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Sid: Now prophetically speaking the Jewish people and the nation Israel are God’s time clock.  I know that very soon maybe even as I’m speaking to you right now it will be horrific uprising of anti-Semitism in the former Soviet Union. That’s why this book that we’ll be featuring this week is not important reading it is mandatory reading if you call yourself a believer in the Messiah.  The title of the book “Exodus Cry,” the author Jim Goll.  I have Jim on the telephone speaking to him at his home in Franklin, Tennessee; he’s a member of the Apostle Council of Prophetic Elders.  He is also involved with “The Call” that is in my opinion one of the most significant ministries because the hope of the church is young people and “The Call” is mobilizing young people all over the world. Jim tell me a little bit about what the apostolic council of prophetic elders is.

Jim: I would be glad to and it’s great to be on your show and it’s great to be with you Sid I just appreciate what you do.  Apostle Council of Elders is chaired by the networking grate on C. Peter Wagner’s life and then Cindy Jacob acts as the liaison and it brings together national, international prophetic voices from many different backgrounds and we convene and counsel together seek the Lord’s face and then the Lord says “He’ll confirm His word by the witness of 2 or 3 and that the prophets are to speak” and so we come together seeking the Lord’s faith to counsel with him and with one another and then really intercede over these prophetic words; and it’s a wonderful networking that the Lord is doing in this hour.

Sid: Now your wife is also prophetic an in 1999 she was given a dream in England tell me about it.

Jim: Oh yes my dear wife Michal Ann is the dreamer of dreams. When we were dreaming together in England in 1999 and our whole family was there with us. And we there in northeastern part of England, which is very interesting is one of the highest concentrated regions of Orthodox Jews is right there in this region when she had this dream.  In this dream the dream was about the past, the present, and the future it was like pieces of the puzzle in a sky and she was viewing in this very vivid dream. The Lord even the Holy Spirit gave her a title a name for this dream and it was called “The Horizon of Time.” And all of these different interlocking pieces are just hanging out here and like in the sky started coming in and finding one another and they made up a big picture of the horizon of time but they were a history of the Jewish people.  Putting the pieces together the historic perspective of the past a radical and sudden change, then was another scene of this puzzle of what has been occurring in recent years a contemporary miracle and then it shifts again into a prophetic proclamation gazing into the future. So as one dreams the Lord was just showing my wife little snapshots but vivid pictures concerning that in God’s heart the Jewish people are right in the middle of His heart and His purposes and giving us a view of the past, the present and a gaze into the future.

Sid: And that’s really the premise of your new book “Exodus Cry.”

Jim: Yes it really is we take a historic look and we go through not just church history but we talk about the Spanish Inquisition and so many of the atrocities that occurred.  We go into the prayer movement history and we weave from history into prayer and the acts that happened behind the scenes before the wall of communism came down. And then up to today to where there’s 1.2 million resident speaking Jews who live in the land of Israel today.  The beginning fulfillment more than most prophetic thing that is happening in the world today is this return of the Jewish people to Israel.  And so yes if that dream of my wife ends up being the picture frame that inspired the writing of this entire book.

Sid: And you know that I’m finding by the Spirit of God that Christians are developing what I call, and I’ve been proclaiming this for years “A Jewish heart.”  It’s a supernatural thing it’s not a natural thing. Christians with no Jewish background whatsoever all of a sudden are interested in their Jewish roots, interested in Israel, interested in Jewish people.  But I’m concerned that although this is on the increase most Christians don’t have a clue as to what God is up to with the Jew in Israel. And I believe that there is anointing of God on your book to give them this heart for the Jew. But I want to read a quote from your book you quoted Eliezer Berkovits and he’s a respected Jewish thinker, traditional Jewish thinker.  And this is what he says (I’m quoting it):

After 19 centuries of Christianity the extermination of 16 million Jews among of them 1½ million children carried out in cold blood in the very heart of Christian Europe encouraged by the criminal silence of virtually all Christendom including that of an infallible holy father in Rome was the natural culmination of this bankruptcy. A straight line leads from the first act of oppression against the Jews and Judaism in the 4th Century to the Holocaust in the 20th Century.

For those that are not aware of the history to the cold Christian or religious church in reference to anti-Semitism it is astounding to me. When you first found out about this Jim it must have been almost unbelievable to you.

