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Our Guest Jamie Galloway

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JAMIE: And it just completely wrecked me! It transformed my heart!

ART:     That’s awesome! Now I think you and I would agree that encounters are supposed to be a normal part of the Christian life but what do you say to the Christian who’s like well I’ve never had one of these encounters. Am I even saved you know? Like where do I fit in this picture?

JAMIE: Yeah. It’s everyone has an opportunity to encounter God. The loving-kindness of God! 

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: And I feel every one of us, can make decisions that celebrate that.

ART: Uh-huh!

JAMIE: Or actually put that to the side. You know and if we begin to celebrate it – and that looks like hunger.

ART: Uh-huh!

JAMIE: That looks like I’m wanting this. I want a connection. I think of it like a 5-bar connection!

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: Right?

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: So when you have 5 bars on our phone, right? I paid for a 5- bar connection.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: I’m sure you do right?

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: And we travel. We want it – we want international connection. We want you know – and yet why does that only get one bar when I paid for 5? Why is it the believer is getting a 1-bar connection when Jesus paid for all 5? They have the ability to connect and have full range! Right? The full spectrum?   

ART: That’s good!

JAMIE: God speaking to us. Visitations. Encounters. Dreams. Visions. Right?

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: Love baptisms. Intimacy. Right? And then to be a voice. To prophesy. To share with others the secrets that God is sharing with you! Why can’t we turn on these other 4 bars? And I think that’s something that we begin to step into when we celebrate!

ART: Yeah! So like how do you even do that? Where do you start?

JAMIE: Yeah. It’s one: people need to get over what they’ve not experienced and not let their lack of experience become their bar.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: Right? Some people don’t experience something and they almost wear it like a badge!

ART: Yeah right!

JAMIE: Right. Well, I’m not the one that gets healed. You’ll hear them say that.

ART: Yeah. Yeah.

JAMIE: I’m the one that everybody prays for and doesn’t get healed.

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: And that’s not a badge.

ART: Right.

JAMIE: There’s nothing to be proud about.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: Right? Now that’s a sad story and I’ve heard that said before. I’m like well today’s your day!

ART: Yeah. [laughing]

JAMIE: We’re going to step into a miracle right now!

ART: Uh-huh!

JAMIE: I believe God wants to touch you! And so people need to get over what it is that they’re not encountering and begin to trust God that He’s bigger!

ART: Right.

JAMIE: He’s bigger than my lack of encounter! And then the other side – I mean so many people they experience something and they let that be their bar.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: Right? And I’m saying there’s more!

ART: Yeah!

JAMIE: There’s more! Celebrate it! Ask God for the more! Let Him touch you and it’ll change everything!

ART: That’s awesome! I think one of the things I want to do with you in a little bit here is I want to start talking about the specifics of how do we enter into these – you know how do you have a vision? How do you – what does that even look like? How do you recognize it when it’s happening is maybe another way to put it? But right now what would you say to the person who is just like really, really hungry right now and they’re like I don’t even want to wait until it’s over. Like how do I encounter God right here right now? 

JAMIE: Art, I would say to them don’t give up! Press in! And just put your hands out and celebrate the goodness of God! Just simply receive! So many are in the posture of I press in, press in, press in. But when I press in, it’s an opposite. I press in not by striving but by receiving!

ART: Yeah. We’re going to take a little break here and as we do it I want you to just try that out! [music begins] Just take a minute. So set back, rest in God’s presence and receive and celebrate the goodness of God! [music ends]

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February 27th, 2021 at 4:47 am

Our Guest Art Thomas

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ART: Yeah, Jesus paid for 100% so right now I speak 100% healing to that body. No more pain in Jesus” name. All right. Test it out again. Any change? Specifically right now I’m just feeling my right ear. Is that bad pizza or is there someone here with a right ear problem? Yeah. So c’mon over. What’s it do? Is it—

WOMAN #3: It’s like when I plug this up I’m not able to understand what you’re saying. You’re like muffled. I’ve been—  

ART: Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. All right. Open up in Jesus” name right now. All right. I’m talking the same volume. Any change? Oh yeah. You’ve got to plug that up. Test it again. And be honest, not polite. Yeah. Any change yet?     

