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Our Guests Chester and Betsy Kylstra

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Sid: As we look at secular media we find that there’s a lot of fun being poked at Christians. As we look at statics we find there are as many divorces in the church as outside of the church. There are problems with child molestation, there’s problems with drugs, there’s problems of alcoholics, this should not be. I have on the telephone speaking to them at their headquarters “Where proclaiming His Word Ministries” in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Chester and Betsy Kylstra. One of my members of my Board of Directors suggested I contact them because they’ve been putting on seminars places such as the Toronto, Airport Church, Bill Hammond’s Ministry for the leadership and as surprisingly as it is setting a number of leaders free. I have to ask you this question Chester when we read about Jesus we don’t read about them going…the people going through a seminar and dealing with unforgiveness and dealing with past hurts and dealing with 4 generation back curses and dealing with if it’s demonic activity. All we hear about is someone lays hands on someone and they get set free. Why is it necessary to follow these foundational principals that you cover in your seminars?

Chester: Well I wish I really knew the answer to that I think probably the simplest answer though is that you and I are not Jesus. It seems that in today’s world that the preachers, the healers spend quite a bit of time preaching the word to raise faith and then the Lord is still following His word to confirm it.

Sid: Listen there are so many dysfunctional non-Christians and just as many dysfunctional, using a word from psychology, dysfunctional Christian’s some-things got to be done. How did you yourself realize that just going to church on Sunday and taking a basic discipleship class even in Spirit filled churches wasn’t enough?

Chester: I think the way that we found out is that the Lord began to heal us. In fact our testimony is that He would minister to an area and then after that to explain it to us in the word and then we would begin to help other people receive the same healing and low and behold it worked. But the biggest revelation He gave us is as we were in our early years of Bible College was the need to minister to several different areas sort of in a harmonious or in an integrated way. We call it the integrated approach to ministry and basically there are 4 problem areas all of us are affected with and the Lord Jesus has made a way to get free of each one of them.

Sid: Tell me what those 4 areas are.

Chester: Well we labeled them some sort of jargoning names some short cut names one we call Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses which comes out of 2nd commandment. For example in Exodus 20 verse 5 about the iniquities of the fathers being visited unto the 3rd and 4th generation of those that hate God really in rebellion and involved with idolatry of one sort or another. So that’s the first area the

  • 2nd we call Ungodly Beliefs which really is an encouragement out of Romans 12:2 to have our minds renewed. And we’ve found that we really need that we think we know the word, we think we’re thinking on God but it turns out it might not be the case for most of us. And
  • the 3rd area we call Soul Spirit Healings some people would call this inner healing but it’s basically positioning ourselves with the Lord Jesus and come and heal the brokenhearted. He’s eager to that today if we will do what He asks us to do.

And to sort of answering your earlier question we find all of God’s promises are let’s say the vast majority of them are conditional promises. And so what we’re really teaching people is how to meet the conditions of those promises. And so when we deal with these first 4 areas…

Sid: Excuse me what was the 4th?

Chester: Well I’m about to explain that.

Sid: Okay.

Chester: When we deal with the first 4 areas we really are recovering what we reveal to as legal ground or place; we use Ephesians 4:27 from demonic oppression. And I’m not saying possession I’m saying oppression and so we can deal with the 4th area which is to get rid of anyway that we’ve opened the door or our ancestors have opened the door to demonic oppression.

Sid: Now if someone doesn’t deal with the first areas you mentioned then it’s from what I’m gathering it’s more difficult for them to be set free of that 4th area “Demonic Oppression.”

Chester: Yes I think that a person particularly anointed in the deliverance can probably drive out demons no matter what but the disadvantage of that is that they usually come back in because the person has not taken care of the sin area that have given them place…

Sid: Wait it gets even worse for according to the Bible it not only come back in oppression they come back many times worse. Betsy and Chester I noticed an interesting similarity in both of your lives. Betsy was adopted and Chester your father died when you were 2 years of age.

Chester: Right.

Sid: And I’m just wondering if God used the obvious hurts that both of you had in developing this ministry.