Jim: Well you know I come from a German heritage my name being Goll is German and I am the first even American German from our ancestry to return to the German soil. And so I identify in repentance in confessing generational sin, the sins of my German ancestry against the Jewish people.  And so that is one of the ways that the Lord reeled into the needing to know history and understanding it. And then the way that my personal history drew me into greater depth to wanting to find the tap root of this whole long thing and I found that it went waaaaay back.  You know this is something that needs to happen and you were referring to and that is so important and that is #1 we need to be close to the things that are close to God’s heart.  And so any of you who are listening right now I make an appeal and I just say if you want to be close to the heart of God and be close to the things that are closest to God’s heart. #2 it’s not enough though just to get an emotional rush; the issue is get grounded. And a lot of this deals with the study of scripture and study of history. And so when you study this oh my goodness it actually becomes devastating to you for awhile because on earth you lift this blanket off and excuse me there is a lot of stuff under here that we need to deal with. And I just want to say you know let’s not be an ostrich and stick our head in the ground; let us look with eyes wide open so that change can occur.

Sid: Okay I’m going to take you to April 99 you literally heard the audible voice of God and what did He say to you?

Jim: Yes I absolutely did and in fact in the Christian church calendar it was Easter morning I had the word in 18 months the hunters will begin to be released to hunt down the Russian Jews.  This was an alarming word, I mean it came in my bedroom and the thing again that’s interesting we lived in a region that was called Hunters Run.

Sid: Hm.

Jim: I was asleep that morning the audible voice of the Lord came and said “In 18 months the hunters will begin to be released.”  What’s very interesting is that when you clock this it goes to the very week of the present violence that has been going on for 20 plus months now in Israel. It goes exactly to the very week of what is audible voice of the Lord stated.

Sid: You said in your book that you literally tangibly felt that what you called the fear of the Lord, explain that.

Jim: Oh I absolutely did you know if the people have read like the book of Daniel you know this isn’t just good feelings and the hair raisings upon your arms kind of thing.  This was the dread the fear of the Lord. I trembled as I tried to comprehend these sobering words. And I can say it’s sort of like the hand of God that goes through your chest wall and He squeezes your heart.  And He gets hold of you and you are never the same.

Sid: Six weeks later you were in England with Cindy Jacobs and others and Cindy had a prophetic word related to what God had told you.

Jim: Yes I purposely had not told Cindy Jacobs the founder of Generals of Intercession about this encounter.  We are now ministering in Sunderland, England in the northeast part of England with Brenda Kilpatrick and different ones. And Cindy goes into this place of anointing twirls towards this primary pastor, I’ll just leave her name out for right now, this well know pastors wife and she begin to speak and she says “You have Jewish blood that’s running through your veins you have not known it but the Lord has just recently revealed it to you; and there’s going to be need of a refuge because soon there is going to be persecution coming against the Russian Jews they are going to becoming across the north sea and there’s going to be need for places of refuge.” There was so much electric power of God’s presence that was in the room that the tape machine stopped; the video cameras, this was being aired all over God channel all over Europe everything shut down and the fear of the Lord came into the room. So here it was Cindy even timeline wise even speaks the very same time frame that the Lord had spoken to me that previous April.

Sid: Oop’s we’re out of time.

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Our Guest Dan Bohler

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Dan Bohler he’s the Senior Pastor of Agape Harvest Church in Blue Springs, Kansas City right outside of Kansas City, Missouri. He’s a prophetic pastor I’ve known him for several years now. And Dan tell me what God has been showing you before the tragic event of the World Trade Center.

Dan: Well you know Sid for years I’ve been going all over the nation warning city by city by city over 100+ cities that the terrorist would hit us internally and externally.  And that’s just what exactly on all of the videos I’ve produced over the last 4 years I’ve been telling the people that that would now come upon us and please join in on us with to pray. No one would believe me and I cried out unto God in intercessions and fasting nobody would believe me. And that was when the Lord came to me and He told me and He said “Son I’m going to send you back to the cities whenever you prophecy you tell the people the moment it happens to remember that you will be invaded by a foreign power internally and externally.” And as a result of that word from the Lord, oh I can’t even remember it now it’s close to 70 cities exactly what I would say would come to pass from massive hurricanes to awesome wintertime tornadoes when it would be freezing cold to massive flash floods to churches disappearing and not even existing anymore to you name it.  And I said “Oh God this is awesome.” But He said “Son they’ll believe you now in some cities but even at that many will not.” And so I saw this coming along time Sid, the first of this year I had to prophecy on our website which is the name of our television show and God showed me that by the Spirit to tell the people “Stay off of airplanes, stay off of airplanes unless you have to that there was going to be great terrorist activity all over the world through aircraft and to know that you know that you was supposed to be on there.” The Lord told me in that prophecy in January that it’s been on the internet all year that that federal buildings would be very unsafe to be on and pray, pray before you go on to a federal building because there’s going to be much destruction in that area.  And you know Sid in the video the Lord showed me He carried me up in the Spirit that our dams and our banks and our federal buildings, and nuclear power plants in our major cities would literally be encircled with military men because of great destruction that was coming to our nation; and to please tell the nation to pray.

