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Our Guest Hrvoje Sirovina

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SID: This gets so wonderful that some of you have been saying, “I have to live with it.” No you don’t. You just have to have more knowledge.


SID: The biggest issue in bloodline prayer, you call covenants.

HRVOJE: Covenants are actually the biggest issue in bloodline prayer because we have came to understanding that usually, like iniquity and sin, go to the third and fourth generation. What we see even in the Bible. But what we see with covenant is that covenants, and some of the covenants are even eternal. Because the Bible speaks about that Adam was created in the image and likeness of God. So that’s an amazing thing. But the Bible also teaches us in Genesis 5 that Seth, which is next in line after Adam, was made in the image and likeness, not of God, but in image and likeness of Adam. Which means everything what Adam had went through, and the sins, he passed on Seth, and he had to deal with that.

SID: So you’re saying that we could go all the way back, with the covenant, to Adam’s sin and if there’s some vestiges on us and we don’t break them, what’s the repercussion?

HRVOJE: So actually what happened is that we are bound, we are limited. So it’s not about salvation, it’s about living the life Jesus proclaimed over us before we were born. So there–

SID: It’s not just theory, it’s a fact that we can…

HRVOJE: It’s a fact. It’s a fact. And that’s what we want to see. We want to be a living testimony for everything what Jesus has done on the cross. We want to see everything because it’s too precious, the blood he has shed for us. So we want to live it out completely. That’s what we want to seek.

SID: Okay. If I’m understanding, we are instantly saved, but we have to work out our salvation through fear and trembling and break the generational bloodline curses. But explain the difference between forgiveness and cleansing.

HRVOJE: I think that’s very important. We see in 1 John 1:9 where the Bible says, “If we confess our sins, he’s faithful and just, to forgive us and cleanse us from all righteousness.” Even Jeremiah, in Jeremiah 33:8, says that God, “I will cleanse you from your iniquity and I will forgive you your iniquity.” So there is a difference between forgiveness and cleansing. Yes, when we received Jesus into our hearts, we were forgiven, but we still need cleansing in a lot of areas of our lives. So what is cleansing? Cleansing means … Sin means that we are pardoned of everything from the past, even unto Adam, but cleansing means to be every effect sin had on our life being taken away, so we can live in freedom, health and joy, and blessing.

SID: What difference has it made in your life?

HRVOJE: Absolutely a huge difference. Because I love prayer. It’s not that I pray every day my bloodline. But when I see that things which legally belong to us, what Jesus did on the cross, and I don’t receive it through prayer, through intercession, I know there are things the enemy is holding against me before God, the righteous judge. So I know there is something in my bloodline. I know because we have to understand there are three categories of sin. There is the Adamic sin, which is the original sin. There is personal sin we go through, but there is inherited sin from our forefathers, what the enemy uses against us so we don’t live in freedom and blessing.

And that’s what I feel when I know he’s my provider, but something is not breaking through. I know there is something in my bloodline. And I go present my bloodline before God and say, “God, through the blood of Jesus Christ, I pray not just for forgiveness but for cleansing.” And I see even in my family, in the Church and everywhere I go, immediate answers.

SID: I think it’s amazing how immediate these answers are. Explain the main requirement for bloodline prayer.

HRVOJE: The main requirement I would say is being in a covenant with God. So being in a covenant with God means I lay my life down for the purposes of the kingdom of God. I lay my life down for his name’s sake, and he’s my Lord. He’s my King, he’s my savior, he’s my everything. That’s being in a covenant with God.

SID: Why does the devil fight covenants so hard?

HRVOJE: Because it’s about authority. The covenant, if we are in a covenant with God, we are growing into authority. And the enemy is not that much afraid about the power which was given to us. He is afraid of the authority which is given to us and into which we grow into. Because when we have power we can guard ourselves from every effect he has on us, but if we have authority, we take the ground he has stolen from us, from the kingdom of God, and we take it back for the glory of Jesus.

SID: I can’t wait for you to share the time you were suddenly, instantly transported to heaven.