Betsy: He certainly used them in my life. I felt as a result of the adoption that I didn’t belong and I had many issues around that. And the Lord first… as the Lord began to heal me first He began to heal me out of the word and out of Psalm 139 which talks about how He was there when we were formed in our mother’s womb and I realized that it was His plan and I wasn’t just a mistake or an accident. And then later before I knew that the Lord really spoke to us I was praying with a friend and had a wonderful vision of somebody standing there with a brand new baby. And I was totally just amazed and didn’t know what was going on and as I watched I realized that the person was in fact Jesus and the baby was in fact myself and He was saying to me “I’ve always had a plan for your life and I’m so excited that you were here and I have so much for you to do that’s part of My kingdom.” So the Lord began to heal me and then eventually there was even a restoration with my birthmother. And I think that sometimes I think that the Lord uses the events of our life to bring healing when there’s love and healing purpose. And so out of those things the Lord began to show me how much He wanted to make Himself known at a heart level to me. And I think Chester had another really amazing experience.

Sid: Well Chester what I’ve noticed as many people whose fathers are absent through death or just emotionally detached do have a lot of challenges in life. How did you establish this love relationship with God?

Chester: Well you’re right I pretty much grew up a loner and felt like a rejected person and sure enough that’s what I experienced. But after Betsy and I’d gotten married we were riding over to the beach one day from our home there in Gainesville, Florida and I was laying in the back of the van on a bed and I just praying along and God had just really get our attention and draw us back to Him. And I didn’t really know what I was doing but suddenly I just had this awesome, I don’t even know how to describe it, but just a Father’s presence and it was just like Father God revealed Himself to me as my father in some ways that I cannot explain healed many many many of the hurts that I had because of that rejection. I just laid there in the back of the van and wailed I guess for about 5 or 10 minutes a wise woman that she is just kept driving but it just totally revolutionized my life and I have never struggled since then with the issues that we now know that many other people do with issues of “Have I done enough today to earn God’s love, am I clean enough to get into the kingdom?” I mean all of these kind of issues that are really works related just got taken care of for me.

Sid: Betsy very quickly about one person that was ministered to through your seminar, through your book and what happened to them very briefly.

Betsy: Alright I’d like to tell you about just a testimony that came in today as I was talking to a ministry team the couple that lives in another nation she was sexually abused by her father and had not seen him for 12 years. After she went through the ministry she writes and says “I saw my father for the first time, of course many memories were there but he faced up to everything and was willing to talk; I had already dealt with forgiveness and so we were able to begin a whole new relationship.” She also mentioned that her husband who had been a rage-aholic had not had an outbreak of anger not had but one outbreak of anger since he went through the ministry. And she said at that point he stopped and asked my forgiveness; I am no longer afraid of him she said this ministry works thank you for giving us the tools that you’ve given us.

Sid: What are you finding with marriages?

Betsy: We are finding tremendous restoration of marriages. We use a format of starting with a joint session when we work with a couple for a week. We start with a session with that couple, ask them what their joint issues as a couple and then we take them through each one through 15 hours of individual ministry and then we come back and we talk about where do we go from here with God’s help.

Sid: But you know many people will be able to go to your seminars but the majority of our listeners will not that’s why I’m so you put together a very large a 400 plus page workbook called “Restoring the Foundations.” In which it deals with the 4 problem areas that we discussed and how to get set free from them but one of the suggestions that you make is that a husband and wife might want to go through this workbook together and then minister to one another I think that’s wonderful.

Betsy: Well we’ve had such encouraging reports of people doing that and being able to minister to each other and finding a real measure of God’s freedom through it.

Sid: Betsy we’re out of time…

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Our Guest Joan Gieson

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Joan Gieson

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Joan Gieson I’m speaking to her at her home in St. Louis, Missouri. And we’ve been finding out all of this week as a young mother she just had her first child she instantly went blind things started getting worse, she couldn’t walk she couldn’t, she might get deaf, one doctor said she wouldn’t live, she felt like a walking time-bomb that sometimes the blindness would disappear and then disappear. And she went to a Kathryn Kuhlman service, Kathryn Kuhlman had one of the greatest healing ministries of this generation. And she was there with her husband who wasn’t even a believer and she said to her husband “There’s like lights all over me.” And she opened her eyes and she saw these lights and her husband said “There’s no light over you.” And she was totally healed of every symptom and your friend, what was her name Shirley, who had MS that you brought she gets out of a wheelchair and starts walking. For those that aren’t familiar with the Kathryn Kuhlman Ministry tell me what someone might see if they went to one of her services.