Sid: I understand that 4 days before September 11th something very unusual happened to you what happened?

Dan: Well Sid 4 days before this each time that I would try to get along with the Lord I would do nothing but weep. And man I got to the place that man I said “Lord what is going on?” And then I would even try to eat my meals and I would weep, I’d try to shave and I would weep. I would take my shower and the weeping would continue and it got worse and worse as the days went by and I began to get a sense in my Spirit that great great trouble was at hand. And I said “Oh Lord what is it” as I cried out to God and He said “All you have said thus far will take another leap in its fulfillment.”  And I knew that moment that we were about to be hit awesomely.   I got a burden I mean a terrible awesome burden in my spirit for New York. And I have the same thing for California now.  It’s like I weep for the Golden Gate area out there.

Sid: Now what do you see because I’ve got a list here right in front of me that you delivered a prophecy on January 5, 2001 and 10 of the warnings have already come to past. What do you see happening in the future for America?

Dan: Brother Sid if I our churches in America, and I know this in my heart, if the churches of America don’t repent and make things right the Bible way so that they can approach the Father with a pure heart, a pure motive for the love for him to change and to do what He’s told us to do we’re going to witness great economical drops like we’ve never seen before. Economically we’re going to suffer greatly.

Sid: In other words when you say drops recent we had a major drop are you saying way beyond that?

Dan: Yes we will we’re going to see awesome unemployment, we’re going to see, were going to see cataclysmic events like I had to prophecy like we’ve never known before. I’ve had to prophecy at least 7 major hurricanes and untold numbers of untold massive tornados winds of 150 miles an hour and they’ve come to past.  We’re about to see all of this accelerate as well as unheard of terrorist activity in our nation.  If we don’t repent…see the church right now Brother Sid they do not realize they’d rather laugh than to pray for the nation that’s falling fast.

Sid: Rather have fun and parties rather than weep for unsaved or the neighbors passing by the church while they’re having fun.

Dan: You know a nation like our 3 Presidents in a row have tried to get Israel to give away land for peace and our Bible says no! The day that George W. Bush Senior did that his own home town and his home was destroyed by massive storms.  The day that Mr. Clinton tried to do it when he was President Little Rock, Arkansas was torn to pieces and awesome terrible things happened all over this nation.  The very day that George Bush, Jr. tried to get Israel to try to give away land for peace one of the awesome most destructive floods that’s ever hit this nation hit right where he lives and they had to shut down 28 counties and it became a national disaster. And we can’t do that and America doesn’t realize that our government that is passing laws that’s bringing judgment on our land. We had pastors in Washington the other day over 100 of them up there one of them had to stay with me because he had no place to stay and he couldn’t get a plane out of Washington so he rented a car and came here. He said “We were up there trying our best to get senators to submit a bill to reverse Roe versus Wade and to stop this stem and nobody even wanted to talk about to us. And he said that day we were asked to get out of the White House immediately and he said we all ran and we ended up in the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Washington, DC and he said I could hear the senators saying “My God we have the best technology in the world here at the pentagon and they have hit us.” Sid if our nation doesn’t humble themselves quickly especially our church and go to praying and go to believing and get back to the basics of our Christianity and be a witness for Jesus, cease our leisure living I don’t see any of this going to change very much.

Sid: But I have a question for you Dan “What is…is it going to happen, are we going to repent as a nation, do you know?”

Dan: Somewhere Sid somewhere down the line there is going to be a great revival that’s Joel 2 which I have preached for years there is going to be an awesome revival. But Sid unless the television ministries and the radio ministries begin to talk just like what you and I are talking as well as our politician’s saying “Hey folks we got to repent.”

