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Our Guest Jim Staley

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SID: So Jim, why do you feel or believe that Jewish people are disproportionately blessed compared to the average society?

JIM: I love to tell a story that a friend of mine tells and told me. He said, “You know, I have a Jewish CPA.” He says, “I went in one time to the office of the CPA and I said, ‘You have Christians and Jewish people, right, as your clients.'” He said, “Absolutely.” He said, “Who makes more money? Jewish people or Christians?” And he laughed and said, “Jewish people of course, 10 to 1.” And my friends says, “Well that’s interesting. What is the difference? What makes it so different for the Jewish people?” He said, he picks a Bible off of his desk and he picks it up and he says, “You see this Bible?” My friend says, “Yes.” And he says, “You Christians read the back of the book, but all the financial principles are in the front of the book.”

SID: I like that.

JIM: And so what I’ve learned, I work with families, I work with kids and teenagers, and relationships, is that if you want success in your life, all success builds around not knowledge, but relationship. But there is knowledge that takes you to the heart of the relationship that causes that financial or supernatural breakthrough to happen. In most of what I have found, see listen, the Old Testament is simply the New Testament concealed. The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.

SID: All right. But wait a second. If the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed, what would you say to someone that says, well it’s shorter. I’ll just stick with this. I’m not going to read the front of the book, as you call it.

JIM: Absolutely.

SID: What would you say to them?

JIM: This is what I would say. You went to school, right, and you had a math class, or let’s say a language arts class, and they gave you a book to read, and you say, you know what? I don’t want to read the whole book. I’m just going to read the last chapter. Well you read the last chapter and that’s where all the drama is. That’s where all the excitement is. But you’re not going to know who characters are. You’re not going see all the beautiful relationships that led them to that place. You’re only going to see the end result, but you’re not going to see any of the journey that it took to get there. And how many times as believers we only want the end result, especially in America. We want fast food God, is what we want. We want instant gratification. We want instant healing. All we want is a Santa Claus, if you want to be honest. But God says it’s not about the end result. It’s about the journey along the way. There’s a reason why it took the Israelites 40 years of tribulation. It’s because they still had Egypt inside of them. He wanted to get it out. It’s all about the journey. And the front of the book, as I like to call it, or the Old Testament, is where the journey begins. That’s the depth. And the Hebrew is the depth. The relationships that we have, almost every problem I have ever seen in marriage or business success, or lack of success can be traced back to an ancient principle that they don’t know.

SID: You know, I wish I had some of the principles that Jim teaches. For instance, you talk about relationship problems, not just relationship in marriage, not just relationship with children, not just relationship with employees, not just relationship with employers, not just the relationship with fellow students. And they’re so simple that if anyone follows these biblical secrets, if you will, that they weren’t meant to be secrets, but they are to most Christians, believe it or not, because they don’t read, as Jim recalls, the front part of the book. For instance, Jim, one of these principles like — this is a tough one — don’t defend yourself.

JIM: Listen, we love to defend ourselves. Deep down we’re all Greeks. Okay. And Greeks love philosophy and they love debate. And when you get two people together, listen, at some point they’re going to offend one another. Let’s just be real. But when deep relationship or success comes out, how do you handle it, not how do you avoid it. You can’t avoid conflict. I’m eventually going to step on your toes if I’m around long enough. But it’s how we deal with that conflict that determines whether or not we’re going to be successful. So here’s one of the principles. Don’t defend yourself. What I see especially in marriage relationships, but it happens in business relationships just as much, is that a husband is real good at offending his wife. We’re really good. And we do it accidentally. That’s how good we are. But what happens is the wife—

SID: I didn’t hear any men laughing.

