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Our Guest Art Thomas

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ART: Welcome everybody! It’s great to have you with us here. And my name is Art Thomas. I’m going to be talking to you tonight about healing. Now what I’ve learned is that when I’m in Africa I really only have to give a three minute teaching on healing, in fact less than that. Really all I teach is Jesus wants to heal. He wants to use you to do it so here’s how you do it. Lay hands on someone. Say “be healed in Jesus name” and then have them test it out. If it works praise Jesus. If it doesn’t do it again. Keep going until you see either they’re done and they don’t want you to anymore or you see it’s healed. Or you find that you’re in yourself you’re striving and so you just have to kind of recognize all right I don’t have the faith for it today. And I just do that. I confess to person I’m sorry.

If Jesus was standing here you would be healed right now instead you got me. And I’m not perfectly like Him but I’m growing and I want to be. All right? And I tell people keep seeking healing. Now that is so much more encouraging to a person than when we say there’s probably something wrong with you. Probably hidden sin in your life. Maybe you didn’t have enough faith. Cause now that’s funny to us because we’ve all heard it. But I can’t tell you how many meetings I go to where someone comes up to me in tears saying 20 years ago someone told me I had hidden sin and that’s why I’m not healed yet and I’ve been seeking God for 20 years and He won’t tell me what that sin is. And I’m like I know why. And they go why? I say because it’s not there. You know? That’s not what Jesus did.

When the epileptic boy wasn’t healed He didn’t pin it on the little boy. He didn’t pin it on the boy’s dad even. So biblically like family members are even like set aside because Jesus knows the emotional strain on us as family members because we love so much and we care so much. But when it comes to learning faith I always encourage people don’t learn faith in the context of your family because it’s really hard to disengage from the heavy emotion attached to it. Usually we’re like well I’ve prayed for this person 300 times and it’s just not going to happen. You know? So what I do when I teach in Africa, real short teaching and then we see people healed left and right. But when I do this in America sometimes that little statement right there everybody’s like whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up! I’ve got some questions. Which is great. You should question things.

In fact the reason I have a whole bunch of answers for you is because I questioned everything. I was the guy that took a whole three whole months of arguing against the possibility that God always wants to heal and I brought every one of those questions to the scripture. I brought all of them to the Holy Spirit. I said Lord this doesn’t make sense. This doesn’t make sense. I was asking questions about Paul’s thorn in the flesh. Questions about Timothy leaving Trophimus sick in Miletus. You know telling Timothy to drink a little wine because of his frequent illnesses. You know the city of unbelief, Nazareth, where you know Jesus could only work a few miracles. I brought all those questions to the Lord and guess what? He answered all of them. And He answered them so satisfactorily, like I’m a very logical thinker. I like to process through things. If it doesn’t make sense I’m not sold.

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December 14th, 2020 at 3:08 am

Our Guest John Bevere

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JOHN: We worked for two very large ministries, worldwide ministries back in the 1980’s. One had a staff of 450 people, the other one had a staff of 150 people. When we were launched into our own ministry in 1990 I came up with a new concept of leadership. Every employee’s going to be my best friend. So some of you already know the stupidity of that wisdom. Okay. So I hired our first guy on. His name was John. And I employed my new strategy. He’s my best buddy. So we’re playing basketball, we would even watch videos, he’d hang out at the house constantly, he’d eat dinner with us all the time, best— the guy was great the first year, until I had to bring some minor correction to him. Because at our resource table he was treating people kind of rude.

And so I sat him down after a year and I said, John, listen, these are God’s people. We love them. I don’t want you to be unapproachable at the table. I want you to smile more, I want you to help them. And he looks back at me, no kidding, and he points his finger at me and he starts railing on me. Well you’re this and you’re that and you’re this. And I’m sitting there going, “Ho, my, my.” So I immediately look inside, I said Lord, what do I do? And the Lord said, “Fire him.” So I let him completely vent. And when he’s done venting, I said, “Well you can’t work for Messenger International anymore. I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Well he storms out. He’s mad. And I start crying “cause I really cared about the guy. Now I’m crying and the Holy Spirit speaks to me and says, “He will be back working for you and he will be twice as faithful.” So three months go by, I haven’t heard a peep from him, don’t know what’s going on in his life, I have no idea. And I get a phone call from him. He says, John, this is John. He said for the (laughter).