HRVOJE: Actually, it was surprising for me too. Because I was driving in my car and praying like I usually do. And suddenly I was … We would call it second heaven. And I stood in front of a golden mountain and next to me was an angel. So in that golden mountain there was a door, and I asked the angel, “Am I allowed to enter in?” And he said, “Yes.” So I entered in and I saw things around in this mountain. And then I saw a treasure room and I went into the treasure room. And in the treasure room I saw there were so many treasures in the treasure room. But what I also saw is that these treasure rooms were guarded by demonic entities. So they couldn’t see me, but they could see something is different in the atmosphere, because I was guarded.

So I saw this treasure box and I thought, “I want to have this treasure box.” So I asked the angel, “Can I have this treasure box?” And he said, “Yes you can, because that was stolen from your ancestors. And because you were made righteous, and because you have a testimony of sanctification, which means you are in a covenant with God, you are allowed to redeem that.” So when I took the treasure box, I immediately wanted to give it to Jesus. And suddenly I was in the third heaven, how we would call it. And I laid it in front of Jesus’s feet and suddenly was back.

So when I came back, two minutes, maybe three minutes later, somebody called me. And because in that time I was a real estate agent in Germany. And somebody called me and said, “Hey, do you want to sell my house?” I said, “Sure.” Because that’s what I do. So I asked him, “Where is the house?” So he said it’s in a city which is very close, around 20 miles from me, and he said, “The area’s name is Golden Mountain.” And he said, “The street is Golden Mill Street.” So I said, “For sure I’m going to take that.” In that time, it took nine to 12 months to sell a house or a property in Germany. I sold it the very next day.

SID: Do you believe you could pray for our studio audience and our audience at home when we come back, for them to recover any treasures stolen from their generation?

HRVOJE: Absolutely.

SID: Are you interested? I am. Be right back.

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February 7th, 2020 at 4:02 am

Our Guest Laurie Ditto

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RYAN: Hello. Welcome to “Something More.” My name is Ryan Bruss. And I’m here with Laurie Ditto. Thank you for being with us.

LAURIE: [laughs] Thank you.

RYAN: And the name of this program today is “Encountering Heaven.” And Laurie has had many experiences in heaven with the Lord. And heaven’s a real place.


RYAN: I know it’s in the Bible. I know we talk about it, we sing about it. But it is real.

LAURIE: It is real.

RYAN: And you really have been there.

LAURIE: [laughs] Yes.

RYAN: Well, talk about that. I mean, it’s real.

LAURIE: It is. You know, it’s better than anything that I can tell you. You can’t exaggerate the beauty, and the splendor, and the happiness, and the joy that’s in heaven. And it’s our home. And that’s where we’re headed. Hallelujah.

RYAN: So, are we going to be, when we go to heaven, are we going to be – Are there cherubs that are going to be flying around –

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: – just handing us grapes? And we’re going to be laying around all day? What, Is it a real city? Is it a real kingdom?

LAURIE: [laughs] It is. And I didn’t see that. Although, I have seen angels. They’re mighty. They’re big. When they wear their wings it’s like they’re in dress uniform.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: So it’s a wonderful place. It’s an operating city that I was in. There’s an operating city. And we can’t wait to get there.

RYAN: But it’s a kingdom.


RYAN: And there’s a lot. And Jesus said pray like this, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done.”

LAURIE: That’s right.

RYAN: So I know you have a real passion to bring heaven down to earth because it’s real. And you talk about how earth is like a playground –

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: – you know, that God made for us.

LAURIE: Right. Right. And so, in heaven there are principles. There are heavenly principles that we really need, to operate in those, to see the kingdom break forth in our lives. So truth is a kingdom principle.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: And truth brings us into that reality. So there are a lot of words that were designed for heaven. And if we use them correctly here on the earth then we will get the same principle in heaven that’s happening here.

RYAN: Now you’ve had many encounters in heaven.


RYAN: And, tell me about the red dress heaven story.

LAURIE: [laughs] That time I got to heaven, Ryan, I noticed I was not in the typical clothing. Most of the clothing in heaven is beautiful white clothing. And if you could take every single color – and there are colors in heaven that are not on the earth – if you could take every single color and compress it into a dot it would create sequins of, like light. That’s the white. And I was wearing this red dress that was, it was not a beautiful red dress.


LAURIE: It was cut all wrong. It was for a girl. It was much too tight. Just not a good dress. And I felt very self-conscious in that dress. And there were angels trying to take me to see the Lord, and I didn’t want to go, because I felt inadequate.

RYAN: Inadequate. Yeah.