JIM: Nobody laughed here. But a wife or the other person that’s offended will explain emotionally how they’re offended. And what happens is the other person will begin to defend what they meant. But see, to the person that was offended, it doesn’t matter how you meant it. What matters is they’re hurt. And so here’s a biblical principle. Moses, when God says, “I’m going to destroy the Israelites,” Moses does not defend the actions of the people. He gets into the heart of God. This is what, the only time in the Bible that this happens. But Moses gets into the heart of Yahweh and says, “Yahweh, intellectually you’re right. You have a right to destroy these people for what they did. They’ve just broken your holy word and so on, and so forth.” But he says, “Remember that you love them, that these are your people that you promised inheritance.” So he gets into the emotional part of Yahweh and in the most incredible way, the Father now, the seedbed, the soil has been prepared and He remembers His covenant, and then He chooses to forgive them. So here’s a parable in the New Testament to connect it. Remember when Yeshua, Jesus, gives the parable of the seeds, right. He says, you got rocky soil, good soil. You got concrete, you got Walmart parking lot over here. Here’s what we do, especially men. We love truth and we love to take our seeds, [then] back up to our wife with a dump truck and dump truck all of the truth on that person, or your employer, or whoever it is. But what if it’s concrete? You see, if you don’t prepare the soil first, they’re not going to hear a word that you say. And I have discovered, especially in marriage counseling that women understand the soil. Men do not understand the soil. So what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to get into the soil and prepare it. So when someone is offended, here’s the key. This is what you need to tell them, those that are offended: “I understand how you feel. If I was you I probably would feel the exact same thing. I am so sorry that I offended. Would you please forgive me.” Now when you’re saying that, you’re saying that, sometimes and you’re actually intellectually or factually right that they didn’t, they took you wrong. But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter right or wrong. That’s another principle. Right or wrong does not matter when it comes to making restoration happen. You’ve got to set the soil, get into the heart. And once that heart is prepared, then you can say, “You know when I said that, this is what I really meant,” and she’ll hear it.

SID: You know, Jim, these principles will supernaturally change any relationship. Do you think if people follow these supernatural principles that any relationship is hopeless?

JIM: This isn’t even a guess. We have people from all over the world that have sent us testimonies. We’ve had wives that have gotten the series and some of the teachings that I do, and forced their husbands to sit down and watch it, buckle them into the couch, you know, and took the remote away. And three hours later, they’re crying in repentance and the relationship is restored. We’ve had business owners that have been in arguments with their partners on the brink of divorce, if you will, from their partnership, and watch this, supernaturally change their marriage and totally restore their relationship between their partner. It is not because these are, you know, just any kind of principles. These are God principles. This is the way of life we’re supposed to connect with people from these ancient principles that started with Genesis all the way through Revelation. There’s two critical components that everybody must know about success. You have to have the heart in relationship. No doubt about it. Some people are pretty good at that. This other part is critical as well. You’ve got to have the right instructions. It’s not enough to have the heart.

SID: And guess what? What is the name, what does the word “Torah” mean?

JIM: It means instructions.

SID: You’ve got to have the right instructions and you have to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord.

JIM: Amen.

SID: Otherwise I feel sorry for you.

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Our Guest Jim Staley

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Jim Staley

Sid: The One New Man is God’s plan for the full presence of God to be released by the church and devil it will be your worst nightmare. My guest understands the One New Man, his name is Jim Staley. Jim I am so intrigued on the revelations that you talk about from the ancient Hebrew alphabet that I mean God has so much wisdom that even in the letter of the alphabet in the words there are entire secret codes. Tell me one of your favorites.

Jim: No doubt about it my favorite by far is the word Torah. Now let me back up just a second so your listeners can understand what we’re talking about. In every letter of the Hebrew alphabet was originally done in hieroglyphic form or pictograph, just like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics were in pictures. And so before they evolved into the modern Hebrew they were pictures that’s the way that they did it. And so…

Sid: Was that similar to the Chinese language?

Jim: Yes, there you go very similar; in fact the Chinese language and the pictograph came from the original Hebrew, we know this now.

Sid: So what does that mean to you? Does that mean whoever designed the Chinese alphabet knew a lot about the Jewish culture?

Jim: No, what it means is that they came from that Hebrew culture from the tower of Babel this is where these concepts got split. So you see this beautiful Hebrew pictograph showing up in other languages all over the world and it goes all the way back to when God spread them out all over the world. But my favorite one is a word called Torah. Now in English that means instructions it doesn’t mean law but it means instructions of God. And there’s 4 letters to the word Torah, it’s Tav Vav Resh Hey and although you can’t see it pictorially here’s what they mean….

Sid: Yeah, but of course with the 4 DVDs we’re offering they’ll be able to see this but go ahead.