Sid: Spell out to me exactly what you mean that I should do and our listeners should do in reference to repentance and prayer what does that mean? Quit our job and just go pray all day? What does it mean?

Dan: What this means Sid is every Christian that knows he’s born again he needs to get before God and “God I’m having a hard time turning from my worldly ways, I’m having a hard time getting alone and praying for the nation and the lost and being a witness please help me; Lord bring godly sorrow that worketh repentance to my heart personally start with me Lord right now.”  And do whatever you have to do if you have to miss a meal a day or 2 meals a day whatever you have to do. Get in a prayer group now and begin to pray for this nation and the president, pray for these pastors would turn to God like they’ve never turned to God in their life in fasting and praying that it would come to our government. Begin to get your own self right and pure before the Lord there’ nothing wrong with our faith but we don’t have pure faith now Sid.  See pure faith is what gets the job done a heart that’s holy, a heart that’s humble, a heart that meek before the Father crying out for souls, crying out for the backslidden and the hurting and the aching hearts. See there’s no compassion in the church anymore, the church just wants to be blessed and they gorge in it and they don’t realize that’s it’s been miss managed, prosperity has been mismanaged and we’re in a fix in this nation.  And you see me the other day that called me “Dan, why did God allow this?” I said “Listen everything that God allows is not God’s will.” I said it says in Psalms 114 that the heavens are His but He gave the earth to the sons on men. In fact we’re supposed to take charge of the things down here and run it right and we’re to tell people about Jesus.

Sid: How many cities have you prophesied warnings to that they’ve come to pass?

Dan: Close to 64 now.

Sid: And how much time do we have, what kind of window do we have to repent as a church?

Dan: I guess everybody would like to know that I know that there’s pockets of people praying in different places in the nation but these pockets are small.  I would want to believe that God is going to hold back the darkness because He’s so kind and He’s so good. I want to believe it with all of my heart but when I see the largest churches in the country can’t get a descent prayer group together it bothers me.

Sid: Dan I’m sorry we’re out of time.

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Our Guest Rick Neill

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to understand that the Biblical festivals are appointments with God so that we can get insight into the final play that’s on the scene right now. The way to get insight is to take a look at the rehearsal, take a peek. How would you like a book from God that gives you a peek into what’s going to happen in the last days? That’s the Biblical festivals, that’s what God’s trying to tell us in the book of Leviticus. I have on the telephone Rick Neill I’m speaking to him at his home right outside of Akron, Ohio about his brand new book literally just off the press “Ultimate Glory.” In which we take a peek at these Biblical festivals… those that have been listening earlier this week we found out that the spring feasts were fulfilled to the decimal point. I mean the first Jewish people before Jesus came if they could have just examined with an open mind these Biblical festivals they would have seen everything that happened at the first coming of Jesus. Same thing is true today, if the church will just take a peek without the blinders on at these Biblical festivals they’ll find rehearsals of the return of the Messiah. Let’s take a look Rick at Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets. What does this mean to us?

Rick: Okay to the church this is a time that the Lord is calling us to repentance. There’s really 2 keywords that we need to address with the Feast of Trumpets:

  1. Repentance
  2. Grace

To understand what the Lord is calling the church to here, we must understand that the Lord’s perspective on repentance is that we are to turn from the things that are hindering. We are to turn from them, we are to from dead works, and we are to turn to the Lord.

Sid: Now when I think of the Feast of Trumpets, or Rosh Hashanah, coming from a traditional Jewish background, I think that those were the 10 days leading up to the day of judgment, Yom Kippur. Those were the days that we had to be really introspective and determined what areas might stop us from having our sins forgiven on Yom Kippur and to repent over it. We used to call it the 10 days of awe and repentance.

