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Sid Roth welcomes Jonathan Cahn

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Sid:  Now One New Man has a name, Jesus, Yeshua the King of the Jews and when the two when the wall of separation comes down between this Jewish believer and the Gentile believer and these two spiritual DNAs emerge together we get as Paul is just ecstatic I can just picture him saying this in the Chapter in the book of Ephesians, the full dwelling place of God by His Spirit.  And then we will do the same works that Yeshua, but Jesus did and even greater.  What’s the purpose of the works?  What’s the purpose of the miracles?  For a miracle, for a healing, oh that’s good, that’s great especially if you’re sick, but no it’s to demonstrate the Kingdom of heaven so that the world can know the King.  That’s the purpose of a miracle, for the greatest miracle.  And that’s why we equip you for walking in signs and wonders, but part of the equipping is to understand the times and seasons that we’re living in.  And we are living in the last of the last days and my friend Rabbi Jonathan Cahn received a revelation.  He is a prophetic teacher; I mean this is what he’s known for; in fact within the movement of Messianic Judaism he’s known as the top prophetic teacher that we have in the movement.  But I believe that he; it wasn’t an accident, he was a few miles down the road where 9/11 happened.   It wasn’t an accident the events that happened in his life to unravel a pattern for ancient Israel that if you were not a Jewish believer it would be very difficult for you to grasp the magnitude of this and we’re just touching the surface of it because we have a seven and by the way Jonathan, isn’t that that interesting, it’s seven CDs; there’s something about the number seven that we’re going to talk about later on either this week or next week.  But we have these seven CDs called “Harbinger, the Warning,” it’s a two part prophetic series the second part is called “Harbinger, the Shaking.”  And I tell you it is going to shake your whole paradyne for end times and how you’re supposed to live your life because this is the worse time for planet earth and the best time for believers.  Now Jonathan we were talking about, you uncovered from Isaiah 9:10 this pattern that was going on in ancient Israel because God’s heart was saying I don’t to judge you, I want you to prosper!  I want you to be blessed, that was God’s heart, but he did warning, I don’t think that I’d give as many warnings as God’s given, but there was seven harbingers or warnings.  And we talked about on yesterday’s broadcast and previous days that are leading to where we are going and we can only touch a little bit of only a few of these harbingers, but let’s start today with the warning of the vow.

Jonathan:  Yes, yeah, the stage again is that that America is following a pattern of ancient Israel in its last days when God sent warning and the ultament the first thing was the breaking of the hedge of protection.  That matches with 9/11; then comes nine harbingers linked to that and to the nations not repenting, but turning away from God.  God sends warning.  So here we go, we’re going to go the eighth harbingers today and this one blew me away because the, it involves the American leader who without realizing it is actually taking part in a prophetic reenactment of the ancient drama; and he becomes part of the sign.  Now, now to put it together, Isaiah 9:10 has been our key to unlocking this; it’s the vow of defiance and we went to several things within it that actually came true; the sycamore tree, the aorist tree, the stone of judgment, all of that.  But now, put it all together you have a vow; you have this vow of defiance ; you have the nation of Israel makes; “We are not going to be humbled and all of that and we are going to come back stronger than ever; and that’s what Isaiah records.  So the eighth harbinger is going to be the vow itself of the words; it’s the utterance; it’s the speaking, the proclaiming of it.  Now, which becomes a sign itself that it was a sign of Israel’s destruction actually leads to the destruction.  Now how do we find this harbinger?  How do we find – locate that if this could appear in America?  Well, the first thing is who spoke those words which Isaiah said, “The brick’s have fallen, we will rebuild the hewn stone, the sycamore has been cut down, we will plant cedars or aorist trees in they’re place.”  Who spoke it?  Certainly the people could have done that, but it only means something if spoken by the leaders of ancient Israel; only then does it represent the will of a nation.  So where would they have spoken it?  Leaders would have spoken a proclamation in a capital city.  So the eighth harbinger is this:  A national leaders has to speak in the capitol city in a public setting to proclaim the ancient vow of defiance specifically joining it to the calamity.  In the case of America it would have been 9/11; so the eighth harbinger appeared, that’s what has to happen; it has to be proclaimed publically.

Sid:  And again, what Jonathan is saying is this is actually what happened in ancient Israel and and it’s playing out.  It was almost as if Jonathan, that it was a dress rehearsal of what is happening in America today.

Jonathan:  Yeah, its mystery it’s a prophetic replaying exactly of what happened there and it’s all comes together there and nobody could have orchestrated this.  And so here; could this have actually happen?  Why would American leader proclaim words, ancient words of Israel, the leaders of Israel and words of judgment?