Jim: Absolutely, the letter Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet there’s 22 letters and its original pictograph get this is a cross. It literally is a cross like a little plus sign and what it meant was covenant; that’s what it meant. The letter Vav was the picture of a nail which meant a nail or to connect something with a nail. The letter Resh was a picture of a Head of a man; and it meant literally a Head or the beginning of something like Rosh Hashanah is the head of the New Year; the Jewish New Year. And the last letter is the letter Hey which is one of my favorite ones because it’s a little guy jumping up and down and it means “Reveal the hold or the revelation.” And so if you take the word Torah, which is the instructions of God; which by the way that’s what the Messiah was; He was the Word made flesh. So this is what makes this so exciting; and you go through the meanings of each letter. The word Torah actually means “The Covenant of the nail connects the Head of revelation; the covenant of the nail is the Head of revelation.” What’s more exciting is when you read it backwards because God is front and backwards and backwards and forward. When you read it backwards its “Revealed is the Head of the nail Covenant.” And who is the Head of the nail Covenant?” But Jesus; Yeshua Himself is the Word of God. This is why Jesus said to the Pharisees “If you have not read the Torah you have not known about me because Moses wrote about me; I AM the Torah; the word made flesh.”

Sid: So what would you say to a Christian that says “I am no longer under the law, therefore I ignore the Old Testament” What would you say?”

Jim: Well that would be really difficult for a disciple of Jesus, of Yeshua, to accept that statement because Timothy in the Book of Timothy it says “All scripture is worthy of instruction; is God breathed and worthy for ways of righteousness; walking in His ways.” And here’s a big key; when that was written there was no Christian Church the way that it is today and there was no New Testament. So the only scriptures they could have been referring to are the only scriptures that they considered the scriptures that they use. Which is what we call the Old Testament; the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. And the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.   If we miss the Old Testament theology and the power that our disciples knew grew and loved we will miss what they wrote about. Because the entire framework from what they wrote was from that perspective.

Sid: Well when Paul says “We’re no longer under the law.” What did that mean?”

Jim: Very simply that was an idiomatic expression again that we look at and we look at it very literal that we’re not under something. Now American’s don’t like to be under anything because we don’t like to be told what to do; that’s our whole story of breaking from Great Britain. But the truth is it actually is a legal term that means you’re no longer under the penalty of the law. It means the same thing in a legal court system today when you are under the law that means you’ve broken the law or your charged with breaking the law and your under the jurisdiction of the whatever law that you broke. So because we all have sinned which according to 1 John 3:4 says “Sin is the transgression of the law” or breaking of the Torah; when you sin you’re under the law; under the curse that the law brings when you break it. That’s why we need a Savior; so He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Yeshua and paid for the penalty of our breaking the law; so that the curse could be lifted and God’s people could actually do what God said, but be free from the condemnation when they make mistakes. And that condemnation was never taken away until Jesus nailed that condemnation and all those tickets, if you will, to the tree.

Sid: So what does an American Christian that never opens the Old Testament except for perhaps to a few Psalms and a couple of Proverbs; what are they going to be deficient in in your opinion?

Jim: Well here’s a good example my daughters 16 and she’s just about to get her driver’s license and she has 2 choices. She can either take the test and not study for it whatsoever and not read the manual and by that case she will do fairly well maybe because I’ve taught her; her mom has spent some time with her and she’s done a little bit of experience on her own. But the reality is if she studies the manual, the instructor that’s sitting right next to her is going to be far more pleased because she took the time to read the manual and she discovered which way to turn her wheel whenever she’s on a curb and she’s parked on the side of hill and so on and so forth. She’ll know what the signs are. So we as Christians when we want to know what the power of God is; we want the blessings of God; well the entire Bible is chalked full of here’s how you get the blessings but they’re virtually always conditional. Here are the blessings IF you stay and remain faithful to your spouse you’ll be blessed; there’s always an IF-THEN. And so as we understand the front of the book and everything that God wrote in the driver’s manual if you will, we’re going to better be able to navigate life and we’re going to get all of the blessings. We may not get in so many car accidents.

Sid: What difference has it made in your life understanding the Hebrew scriptures?

Jim: Everything, matter of fact I really feel like and we really get this statement a lot in our ministry. People come in and within a few short weeks they say “Man, I don’t know anything; I feel like I just got saved.” Literally over and over again people say like “I feel like I’ve been reawakened; there’s a fire that’s burning in me and it all begins to make sense now; everything that I ever thought is being challenged and now I realize that I’ve disconnected myself from the roots of my faith and we’re trying to grow a tree when we’ve completely cut it off from the roots.” So when we go back and we understand the Bible from the original root; guess what the root does? It taps into the water supply that brings life to the rest of the tree. And so today in my personal life it’s changed everything; my marriage, my…

Sid: How did it affect your marriage?