Rick: That’s exactly right, the feast of trumpets is a 10 day feast. The 10th day of that feast is the Day of Atonement which is the most holy day of all the feast days. It is the most awesome day of all the feast days. The Feast of Trumpets is a call to believers to check our hearts to make sure that we’re right both with the Father and with our brothers. It’s really a call to get the 1st commandment and the 2nd commandment functioning correctly in our lives. That we are to be loving the Father, we are to be loving the Lord our God with all of our heart mind, soul, and strength. We are to be loving one another as He loves us. There are so many people in the church today say that “I love God” yet they don’t love their brother. These people are in a really dangerous place because the Lord says “If you can’t love your brother who you have seen you can’t love God who you haven’t seen.” The Lord is calling His church now together in love to be in love with the Father, to be in love with one another, it’s a time of repentance not only before the Lord to get right with what we need… we need to get right with the Lord, but we also need to go to our brothers and sisters. Anyone who has ought against us we need to make that right. Anything that we’re holding against others we need to forgive. This is a time of… if your coming in on the wrong side of this this is the most terrible time in all the feast days. This is a… you don’t want to be out of fellowship with God. You don’t want to be playing with hidden sin coming into the Day of Atonement. It is a terrible time for that, but on the other side of this the same identical time period if you heart is tender towards God, if you have a heart that is repentant before God and loving your brothers this is the most exciting time, the grandest promises in all of scripture are about to be fulfilled in your life.

Sid: So in effect if I’m understanding your analysis in your book we have a window to repent and the window is called Feast of Trumpets.

Rick: Precisely. We’re in that window right now.

Sid: You really believe that?

Rick: I believe that with all of my heart. I believe there’s never been such preaching of repentance to the church, in the church, to the church as there is now. The Holy Spirit is raising up this call of purity. He’s raising up a call of love, there is a call right now… the word of the Lord underpinning much of what’s going on right now is the release of the love, the deep love that the Father has for us; the Father’s heart message, the message of the bridegroom and the bride. This overwhelming love that the Father want’s us to respond to His love so powerfully that he’s opening His heart and calling us to come into this deep love and the enemy has tried to keep us out of that love through guilt, and shame, and fear and different things. But now the Father is ripping apart all of this and He’s saying “Please get ready the time is here. If you’re on the wrong side the Day of Atonement is your worse nightmare coming through. But if you’re on the right side, if you’ve made things right with the Lord this is the greatest day imaginable.”

Sid: Some of the suggestions you might have for our Mishpocha to do things right… if we’re being nudged as you said on yesterday’s broadcast by the Holy Spirit as in your case it was, and that’s not everyone I want you to understand, it’s whatever is your idol. In Rick’s case he was spending too much time and had too much of an interest in sports, and as I understand it the Father was jealous.

Rick: Precisely (laughing). Father really loves me and He loves all of His kids. He wants to have fellowship with us everyday. I had a dark spot in my relationship with the Lord that I didn’t even know it was there. It was a long experience I’ll make it short. He took me, the Lord just took me in His arms and loved away all guilt and shame that was in my life. It wasn’t guilt and shame from the time before I was saved from things I did back when I was a sinner. It was guilt and shame for things that I compromised on since I was saved. I’m not backslidden, I don’t have any deep hidden secrets in my life for sin, it’s just things that I didn’t do as well as I should have I could have done better. All of these things over the years kind of built up a wall of guilt and shame. The Lord came and tore that down to let me know He loves me and that He accepted me and He likes me just the way I am. Now He’s calling me to come and let Him wrap His arms around me and love me into wholeness.

Sid: What would you suggest someone do that knows that they don’t have the intimacy that is available that God wants for them? What steps would you suggest they take during this season of the Feast of Trumpets where we’re suppose to be getting rid of all the junk that’s separating us from this intimacy?

Rick: I’ll take you down the path the Lord took me down. Several years ago the Lord spoke to my wife and I, and our family and He called us to begin taking communion everyday on a daily basis. Not to make a law out of it we don’t do it everyday but we try to do it quite often. It has become a source of intimacy in life for us.

Sid: You know the Lord called me to do this also and I never cease to be amazed that when I take the elements I’m feeling such a presence of God come on me.

Rick: Yeah.

Sid: It must be a supernatural thing in the spirit realm it literally causes the devil to shake and God to be pleased.

Rick: Exactly. In the scriptures Jesus Himself said that “If you eat My flesh and drink My blood I will abide in you and you will abide in Me.” That is a pretty good working definition of communion, it’s also a pretty good working definition of intimacy…

Sid: Now just out of curiosity, we’re talking about the positive things to do, what if the Holy Spirit keeps coming gently, and He does come gently, and He is saying “I want you to stop this because its time for your separation, it’s time for you to prepare for the great Jewish wedding” and you keep saying “No” during this particular season of Feast of Trumpets.