Joan: This is what we live for isn’t it to talk about Jesus and His magnificence and once again when you would go into a Kathryn Kuhlman service you know that lady would walk out…you know sometimes how you have to it’s like you warm up a horse so when you know when they’re ready for a race. You’ve got kind of run them over a little bit so that they’re into it and all warmed up and you know. She would come out on that platform without any warming up there was none of that. You know the music didn’t have to be great and grand there was a pianist and organist and that was it. And she would have Jimmy McDonald or one of the other singers do a solo or 2 and we would sing a few hymns but instantly Sid instantly she would say “Someone there is being healed of a terminal cancer.” Someone up on the platform” and by the way Sid I spoke that I believe there is someone listening to us now who has terminal cancer. In the name of Jesus honey just be made whole just life your hands and you’ll feel the Spirit of God come down and around you.

Sid: You know Mishpochah your not that familiar with Joan and I’m just getting to know her we just did a television show with her and she did something very similar to this word of knowledge during our commercial break. She said “There’s someone on the set and you described they had something wrong with their right hip and their back and their neck.”

Joan: And you know it’s deeper than that this woman name is Lois.

Sid: Oh you know the person with terminal cancer.

Joan: The woman’s name is Lois that’s all I know.

Sid: Hm.

Joan: Lois, Lois has terminal cancer and God is healing her as we’re speaking.

Sid: I absolutely believe this and I said “Anyone on the set?” Do you have this specific condition that Joan stated so no one said yes. So I just kind of ignored it we went on with t the interview. The end of the interview out makeup artist who was in the back at the time comes running up and says “She just described me I was in an auto accident and my right hip and my back and I’m a mess.” Now you did something Joan that I wish we had gotten on television. Why did you… it was a very weird thing do you remember what you did?

Joan: Well I remember putting that lady on my back which is so weird.

Sid: Yes, that is weird.

Joan: I had her put her hands around my neck and I leaned forward with her on my back. And as I did there was all kinds of cracking and she…

Sid: Listen if she didn’t have a back problem before she sure would have had one afterwards.

Joan: Isn’t that the funniest thing I mean every individual is individual as their own fingerprints not 2 of us are made alike.

Sid: But did you hear did God tell you to do that?

Joan: God said to do that I would never had done that.

Sid: I mean just…I want you to catch this Mishpochah she had Gina this woman they were back to back sort of locking arms and Joan bent forward and Gina went up in the air and all of this cracking occurs then she comes down and she said “I have no pain I’m healed.”

Joan: She hadn’t been able to move her neck for months; that girl told me she could not move. The first thing she did was turn her neck from side to side, back and forth. I mean that was the first thing and then her back there was no pain she could lift her legs. Remember she jumped off of that platform there was no pain in the back it went away.

Sid: So I’m positive that that woman with terminal cancer is healed in Jesus name.

Joan: Her name if Lois.

Sid: Well Lois I want you to call our office because we want to rejoice right along with you. Now I want to go back, we were talking about a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting, I mean I would see so many people healed I mean every service you were with her for many years.

Joan: Eight and half years.

Sid: You actually worked with her.

Joan: Yes I actually worked with her and we would see people I mean it was little, big, old, young, educated, uneducated, not even being able to speak the same language and that’s was beautiful about it. When you know that there is absolutely nothing that you have in and of yourself. There’s no what that these people could even understand what she was saying.

Sid: So non-believers would get healed and then she would lead them to the Lord.

Joan: Exactly. I remember a fisherman and they guy even said a few not real godly words when he was up there. Well this guy was big and he reminded me of Peter; well he came and he was real sick and God healed him that man was not a believer. And before that day was over he was healed and he was saved. But that’s the drawing power of God He woos you in and you’re just you’re just putty in His hands. Either that or you’re just blatantly saying “No, no, no I’m not going to go for that; what a fool you’d be to do that.”

But Sid let me tell you about this lady we were talking about not knowing what to do after your miracle. You know I came home and in about 3 months well, let me start off with my friend first. My friend Shirley was dramatically and completely made whole on that day.

Sid: That was from MS.

Joan: That was MS but she hadn’t walked for 14 years, she couldn’t see, the balance the whole deal and I believe today that’s what I had was MS. I believe it was the same thing but the testing isn’t sophisticated enough at that time to know. Today they can do the spinal tap’s the MRI’s and they know. But when we brought that woman home we…the first thing Shirley wanted to do was go for a steak dinner. And we went and she cut her own steak, she ate the baked potato and the salad and the desert. We thought she was going to die from the food.