Jim: Well let me give you one of the supernatural ancient keys that I found in the scriptures that it seems to be so simple but it’s so difficult to put into practice. But it not only helped me in my own marriage but it’s helped people that are single, that are divorced; that are in business relation… this goes with any relationship. And it’s this one it’s one of my most difficult ones to do, but it’s one of the most powerful. It’s number 7 on our list of 10, and you get in the DVD series; and it’s called “Do Not Defend Yourself.” And there’s several times in the Old Testament….

Sid: Now you realize that humans are not wired that way; we are wired to protect ourselves. (Laughing)

Jim: Yes, we are and it’s so difficult and listen the name of our ministry is “Passion for Truth Ministries.” And we didn’t choose that for nothing we love the truth; and when I hear something that’s not true my first inkling is to defend myself. And this is the biggest mistake that I see in relationships hands down is that people defend themselves in a conflict and that is the worst thing that you can do. So when someone comes to you and their offended or they’ve got issues and your boss comes to you and their upset; the worst thing you can do is defend yourself. The best thing you can do is not say a word; be like Job and listen until they’re completely done; don’t say a word and even if they’re wrong you don’t defend yourself; you will ask them a question and I go through these in detail to help people understand it there is a real magical supernatural formula through conflict that you can win every conflict. I mean win by restoring and letting God bless you incredibly by following these principles.

Sid: So what is better? To win the debate or to have a marriage made in heaven? Have a relationship with your employer where you are the most favored person there? Have a relationship with your classmates? I’m telling you you know Jim I wish I knew these before I became a believer. I wish I knew these after I became a believer; the fact is very few people understand this. But these 4 DVD’s in the “Shalom in the Home.” I really would like to change that to “How to bring every Blessing, the favor, the success for every relationship in your life.” And let’s face it relationships; what makes the world go around; and then when you show these ancient codes and the ancient Hebrew language if someone’s on the edge of becoming a believer…have you ever show these to nonbelievers? I mean with believers they go wild over these ancient codes but how about a non-believer? Have you ever used this?

Jim: We have as a matter of fact I think it was during…I was teaching the power of the ancient Hebrew alphabet and there was an atheist; a 15 year old atheist who was also a homosexual; whose face was painted white. And within a couple of weeks he completely got saved and his number 1 thing that he said “I never seen the depths of God’s word before; I grew up my parents were Christians, but I rebelled but this is real and it was just real to him and he gave his life to Christ.

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Our Guest Cindy Trimm

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Sid: My guest Dr. Cindy Trimm believes that there are such wounding in peoples souls that it’s stopping us from fulfilling our potential. I guess you’ve wondered why you keep walking around in this big circle and you’re not hearing from God; you’re not walking in supernatural peace; you’re not walking in the gifts of the Spirit. Could it be that there are some soul wounds; this 40 day “Soul Fast Curriculum” it’s actually a kit where Dr. Cindy Trimm is going to coach you every day for 40 days on the DVD’s and 2 books and the study guide… Cindy teach today a bit about my favorite subject the power of love.

Cindy: I love the book of Corinthians how it explains what love is and it explains what the world needs now is really love; and this the greatest expression of God Himself because that’s who God is. God… love is not just an emotion; love is the person of Jesus Christ and that was the gift that God gave each one of us. And He proved His love, love gives, love feeds, love rejoices in truth, love believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. And it starts with how God feels about us as His children; and I think that that’s the greatest subject of all.  

Sid: Cindy give me an example of someone that has sat under your teaching for love and how it’s impacted their life.

Cindy: Yes, my sister sent me an email a couple of days ago and which really touched me and it was of a woman who had an assignment. She went back to college and her professor gave her an assignment and actually the whole class an assignment and said you know “The next week I want you to smile at least 3 people a day and see what kind of response that you get.” One of the most profound and impactful responses that she got happened while she was standing in one of the fast food restaurants. She noticed that people were beginning to move and had unkind and unpleasant look on their face and she turned around and she smelled something very profound and she looked and there were 2 homeless men and one of them obviously had a walking problem and was being helped by the other. And she said that her tendency would have been to move as well but she remembered her assignment and she just smiled at them. And she smiled back, and she had a prompting to do more than smile and ask them what they wanted and she treated them to breakfast and she went a step further. She not only treated them to breakfast but she sat down and touched one of the hands of the gentleman that was struggling and she looked and there was a tear that run down his eye as he thanked her profusely and said that this is a first time in a long time someone had ever touched him with a touch of compassion and kindness. To me we each have within ourselves to be doers of the word and not just hearers only. I believe that it may not be just a physical touch but every time we smile or treat someone with dignity or treat someone with compassion we are actually touching them with the love of God. And the touch is at the level of their soul; we can feel it.