Rick: The Lord will continually work with us and what we can’t afford to do is to allow our hearts to be hardened. You can see the exact scenario that you just described played out in the 7 churches in Revelation. Where the Lord would come to the churches and said “I am aware of your works I know your works now this is what you’re doing good, this is what you’re doing bad. Hold on to doing what you’re doing good, get rid of repent of what you’re doing bad, or I will come…” and there are several different things there. He said He will remove their name from the book of life, He will remove their candlestick, He will come and… those who don’t repent there are list of things that you can see in those 7 churches that you do not want to experience. The Lord has called us, and the very first church concerning loosing our first love, they lost their first love. They were doing a lot of good religious stuff but they had lost their first love and if they didn’t repent He was going to come and cut them off and that’s the message of the Day of Atonement. The Feast of Trumpets is a time preparation shouting the good and the bad…

Sid: Alright but those that haven’t repented now comes the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. What’s going to happen to those?

Rick: The picture of that, I believe the perfect picture of that was in the book of Joshua with Achan where Achan had seen the power and the glory of God. That he had been with Joshua, they had come across the Jordan, he had been circumcised, found of covenant, he had seen the miraculous power of God with Jericho and God had said “Don’t do this, don’t steal don’t take this stuff” but he took the stuff and hid it in his tent. That act stole the power of God out of the camp of God…

Sid: Not just the power…

Rick: Yeah.

Sid: It cost him his life.

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Our Guest Rick Neill

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah. As I’m saying this I’m thinking about my guest Rick Neill; I’m speaking to him by telephone at his home right outside of Akron, Ohio. Interviewing him on his brand new book “Ultimate Glory,” one of the first books I’ve seen that takes the Biblical festivals that in the Hebrew God says are actually rehearsals, and gives us a peek into what’s going to happen in the last days rather than through the filtered deception of the Greco-Roman understanding. We look at the rehearsals that God Himself put into the scriptures that said “If you want to take a peek into the book of the last days look at My Biblical festivals.” So right now Rick believes we are in Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets. In traditional Judaism and in the Bible it tells us that it’s 10 days of awe and repentance where you repent. So what’s going to Rick for those, and we’re in that window right now of those 10 days of repentance. What’s going to happen to the lukewarm believers in the Messiah, which let’s be candid, are most Christians today? Unfortunate I hate to say this but it’s true I believe many churches are nothing more than warehouses for hell. What’s going to happen to those that refuse to get red hot during this 10 days of Feast of Trumpets, or Rosh Hashanah?

Rick: I believe the very word you reference there, lukewarm will give us the key to that. Is in Revelation 3 where Jesus said “He knows our works and would that we were hot or cold, but those who are lukewarm” He said that He is “going to vomit out of His mouth.” I believe that is about as clear as it can get. That is not… that doesn’t mean “Well done good and faithful servant.” That is the Lord vomiting, I believe He’s… that’s a picture of lukewarmness making the Lord sick. Which I’m a Baptist with the earlier peace days when speaking of Jesus back with Passover He said “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Then concerning Pentecost with the baptism of fire, baptism of the Holy Spirit, He said “Behold He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Well there’s also a prophecy from John concerning this time this Day of Atonement. In Luke 3:17 it says “His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather the wheat into His barn; but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire.” I believe that shows that same picture that the Lord is coming to purify His bride, He’s coming back for a bride without spot or blemish, without wrinkle. That purified bride, that clean bride, that glorious bride is going to be here on earth it’s not just going to be in heaven.

Sid: So let’s take… there was an exact day that was fulfilled where we had a rehearsal first by looking at the festival in the Old Testament. Then we saw it actually fulfilled in a single day, that was Pentecost. Do you believe that there’s like a cut-off point called Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement, that when that occurs if someone is still lukewarm or a foolish virgin, they’re going to be cut-off?

Rick: I believe that with all my heart Sid. I believe that…

Sid: Well let’s look at the positive, what about those of us who repent and are red hot for the Messiah. What’s going to happen to us on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur?

Rick: Okay I believe Isaiah 60 shows that really well. I believe that this is going to be a time of great darkness. It says “Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.” For me that carries the entire picture of the Day of Atonement. I believe we are heading into the darkest time in human history. I believe that darkness is overtaking the earth, but I also believe that the Lord has purposely going to use that darkness as a backdrop to help magnify the glory that’s about to be released in the church.