  • Well, it happened three years after 9/11; in fact it happened on the anniversary of 9/11; the third anniversary of 9/11.  September 11, 2004;
  • Where? In the capital city, Washington, DC;
  • By whom?  By an American national leader, the man who was the Vice President candidate on the democratic ticket that year, John Edwards.

He gets up to speak at a gathering in Washington on 9/11 three years after the calamity.    He gets up to deliver a speech which I mean he has no idea what he’s about to do; he’s about to manifest the eighth harbinger.  He thinks he’s giving a speech to of inspiring people; but according to the harbinger, a national leader has to proclaim the ancient words.  So this is these; listen now, these are the actual words and this is how he begins:  He says, “Good morning, today on this day of remembrance and mourning; we have the Lord’s word to get us through and here’s the word of encouragement.  He says,

  • The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones.
  • The sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place.

Sid:  He is quoting exactly Isaiah 9:10!

Jonathan:  Exactly!  About out of about thirty…

Sid:  Of all the scriptures in all of the Bible, he picks the one that is one of the warnings to Israel that progressively judgment is coming and he mouths it as a national leader.

Jonathan:  Exactly, and on 9/11 and linking it to 9/11 not realizing what he’s doing, he’s linking 9/11 to the breech of Israel’s last days of judgment.  He’s linking America to Israel under judgment.  He’s linking America as a nation in defiance of God without realizing it.  He had no idea whatsoever as if.  But he’s doing exactly; he’s reenacting what the leaders of ancient Israel did.  And not only that; he not only does that, but he builds the entire speech around Isaiah 9:10 about the vow of defiance without realizing it, he doesn’t know what it means.  He says this, “Let me show you how we are building, “We are putting cedars in those places; hollow places.”  In other words he’s identifying a thing, he said, “We are the footsteps of ancient Israel.”  He goes on; “In a place where smoke once rose, you and I will see that cedar rising.  He doesn’t realize the cedar is a harbinger of judgment.  He’s says, “You will see that while those bricks fell and the sycamores were cut down, our people are making those cedars rise.”  He’s talking about the harbingers there, and actually he doesn’t even realize that they actually existed, that there was a sycamore that got cut down, there was a stone placed on the place he doesn’t even realize that but it’s prophetic and it’s a prophetic statement; it’s supernatural.

Sid:  Is it prophetic, Jonathan Cahn that shortly thereafter he collapsed.

Jonathan:  Yeah.

Sid:    He fell?

Jonathan:  Yeah.

Sid:  I see that as all part of it.

Jonathan:   Yeah, yeah; in fact Sid, I think you’re right; that you’re on, were going to see tomorrow with another national leader who does a traumatic thing with this and he also falls from power too; that is, I believe that is so.  And so just like probably the leaders of ancient Israel, we don’t know what happened to them, but they were in judgment.  The vow, I’m not speaking about him personally but, the vow is a sign, the vow is a manifestation he’s representing the nations defiance of God.  And when it was uttered in ancient Israel that vow actually lead to ultimately the destruction because the people didn’t turn back its ammonias.

Sid:  And I happen to know some of the things he’s going to be teaching; and it’s only you know tiny bit of what; this is such rich and depth.  Jonathan, I have to believe that you’re amazed that so much occurred having to do with the patterns of ancient Israel.

Jonathan:  Yeah, and it doesn’t stop, I mean we’re gonna, I mean we’re going to go, we are going to see, you know it’s going to actually lead, it’s going to lead into every, it’s going to lead into the collapse of the economy.

Sid:  Is it going to lead into perhaps the future of President Obama?

Jonathan:  Well, it’s going to lead into the future, what that is you know that’s, that’s, that’s an issue, but it’s going to lead.  Everything, we are going to get in, it’s has not stopped the progressive.  There is a progression of judgment…

Sid:  We’ve got to get this on the air because it’s still unfolding, but you can see the progressive pattern and you see what you have to do.  I mean this message should be, as Pat Robertson would say, “Shouted from the housetop!”  Ha-ha.

Jonathan:  Hmmm.  Yeah, yeah and it’s yeah, I keep getting the scripture of you know, “Sound the alarm, you know, sound the alarm!  That’s what we have to do.

Sid:  Well, you know David Wilkerson was promoted home, I’m wondering if that mantle isn’t falling on a Messianic Jewish Rabbi right now?

Jonathan:  Well, Sid…

Sid:  I’ll let you not answer that one right now.  But I want to read to you from the front page of our next newsletter; in which we’re featuring this two part prophetic series. Is it possible, there existed an ancient mystery in which is hidden the secret of America’s future?  Is it possible that this mystery lies behind everything from 9/11; to the war in Iraq; to the American housing bubble and it’s bursting to the crash of Wall Street; and the global economy to the great recession and so much more?  Even the President of the United States?