Sid: Could you talk about an issue in your life and how God set you free.

Cindy: Absolutely, when I grew up in a single parent home; my father abandoned us. I think I was about 2 years old when I tell this story; I didn’t know how deeply it impacted me because I was always… I don’t know I had high aspirations and pushed beyond my circumstances and situations. When I got saved it was a challenge for me to embrace the love of God as He was bestowing it upon me as He was my heavenly Father because at a subconscious level I had transferred the issues of abandonment to how I related to God as my heavenly Father. I could embrace Him as my creator, I could embrace Him as my deliverer, my healer, but not as the heavenly Father that supplied all of my needs according to His riches in glory. God had to gently help me to trust Him as my heavenly Father who supplies all of my needs and that was a healing process that God gave me and I didn’t even know that that was something that I needed healing in until God revealed it to me. And so you know going back with the 40 Day Fast it’s going to be a time of revelation to you. Things that are suppressed the way that we conduct our spiritual life; the way that we view God sometimes has a lot to do with how our natural parents treated us, or in my case did not treat us.

Sid: Cindy, you talk about the need to belong; will you teach on that.

Cindy: Yes we are born with the need to bond; the need to belong. It’s a part of who we are and that is one of the phenomenon’s of gangs because if they can’t find it legitimately within their homes or within their society they’re going to go outside and attach themselves to other individuals. And I believe that what God is doing now is extending to us an opportunity to really understand what it means to belong to the family of God. And what it really means to be loved by God; even a baby if it’s not loved and held; if it’s not bonding with its mother it can fail to thrive. And so that bonding it’s giving to us by God and those of us that didn’t get it in our first family we can get it in our new family which is the family of God.

Sid: Your teaching is really practical step by step. What is the feedback you’re getting from the people that are sitting under these “Forty Day Fast?”

Cindy: We’re getting a lot of positive feedback because the book is written from a Biblical perspective. It’s all Bible, it’s all word and it’s giving people an opportunity to see the Bible as more than just an ancient book, or a book that only has relevance to get us to heaven. People now are viewing the Bible as a practical book; a practical God breathed Bible that has principles that they can apply to their everyday life. It is a book that has wisdom; and wisdom is the science of skillful living. And people now are finding that their love for reading the word of God and being able to garner the practical applications that is necessary for them not only to find a way to get to heaven but to have heaven here on earth. And that’s what I love about this book and how God empowered me to write it. The Bible is just practical.

Sid: Cindy, why is it that people seem to keep returning to the same soulish entanglement over and over and over they just can’t change the pattern.

Cindy: The word of God has made a difference in my life. I have seen how God has actually changed a very destiny of my family; where there was so much pain in our lives from abandonment and living in shame based environment; growing up as one of their only families that were a single family. Most people in my neighborhood had both parents; we were one of the only ones that were single parent. And there was a lot of shame associated with that. Now I can hold my head up high knowing that I don’t have to live as a spiritual orphan; that God has accepted me in His family but not only accepted me but He can accept everyone that is listening that can maybe suffering from a spirit of an orphan. God has accepted you into the bigger family and that’s the family of God.

Sid: Well I sense by the Spirit of God that you can pray for people that feel unloved; feel like an orphan. And actually have lived like an orphan; would you pray for them.

Cindy: Our Father and God I thank you that you are our Heavenly Father and just from my own life I know the struggle that it was and to be able to fully embrace the fact that I am a part of a bigger family and that You’re family. And that You are my heavenly father; and as I pray for those that maybe listening that maybe suffer from abandonment or betrayal or suffer from the pain of being adopted of being abandoned by both parents and had to live with people that never birthed them and suffered from the abuse of people that didn’t know their true worth and dignity. I pray that you would heal their hearts and that you would heal every individual that is listening today. Let Your love be felt and embrace them; and let them sense oh God that they have something to live for.   Break the spirit of an orphan off of them; release them from the shame and the pain and heal the holes in their soul’s and the feeling of emptiness and loneness in Jesus Name, Amen.

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Our Guest Samuel Kanco

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Sid: Now my guest in the studio if I call him red hot I think that’s an understatement. My guest is form Ghana, Africa. He comes from 4 generations of witchdoctors; he is the first one in his family to break free and to be free indeed by knowing the Messiah of Israel. Now Samuel Kanco I know that from seeing movies in the United States what a witchdoctor does but really and truly tell me a bit about your back ground; tell me a bit about what a witchdoctor actually does in Ghana, Africa.