He said for the last, for the, for the last three months God has dealt with me and really spoken to me like He’s never spoken to me before. He said, John, I lost sight of the place God had put you in my life. I lost sight of the place God had placed me in your life. He said I started treating you as common and ordinary. He said I did the same thing with Lisa and he said God has really dealt with me. And he said I am just calling to tell you I am so sorry. I really, really misunderstood and lost sight of who you were in my life. I said John, I forgive you. Well I talked a few more minutes. I said would you, would you come back and work for us? He said “Absolutely!” He came back and worked for us, we never had problems with him in that area again. Now 24 years later I have a new policy. I have 30 employees, right?

My policy now is I will not share intimate things of my life with any of my employees until I know first of all they’re very established in who God made them to be in my life and Lisa’s life and until, well they’re very established in who I am in their life and they’re very established in who they are in my life. Right? Are you with me? Because I don’t want to destroy— and I don’t do this because I’m scared to reveal my heart to my employees. I don’t want to destroy them like I almost destroyed that young man. But once I know an employee of ours, a team member of ours is very established in who I am, and very established in who they are, I’ll bring them in. Some of my employees are my closest friends. Okay? 

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December 4th, 2020 at 2:22 am

Our Guest John Bevere

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Now what I’m about to tell you I got emails on this 8 years after it happened. Okay? The only way I know how to describe what happened is you’re at the end of a runway and a Boeing Jet’s taking off right in front of you. That kind of a sound of a violent wind came blowing in to that auditorium. When it did, the people started screaming. Now can you imagine thousands of Latinos screaming? You know how loud that would be. The wind was louder. So that same thing that happened in Malaysia happened to me there. I’m like, “Oh my God!” There are like goosebumps on my goosebumps.

And I’m standing there frozen, and I’m like “Whooooa…..” because it’s awesome! …what’s going on, and terrifying. And I remember it lasted for about 90 seconds and it left in its wake people collapsed on the chairs, people weeping and I’m like, “God, what do I do? And the Lord’s like, “I’m through with you.” (laughing) So I turned and I looked at the leader and I said “It’s all yours.” So he comes up, they walk me out into the car. And the singer, the national singer and her husband get in the car. She screams, I mean literally, you know how passionate Brazilians are, ‘did you hear the wind!?” And I said, now I didn’t want to say it, I said, ‘maybe it was a jet airplane flying right over the building.”


JOHN: And she got angry at me. She said, (yelling) “What are you talking about? I saw fire all around the building.” And her husband’s a lot more analytical and quieter. He quieted her down, he said, ‘sir, that wasn’t a jet airplane above the building. I said, “How do you know?” He said because there were union security men all around the outside the building. He said most of them aren’t even saved. He said when the wind started blowing they came running in to see what was going on and they started saying to our leaders “what’s going on?” He said I was at the sound board, because I had to check the levels for my wife. He said the decimal beaters were at zero the whole time the wind blew. It was 90 seconds the wind blew. He said ‘not one ounce of the sound came through our sound system.” I said, ‘my God, take me to my hotel room.”


JOHN: No kidding, I didn’t even go out to eat that night. And I remember I just sat on my balcony and worshipped ‘til 1:30 in the morning. And so you’ll never find the Lord in an atmosphere where He’s not held with the utmost respect.

SID: —I want to ask you to do something.

JOHN: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

SID: I would like you to speak just a little while on the fear of the Lord and then lead us in repentance. Would you do that, John? Thank you.


JOHN: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Okay. So, what, what is the fear of the Lord? All right. Let me say this. And I’m, I’m going to say to you tonight, I’m going to repeat some things I just said on this program because I need to lay a foundation again. What is the fear of the Lord is NOT to be scared of God. And as I said, when Moses led Israel out of Egypt, and let me ask you as an audience, when Moses led Egypt out of the audience— or out of, excuse me—

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November 22nd, 2020 at 7:21 am

Our Guest Guillermo Maldonado

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GUILLERMO: Impartation is, the word impartation, Romans 1:11 says, Paul says: I will impart to you. The word impart means to share virtue. So what I will do now is I will activate what you have: gifts, revelation, gifts of the spirit, the supernatural. Number 2, I will impart what I have. So when somebody shares something [they’re] saying I give you something that you didn’t have. Oh my God, I am so excited! Oh— You must be willing to receive what I have. And that is share a virtue. And how would you know it? Well, whenever you go back and pray for people, now I’m gonna put you to pray for the sick and you will say, “I didn’t have that before and now I feel power came out of me.” So impartation came, you were activated in the gifts of the spirit in the supernatural, you were activated in the supernatural but also you received a virtue that you didn’t have. Can I hear an “amen?”


