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Our Guest Marilyn Hickey

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MARILYN: Do you know healing is the “bread of the children.” Isn’t it? That’s what Jesus said. So we’re going to eat some bread early, because healing is for us in a daily way. Plus all believers are to lay hands on the sick. Not just certain names, and I know there are healing evangelists, I don’t argue with that. But all believers are to pray for the sick. So this is what God wants us to do. And let me tell you it’s hard for people to argue with a miracle. A Buddhist gets healing, his ears are opened that are deaf are you’re going to tell him that Jesus doesn’t heal? Too late, right? So I have found that healing works in every country. With the Hindus, every religion. Healing works with the Muslims. Healing works with the Buddhists. I’ve done healing meetings in China, getting ready to go again and it works with the atheist.

Because when you get a miracle you know and you’re praying in the name of Jesus it’s Jesus who gave you the miracle. So many, many people get saved because they receive a healing miracle. And it works right here. People say, “Well, you have greater miracles over there.” Not really. I have bigger crowds so I have more miracles. But I don’t have greater than here. And let me just share with you how important it is for you to heal the sick. When I first began to travel, you know women didn’t teach, you know they didn’t teach the Bible, they didn’t do those kind of things. When I first got involved with television was in Denver Colorado. I had to meet with a board, nine men, and I was going on channel, I wanted to go on channel 9, and so they looked at me and they said, “Well, we can tell you are not television material.”


MARILYN: They said, “You should stick with the radio, you’d never make it in television.” But I knew in my heart God wanted me to do this. Now remember, this is” the only people I know who were on at that time were Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and one pastor in our city. But when God is for you, who can be against you? Put your hand on your hearts: [say] I won’t forget. God is for ME! So who can be against me! So a Catholic man spoke up, he said, “Oh, I think we oughta try to her, I think she’ll pay her bill.” So here I am, 42 years later, none of those men are in television, I still am!


MARILYN: See this is the key thing, that He’s for you. So point to yourself again, say: I won’t forget. (Audience says “I won’t forget”) He is for me. (Audience says “He is for me”) Now I didn’t start in a big flashy way. I was invited to a small Assembly of God church in New Jersey. And I said to the pastor this was my first time to speak in a church. I had never spoken in our church, not that my husband wouldn’t have let me, we didn’t even think of such a thing, so we were shocked when I got the invitation. And so I said to him, “How long do you want me to speak “cause I’m frightened?” And he said “As long as you’re anointed.” He said, “And when you’re not I want you to sit down. And if you don’t I’ll tell you.”


MARILYN: Wow! I was wiped out with this to start with. So I got up, I’m preaching, and way at the back, and they met in a gymnasium, was a man in a wheelchair. I could only see him from here up, and why I did this? I said, “In the name of Jesus, get up and walk!” This is during the sermon. Well he didn’t walk. So I got really anointed, really loud, “IN JESUS NAME, GET UP AND WALK!” He didn’t walk. And the assistant, one of the assistant pastors was standing beside him. I said, ‘dave get him up!” And Dave went” [shook his head no) I said, ‘Dave, where’s your faith? Get him up!” He said, ‘marilyn, he doesn’t have any legs.”


MARILYN: That’s was the way I started my healing ministry.

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August 3rd, 2020 at 6:46 am

Our Guest Jerame Nelson

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JERAME: All right. Well I’ll just share a few things here. Myself and my wife we are hosting an outpouring of the Spirit that’s happening right now in San Diego and so for the last 8 months we’ve been in extended meetings and you know we’re around 200 nights now and after 200 nights of hosting the Holy Spirit we’re starting to get some glimpses of I believe what God wants to release in this next season to a generation. And we’re really excited because one of the things that we really feel like is that God is reintroducing the Person of the Holy Spirit to the Church. And you know a lot of people you know when I would say something like that they’d say well what do you mean? Well a lot of the Church thinks that the Holy Spirit is a goose bump, a tickle, a wind, a fire. They might think that you know the Holy Spirit is a dove but the reality is that those are things that happen are when the Holy Spirit comes into the room but they are not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the God-head and the Holy Spirit is a co-equal with the Father and a co-equal with the Son. And so what we’ve been seeing is that God is releasing a fresh revelation of the anointing of Son-ship.