Samuel: Thank you very much I’m so glad to be here given an opportunity for me to share with people, God bless you. Now let me… my background has no any other church and some of you have church; you were born into church saved and put back into the church.

Sid: Not me, I was born Jewish. (Laughing)

Samuel: Some people… listen my background has no any background of any church. My great grandfather, my grandfather, my father were all born into adulterous. Typical witchcraft situation, that is all we know, that is all we know, that is what we are practicing. We are born into it; I was born into it and I was getting ready to take up the mantle to continue but by the divine intervention of Jesus Christ I am out. Now my… every first born of our family is supposed to inherit; first born boy. Now my great-grandfather was the first born boy of his father; he took it; my grandfather was the firstborn of my great grandfather he took it. Now my father was the firstborn boy of my grandfather and I was going to succeed, or inherit, my father because I am the firstborn boy in the family. Now listen, because of that I was given a special attention because they were grooming me to take up the whole staff and continue from generation to generation. So when I was about 5 years, between 5 and 11 years, I have really really been demonic, been demonized so much that at the age of 11 or 12 I had obtained 5 different type of creatures already; animals.

Sid: You mean you could turn into 5 different animals.

Samuel: Already.

Sid: Give me an example of what kind of animal.

Samuel: Yeah, a butterfly, snake.

Sid: Now when you turned into these animals…

Samuel: Yes.

Sid: Did it mean like your spirit went into them?

Samuel:   Yeah, yeah in the realm of the spirit my spirit would turn into these animals and go and destroy. We don’t go and destroy in a human form.

Sid: Now there are people listening to us right now that are saying “That’s nonsense there’s no way someone can do that.”

Samuel: Yes, because of movies people are getting to believe and understand that somebody can turn into a bat. Because I’ve seen some movies in America and…

Sid: Somebody can turn into a bat.

Samuel: I’ve seen some movies in America and someone can turn into a bat, and other things so family yes but now people are coming along. So at that tender age 11 years 12 years I could turn 5 different types of animals for evil purposes; that was how I was grooming; I was groomed. And that was how I was coming up to take over the demonic mantel and then push ahead and probably leave it to my first son. But thank God for the divine intervention.

Sid: But what did you do; what was your job?

Samuel: My job is that after I have been groomed to that the extent that I am now full blown demonic man I will now go in and destroy and to deceive, and to become an agent of the devil to make sure that we deceive people; we kill people we destroy people. Now let me tell you this interesting thing. When I got to age 20 my father called me one day and he says “Son, you are getting there, now you need to have 3 contacts before you can go through your first graduation, three contacts.” It means I have to have a contact in the sea; I’ll have to have a contact in the bush; and then I will have to have a contact in the land to be able to become friends with the demons in the land, the demons in the sea, and the demons in the bush. And guess what are the demons living in the sea? Now we have a group of water spirit called “Marine spirit.” Now everything that has something to do with water it is called Marine. So these spirits are living in water and so we called them a Marine spirit. I needed to have a nice lie; a nice contact with them so that I could use them to deceive whoever I wanted to deceive. When you talk about bush we have a demon called dwarfs, now this dwarf spirit lives in the bush. So I also needed to have contact with them so that I could also use them to also deceive people. And then I needed a demon that lives around the sea so I can also use them to deceive and destroy who I want to. So at the age of 20 I have gone through all of this distance. Now I got excited in the sea because when we touch in the sea the sea parted into two and I find myself in a very beautiful city under the sea.

Sid: Now when you went… I have a question. When the sea parted and you found yourself… was that your physical body or your spirit went in there?

Samuel: Spiritual.

Sid: Your spirit went in there okay. What kind of city was it?

Samuel: I can’t… I haven’t yet seen any city that is beautiful than what I saw under the sea; sky scrapers, everything was computerized, even underwater. Nobody believed when I begin to press some buttons and water will come. This computer that we are sitting at now I saw it at late 70’s and early 80’s under the sea.

Sid: Your saying before the computer was invented when you went into this city under the sea.

Samuel: It was already there perfect; they were doing everything with computer.  

Sid: What else did you see back in the 70’s?

Samuel: I saw very beautiful cars there; all the beautiful modern cars that we see I saw them there. I saw a beautiful tiles; they were used for building; the tiles. I saw very beautiful things there that I will use.