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Sid Roth welcomes Joan Hunter

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Sid:  My guest, Joan Hunter comes from such a tough poverty background and God has taught her what he calls the patterns to follow.  And if you follow the pattern that God has outlined in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant you will be blessed so that you can be a blessing in these last days God is going to turn everything around in your life.  And the scripture we ended with yesterday when I was interviewing Joan Hunter is Deuteronomy 8:18; and it says “And you shall remember the Lord Your God for it is He who gives you power to get wealth that He may establish His Covenant which He swore to your Fathers as it is this day.”  Joan Hunter, what is God saying to us in this scripture?

Joan:  So often people read that scripture, God has given me wealth, and it says, “God has given me the power to get wealth.”  He has given you the power, the wisdom, the knowledge, to get wealth, not just in the natural knowledge, but He will give you it in the Spirit knowledge.  Ephesians 1:17-19, that He is going to give you a greater Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Him, that pertains to finances; He is going to give you witty inventions…

Sid:  By the way, speaking of inventions, you were talking about Texas that only went to the ninth grade and he had a dream about some new equipment to invent, tell me about him.

Joan:  He’s an awesome guy, his name is name is Keith Miller, he’s an evangelist here and he’s such a neat guy.  And he was talking about how God had given him a dream, which is “drem” in Texan, and he said, “He sat down and he drew the dream out and it was a piece of machinery.”  So he found some engineers and they said, “This is absolutely the most incredible piece of machinery I have ever seen in my entire life, where did you get your Engineering Degree?”  And he said, “I got it in a drem, a drem.” like I have not heard of that school.  What school?  He goes, drem drem, you know and they finally understood that he got it in a dream.  And he says, I don’t know if he finish ninth grade of education, but he is a very knowledgeable man and he’s an author and everything now.  But God gave him this dream which helped bring millions of dollars into him and his ministry.  And don’t depend on your education; I have another lady friend who after listening to my seminar on finances and the CD on End Time Economics, she got a hold of this revelation.  She said, “God is going to give me, this is so exciting, God is going to give me a witty invention, I’m a hairdresser, I’m going to design a whole new line of hair color,” that’s the natural man.  A couple of days later she is so excited about the dream and the vision and the chemicals and the bio and the chemistry that is going to be involved in the new hair color and dadada.  And all of a sudden God gives her a dream about a machine for an ophthmalogist; I’m like I don’t even know how to spell opthmalogist you know.   She has this piece of machinery; she takes it to a group of opthalmologists and they say, “This is incredible; we need to market it to every single ophthmalogist in the world.”  And “Where did you get it?”  And once again, “I got it in a dream.”  “Well we want to offer you, I know that this is really really low, but we want to offer you, you know it’s really low to begin with, but this is just a beginning we want to offer you $20,000,000 for your idea!”

Sid:  You know I understand why you don’t like to look at the news on television and hear the gloom and doom which is that anyone watching the news is going to come up with gloom and doom; you got to many good things to look at.

Joan:  I agree, we need, you see so many people are lining up with the world instead of the word.  And you listen to the new, “Oh this is so horrible what’s happening.”  You know I sit at the airport for my multiple plane trips, that’s when I listen to the news.  Now I’m aware pretty much what’s going on, but for me to sit there and listen to the news, I get on a plane and I start hitting the side of my head trying to get the junk out number one.  Number two, I put my hand and raise it over my head like a razor and go “In the Name of Jesus I cut those words off that is not affecting my health, that it is not affecting my ministry, that it is not affecting my life, it is not affecting my childrens life and I cut those words off in Jesus Name, they have no power over me or my family or any of these ministries in Jesus Name.”  So many ministries are cutting back and saying, “How are you handling all these people that you are having to let go because of finances?”  I’m like I’m not letting them go because of finances, you know and we’re expanding, we’re building you know.

Sid:  You know the same thing is going on in our ministry too.  I believe this is what I believe with all of my heart Joan; there is a shift going on in ministry now.  And God and those that are not walking holy are going to be demoted if you will and suffer the way the world is.  And those that are walking in holiness God’s going to elevate right now.

Joan:  I totally agree with you and God is watching over His children and it is so incredible, there is a scripture that I absolutely love and it’s in the New Living Translation.  And it is Ephesians 2:7 “So God can always point to us as an example of His incredible wealth, favor and kindness in all He has done for us through Christ Jesus.”  Hallelujah, I want to be an example of His incredible wealth, of His favor and kindness in all He has done for me through Christ Jesus.

Sid:  Well Joan, this is a question that many people ponder.  Here in America the land of opportunity, we see a lot of people that prosper, but what about a third world country; someone that can’t put two dimes together, how does studying the pattern and the principals in the Bible finance affect them?  Do you have any firsthand experience?