Well how many of you know that Romans 8 says that it’s by the Spirit of God that we cry Abba, Father and it’s by the Spirit of God that we hear the Father’s voice. You know it says in John, chapter 14, Jesus He said to His disciples, He said: If you love Me and you keep my commands I will pray the Father and He will give to you a Helper and He may abide with you forever. The Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees Him nor knows Him but you know Him for He dwells in you and will be upon you. He said I will not leave you orphaned. And so in this outpouring of the Spirit that we’ve been experiencing, I mean we’ve been seeing some amazing things. I mean we’ve had where God has healed Lyme’s Disease, Parkinson’s, people being healed from stage 4 cancer. You know we even had just the most amazing miracle happen without anybody having to lay hands on anybody. You know we had a dead raising that happened. That was amazing. Actually we did a resurrection life service and when we did that you know it’s kind of an awkward advertisement like Hey! Bring the dead [laughs]


JERAME: You know like but we said we’re going to do a resurrection power service and it was for Easter this year and so you know Sunday night Easter weekend we did the resurrection power service and part of me was like hoping that no dead guy showed up and the other part was like but we won’t see it happen if we don’t pray for dead people and nobody showed up with a dead guy so I was like you know a little bit relieved. But then I thought no, God You said resurrection power. Well so then I automatically went into what you would think. So God’s resurrecting dreams. He’s resurrecting prophetic words. You know all those things which resurrection power can you know pertain to a lot of different elements.

But one of the things that happened is a woman came up in the meeting and she came and brought me this piece of paper. She said hey my friend’s been in a coma for a really long time. Listen,  those who are watching right now you got to understand something. There’s no time and distance between God and where you’re at! You could be home sick right now, I want you to hear this testimony, but you got to understand. So she brings me the letter and she says this is a testimony all about my friend who’s in a coma and you know it’s not looking good. In fact you know it’s really, really bad and, and that’s all she said to me and I just had faith. How many of you know that Jesus, He prayed for the centurion soldier, you know he had a servant who was at home dreadfully tormented and you know He declared a healing word and the minute that He declared that healing word the man was healed that very hour.

And so I thought in my head hey, we’re going to release resurrection power over your friend and so I kind of just cut her off and said yeah, let me see the piece of paper. I grabbed it and I said in the name of Jesus we release healing over this woman. I command you come out of the coma. I command you to be healed! We release resurrection power, resurrection glory now in Jesus’ name! And then you know I gave her a hug and said goodbye and it’s so funny. About four months later she shows up back up at the fire and glory outpouring and one night she comes up and she says I have to give a testimony. And I said okay, well what’s going on? She said I’m so convicted of the Lord that I haven’t given this testimony yet but do you remember me? You prayed for my friend that was in the coma? And I said yeah, I remember that. And she said well what I didn’t tell you was that she was dead!

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July 22nd, 2020 at 6:58 am

Our Guest Jerame Nelson

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JERAME:  Thank you, Lord. Now I want you to start, people here right now, just test your body out. Check. See if the pain’s gone. See if you could do something that you couldn’t do before. Some of you are going to be really surprised right now because God loves you so much. Check it out. Who feels the difference? If that’s you, wave at me like this. You feel the difference, wave at me like this. C’mon, you feel like Jesus healed you, wave at me. Look at that. C’mon look at all these people around the room, friends.

SR: I would like to have about 5 of you that raised your hand come up here very quickly and testify. Very quickly, please.

JERAME:  Yeah, if Jesus healed you, c’mon!

SID ROTH: What happened?

WOMAN #2: I was thrown from my horse 3 years ago and I’m in my fifties. And I’d hurt my shoulder and I hadn’t been able to do this and I’m doing it! [laughs]

JERAME:  Wow! How long haven’t you been able to do that?

