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Our Guest Joshua Mills

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Sid: Hello Sid Roth here.

Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural.

My guest Joshua Mills is a legitimate sign and wonder.

You will understand what I mean in just a few moments.

But he was preparing for a career in film animation,

he had a letter of intent from Warner Brothers, and you

come from generations of Pentecostals, and your parents

take you to something called a renewal meeting, and you

should have loved it, but that’s not what happened.

Joshua: I thought the people were crazy, I saw them

laughing, I saw then shaking, I couldn’t understand it.

Sid: What’s wrong with laughing and shaking,

the Bible is full of things like that?

Joshua: You know it never happened

in my church growing up.

Sid: Yeah but your church was obvious,

in other words you thought abnormal was normal,

and by consequence, normal was abnormal.

Joshua: Right, exactly.

Sid: So you are wondering probably,

how do I get out of here?

Joshua: I really didn’t want to be there, I was watching to

make sure nobody would come close to me, touch me,

make sure no one would come lay hands on me.

Sid: What were you afraid of?

Joshua: I was afraid that maybe I would get

the same stuff they were getting.

Sid: Soooo…

Joshua: So I ended up just sitting there, you know the

preacher got up said open your Bible to Acts, chapter two,

the next thing I know Sid, is that it was just as though the

hand of God just catapulted me out of my seat down to the

floor, and I started laughing for three or four hours.

Sid: Had you ever laughed by the Spirit, I know you

have laughed before, but by the Spirit of God before?

Joshua: I had never laughed in this way,

to this degree every before in my life.

Sid: Was it good?

Joshua: It was awesome.

It was absolutely amazing.

Sid: do you think you had to laugh that long

to get all that religious bondage off of you?

Joshua: That’s probably what was happening.

Sid: Did you see anything; did you hear anything

while this was going on?

Joshua: The only thing that I knew was that I felt

such a joy, such a peace, such an awesome

presence of God on me that night.

God was just filling me with such an overwhelming sense

of His presence and he was changing all my perspectives,

he was changing everything that I had thought

about the way that my life would go and…

Sid: I mean you were headed towards a top;

you can make a lot of money in animation.

Joshua: Right, that’s what I was hoping to do.

And after that experience all my intentions

and all my perceptions changed, and I began to

just want to pursue the will of God for my life.

Sid: Now why did you start all of a sudden

to move into worship, were you a musician before?

Joshua: I didn’t play the keyboard,

I never really wrote a song before that time.

Sid: Did you ever take any music lessons?

Joshua: I had take some piano lessons, I was actually

forced to take piano lessons when I was a little child

in kindergarten, first grade, my mother…

Sid: For how long did you do this?

Joshua: I think about several months.

Sid: I see, did you force yourself to learn

as little as possible?

Joshua: Actually I would sit at the piano

and cry cause I really didn’t want to do it.

Sid: What a sense of humor, so how did you

make that transition to worship leader

from a crybaby, no I was just teasing.

Joshua: Well the day after I had that experience with the

Holy Spirit it was like God just began imparting in me

such a desire for praise and to worship, and He showed me

that I could come into His presence through praise and

worship, and I sat down at a piano, it is like it is so

supernatural that I didn’t even, I can’t even hardly

explain what happened exactly, I sat at a piano

and I began to play songs and began to worship God.

Sid: You can’t play, you had a few, I had a few

lessons when I was a kid, I was older than you,

and I can’t do anything, so I mean you can’t

play the piano if you have not been taught.

Joshua: Right.

Sid: It’s not; you don’t just walk up there and play it.

Joshua: the Bible says the Holy Spirit will teach us in all

things, and so I was taught by God how to play the piano.

Sid: How long did it take from that point for you to

become the worship leader of your church?

Joshua: Well within two and a half to three months

I began leading worship in the church.

Sid: Now a little earlier we had you play the piano and

worship God and something happened, gold dust was all

over your hands and all over your jacket, why?

Joshua: Well it was a sign and a wonder how I came into

praise, how I came into worship, how I came to learn to

play the piano, and ever since that happened to me I find

any time I am worshipping signs and wonders follow.

And signs and wonders just began to manifest

during the praise and the worship.

Sid: What is the, I want you to pick one of the

strangest signs and wonders that has occurred

while you have worshipped God?

Joshua: Probably the oil beginning to flow

out of my hands, because my fingers got

slippery on the keyboard.

Sid: I will tell you what, this is not entertainment,

this is a God experience, some of you have never had

a God experience before, this is your moment.

This is what you have been asking for, that God loves you

so much, open yourself up as we hear Joshua who cannot

play the piano, is not a musician, is not a singer,

supernaturally goes to the piano and if you look real

closely you may see some gold dust.


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