Joan:  I have an incredible firsthand experience.  Actually I have one and Moms got one, but last, like a year and half ago two years ago sometime in the past I went to Haiti right after the earthquake.  And we went down there; curse the spirit of trauma and command it to go and millions of sicknesses had been prevented because of the trauma going.  Millions of people got saved and so I preached, I was teaching to pastors, about a thousand pastors down there.  And I said, “The word of God works in Haiti like it does in America, its Ephesians 2:7, Deuteronomy 8:18 those are some scriptures; Philippians 4:19, My God does supply all of my needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.”  “Those apply here in Haiti just like they do in America, don’t be looking at rich American Christians, look at rich Haiti Christians that God wants to raise up.”  And I did my teaching and you know we weren’t going to receive any offerings and all those kind of stuff and you know all of a sudden we were singing praise and worship getting ready to go have lunch and the people started; God moved on them, they started bringing money up to the platform.  They would empty their pockets out, everything they had left.

Sid:  You mean they caught the scripture; you didn’t even have to say anything?

Joan:  They would empty their pockets of everything, and it would be an equivalent of two cents for us, and they emptied it and we had hats for shade on and we just used hats for offering buckets.  And seven hundred eight hundred people were flooding to the front, it was I mean I was up there weeping and weeping because it was like, God they got it, they got it.  And the prayer is that you who are listening will get that God wants to take care of you, He cares about your every need.  And as they are walking back to their seat their cell phones were going off with jobs and money is pouring in.  The church that we go under the Pastor when we go to Haiti, his church just raised in three months a extra 25,000 US dollars over and above tithes and offerings for their new expanded building, in Haiti the church of a thousand people.

Sid:  Tell me briefly a story of a third world country that your parents were involved with.

Joan:  That is Ukraine.  They went over to Ukraine years and years and years ago, probably about twenty-five, thirty years ago and it was so improvised at the time.  They said “Everybody could take two suitcases, one personal and one of clothes to take over there and to leave.”  And so everybody got over there and Mom preached prosperity God’s way and not the spirit of greed but the Spirit of giving.  And so they were talking about that and people were getting it and they had given in the offering you know and that type of thing.  And they came home and then they went back a year later, told everybody to take a second suitcase of clothes that you could leave over there.  And they get over there and people are driving up in Mercedes, Cadillac’s; they were like “Are we at the right place?”

Sid:  This is Ukraine where you had to stand in lines to five ten blocks long to get one can of beans, that’s how poverty stricken they were.

Joan:  Right, and it was unbelievable and then we get in and the people there they’ve got, you know they got woman sometimes they’ll have a suit and they’ll have a matching purse and then they’re going to have matching shoes and they are going to have a matching hat, not to mention the gloves.  They were looking really really fine and Mom was like going, “What happened?”  They go, “We got the message, we caught the vision you were talking about last year.”  And those people and the people that brought all the extra clothes took them home, gave them to goodwill or another organization.

Sid:  If these principals can operate in third world country, they can operate no matter what happens to the economy in the United States… just average people can move into this realm, you have the faith, you have actually tested God’s word, you have seen that it works and your faith is contagious.  And there are a lot of people listening to us right now that need a contagious faith that God wants you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

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Our Guest Michael Brown, Sharon Allen

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Sid:  I am so excited because we are at the fullness of the Gentile Age, that means according to the words of Jesus, “That the spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of Jewish people.”  And I was instructed many years ago by God to find ten people that are Jewish that believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and write a book.  And their stories will be so fascinating that unsaved Jewish people would read their stories, but work into the storyline is scripture. Unsaved people won’t read scripture, but they’ll read a book that has fascinating stories and so I was obedient to the heavenly vision and the book “They Though for Themselves” came out.  We have over 850,000 of these books in print, most in Russian and being distributed systematically throughout the former Soviet Union.  And one of my favorite testimonies in the book is Sharon Allen, because she had such a unique background.  Sharon was very active in the Chabad House in Hassidic Judaism; her daughter was enrolled in the academy.  Her husband was not Jewish, he was planning on converting to Judaism and just before he was ready to convert there was one requirement he could not say yes to he had to renounce Jesus as the Messiah, and Sharon was shocked because he loved Judaism so much, he just didn’t even know that he still believed in Jesus.  He never went to the church or anything, and so she decides this is mischugah, this is crazy; I’m going to read through the Bible and prove to my husband that Yeshua is not the Messiah.  Sharon what happened?

Sharon:  Well, what I did is I started doing my research into the Hebrew Bible and then I went to the Jewish bookstores and I kept getting more and more books on Jewish history, Jewish tradition and of course I read the Talmud, the Midrash.  I read the Shulchan Aruch, with all of the ancient Jewish writings because when I read the Hebrew Bible many of the scriptures in there resembled what people were saying about Jesus and I knew that everything that God wanted us to know about His Jewish Messiah would be in the Hebrew Bible so that we Jews would be able to recognize Him when He would come.  And so when I finished reading the Hebrew Bible there was so many things in there sounded like what Gentiles were saying about their Jesus.