GUILLERMO: So I will do those two things. Can we pray together? Okay, lift your hands towards Jesus. Are you hungry for the supernatural?


GUILLERMO: Okay, to move in the supernatural you must be hungry. You must be hungry. If you’re not hungry, God cannot impose something that you don’t want. You must be crying out in the spirit. Lift your hands and say [AS AUDIENCE REPEATS AFTER GUILLERMO AFTER EACH PHRASE]: Father; in the name of Jesus; I am born again; and the moment I was born again; I was born from above; from heaven; from the kingdom of God; so it’s normal; the supernatural for me; the supernatural is normal; right now, Lord; forgive me; say forgive me; I gave place to religion; and the supernatural; was removed from me; Right now; I ask You; to activate me; again; Lord; I receive; a fresh impartation; I receive; a fresh impartation; in Jesus name; right now; right now; right now! There you go, there you go, pray in the Holy Ghost, pray in the Holy Ghost, lift your hands, pray in the Holy Ghost! (Guillermo prays): Father, in the name of Jesus right now I activate the gifts, I activate the supernatural, I activate any gifts in every person in this building, I activate the supernatural, I activate the people to do miracles, signs and wonders, to move, to cast out demons, to prophesy, to intercede, any gifts that was dormant in them at the count of three, they being activated now. One, two, three, NOW!

There you go. Receive, receive, receive, receive, receive! Father, I impart, I share virtue. Oh, what I have, right now, what I have I activate them and now I impart to them. The anointing is in my mouth and right now I impart to them. When I count to three receive the impartation and respond to it. One two, three, NOW! There you go. Keep praying in the Holy Ghost (praying in tongues), lift your hands, keep, keep , keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost. There’s a fresh, there’s a fresh impartation, but I want you to cry out to God, I want you to cry out to God, “God I want it,” “God, I want it,” “I want it,” “I want it,” “I want it.” Frank, help me, please.

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November 18th, 2020 at 4:02 am

Our Guest Kevin Zadai

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SID: So that you can have your own experiential knowledge with God, let the fire come. Say that at home and here, let the fire come. Alright, Kevin, you told me an angel just started talking to you, and how are angels involved in the Holy Fire?

KEVIN: Well, they actually behold the face of our Father that’s in heaven. That’s why Jesus said, “Don’t do anything to these little ones because of their angels.” The children’s angels always see the face of their Father in heaven. Well, the angels report back, but when they do they energize. I saw them coming to the throne. They were catching on fire and energizing and then coming back and standing beside people and helping them. So angels come and they grab us. They’re expediters. They come to grab us and to take us into what God has for us. When the angel… When he shows up like he does in my meetings, everything goes into this hyper drive. In other words, it goes up a level. And all the sudden—

SID: I’ve seen that in your meetings.

KEVIN: Yes. And all the sudden you’ve seen witches come up and repent. You’ve seen demons flying out of witches. Well, that just doesn’t happen. They can usually come to disrupt a service. Okay, other things are going to start happening. Right now there’s people, right now he’s telling me that those watching this show that they’re being healed. There’s all kinds of problems that are being healed in people’s backs and necks right now. And not only that, there’s a lot of cancer patients. There’s a lot of people with cancer. Right now the tumors are starting to dissolve. I know where you’re going to get reports, Sid. This is because we have to speak from the other realm. We were healed. That means we are healed.

SID: Kevin, when you were in heaven, you talked about a sapphire floor. Tell me about the sapphire floor.

KEVIN: I was really surprised, Sid, because I had to look up the scriptures. But I did see this sapphire was really, really blue, but it was being lit up by flames and they were white flames. So I was standing on the floor ‘cause I had walked on it and the Lord stopped me. He said, oh, this is only if I bid you to come. And I said, well, Lord, I’m the righteousness of God in Christ, Jesus and you—

SID: You were taught that.

KEVIN: Yeah. And I started—

SID: To say it.

KEVIN: Say all those scriptures I’m Holy as you’re Holy. And he said, oh no, he said, this sapphire floor is not positional. This is relational. He said, Enoch can walk on this floor. He said, because Enoch walked separate in the fear of the Lord and in holiness. He said, Kevin, he said, many that day will come. And I will say them. I never knew you. And he said, they will say, I cast out devils. I healed the sick. And he said, those people believed in me, but they didn’t walk with me.

SID: Tell me about the white fence.

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November 8th, 2020 at 4:47 am