Sid: Is that what we’re being prepared for in this 10 days of Feast of Trumpets, and it’s not 10 literal days but the season we’re in right now?

Rick: Exactly. I believe in Romans 8:18 it says “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” In John 17:22 Jesus said “And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one.” I really believe that this… just like in the shadow that on the shadow day of atonement the high priest once a year on this day would go in and the glory would feel the temple. Just as on Pentecost when the Lord came as a baptizer with the Holy Spirit and He filled His entire church that was in one accord they all were filled with the Holy Ghost and fire. I believe the same is going to be seen on the Day of Atonement when the great High Priest Jesus Himself comes and fills His temples with glory. Again there’s a perquisite as with the Day of Pentecost, the perquisite was they were all in one accord, that their hearts were all together they were not rebellious, they were not selfish, they were in accord with one another and the Lord. I believe the same thing is true with this upcoming Day of Atonement that the Lord is calling from our perspective. We can get fearful if we look at the judgments and the cutting off that the Lord speaks about. But from God’s perspective He’s looking for the faithful, this whole thing about the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Trumpets is about faithfulness. Passover and Pentecost dealt with faith, but now we’re dealing, the fall feast days are dealing with faithfulness those who are faithful will be blessed beyond their wildest dreams.

Sid: Now one of the things I’ve often wondered is the book of Ephesians talks about the glorious church. You don’t have to be a great theologian to figure this out it’s a church that’s filled with the literal glory of God. I’ve often wondered how God is going to do this. The way you’re explaining it, and we’re in a season of separation right now. On Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, this… you were quoting from Isaiah 60 the Spirit of the Lord being upon us. Describe what it’s going to be like in the church and in the world on real Christians on the Day of Atonement, on those that are red hot.

Rick: I believe the prophecy that Jesus Himself spoke said that “Those who would believe in Him they would do the same works that He did and even greater.” I believe the glory of the Lord is going to fill every repentant Christian those who respond in correct ways to the call to repent they’re going to be so filled with the glory of God that they are going to walk as Jesus walked, that they are going to be filled with His glory. I believe it could even go to the point where the Mount of Transfiguration, where the disciples saw Jesus up on the mountain. Jesus was still in His earthly body but He was walking in the footsteps that His Father had predestined for Him. In that still earthly body the glory of the Lord filled Him. Moses when He came down off the mountain He glowed and had to put a veil over His face and that was under a lesser covenant. I believe that the ultimate of this of the Day of Atonement is going to be so far beyond our capacity to dream; I believe that we’re going to empty out hospitals, nursing homes, children’s homes, I believe that raising the dead is going to be common place, I believe that the outfall the tidal wave of this Day of Atonement is that there are going to be billions, not millions, swept into the kingdom.

Sid: But there’s also going to be persecution going on. A lot of people feel that the church will really be whipped about that time not that it’ll be a great revival.

Rick: Well there’s going to be, probably a better word might be reformation than revival because the Lord is going to reform the entire church.

Sid: In other words, it’s not going to stop where Martin Luther stopped it’s going to go all the way.

Rick: Yes. Everything that is in the church now the lukewarmness, and the compromise, and the pretend Christians they’re all going to be gone on the Day of Atonement, they’re going to be severed, they’re going to be winnowed by His winnowing fan. Those who are left are going to be devoted they’re going to be filled with His glory, they’re going to walk as Jesus walked, and they are going to be unstoppable.

Sid: Is it time for a red hot Christian to be alive?

Rick: Whoooo (laughing) it’s the best time. I’m looking… I used to so look forward to the rapture but now that has been so far moved to the back burner for me because I want to walk in the full glory of my Lord. I want to see the fullness…

Sid: Okay but where does the rapture come in according to the Biblical festivals?

Rick: I believe that the Lord is showing me on that is that the rapture will occur on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, which is 5 days after the Day of Atonement. I don’t know if that’s going to be 5 literal days, I don’t know that it matters. I believe what the scenario will be will be that the church is called to repentance and preparation to the Feast of Trumpets. Then on the Day of Atonement the glory will fall, it will feel the church and it will so empower the church that there will be literally millions of Jesus’, the least on this earth in the fullness of His glory and power. In His church the glory will cover the earth and in this time period between the Day of Atonement and the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. If this is where this massive harvest will take place and the Feast of Tabernacles is called the Feast of the Great Harvest. I believe what the Lord is showing is the rapture will occur on the first day of the Feast of the Great Harvest, or the Feast of Tabernacles.