Sid:  You know the one thing that really stuck with me so strongly was when you were wrestling with this, when you had no one to help you but God himself and His holy scriptures; you came across a very interesting character in scripture called the Angel of the Lord.  And then you were shocked that He was actually worshipped.  You’re not supposed to worship an angel; what effect did this have on you?

Sharon:  Well, in Hebrew we say, He’s a Malach HaShem, Malach is Aramaic for messenger and so in the English Bible it says the Angel of the Lord, but in the Hebrew it actually means a messenger of the Tetragrammaton the holiest Name for God.  And every time He appeared to the patriarchs, to the people in the Bible they would see Him, they would fear for their lives, they would fall on the ground and they would say that, they would die because they’ve seen God face to face.  And instead of this Malach HaShem, this messenger of God that carries the holiest name of God within His name; and instead of him saying, “Oh no, I’m just a mere angel, I’m just a mere created being, an angel, don’t fear for your life, you are not going to die.” He never corrected them, but he said to them, “Peace, Shalom.”  He comforted them and then He gave them the information that He wanted them to convey to others.  In other words it is astounding that an angel wouldn’t have corrected them and said, “No, no, no I’m just an angel,” but no He allowed them to believe that they were seeing God faced to face.  The only way He corrected them was to say “You’re not going to die and I give you peace; I give you God’s Shalom.”  And this happened so many times throughout the Hebrew Scriptures.  And for example, in the book of Judges He comes before Manoah so astounded by what he’s seeing that he wants to offer sacrifice and of course and an angel would never have been able to accept a sacrifice.  But this Malach HaShem was very very unique messenger of God accepts the sacrifice and actually goes into the flames and as this Malach HaShem lifted up to the heavens Manoah uses the term pelly, this is pelly which means wonderful, but actually it’s a Hebrew word that can only be attributed to God.  And so we see that in the Hebrew Scriptures there is someone who appears in the shape of a man who actually is not just representing God but seems to be God and to accept sacrifice and everything that goes along with being the Holy One, God.  And this I found astounding and so actually later on when I actually read the New Testament finally I read the New Testament after I became a believer because I became a believer just by reading the Hebrew Scriptures and all of the ancient Jewish documents.  Because even ancient Jewish documents talk about the two pictures of the Messiah that’s in the Hebrew Bible.

Sid:  But Sharon Judaism was so and even today is so important to you, the Rabbis as a class say that Jesus isn’t the Messiah, you’re convinced that Jesus is the Messiah, didn’t you figure that maybe you missed something and He really wasn’t?

Sharon:  Yes, you know it was through my research over and over and over again pouring over all the ancient documents I kept going back to the Jewish book stores, I even bought anti-Missionary books with names such as “You take Jesus, I’ll take God.”  And another book called, “I was a Jewish Cult Buster” all of these books and of course Gerald Sigal’s book called “The Jewish Response to the Christian Missionary.”  And what I kept seeing over and over and over again is that the modern day approach to the Messiah has changed completely changed to what the ancient Jewish writings told about who the Messiah would be; how He would come and where He would born and what He would accomplish and how He would die; and it is all there.  Not just in Hebrew Scriptures but in ancient Jewish documents where the Rabbis spoke of how the Messiah would be and what he would accomplish.  There is a wonderful book by Raphael Patai called “The Messiah Text” which speaks about these ancient documents and how the ancient rabbi’s recognized that there were two pictures of the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible.  They even had names for them, Mashiach ben Yoseph, Messiah son of Joseph, who would come as the suffering servant and Mashiach ben Daveed Messiah son of David, who would come as the Concurring Hero King.  And so time and time again as I researched…

Sid:  But isn’t it fascinating that before the Messiah came they had this revelation knowledge that the Messiah would suffer on behalf of the sins of Jewish people.  The Messiah would be King and rule over Israel and there would be peace on earth.  So the only way they could figure it out before the Messiah came was two Messiah’s but what about one Messiah, two appearances?

Sharon:  Well, it’s kind of interesting because they saw a picture emerging even when they studied the Hebrew language within the Hebrew. Hebrew is the language made up of root letters and when you go and you analyze the root letters it speaks mountains of what the Hebrew writers were trying to convey.  You know that every Hebrew name has a message within every name, every Jewish child that’s born is given a Hebrew name, not just an English name but a Hebrew name and within that name it says that it speaks of the nature and the character of what that name means.  And I found in Genesis Chapter Five there is a genealogy and I thought well, I’m wondering if this is something that is unique to only the Bible and it is there’s a list of names.  We know that there are Adam, Seth, Enoch, Cain and all; the first ten genealogies and when we study that a picture emerges.