Sid: Were these things before they were developed in the material world you saw them.

Samuel: Yeah, yeah, yeah I saw them. Yeah we have a lot of merchants and businessman who comes there; pick them out and sell to people. Now they are doing that just to be able to manipulate people and make sure that they care whatever God has put in man and actually they’ll be able to manipulate man to follow them. So if you buy these things what it does is that you become committed, you become committed and you do not even believe God and Jesus the way that you should. And so these are reasons why these things are there. So people come there, bring them put them into their shops and they commit us and so they make them so heavy that I am not surprised at all that anything goes in America, anything goes.

Sid: Now you told me that you saw famous politicians.

Samuel: Yes.

Sid: Famous people come to this and so they in fact made a pact with the devil in order to get in there.

Samuel: That’s right those big famous people I don’t want to mention their names that I saw the reason why they are there they are there for power and fame. And so most of the movie stars and most of these are there for fame and they are there for money. They make commitments with these demons so that when they come out they perform, but the end results will be so disastrous, but that is what they do.

Sid: Okay now, when you were functioning as a witchdoctor, would you put curses on people?

Samuel: Yes, I did that.  

Sid: Would you kill people?

Samuel: I did that, I killed people.

Sid: Did it bother you at that time?

Samuel: At that time it didn’t bother because people were coming to me to that job so I thought it was fine. Those that have been to school were coming to me doctors and lawyers and everybody and society was hailing us and so at that time I didn’t see anything wrong with it because I had about 15 eyes and then I could see my back, my front, my sides I could see. So I could even see your intestines and I just had to put my hand in the other spirit in your intestines pull it out and start complaining to me and then the next 2 hours you are dead.

Sid: So a lot of people listening to us think that’s all phony, but it’s not.

Samuel: It’s not it’s a real thing that I’m talking about I mean it’s real. That’s why the Bible did not shut up about “We wrestle not against flesh and blood.” That’s why the Bible did not keep quiet about “I have created a destroyer to destroy.” That’s why the Bible didn’t say that “He’s coming down to us.” You see so the Bible wants us to know that God is here and if you are not careful he can be destroyed.

Sid: Okay, you said that when you were working for the devil they would not allow you to sleep more than 2 hours.

Samuel: That’s right.

Sid: At that time, why?

Samuel: Because the harvest is so much but the labors are few; so you are not allow to sleep for 2 hours.

Sid: Because they want you to work.

Samuel: You are on your feet, you are on your feet every day. You are on your feet every day; receiving information from the psychic computer, receiving information from the 2nd heaven.

Sid: You knew about 9/11 way before.

Samuel: Yes, I knew way before.

Sid: Well look we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.

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Our Guest Laura Harris Smith

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Laura Harris Smith

Sid: Now my guest Laura Harris Smith had a quote that we spend a third of our life in bed; a 60 year old has been asleep for 20 years. And Laura I believe that that’s probably the most open we are in a 24 hour period to give God our undivided attention when we’re asleep. Tell me what you think.

Laura: Oh, I definitely agree with that this society is so action packed and you know going and coming and hardly sitting down. I’m not just describing the world and the lost, I’m describing Christians. And so yes, God is always with us; He never leaves us or forsakes us He says in scripture. So He doesn’t just tuck us in and go minister to other people in other time zones. He wants to be with us; I usually put it like this concisely “He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, He is trinity and we’re made in His image.” We are 3 parts as well and it says in scripture is the one who guards Israel He never sleeps or slumbers. We know that He never sleeps or slumbers so obviously we do but what part of us does. It’s our body and our minds that sleep; but our heart, our spirit is awake all night long. That’s why it encouraging when let’s say they have a family member that has gotten off into false doctrine, let’s say “They call themselves an agnostic by day; listen when they’re sleeping their spirit was created by God to communicate with God and He can work on them at night. And so often times Sid I’ll go to bed and I’ll pray the verse from Song of Solomon which says “I sleep but my heart is awake listening for the voice of my Beloved.”

Sid: So as you put it and as scriptures puts it our body goes to sleep but our spirit is awake 24–7, is that what you are saying?

Laura: Hmm, hmm it sure is; I believe it and I know that God would not waste so much time. We spend an equivalent of 122 days sleeping. And I just have a really hard time the God who said “I will never leave you or forsake you” is going to leave you just because you go to sleep. I mean He is much bigger than that. You know He created the moon and the stars and nighttime for a reason; it was not just an afterthought it was a sacred time.