Sid: (Laughing)

Joan: Because here she’s on baby food and now she’s eating all of this stuff and we get her home and I knock and we ran up to the door. Knock, knock it’s like 3:00 in the morning on Sunday morning. And Richard and the kids four of them came to the door and the screen door was closed and he just stared at the children because some of the most of the kids not seeing their mother out a wheelchair. Now these kids they’re just, ever body’s amazed and he’s not saying a word they’re not saying a word. I said “Richard let us in.” He let us in I said “This is the plan Richard God has healed your wife the wheelchair if in the trunk God has healed Shirley. And tomorrow morning…he was an elder of our church. I said “Tomorrow morning Frank and I will pick up Shirley will you take the children on to Sunday School and Shirley and Frank and I are going to go all the way down to the front row of the church. And everybody is going to…I mean everybody knew about Shirley, everybody knew about me. And so he said “Okay.” And so the next morning we did pick up Shirley and her and I got out of the car and there must have been 30 steps to the front door they were off the street into the sanctuary. And Frank drops us off right in front and I said “Shirley I bet I can beat you up the steps.” Well neither one of us had gone up that way for years we had to go around the back where there were no steps. We raced up the steps and we got almost to the top Sid and the big doors swung open and it was our pastor and he walked out on the front on the top step and there was Richard right behind him. They closed the door and the pastor pointed to me and said “How dare you do this!” And I said “What?” He said “How dare you give this family false hope, how dare you promise them something that’s not going to be; she is going die like the doctors have said and so are you there are no such things as miracles today.” Sid I ….

Sid: My goodness.

Joan: By that time Frank was up there with us and Frank said “Pastor don’t say that I watched God heal my wife; no my wife will not die.” I said “No Pastor I’m not going to die.” Shirley didn’t say a word and Richard was standing looking over the shoulder of the pastor and Sid it was like a rose being cut from the vine within 6½ months my friend was dead.

Sid: Oh my goodness let me ask you about yourself very quickly. How many years ago was it that you were healed?

Joan: 1966 and this is 2001.

Sid: Alright how is your sight?

Joan: My sight is perfect! You know I’m old I wear glasses to read but no big deal, I drive I can see. But let me tell you this, 3 months after I was healed I encountered that blindness once again. And my husband looked at me and said “Don’t you even think that you weren’t healed you get up and you walk the devil is a liar I saw you healed.” And I almost disliked him momentarily because he wasn’t sympathetic for me and I got angry and I got up and I said “Oh God.” And instantly that sight came back.

Sid: And you know these lying spirits and that’s an important lesson for you to learn but we’re out of time and I’m going to have Joan pray for you on tomorrows broadcast.

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Our Guest Pat Schatzline

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SID: Pat and his wife, without conferring either with each other…

PAT: That’s right.

SID: Both had the same dream. It was a scary dream, very scary. Tell me about it.

PAT: Last year on June 1st, I had this dream and I always say I have a sleep disorder called revelation. I have a lot of dreams.

SID: Pray for me.

PAT: And we have a lot of prophetic dreams, and I write about them and all that. But all of a sudden in a dream, I’m running with my wife and we’re running off across a giant map of America like you would see on a floor, you know, somewhere a big map of America, and we’re running. And there’s a wave chasing us, and it’s crashing, and it’s scary. And in the dream I’m weeping and I’m screaming, “Come on, Karen, we got to get people to safety! We got to get people to safety!” And suddenly we were standing at the White House. And we ran up the steps and we wrap our arms around the post, and the wave hit. Now I didn’t know Karen had also had this dream and wrote it in her prophetic dream manual. I didn’t know that. She always gets revelation before me. But anyway, all of a sudden, that day I wake up. I have to speak, it’s a Sunday morning, I have to speak, I’m overwhelmed. I’m like, God, you promised in Genesis 9:11 that you would not do this again with a wave. Why did I dream this? All day long. Suddenly the Lord speaks to me, “Son, what you saw was not judgment. You saw the next wave of revival that is coming to America and it will be the final awakening that is coming.” And I began to weep uncontrollably. Since then I’ve had this dream over and over of the wave. Others came to me and said, “I had the wave.” But I believe with all my heart, and I know we hear a lot of gloom, despair and agony on me for America and all that, and I do believe our nation is in trouble. But I also believe that every great move of God, now I did a study on this and that every 20 years there’s an outpouring of God and usually it’s right before a war or after a war, or before a depression or after a depression. Do you know that we’re sitting on the 20-year mark right now for the next move of God to hit America. It’s going to break out. But I don’t believe it will be in one city in this place. I believe it’s going to be hot spots across America. And I was flying in a plane across America a while back late at night, and I saw lights off in the distance in different places, and the Lord said, “That’s the wave of revival that will hit America. There will be hot spots. Then there will be other places that the Holy Spirit walks past, churches he no longer stops at. Those that are not preaching truth and standing on God’s work, he will be forced to walk by. We cannot put God in our compromised box.” He says, “Let me pour out my spirit.” The wave that is coming, it’s coming very soon and it’s going to hit our nation.