WOMAN #2: since I got thrown. I’d, I’d tore up the whole side of my body. I had a big horse [chuckles].

JERAME:  Wow, so for 3 years you couldn’t do this?

WOMAN #2: I couldn’t do this. This wasn’t happening.

SID ROTH: Now God is here and there’s power in the testimony. If He’ll heal one, He’ll heal all. He’s not a respecter of persons. He’s a respecter of His Word and faith in the integrity of His Word. Thank you. C’mon.

WOMAN #3: Two years ago I fell and broke my left shoulder. And then in this year, I fell, I mean in July of last and I fell and broke my elbow real bad and had to have surgery. I couldn’t raise this arm up. January of this year I fell, had a bad fall and bruised my whole shoulder and it has been so sore and it’s healed but I couldn’t raise my, either one ‘them up no farther than this. But PRAISE GOD!, Woo. Hallelujah!

SID ROTH:: Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Robin, come on. Thank you, Jesus.

WOMAN #4: I had arthritis and my knee was hurting me so bad I couldn’t hardly walk home last night from the shoot and now I can raise my legs up! And He healed my ears too! I, I could turn a certain way and I, I would have like vertigo. And He healed my ears too! Thank you, Jesus!!

JERAME:  C’mon!


SID ROTH:  Thank you, Lord. Anything else? Okay. We’re in the presence of God right now. O God, You’re so good. God You are so good. The world has to know about Your goodness, Lord. Use each person here as Your mouthpiece. As Your spokesman. As Your ambassador. The Lord is blessing you right now! The Lord is keeping you right now! The Lord, He’s smiling upon you right now! The Lord, He’s surrounding you with His favor right now! The Lord, He’s gifting you right now! The Lord is giving you His Shalom, completeness, completeness in your body, and in your soul and in your spirit right now! In the name that is above every hurt, every disappointment, every frustration, every need. Yeshua ha Mashiach Tsidkenu, Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness.

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July 17th, 2020 at 6:38 am

Our Guest Jerame Nelson

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JERAME NELSON: All right. You guys doing good? Yeah, c’mon. I just really sense such a presence of God in this place right now. And, you know even as we’ve been worshipping I could just feel, I could just feel a miracle anointing in this place. And I, I really believe God wants to touch people. He wants to, He wants to set people on fire, even as we’ve been testifying about – in the, you know the other set. But I want to talk to you guys today about how God wants to activate our spiritual senses. And I’m excited about that because I believe that there’s no greater gift than to know God.

And I believe there’s no greater gift than to hear His voice and to see what His plans and heart are for the world and to be able to co-labor with Him to see those plans and to see His heart released. And so, you know, can we just pray real quick? Yeah. Lord, I just pray right now for everybody here, Lord God, in the studio audience and everybody else that, Lord, is watching by way of, of television, and we just, we pray right now for the spirit of wisdom and revelation, God, and the knowledge of You.

That, Lord, eyes would be opened, and ears would be opened, Lord, that hearts would be enlightened, God, that we would know You more, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Yeah, so you know what got me going on the subject of activating your spiritual senses was, um, when I was in Scotland a few, you know, years back I had an encounter with Jesus. And we talked about this a little bit earlier, earlier, but what had happened is I was praying to get ready for some revival meetings. And, in about 5 in the morning I was, I was going through what we call jet lag, when, when you travel and you minister, you know what I’m talking about? And so I, I was jet-lagging and as I was jet-lagging I decide there’s nothing better to do than pray so I put my headphones on and I began to worship. And I’m telling you and this – I had an encounter where Jesus walked into the room. And when He walked in the room He was absolutely beautiful. I mean it was like one of the, the most precious encounters that I’ve ever had with God. And, He walks up to the bed where I’m sleeping and, and,