Sid: Then you see 7 years, the same scenario of 7 years with the anti-Christ coming on the scene?

Rick: Yes I believe so.

Sid: Well who’s going to be preaching the gospel then if the rapture occurs?

Rick: Okay I believe that… the emphasis… that brings me to a different question, to answer your question I have to go a different direction.

Sid: Rick we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guests Brent Luck

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SID: Brent, what is the Glory and what is possible in the Glory?

BRENT: Well when I think about the Glory, I think of when Moses came down the mountain, the Glory of God is something that changes us inwardly and it shines outwardly. The Glory of God is his nature, his character, his righteousness. It’s a heavenly intelligence. It’s an awareness of knowing that you know God and you’re hungering for God, and he knows that, and he just begins to pour it out.

SID: Explain to me the pattern you found out from the Bible about the Glory, especially with Moses.

BRENT: Well Moses, this is such an incredible story because Moses says to God, the first thing he says is, “If I have found grace in your sight,” and then he says, “show me your Glory.” And then God says, “Because you have asked this.” See, I believe that we’re in a season now, we need to ask for the Glory of God. We need to decree the Glory of God in our homes, in our cars, in our businesses, in our communication. When we email people we need to send the Glory of God. When we text people, we need to send the Glory of God. And so God told Moses, he said, “You cannot see my face, but you can see my backside, and I’m going to hid you into the cleft of the rock.” Hello Jesus. And so as I was preparing, I told you today that God showed me, then God says, “I will pass by you.” But if we really think about what happened, how could God just pass by. No, no, no, no. He passed through Moses because everything that Moses does after this is now from the place of establishing the Glory that’s in him.

SID: How would you like God to pass through you? I’m going to release you, Brent. I want him to proclaim. I’ve heard him do this, this is phenomenal, the names of God and watch God pass through you. Are you ready, audience?

BRENT: Hallelujah. Just lift your hands right now. Father, we decree and declare right now that you are Jehovah Jireh, that you are the God who not only meets our need, but you see our need, and you know our place where we are, God. You are not a God that is far off. And we decree and declare that you are close as our words, to our manifestation of our miracle. Father, we decree and declare Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Rapha right now that you are our healer in this place right now. In the name of Jesus I decree and declare over cancer, over diabetes, over blood disorders, over heart issues, over epilepsy right now. Somebody has a son or a daughter in here, you’re epileptic right now. God has seen the decree, all the Rapha over him and the Father, we thank you that you are Jehovah Shammah, you are the God that is always there. You’re the God that is more than enough, you’re the God that supplies all of our needs. So we receive it right now in the name of Jesus. We decree and declare that you are Jehovah M’Kaddesh, you are Jehovah Tsidkenu, our sanctification and our righteousness. God, we decree and declare, and over you and the media, over you, but over the world that you are Jehovah Shalom. You are our peace which passes all understanding. Let’s give the Lord a shout. Hallelujah! I wrote this one this morning especially for you guys. It says, I decree that the supply of Heaven will be my portion. I decree that the supply of Heaven will swallow up and devour all my lack. I decree that with my mouth I carve out a realm of prosperity as I speak blessing and favor in Jesus’ name. I decree that you are Jehovah Shammah. You’re the God that is always with me. I decree this is your day of breakthrough. This is your day of breakthrough. I want to say this to you. We are in the second half of this year. The six months that just were gone, it was for preparation for your glory and breakthrough. And let me tell you something. Let me just say this to you. There is just too much of God in us to fail in this next season. Too much. You need to look in the mirror and say there’s just too much of God in me to fail because greater is he that is in me and he that is in the world. Hallelujah. I decree that anything that has held me back or us back in the future has been defeated in this past season. I decree that faith will increase and we will speak to mountains, and they will move. I decree that we will walk in abundance that you have for us. I decree that anything from my past that may have derailed my victory is defeated, destroyed and covered by the blood of Jesus. Oh Lord, our season of frustration and lack is over and we step in and we supernatural time travel into all God has for us in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.

SID: And I decree that you are going to go everywhere and proclaim to everyone the good news that Jesus the Messiah is Lord.

BRENT: Yes! Hallelujah. Thank the Lord.

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