SID: Now is the time to get ready because as fast as you can blink your eye, Jesus is going to be back. I’m going to turn you loose right now.

PAT: Yes.

SID: Tell me the most important message God has put on your heart for people right now that feel they’re unqualified.

PAT: Three weeks ago I had a dream. I laid down for an afternoon, an afternoon anointing, I believe that. I laid down for an afternoon nap and all of a sudden I was awakened with an explosion in my eyes, and I sat up. And I laid back down for a moment, and I saw graves opening. Here’s why I would tell you that. God is about to raise up the ones that he has been waiting to use, the ones the enemy has tried to throw dirt on. But you can’t throw dirt on somebody God is not finished with yet. Just look at Jesus. And what you got to realize is you are the voice that God has been raising up. The number one attack on the unqualified is the lies of the enemy. He’ll tell you you’re a failure, you’re worthless, you’re dumb, you’re stupid. Every time he says all those things just stand up and smile, and say, “I’m anointed. I am hand-picked by God. I was created uniquely and wonderfully. And what you got to realize is the Spirit of the Lord is upon you right now. And some of you are dreaming to preach the Gospel. Some of you are dreaming to start businesses. Some of you, God says, hand me your dreams, talk to me, spend time with me, cry out to me, launch this thing. The next wave of a move of God will not be well known preachers. It will be those that God says that they have fallen down as Isaiah did. And Sid, I am undone. Unwrap me, Lord. That means he was unwrapped through his childhood and fixed. And you fall on your knees in your house right now. Pray in the spirit. Walk through your house. Declare authority right where you’re at. When you get to that place where you say God is bigger than my issues, he’s bigger than my mistakes, he’s bigger than my failures, fall on your knees and cry out and say, God, I am your unqualified voice, will you use me. Get ready because you’re going to begin to have encounters. You’re going to begin to see things and he’s going to use you. You don’t have to kick open doors because I had a dream, another dream. The Lord gave me a dream and I’m looking at the waste of Jesus and I see all these keys on this belt like a janitor. And the Lord suddenly said to me, he said, “Son,” he said, “in the dream pick out the key. Little keys open giant doors. Don’t always pick the big key. Little keys open giant doors.” And I woke up, and I said, “Lord,” and I was weeping in bed, and he said, “I’ll give you whatever key you ask for. You and I, all we got to do is say, Lord, speak to us, talk to us, anoint me, choose me. Pray in tongues. Don’t even stop. Pray in the spirit. Don’t always ask for stuff, just pray in the spirit and when you go to thank him, when you go to pray with thankfulness of heart get your joy back. The enemy is lying to this generation and telling them God cannot use them. But I believe with all my heart you are the ones that God handpicked. You are the ones that he chose. You’re here for right now and I believe we’re the generation that will not see death. We get to stand there when the trumpet call comes, and I’m scared of heights, so he’s going to have to give me a pill before the rapture.

SID: The key to begin the greatest adventure in your life, to be qualified…

PAT: Yes.

SID: Is to get the qualifier to live big within you. His name is Jesus, in Hebrew, Yeshua. He died for your sins. Believe it, repent, tell him you’re sorry, ask him inside and get on with the race. This is a great life.

PAT: Amen.

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Our Guest Kynan Bridges

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest says that every true believer in Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, has a prophetic DNA and he knows how to pull it out of you. Are you ready? You know Kynan, I’ve known you a long time, but you told me you recently moved into a new dimension with God. Tell me about the circumstances of that and what difference it’s making.

KYNAN: Well first of all I’ll say that we’re living in one of the most critical times in history and it is critical for the church to begin to understand this new dimension. You know, several years ago when my daughter was born, actually before she was born, my wife was having a lot of complications in the pregnancy. So when we got to the hospital my wife refused to dilate. And so the doctor said, “I’ll give you one hour and if we come back in one hour and she’s still not dilated we’re going to perform a C-section.” So we what most spiritual people do, we prayed. And so we began to pray and pray, and pray. And while I was praying for my wife I tapped into another dimension in prayer. I moved from just asking God to do something to begin to decree over my wife. I began to literally prophesy to her womb and command it to be open in Jesus’ name.

SID: You were literally prophesying.