He walks up to me and He’s dressed in all white with a blue sash around His neck and, and He actually comes up to me and He pulls back the sash like this and when He does there’s His heart. And I’m telling you His heart was on fire! It was, it was absolutely amazing. And, and He reaches out and He, He starts praying for me, and as He starts praying for me my entire body, it just, it’s like it catches fire and all my senses they begin to be heightened and, and just my awareness of God just was heightened. And, and then in an instant after He prayed for me He left. And after He left I began to pray and I, I asked God I said God, what was that encounter all about? Because God never does anything without purpose. And, as I began to pray the Lord gave me a scripture. He said, Jerame that was Hebrews 5:14. And that says that solid food belongs to those who are of a mature age who by reason of use have exercised their spiritual senses to discern good from evil. And the Lord began to speak to me and this is what He said. He said Jerame, He said I’m in a, I’m in a place right now where I’m going to begin to activate my people’s senses and He says what they know up here is going to begin to flow down here in their hearts.

And He said what I’m about to do is I’m about to release an anointing to activate people to fully hear My voice and to fully tap into the supernatural so that they can co-labor with Me to do the works of God. And you see I want you to understand something. How many of you know Jesus walked in the supernatural? Right? Now I want to, I want to say this to you. When I say He walked in the supernatural He walked through walls. He walked on water.

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July 9th, 2020 at 4:35 am

Our Guest Rodney Hogue

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RODNEY: So now that Christ is inside of you, it’s time to exercise that authority. So I just want you to repeat after me. “I am a child of the King,”

Audience: I am a child of the King.

RODNEY:  Everything Jesus bought and paid for..

Audience: Everything Jesus bought and paid for..

RODNEY: my inheritance.

Audience: my inheritance.

RODNEY: I’m united with Christ.

Audience: I’m united with Christ.

RODNEY: I died with him.

Audience: : I died with him.

RODNEY: I was buried with him.

Audience: I was buried with him.

 RODNEY: I rose with him.

Audience: I rose with him.

RODNEY: I’m seated at the right hand of the father.

Audience: I’m seated at the right hand of the father.

RODNEY: Far above all rule.

Audience: Far above all rule.

RODNEY: All authority.

Audience: All authority.

RODNEY: All power.

Audience: All power.

 RODNEY: Every name that is named.

Audience: Every name that is named.

RODNEY: Not only in this age…

Audience: Not only in this age…

RODNEY: …but in the one to come,”

Audience: …but in the one to come,”

RODNEY: Therefore..

Audience: Therefore..

RODNEY: …I have authority over the flesh.

Audience: …I have authority over the flesh.

RODNEY: I have authority over sin.

Audience: I have authority over sin.

 RODNEY: I have authority over the demonic.

Audience:  I have authority over the demonic.

RODNEY: I have authority over sickness.

Audience: I have authority over sickness.

RODNEY: And because I have authority of Jesus..

Audience: And because I have authority of Jesus..

RODNEY: …I break every assignment of hell off of me.

Audience: …I break every assignment of hell off of me.

RODNEY: I break every curse of hell off of me.

Audience: I break every curse of hell off of me.

RODNEY: I break every curse that’s come down from my ancestors.

Audience: I break every curse that’s come down from my ancestors.

RODNEY: I break every curse that’s come from the world around me.

Audience: I break every curse that’s come from the world around me.

RODNEY: I break every curse that I’ve put upon myself.

Audience: I break every curse that I’ve put upon myself.

RODNEY: For the weapons of my warfare.

Audience: For the weapons of my warfare.

RODNEY: They’re not fleshly.

Audience: They’re not fleshly.

 RODNEY: They’re divinely powerful.

Audience: They’re divinely powerful.

RODNEY: To pull down the strongholds of darkness.

Audience: To pull down the strongholds of darkness.

 RODNEY: I can do all things through Christ.

Audience: I can do all things through Christ.

RODNEY: Because greater is he who is in me…

Audience: Because greater is he who is in me…

RODNEY: …than he who is in the world.

Audience: …than he who is in the world.


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July 6th, 2020 at 5:46 am