WOMAN #3: A little.

ART: A little? A little’s great. Yeah. Thank You Jesus for a little. All the way is better. (laughs) Yeah. 100% in Jesus name. Check that out. Any change? Still talking the same volume?    

WOMAN #3: Uh, uh. No. It’s getting better.

ART: It’s getting better? Wow. That’s awesome. Thank You Lord. 100% healing in Jesus” name. Open up right now. Open up right now. Check that out. Still the same volume? Any difference?

WOMAN #3: Still the same.

ART: Still the same? Okay. That’s fine. Open up in Jesus” name. 100%. Thank You Lord. You folks realize how awesome this is? (laughs) How many of you this is the most miracles you’ve ever witnessed?

WOMAN #3: It just went up!

ART: That’s awesome. It just went— This is awesome!


ART: All right. Try that out again. Any, any difference? Still going—

WOMAN #3: Yeah. You just went up when you—

ART: Wow! Wow! That’s great! Good. (turns to man) Are you feeling any more change right now? Okay. All right. Do you want to sit back down? You want to stay— Okay. That’s all right if you sit down. That’s not a lack of faith. That’s just being considerate of ya. Right? You need help sitting down? Okay. Good, good, good, good. Okay.

WOMAN #3: Okay. My ear is completely—     

ART: It’s completely open?

WOMAN #2: Completely.  

ART: (laughs) Wow!

WOMAN #3: Completely! Completely! Completely!


ART: Now I want to point out, in case you didn’t notice that, I want to point out I didn’t even pray for her the last time. Okay. Like the Bible says you’ll lay hands on the sick and they will recover. It doesn’t even say you have to say anything. It’s just you can speak a word of authority. So feel free to just lay hands on someone and just chill and let them know it was Jesus when they’re healed. Right? You know we say “in Jesus” name” cause we want them to know who did it. Right? And it was Him. All right. I want you all to get some sleep tonight if you possibly can after seeing all those miracles. So I just want to pray for you one more time. I’ll let them tell you what to do and how to dismiss and then we’ll let God continue to minister in your lives and maybe we’ll have more miracles in the morning.

So just keep seeking Jesus. Lay hands on yourself. Believe for healing. Jesus, thank You for all these miracles we saw. Thank You for what we witnessed in this place. You’re so good. You’re so amazing. And we worship You for it. Lord we want to be the people who respond rightly to miracles. That it causes us to rise up in praise for You. That we worship You for it. Lord, You are so good and so amazing. Thank You, Lord. I pray Lord that we would see more miracles in the next couple of weeks than we saw in this place. That we would see even more miracles in the next few days than we saw in this place. Lord we thank You. We worship You. We praise You. In Jesus” name. Amen. Amen.   

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February 17th, 2021 at 3:45 am

Our Guest Guillermo Maldonado

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GUIILLERMO: Hey, you’re too polite— you must be crazy for a moment. Do I have crazy people here today?


GUILLERMO: You’re too polite. I’m too polite. Yeah, I don’t care how God will do it. I don’t care. If I want to jump, I want to roll on the floor, I will do it. But you must say God— I’m willing to— (laughs) this is what I teach the people— Have you noticed in America why most of the preachers don’t demonstrate what they preach? Not here, I mean over here guys—


GUILLERMO: Okay, you know why? 3 reasons. Number 1: because there’s nothing to prove. It is easy to preach a message that you don’t have to prove. Number 2, the reason they can’t demonstrate it is because they don’t have revelation. You can have the best message, get all the dictionaries, and all the good things but if you don’t have the breath of the Spirit nothing will happen. No demonstration. And number 3, I like this one, they don’t want to lose, they don’t want to risk their reputation. Over here guys, can you help me?” You lost your reputation so you can go “amen.” They don’t want to risk their reputation. Okay, I’ll prove it you. (to congregation) Sit down. I’ll prove it to you? Can you move this? You want me to lose my reputation? (audience laughs) Is anybody sick in their body here?