KYNAN: Yes. I was prophesying over her womb and, you know, I was a bit hungry, too. So I told my baby girl to be, I said, “Now come out now. We’re waiting on you and daddy has to eat, too.”

SID: I’m sure that made a big difference.

KYNAN: So as we began, as I began to just literally labor in prayer the doctor came back in and when they went to check my wife my daughter’s head was already poking out, and we literally delivered a baby.

SID: So you realized that you changed your prayer and changed your results.

KYNAN: Yes absolutely. In fact, what the Lord showed me from that experience is that prayer is the labor room of the prophetic and it is in the labor room of prayer that we give birth to the prophetic promises of God.

SID: You know, this sounds so exciting to me compared to the ritual, and that’s what I have to call it, that most people pray. But you have found there’s a Divine protocol.

KYNAN: Yes. You know, when we talk about Jesus’ praying over the disciples saying, “Teach us how to pray,” and Jesus goes through the gamut of things and says, “Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” and so forth and so. And what you begin to realize is that God is a righteous judge and this is what the Parable of the Unjust Judge in the Gospel accounts, the woman goes to the judge and he doesn’t want to do anything for her, and she keeps coming back. And he says, “Even though I don’t fear God or regard man I’m going to answer her and avenge her speedily because she comes before me night and day.” How much more will God avenge his children that come before him? And so what the Lord began to show me is that prayer is not just a religious ritual. It is a Divine legal transaction. And when you come to God with his Law he has to respond in kind.

SID: Do you realize if people understood the difference between regular prayer and prophetic prayer what a difference it would make? They wouldn’t just be saying rituals. Explain. Define a prophetic prayer.

KYNAN: Well let me say this. Many people pray pathetically.

SID: No, I said prophetic.

KYNAN: I know.

SID: I know. I’m teasing you.

KYNAN: But God wants us to pray prophetically and there’s a difference. What are pathetic prayers? Oh Lord, help if it be thy will.

SID: Why bother?

KYNAN: Please. I’m begging you. I’m standing in the need of prayer.

SID: Why won’t you answer?

KYNAN: Why won’t you answer me? But when you understand that, really this is powerful, the prophetic dimension of prayer, the Bible says that the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy. Every New Covenant believer has the testimony of Jesus Christ. For goodness sake, we have the Holy Spirit inside of us. That’s the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, the same spirit that brooded over the face of the waters in creation. That’s who we have living on the inside of us. And this is why Paul says we have the mind of Christ. Because when we’re tapping into the prophetic we’re tapping into the Divine mind of God. You know, the Lord showed me something years ago. I had this vision and he changed the way I prayed about it, and he said, “I want to reveal my heart to my people.” And as we look into the heart of God we see the intent of God. We see how God feels. We see what God desires. So now when you walk into your prayer closet you’re not just walking into a religious environment. You are literally tapping into the heart and mind of God. So you’re like a cardiologist. You can see his heart. And as you see his heart you know what’s on his mind. And once you know what’s on his mind you have the power to release what’s on his mind in the affairs of life when you pray.

SID: You say that everyone has this prophetic DNA. How can you say that?

KYNAN: Well if you say it, you do.

SID: That’s simple.

KYNAN: It’s simple. Right? When we got born again we were literally re-generated. In other words, God put his genes inside of us. He wrote his genetic code inside our spirit. So we are like him. You know, that’s how Adam was in the beginning. He was created in the image of God, the imagination of God, the attributes of God. So in that respect every believer has the mind of Christ. We just need to unlock this mind. We need to release this mind and prayer is the environment. I mean, can you imagine praying over our children and instead of wondering what they’re doing, God reveals to us in prayer what’s going on with our children. Instead of going to the business table and not knowing what’s happening imagine God revealing the mind of not only your partners, but his mind concerning that business deal. This is available to every believer. We don’t need a title. We don’t need to be a bishop or a pastor. If you’re saved and you have the Holy Ghost it’s up for grabs for every single believer. And I believe, and I just want to release this. I feel the anointing on this.

SID: Me, too.

KYNAN: God is raising up a prophetic generation of intercessors who are literally going to be used of God to usher in his purposes in the earth. They’re going to do it at the grocery store, the supermarket, the schools. They don’t need a platform. They don’t need a title. They don’t even need a church. All of us have the right, the authority and the responsibility to prophesy.

SID: Okay. It’s time, when we come back we’re going to ask Kynan to release your, he can’t give it to you, it’s already in you, your prophetic DNA. It’s been silent too long. We’ll be right back.

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May 4th, 2016 at 9:41 am

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