LAURIE: So I got there. And when they arrived the Lord went to touch my hands. And He loves to grab ahold of us,

RYAN: Really?

LAURIE: or, you know, put His arm around us.

RYAN: And that’s missing in today’s world.

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: A lot of putting your arm around, you know, that touchy –

LAURIE: That’s true. It’s true.

RYAN: So Jesus is kind of touchy-feely. [laughs]

LAURIE: [laughs] And He’s awesome. It’s awesome.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: And as soon as He went to touch me, I said, “Don’t touch me, Lord.” And right away He said, “What is the accusation.” And it just started coming out of me. [Sighs] I started telling Him how I don’t believe I am who You say I am.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: Meaning, I didn’t think that I was special or important. And then He would hear that, and He would ask for more. And when the Lord asks for an answer from one of His servants it just, you’re going to answer. And sometimes I didn’t realize the answer that was coming out. I said to Him, “I am a prostitute.” Which was shocking there,

RYAN: Right.

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January 26th, 2020 at 4:55 am

Our Guest Tommy Combs

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SID: Tommy, tell me about your meeting in Angola.

TOMMY: Angola, Africa, three-night meeting, 50,000 in the audience, 50,000 showed up in the meeting. The glory mist rolled over the meeting. It was like a smoke, a campfire, but we had no campfires, but there was like campfires, and the smoke was all over the crowd. I made the altar call and 12,000 came out of that 50,000. We had 12,000 saved in that night.

During that meeting, there were so many miracles. You mentioned it earlier about the 25 deaf and dumb, they were just instantly healed. Let me tell you what they said. They had never heard any language, never heard any language, so when I spoke to them and said say Jesus, they said Jesus in Alabama English because they never heard it anywhere else. But, the glory, and the demons would run. There were demons running, running, running out of the field. We had a large ball field type and the demons would run.

SID: Now, did you see this? What do you mean the demons would run?

TOMMY: The people possessed of the enemy, possessed of the devil would come upon the scene and the mist would surround them, the glory mist, they would turn and run, and run out of the area, run out there screaming, screaming, holding their ears and screaming. That’s what the power of God does. It runs the enemy out of your life.

TOMMY: Runs the enemy out of your life.

SID: Tommy, I believe when that glory comes at full level; we’re not going to have to deal with sickness, we’re not going to have to deal with demons, we’re not going to have to deal with problems. The only problem we are going to have is we will have an insatiable hunger for God.

SID: Until we get to Heaven, it won’t be totally fulfilled, but it’s going to be really close with this glory, this greater glory.

TOMMY: We need to create what I call a throne zone, a throne zone, a throne zone in your home, a throne zone that we can worship God in that throne zone.

TOMMY: Get you a good CD player, get you some good music on the air, so you create that atmosphere for worship. Get the atmosphere for worship going…

TOMMY: … on and then plead the blood of Jesus. Pray, pray like you’ve never prayed before. The prayer is the key. Prayer is the key. Get your prayer life.

SID: You talked about praying in tongues, in supernatural language.

TOMMY: Pray in your language, pray in tongues, pray in your supernatural prayer language because you’re communicating with God and God’s communicating back. Sometimes we need to not pray and listen to what God’s got to say sometime. That’s part of prayer also. But when we create that throne zone, it’s like the high priest going behind the last veil and going into the throne zone if you will, and there is the glory. The glory was there when he got that. That’s what we’ve got to do, create this throne zone. Then, here comes your children, here comes your grandchildren, and here comes your spouse in the house; and the glory of God has penetrated the house. The glory of God has penetrated so much, they come into the house, their lives are changed. Their lives are changed. Children are saved, grandchildren are saved simply because you’ve created a throne zone and attracted the glory by pleading the blood of Jesus and praying. That creates the throne zone.

SID: I want you to declare right now the blood and the glory on everyone viewing us or in the studio audience.

TOMMY: Lord, I come to you today, I thank you, and I praise you for everything we have or ever hoped to have, but most of all, God in heaven, Father God, I thank you for sending Jesus to us. Jesus, we thank you for doing your assignment and Holy Ghost. We thank you for being right now. God, I declare the glory of God comes to all of us, the glory of God in so much measure that no man can count it, that no one can understand it, what has happening when the glory of God.