Okay, I want you to stand, I want you to stand, I want you to stand if you’re sick in your body. And what I will do is pray here. I can do it, but I’ve got my people here, they can do the same thing, okay, but I will demonstrate it to you for you to see it. But if you do the most of the preachers will not do it because they say “Well, I’m too big. You know, I can lose my— what if it doesn’t happen,” and many things are involved. But I am dead. So I don’t worry about it. I am dead. So if you dead you don’t worry. You worry about Jesus. You say “Jesus, you do it.” So what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you? Yeah, what happened? … No, just one word, and that’s it because— back problem. Okay, does anybody have problem here where you feel the pain right now? Okay, you got the pain? Okay, I want my team going over there please. What’s wrong with your back? Ear.

What’s wrong with your ear? So you can’t hear anything? Okay, okay, anybody else in the ears? You have an ear—what’s wrong with you? Completely gone? Ringing? Ringing? Come over here, can you come up here? Can you come up here? Any ears, ears, come over here, come over here, come over here, come up, ears, come over here, hurry up here. Can you pray in the Holy Ghost because you need to respond? No, no, no, not like that (saying it gently, Guillermo then prays in tongues) In America they told you not to pray anymore. C’mon you are Pentecostals— I want you to stay here. Okay, come over here, get closer, ears right? Any of you have lost one of the ears completely, any of you, any of you, you? Which one? The right is gone? How long ago? 6 years ago— come over here my team— come over here please. Frank, you pray for him. Anybody else in the ear, that you lost your ear? I like the difficult cases first, the most difficult case— Okay, the rest of the people will be healed. But let me tell you this, can we bring— what about you? You lost it? How long ago? So it’s gone. I just want the people to hear because they say “Well, it was an emotional thing.” No, I want the people to be sure why we say it. But I need your support—

AUDIENCE: Amen, hallelujah, YAY!

GUILLERMO Okay, okay, John you going to pray for him, Frank you going to pray for him. Go, go pray. So I want the people to pray. Stretch your hands to over them. By the way, this is not a show, this is a demonstration of how the kingdom— listen, before you pray guys, can we bring the kingdom here and now?


GUILLERMO: I didn’t hear you.


GUILLERMO: Can we bring the kingdom here and now?


GUILLERMO: Something historical. No. Can we bring it now?


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February 5th, 2021 at 8:11 am

Our Guest Patricia Bootsma

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PAT: And we’re not allowing her to get married till she’s 45 or 50! But anyway. [Laughs] But talk to us for just a second longer before we go to a break that what birthed this book inside of you? What birthed writing about raising burning hearts? Where did that come from?

PATRICIA: Well I have to say honestly it was the Word of the Lord to me. It’s just like He said I want you to write this book. And I’m like I’m still in the process of raising kids! But you know God has really blessed us! The three oldest who are all in ministry. Our son Judah is right now working underneath Lou Engle and his Ecumenical School of Missions.

PAT: Oh!

PATRICIA: Our daughter is at IHOP, International House of Prayer with her husband on staff there. Another daughter is on staff at a House of Prayer in Quebec in Canada. And so what we’ve seen is that they themselves have carried these values of really loving God and so it’s on the heart of the Father that we go back to family, as God designed it! I think you can agree with me.

PAT: Beautiful, yeah!

PATRICIA: That the breakdown of family, is one of the largest contributors to society’s breakdown! And so if we can go back to hey, let’s see the hearts of the fathers turn to the children and see the hearts of the children turn to the fathers! Let’s see the healing that God wants to do right there in the family! Let’s prioritize that! So that’s really what it was birthed out of and certainly birthed out of the heart of our heavenly Father!

PAT: Well you’re watching Something More! [Music] And we’ve got Patricia Bootsma here with us and we’re really excited! Hang on! When she comes back she’s going to tell us how to awaken God in your home!

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PAT: Hey welcome back to Something More! We have Patricia Bootsma here! And she and her husband are pastors there in Toronto at Catch the Fire! God is using them! They’ve raised, I mean six children. Some are still being raised.