Sid:  So let me repeat with you just said, the first ten names mentioned in the Bible starting with Adam going to Noah, each Hebrew name has an English meaning.  And you looked up the English meaning and it almost made a sentence, not almost it made a sentence when you strung the means of each of the first ten names found in Genesis Chapter five. What message did you get from just stringing the definitions of these names together to form a sentence?

Sharon:  Well, I broke down every single name and I do need to say that I did use Hebrew lexicons and I used the Hebrew English…

Sid:  Well, we are running out of time, what was the sentence?

Sharon:  The sentence is Mankind turns their faces towards and are appointed mortal grievance sorrow to lament and to mourn.  And then it goes on to say God who is praised comes down to instruct and to consecrate; He is sent forth as a Prophet Priest to be smitten and scourged to die, to give rest and security and then to give a quiet attitude of peace, Shalom.

Sid:  You know when you mediate on this you have got the best description of the Messiah, Yeshua Jesus.

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Sid Roth welcomes Bill Morford

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah. His name is Bill Morford, and he has spent twenty years on this project of translation of a new Bible, it’s both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.  He’s used as his basis an approved copy of the Hebrew Scriptures that any Jew in the world would say that this is our Bible.  And the best trans-Greek rendition of the New Testament, and he’s brought out the meanings of idioms.  If you didn’t know the Jewish idioms when Jesus says “pluck out your eye”, you might think that you have to really pluck your eye out if you didn’t know that idiom.  What does that idiom mean Bill?

Bill:  If your eye is evil it means you’re stingy, if your eye is good it means that you’re generous; so what He’s saying is that if you’re stingy get rid of your stinginess, get a generous spirit.

Sid:  And what about when He says cut off your right hand, what does that mean?

Bill:  The same thing that if your hand offends you, which could indicate any number of improper actions; cut it off means stop doing it, it doesn’t mean cut off your hand, it means stop doing that; your right hand is a statement of power.

Sid:  Now Bill you went back to the Hebrew names not in a lot of areas, but like for Jesus you said Yeshua, for Mary you used her Hebrew name Miriam, for law you said Torah, for James you went to his Hebrew name Jacob, for trumpet you say shofar.  Only a few of these adjustments, but what difference does it make whether the Bible says Jesus or Yeshua?

Bill:  Well Yeshua is very significant because that’s the name that was given to Miriam by the angel Gabriel. And Yeshua is a Hebrew word that means to deliver, it’s a verb it means to deliver or to save, but deliverance is the first.  And He came to set us free to deliver us from religious spirits as well as any demonic oppression.

Sid:  Where did we get Jesus from?

Bill:  Because when you write it in Greek, Greek has no “sh” sound. So it couldn’t be Yeshu, it comes out Yaysu, and when that was translated into Latin, the same letters the Latin equivalent of the Greek, are used for His name.  And when that was translated into English, in the Middle Ages, what they did was they used the German “j” for “i” because in German the “j” is equivalent of the Hebrew yod. And the Saxon’s had come in and taken over England and brought a German influence into the English language.  So it was actually pronounced Yaysu in English originally, but in a few hundred years that had changed dramatically and it had our modern J sound.  So that’s how the “j” came in.

Sid:  How did we get James from Jacob?  They are not the same they are two different people?  And we have Jacob in the Jewish Scriptures and the Hebrew Scriptures so why should we have Jacob in the New Testament?

Bill:  That’s because the group that was hired to translate the King James Version wanted to bless their benefactor and it’s named after King James.

Sid:  And so they changed his name to James.  I wonder how many Christians know that.

Bill:  Yeah, not very many.

Sid:  Okay, but I don’t get those two so maybe I’ll try for a third. What about how did we get Mary instead of Miriam?  I mean why don’t we change Miriam to the sister of Moses in the Hebrew Scriptures?

Bill:  Maria is the Latin instead of Mary.

Sid:   Why do we want a Latin name, why should we have her name?

Bill:  Because the first English translations were made from the Latin Vulgate text and there are a number of Latin words that didn’t get translated. That’s the “mansion” in John 15, it’s the tabernacle, it’s the tabernacle of David, the Word in the Hebrew is not tabernacle it’s Sukkoth and that’s from Amos, Amos nine where the Booth of David is resurrected and restored and it’s speaking of the Kingly line.

Sid:  And we always thought it was the place where David worshipped. So what you’re saying about all this teaching about David’s Tabernacle, where did it come from, why did they mistranslate the Latin?