God, I plead the blood of Jesus right now over everyone watching, over everyone in the studio, everyone here. God, I declare this place, this Sid Roth studio as a presence and an open portal for God. From this day forward, an open presence of God rules this place. It takes over. As the audience comes in, they’re healed. The presence of God flows, and there’s presence of God flowing today right into you. Say, “I receive it now.”

Audience: I receive it now.

SID: I receive it now-

TOMMY: In the name of Jesus-

SID: … in the name of Jesus.

TOMMY: … I receive it now.

Audience: I receive it now.

TOMMY: In Jesus’ name.

Audience: In Jesus’ name.

SID: In Jesus’ name.

TOMMY: It’s done.

Audience: It’s done.

SID: It’s done.

TOMMY: I expect the glory.

Audience: I expect the glory.

SID: I expect the glory.

TOMMY: Come on, say it. I expect the glory.

SID: I expect the glory.

Audience: I expect the glory.

TOMMY: It’s happening now in Jesus’ name.

SID: Amen.

TOMMY: Hey, give God some glory. Give God some glory.

TOMMY: I praise you, father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I worship you, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.

SID: In the glory, it is breakthrough in you having your own experiential knowledge of God, and the glory of God is here. The glory of God is here to heal you; to fill you with his spirit; speaking in supernatural languages; to live inside of him and you; and have that own encounter, that own experience with God, not someone else’s, not Tommy’s, not mine, yours.

SID: I want you to repeat this prayer after me out loud and mean it to the best of your ability. Dear God-

TOMMY: Dear God-

Audience: Dear God-

SID: … I’ve made many mistakes.

Audience: … I’ve made many mistakes.

TOMMY: … I’ve made many mistakes.

SID: I’m truly sorry.

Audience: I’m truly sorry.

TOMMY: I’m truly sorry.

SID: I believe-

Audience: I believe-

TOMMY: I believe-

SID: … the blood of Jesus-

Audience: … the blood of Jesus-

TOMMY: … blood of Jesus-

SID: … removes every mistake I’ve ever made.

TOMMY: … removes every mistake I’ve ever made.

Audience: … removes every mistake I’ve ever made.

SID: I am clean.

TOMMY: I am clean.

Audience: I am clean.

SID: Oh, God-

Audience: Oh, God-

TOMMY: Oh, God-

SID: … now that I’m clean-

Audience: … now that I’m clean-

TOMMY: … now that I’m clean-

SID: … come inside of me.

TOMMY: … come inside of me.

Audience: … come inside of me.

SID: Take over my life.

Audience: Take over my life.

TOMMY: Take over my life.

SID: I make you my Lord.

Audience: I make you my Lord.

TOMMY: Make you my Lord.

SID: Get ready for the glory of God-

TOMMY: Amen.

SID: … to overtake you.

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Our Guest Tommy Combs

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SID: Tommy, this greater glory, I’ve been using this term for a long time, and you use this term, but it’s actually in the Bible, the greater glory. Tell me about it.

TOMMY: The latter house will be greater than the former house. The glory is going to come like we’ve never seen before. Now, we’ve had people say, “It’s going to be a cumulation of everything we’ve seen in the past.”

SID: I’ve heard people say that.

TOMMY: …who say that. No, no.

SID: I don’t agree either.

TOMMY: No, no. It’s going to be greater than that. I’m talking about it’s going to be the greatest glory moved that we’ve ever seen when God’s presence just shows up.

SID: You say the glory is greater than even healing.

TOMMY: Greater. The miracles will be just … You and I’ve talked before about popcorn miracles, where there’s miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle. That’s what’s going to, what I’m talking about. We’re talking about people coming into the presence of God in such a strong way. I’m talking about the presence of God in your home, the presence of God at your workplace, presence of God in our churches, presence of God in our businesses. The presence of God is so strong that when people are attracted to that, you’re walking down the street in the presence of God attracts people, and they go, “What is it you have? What is it? Tell me about what you have. What is it?” They fall to their knees, cry, and say, “Well, there’s something about you I want to know about.” That’s what I’m talking about. The present glory is going to be so strong.

SID: Now, you talk about something I don’t hear too many people talk about, but there are literally portals, or like Jacob had the the ladder, that go from heaven to earth, the angels come up and down, but they are breaking out in churches and homes. You were telling me of the one you went to in Moravian Falls.

TOMMY: I’m preaching up there at the Gathering Church.