PAT: But just mighty warriors for the kingdom! And you know I think that the Lord is using you even on this program because before we go even deeper into it I want to talk about the revelatory gift.


PAT: How to teach your kids how to hear the voice of God. But talk to the single mom that’s watching out there because – or the single dad that’s out there and, you know, that are walking through tough times in their home. You know the school is sending them reports. Your kid’s got ADD, ADHD. They’ve got all this. I used to say I’ve had ABCDEFG! 


PAT: And talk to the single parent that’s watching right now! I really think the Lord is going to use you right now to speak to that parent that’s just done!

PATRICIA: Yeah, absolutely! You know I’d say first of all there is always hope! That in God there is always hope! And so we have the Father who Isaiah 54 talks about as her husband can come along and help. And I really think it’s important that we as a church to come alongside the single moms in our church. We’re trying to do that. Even pair godly men. I remember this man in our church when I was really getting a lot of healing about father wounds.

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January 25th, 2021 at 4:51 am

Our Guest Bruce Van Natta

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Kyle Winkler: Welcome to Something More! I’m Kyle Winkler! My guest today lives one of the most miraculous lives of just about anybody that I know! I mean from encounter to encounter to encounter to the point of him being saved from death! We’ll touch on that in just a little bit. But through it all he has developed an intimacy to talk and hear from God and he’s here today to share with you how you can hear from God yourself right now! So if you’re interested in that then perk your ears up and help me welcome Bruce Van Natta! Bruce, thank you so much for joining me!

Bruce Van Natta: Thanks for having me, Kyle!

KYLE: You’ve got quite the story and as I was even preparing for this interview I mean it is a faith building story!


KYLE: From prodigal to full-time ministry. And at the end of that, November 16th, 2006 you’ve moved on from all kinds of experiences and God really getting your attention through a bunch of things.

BRUCE: Yeah, absolutely.

KYLE: But this one experience really changed everything for you! Tell us about that. 

BRUCE: It was a tipping point! Yeah. So as you mentioned 2006 I was a mechanic. I was working on a large Peterbilt logging truck and this semi-truck ended up falling on top of me. I got crushed in half. I ended up one inch thick in here. Two inches thick here. Flat! Five places major arteries severed. Small intestine, spleen, pancreas. Everything in the middle completely crushed! Ended up – 

KYLE: So you have a truck on top of you at that point.

BRUCE: Yeah. A semi-truck fell on top of me. Crushed me into the cement. And I ended up bleeding out at the scene of the accident. The volunteer fire department came and a Christian lady came and prayed me back to life three times at the scene of the accident! I had an out-of-body experience. I got to see the two angels that God sent.

KYLE: You saw two angels. 

BRUCE: Two angels. Yes.

KYLE: God sent to bring you back to life?

BRUCE: To minister to my body.

KYLE: To minister to your body.

BRUCE: The lady prayed me back to life. Three times. God spoke to me in it all. So it was very – I spent the next year in the hospital. So it was a very huge, huge supernatural event! And it was life-changing. I had been called to ministry and had been disobedient. And it was a tipping point to get me into ministry.

KYLE: I know you had mentioned before that you were a prodigal to full-time ministry.

BRUCE: Yeah.

KYLE: So God had been as we said trying to get your attention. I mean what more attention-getting can you get than angels ministering to you?

BRUCE: Yeah.

KYLE: And I know we could talk the whole segment on just that.

BRUCE: Absolutely. 

KYLE: But you’ll be doing an interview with Sid on that where people can find more about your story there. But with an encounter like you had or encounters, many miraculous things over your life one would expect that you would develop an intimacy with God from things like that and you have. You hear and you talk to God and you would say that prayer is key to having an intimate relationship with God. Right?

BRUCE: Absolutely! It’s that communication. That back and forth.

KYLE: And we know that the Bible talks so much about prayer but a couple of things that it says that I think sometimes people wonder how do we do this is it says that we should pray without ceasing.

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January 11th, 2021 at 4:03 am