Bill:  Because they didn’t.  They didn’t translate the Latin word tabernaculum. Latin did not have a word for booth and it’s word for tent was tabernaculum. So that was used for the tabernacle in the wilderness, which is the Hebrew word “mishcahn” and we don’t have an English word for “mishcahn” so tabernacle is entirely appropriate to use there, but a tent, we haven’t a word for, we should use tent.  Booth we have a word for it is Sukkoth we need to have booth of David to put that in perspective, so we know that we are talking about the Messianic Reign.  And in Acts 15 it says to go on talking about world evangelism.  And that’s what it’s for the Messianic Reign is going to take the word of God throughout the earth absolutely.

Sid:  Okay, I’m having difficulty understanding what you’ve said already as to why they did that so let’s try another one.  How did they get a trumpet? I know what a trumpet is, you know, but it’s not a shofar, why did they switch shofar to trumpet. It definitely wasn’t a trumpet with the three keys, you know.

Bill:  You’re right.  Well the Latin used the word for trumpet instead of the word for shofar, it doesn’t have shofar in either Greek or Latin. So when the first English translations were made the people were the people were ignorant of the shofar and they just translated it trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets there is no trumpet blown, of course you know that.

Sid:  I’ve never seen a trumpet in the synagogue. I mean these may sound like little things to people, but I’m interested in truth. In fact I have to ask you this question, you took twenty years on this project, the One New Man Bible, and were you after trying to reinforce your beliefs when you did these translations?

Bill:  No I didn’t. I just wanted to find truth, that’s all I was looking for. I was, of course wanted to grow in the Lord, I did not try to impose my ideas, in fact as I dug in it changed my theology not that I changed the theology in the Bible.

Sid:  Now the books in the Hebrew Scriptures are not in the same order as say the Bibles used in Christianity. Who’s right, who’s wrong?

Bill: Well I really love the Jewish book order. It is so much easier to follow, to understand.

Sid:  Now, wait a second, the last book in the Jewish Scriptures is Chronicles. How does that fit with the first book of the New Testament?

Bill:  Oh, it’s beautiful.  See Chronicles was the last book written in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Sid:  You know I think that it’s important to know what was the last book in the Hebrew Scriptures; opposed to Malachi it was Chronicles.

Bill:  Right.

Sid:  I think that’s a very important thing, but if you go from Chronicles to Matthew how does that work out?  Does it work out better than Malachi to Matthew?

Bill:  It is, it’s a beautiful flow, in fact that book order flows beautifully from Genesis all the way through, not just Chronicles but on through Revelation.  It really is an easy book to read cover to cover.  And do it time after time after time, every time you do it, every time you read it you gain new things.  You see things you’ve never seen before, and it’s awesome in the way you can just feel the flow going from Chronicles into Matthew.

Sid:  And speaking about the flow another thing I found interesting, you’ve made note of what are the Torah readings and the readings from the prophets that are read in every synagogue from the time of Jesus. They were read when Jesus would go into the synagogue that’s what He would read for that particular day it was His readings and that’s still being read today in synagogues throughout the world.  Do you find this fascinating to know what Jesus read on the particular day from the Torah, and it’s being read today in synagogues all over the world?

Bill:  That’s it and it’s really wonderful, my wife and I read that at home.

Sid:  Whoops were out of time.

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Sid Roth welcomes Bill Morford

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Sid:  Now a one new man should have their own Bible, and that’s why I’m delighted to be interviewing Bill Morford today on the brand new fresh translation of the entire Bible called “The One New Man Bible.”  And the thing that is so wonderful to me is that he has the approved Hebrew Scriptures. It was a publication that was published by the Hebrew Publishing Company, it would be approved by any Jew in the world and that’s what he uses the bases of his Hebrew scriptures.  And then the New Testament, what did you use as the bases of that, although it is a fresh translation you still needed a Greek Translation, what did you use for that?

Bill:  I used the fourth addition United Bible Society Greek text.

Sid:  Now why did you choose that?

Bill:  Because it’s the newest, the latest, the United Bible Society is a group that meets in Germany, but their multinational. And they have made their life work to be searching the ancient Greek manuscripts to determine which ones are closest to the original.  They use methods similar to that used in researching the Greek Classics, but it’s called textual criticism. But that’s the most accurate that we have and the closest to what was written in the first century.

Sid:  Okay, so you have this approved Jewish Scriptures; you have the best Greek translation; you study Greek under a top expert; you study Hebrew under the expert of experts Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.  Who is the grandson of the man Ben Yehudah who’s the grandson of the man that literally pioneered Modern Hebrew in Israel.  Without him we would not be able to have one language for all these Jew coming from the four corners of the earth that are being restored.  Why was it important for you to bring out the power that was formerly neglected in the New Covenant, why was that important for you to bring it out?