Do you sense the greater glory here?

TOMMY: Angels walking on the stage, walking on the stage behind me in the crowd. I’m thinking, “Boy, they’re getting this, and, Tommy, you’re doing real good.” Now, they’re seeing the angels. They’re seeing the angels back here, is what they’re saying. They’re all excited…

TOMMY: … about the angels. But in that service, a lady drove down from New Jersey, brought her husband who had a brain bleed and a tumor on the brain. She brought him to be healed. At the end of the service, I began to pray for people to be healed.

I curse this in Jesus’ name.

TOMMY: She brought him down.

Be healed now.

TOMMY: Her daughter, 22 years old, been away from God now many years.

TOMMY: Didn’t want anything to do with church, but she drove mom-


TOMMY: … and daddy to that meeting.

It’s gone.

TOMMY: She’s there and God healed him.

It’s gone.

TOMMY: God healed the man of a brain bleed and a tumor on the brain.

Presence of God.

TOMMY: There was so much glory and so much power in that situation, around that meeting, that night; this girl goes back home, falls on her knees, accepts Jesus Christ as her savior. This girl has the number one healing ministry in the state of New Jersey right now…

TOMMY: … because the glory came on the scene.

SID: It’s so important. This is what I believe, Tommy. This glory will be a two-edged sword. If you repent to your sins, it will be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. But if you hold on to those old habits, it’ll be the worst thing that ever happened to you. Tell me about when the Israelis invaded and took over the Canaanite homes. What did they find in the walls?

TOMMY: God said, “You will have houses you didn’t build.” That’s what he told them, told the people.

SID: Right, he prophesied.

TOMMY: They go across the Jordan, they take houses that they did not build. The enemy knew they were coming, so the enemy put idols in the walls and hid idols in the walls of those houses. The priest told them, clean the house, and they would bring the priest in and cleaned the house. If they didn’t get the idols completely out of the house, the house was torn down to be rebuilt. Then, they found the idols in the walls. God wants a clean house. God wants a clean house in me, God wants a clean house in you, but he also wants our home to be pure. He wants our…

TOMMY: … homes to be, but way you do it, and you said the word, the blood. When is the last time you go through your home pleading the blood of Jesus? When’s the last time you went through your home praying in that beautiful prayer language, that heavenly language?

SID: What do you mean? What do you mean by pleading the blood of Jesus?

TOMMY: Jesus said, “Use my name and plead my blood.”

By plead the blood, you say, “I plead the blood of … you speak it. You speak it like, “I pray the blood. I plead the blood. I’m asking the blood to come on the scene.” God moves on faith. Satan moves on fear. You’ve got to move that fear out of your life and get the blood to move for you. The glory, when you get in the blood scene, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, oh, God, I feel it now, the blood of Jesus; then, the glory loves that.

SID: It attracts.

TOMMY: The glory of God, it attracts.

SID: The blood.

TOMMY: The blood attracts the glory.

SID: Tommy, the blood attracts the glory. The idols attract the demonic.

TOMMY: That’s right.

SID: My mother didn’t raise a dummy. Who wants the demonic in my home? When we return, I’m going to ask Tommy to reveal his secrets and pray that the glory of God overtakes you. Be right back.

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Our New Guest Rebecca Greenwood

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SID: Yeah, you know what’s so amazing? The glory warfare is so easy. For instance, when you were singing in Germany with Klaus, I mean, this man was religious, hardened, not an experiential Christian, a head Christian, and when you sang, the glory came and the warfare was actually done for you.

REBECCA: It was easy.

SID: He broke.

REBECCA: It was easy. You know, Sid, the Lord gave me this powerful word when He was giving me this message because sometimes people will say to me, “Are you a lover, are you a warrior?” In my mind I’m like, “I’m not either or, I’m both and.” The Lord gave me this prophetic word to speak in this message. He said, “The greatest lovers make the greatest warriors because they have a cause to fight from and they have a cause to fight for.”

SID: Isn’t that what David said?

REBECCA: That’s exactly–

SID: “Is there not a cause?”

REBECCA: “Is there not a cause? Is there not a cause?”

SID: You just got back from Indiana–


SID: –where the glory just was all over the place. What happened?

