He had in 1989 he had another encounter and then God used him in a greater measure with words of knowledge and healing.  And then finally I believe it was 1993 the Lord touched him in a very different way each encounter was unique and different but each encounter made him want more. And there was that humility that said “God I know that there’s more” and hunger which was that driving force that caused Randy to go to different places to interact with different people who were experiencing the move of God he was not to a point of arrogance to where he thought “I don’t need to go somewhere if God’s going to touch me He’s going to touch me wherever I am. Now sometimes we need to go somewhere because it demonstrates true desperation and hunger for God.

Sid: I’m feeling a presence of God and one of the things people say about when they read your book even though it’s brand new we’ve read the manuscript before it became a book that it stirs them up to such hunger for God. I can’t think of a more important thing. So would you pray for people right now that they’d be stirred up, that they’d be hungry for God?

Larry: Yes, yes. Father we thank You that there is more, thank You that every time that we go to the Bible and we look at Jesus we see that there’s more and we are just discontent living where we are. It’s not condemnation we don’t feel bad about where we are we get excited because we know wow God there’s so much more; so I pray for those that feel “You know Larry I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit right now.”  I pray in the name of Jesus the people that are listening who desire to be filled for the first time ever Holy Spirit touch them from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet fill them to overflowing, give them just a mighty baptism in Your Spirit. And I pray that it’ll be a deep and profound encounter God that they will live out of that they will be able to live their life out of that. And that God that it’ll be such a memorable moment that they will always have it as a reference point in their life. And for those you that think to themselves “You know what I’ve been filled with the Spirit in the past I’ve had an experience, I’ve been baptized in the Spirit but there’s something inside me that wants more; I’m not just content to just having this one gift or doing this other thing; I’m not content to wear a spiritual merit badge saying well I was baptized in the Holy Spirit now what?” The now what Paul says “Be filled with the Holy Spirit.” And the Greek means to be ever filled, there’s no end the increase of His government no end of the increase of how much Spirit of God can fill you in the earth there’s no end. So right now I pray for those of you who either you’re hungry for another touch or you’re just on fire and your just saying “You know what I’ll take as much more as God wants to give me.” Holy spirit I just ask You to release that in peoples rooms, in peoples cars wherever they’re listing God give them a deep and profound encounter God and bring them to that place of more or more; God that it just wouldn’t be a moment it just wouldn’t be an encounter and experience I pray for sustained measurable results that they would actually see life change on a continuous everyday basis because of these encounters that we’re praying for right now in Jesus Name.

Sid: …After all of these years and having such a hunger for God how do you still have a hunger for God?

Larry: I do that by just doing some very practical things and I’ve mentioned them but I have seasons and times when I feel my faith is dry I remind myself of what He’s done I listen to testimonies I watch testimonies, I read revival books, I crave stories about what God has done and what God is doing. Maybe some of the most powerful ones is I actually remind myself of my own encounters that I’ve had with God and just remind myself. And I ask Him I ask the Lord to take me back to that moment like smell the smells and hear the sounds and bring me back to that moment of encounter and remind me how powerful it was. Remind me truly of what I have living inside of me.

Sid: Is this the generation that is going to see the greatest revival the world has ever seen?

Larry: I believe it is, I believe it is because this generation…so many people look at this generation and say “It’s a fearless generation, it’s a reckless generation.” It’s a generation that I believe is wired to crave the supernatural and the problem is that if we as the church don’t give them the Biblical foundation of walking in the supernatural they are going to look for it somewhere else and we cannot…that must be illegal on our watch they cannot go to the New Age, they cannot go to the occult, they can’t go to witchcraft or what Hollywood has and all of the different places because the supernatural should be natural to every single Christian.

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August 19th, 2016 at 6:50 am

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