Bill:  God is very very powerful in the way He talks and the way that He directs people.  One of my favorite examples is when He spoke to Moses.  He said to go into Pharaoh; He didn’t say plead with Moses “Let My People go.”  What He said was go in to command them, “Send My people away.”  I mean that makes a world of difference and you can imagine for a slave Pharaoh could behead without having second thought going and standing in front of Pharaoh and giving him a commandment to do something that Pharaoh very definitely did not want to do.  And yet Pharaoh could see that the Spirit of God on Moses and on Aaron and he did not kill them obviously; and he even said pray for me, so Pharaoh was intimated by God’s presence in Moses and it doesn’t show when he goes in and pleads with Moses.  But when you understand that Moses didn’t go into plead with Pharaoh Moses went in there to command him and that’s just to me one of the most awesome statements in scripture.

Sid:  Well as I’m looking over your fresh brand new translation, you deal with things that most of us that are listening right now don’t have a clue, but it’s so important.  For instance, you have the Hebrew negative and imperative tense do not in bold, explain why you did that.

Bill:  Because this is one Rabbi Ben-Yehuda was very strong on, he said that there’s no comparative to the Hebrew negative command, the negative imperative that the closest I can come with is don’t even think about doing.  But it’s even stronger than that, and it’s used a number of times.  In fact one of the words that is often missed translated is the Hebrew word for respect, revere or awe and we translate it as fear.  Well God commands us not only not to have fear, He commands us to not be in awe at any of our enemy, any of our dangerous circumstances.  Any unpleasantness that we have, we are not to be awed by that, we’re to be just take it in stride and it’s a command to do that. Just God wants us to know who we are in Him.  We have to know, we have the Spirit of the living God in us and that just as Moses was taught to go into Pharaoh, we are to approach the world in the same way.  But Moses was the most humble man in the world so we have a question of humility plus self-confidence, that when we know we have the Lord in us, and He is directing us and we are in His perfect will.  We have the strength and the ability to do anything.

Sid:  Now why is it important for a Christian that isn’t Jewish that’s not in a Jewish culture to understand the Jewish roots of Christianity?  Why is that important?

Bill:  Well, because Jesus was born a Jew, He lived a Jew, he died a Jew. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever into the future.  We need to understand what He understood; we need to worship as He worshipped; we need to celebrate the holidays that He celebrated.  We just need to copy Him; were supposed to become more like Him.

Sid:  Let me ask you this, you were a Spirit filled believer, you understood Healing, you loved the Lord, but in 1984 when you went to Israel you knew that there was something wrong.  Now that you’ve done all these studies I don’t know how you did it there is some 4,300 footnotes on words and customs and culture, a 170 page glossary.  What difference has it made to your life Bill Morford?

Bill:  It has increased my faith; increased my understanding with God; increased my understanding of scripture as I can relate it more to my life today.  And it has given me more power in my prophetic words. I am ordained at Christian International under Bishop Hammond and we do a lot of prophecy.

Sid:  Bill, I understand why you’re so excited about the Jewish roots. For instance, the average Christian doesn’t know unless they had your Bible of course that communion literally comes out of Passover, explain that.

Bill:  Oh, that’s beautiful it comes from Exodus 6 verses 6 & 7, and what we do when we’re taking communion it’s given properly in Luke 22 starting with verse 17.  When Jesus lifted the first cup what He was referring to from Exodus 6 verse 6 is God said, “I will bring you out from Egypt.”  Which to all of us modern Christians means that He is bringing us out of the world, Egypt represents the world, the worldliness which were supposed to be…

Sid:  Wait, well for starters some may not even realize at the Passover meal we have four cups of wine so the first cup means what?

Bill:  I will bring you out from Egypt that God is bringing us out from our desire for worldly things and from the oppression of the world.  And the second cup which is being drunk during the meal is I will rescue you from your bondage and that’s deliverance from all demonic spirits that we have with that cup.  The third cup is called the cup of redemption, and this is the one that Jesus lifted and said “This is the cup of the renewed covenant in my blood which is being poured out for you today.”

Sid:  It’s so much richer when you understand in context and that whole context the first church totally understood but we don’t understand it today.  How can anyone comprehend communion without knowing Passover Bill?

Bill:  Right, you can’t do it; you get the full understanding when you know that. So that is footnoted in the Bible then that’s in, there’s an article in the seasons of the Lord in my glossary on that.

Sid:  You must have studied a lot of Jewish literature to do 4,300 footnotes and a 170 page glossary.

Bill:  That I did, that I did I have a wonderful library now for reference books.  I can just go anywhere in the Bible and backup the things that I have put in those footnotes; they’re very real to me and they’re real to everybody, That’s why this was important.

Sid:  Bill, we’re out of time.

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