REBECCA: It was amazing because the Lord actually told us to go out and to pray. He told the leaders to gather and to pray in an assignment that He had revealed to them in the glory where there was a cult that was holding back a move of the Lord. Sid, we actually went and we prayed on this location as the Lord told us to pray on this location and we felt something when we were praying shift in that atmosphere. We came back that weekend to the Glory Gathering. They were calling it the Glory Conference. We changed it to a Glory Gathering because, Sid, do you know what happened in that meeting?

SID: What?

REBECCA: When I opened up and I started talking about the glory, God’s glory came so strong because of the breakthrough that we had received in obedience to that assignment He had given us like David. He gave us that assignment. God’s glory showed up. People were being healed just sitting in the audience, me talking about the glory and the presence of the Lord. People got healed. People got delivered. A lady was paralyzed on her right side of her face, totally healed, weeping. People were coming to the altar where they had been blind and could not have encounters with the Lord. There was a breakthrough that came where they were able to have glory encounters with Jesus face to face.

SID: Okay. I’ve got a question. How would you like that breakthrough now? Anyone in the studio audience? Anyone at home want that breakthrough now? I want you to sing whatever God tells you to sing.


SID: I want you to be expectant, to be pregnant, with a word from God.

REBECCA: I want to say this, Sid, before I start singing. I want to say this ’cause you were saying when you get strategies from the Lord, right, and we’re talking about lovers and warriors. I’m going to sing and this is going to happen. I want to prepare people for this. When you’re in the glory, when you’re in God’s presence, when you’re in Jesus’ presence, the glory is around us. There is all power and all authority. I want to say this. The enemy and spirits might tell us they have power, but Jesus has all authority and all authority trumps power every single time. Whatever the enemy has said to you, whatever the enemy has spoken to you, all authority trumps power every single time. I’m going to sing over you.

REBECCA: (singing) Amazing grace! How sweet, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! Oh, like me! I once was lost, but now, but now I’m found, was blind but now we see.

REBECCA: Lord, in this glory, every place where the enemy has spoken lies, I break the power of those lies right now in Jesus’ name. Lord, everyone that is listening, open their eyes to see you and to hear you. Lord, right now I speak and prophesy and release prophetic strategies of victory. We’re not fighting for victory, we’re fighting from victory. Even right now, those that are listening and watching, that are encountering you, I speak healing to physical bodies. I speak healing to heart issues right now in Jesus’ name, that right side of the heart that has not been pumping correctly. I speak healing to that heart issue right now in Jesus’ name.

REBECCA: Every place where a spirit of delay or busyness or distraction or heaviness or fear has come to keep people from encountering you, I break that assignment now and I release that sound of authority now in Jesus’ name. Transform us, Lord, from glory to glory, from the inside out. The greatest lovers make the greatest warriors because they have a cause to fight from and to fight for. I say right now, every place where people have been shackled and have not run the race because of circumstances, I break those shackles now in the glory in Jesus’ name. I say you will run the race and I’m hearing a specific name. There’s a Lorraine that is watching right now. Lorraine, I hear the Lord saying, “Daughter, this is your season right now. This is your time.”

REBECCA: We’re not even talking future tense. We’re saying, “Now is your time.” You are feeling the heat of the Lord. Many of you are, so take this word if this applies to you. Say, “Lord, I’m claiming. I’m claiming it.” You’re feeling the fire of the Lord. He is burning up the dross of the past season. There is physical healing that is coming into your body now. Your heart will beat again in rhythm and alignment with the word of God. I see three couples that are watching right now and every assignment of the enemy that has come to rob your family business, I break that assignment now and I just speak, Lord, speak your prophetic creative strategy to see your victory realized in this situation. Many of you are going to have dreams. Do not dismiss the dreams. Write them down in the glory. Strategy is released for breakthrough and victory.

SID: But the most important thing is as we go off the air, say out loud, “Jesus, you are my Lord. I worship you, God.”

Audience:  Jesus, you are my Lord. I worship you, God.

REBECCA: has been given the hidden keys to defeat the enemy and bring victory in every area of your life.

SID: Many of you are fighting life’s battles whether it’s in your marriage, with your children, your job, your finances, your ministry, fighting, fighting, fighting. But you’re like a prizefighter that goes into the ring and you have one arm tied behind your back and you keep losing. God wants to untie your arm, give you a strategy that it’ll be rigged. You’ll win every time.

REBECCA: Every time you’ll win.


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