Sid: Now, I have heard of people that pray in tongues all night while they’re sleeping. I’m not sure that I could do that, but what do you think about that?

Laura:   (Laughing) I don’t know how they could do that while sleeping but I will say that you can train your spirit, your spirit man can commune with God. And yes there are times that I have awaken from a dream and perhaps it’s something very startling you know in the middle of the night and I’ll sense an evil spirit that’s trying to come in with fear or something that is trying to threaten me and you bet I sit straight up in bed and I start praying in tongues. (Laughing) to get rid of it because we as God’s children cannot be harassed by the enemy.

Sid: Now do you just believe that your spirit-man communes with God all night or is this something you really can train your spirit-man to do?

Laura:   Well, like I said if we truly believe the Genesis story and you see very quickly the trinity emerging there. God says “Let us make man in our image.” So already He saying this is trinitarian and so there’s 3 parts to me; so there’s going to be 3 parts to them. So sure when you lay down at night it’s proven your body and mind goes to sleep. But your spirit… I guess you can just say that in my entire life and this has been my story. And I did dream before I was baptized in the Holy Spirit but I’m telling you once I got baptized in the Holy Spirit 20 years ago it’s been like all night at the movies most nights. He really… yes, the closer my spirit walked with the Lord and especially more time I spend in prayer and worship, that’s a huge one, my spirit man may not. You know you sit with the Lord; you might feel you like anything significant happens. You don’t maybe hear anything while you’re there; you think do I even just waste my time my prayers just floated off to cyberspace (Laughing). But what you’re doing is your preparing your spirit-man and what I often find is I go to bed and get the answer. I was really blessed to have Cindy Jacobs endorse the book, and you know she on the back of the book she talked about how “You can solve life’s most pressing issues even while you sleep; I love this book.” So we coined the phrase “Solve your problems while you sleep” because God truly does want to communicate with us there.

Sid: So when you go to bed on a practical basis do you ask God questions just before you go to sleep; how do you do that?

Laura: Hmm, hmm. I often do; but you know though I don’t see evidence in the Bible where anybody ever begged God for a dream. So I caution the reader to not seek the dream but seek the dream giver and that’s the difference in Sigmund Feud and myself as well. He talked about dreams and wrote about dreams but he didn’t know the dream giver. So we have to be very careful that we don’t pursue the gift we pursue the giver. But yes, I really do believe that this is something that is available to every believer. And I believe that our spirit can definitely communicate with the Lord at night. But I also want to add that we definitely need to have faith that when we are… you know when we need to be able to hear Him as well. So I’m not going to negate one or the other; I’m saying that we need to be able to hear and see the voice of God.

Sid: Now you have a whole chapter on nutrition, out of curiosity when you started following your own advice what difference did it make in your dreams?

Laura: (Laughing) Well, I started following my own advice I guess before it was my advice. I came through a lot of trial and error with myself many many years ago. Then I was very pleasantly surprised I guess I shouldn’t have been to learn that when I began studying it for the book to get actual scientific studies that had been done on this it was everything that I was taking. I mean the Lord had just led me right to all of this; and so I was really grateful to Him; I did use myself as a guinea pig during the book, writing of the book, to experiment with some different vitamins and something’s that I read about that would alter your dreams you know. Because I’ll just give you one example “People talk about vitamin D and how important it is if you…or that you can take it and it will increase your dreams.” And I’m like whoa, whoa, whoa vitamin D is very important for your health and for many bodily functions but if you take… remember what vitamin D is it’s the sunshine vitamin right. So if you take the sunshine vitamin to close to bedtime it’s going to give you bizarre dreams. I’m not trying to increase peoples nonsensical bizarre dreams I want them to be able to do something with…

Sid: And that’s why you have all of these instructions in your book. Give me the best answer you have to what is God’s purpose for dreams.

Laura:   Hmm, hmm. To communicate with us, to get our attention when nothing else has it finally in our busy day. And I believe Sid that this is why the enemy comes after our sleep. He will do whatever he has to do whether it be insomnia, apneas or injuries or whatever it is, stress, worry. You know so much of our world has a massive sleep debt I call it and they’re on medication and things that really are not even helping. In fact, they are altering their dream and sleep cycles; so we need the miracle of sleep to reenter our lives I say it again it’s a sacred time. That’s why I spend so much time in those two chapters the medical chapters giving you ideas; things you can do to get a better night sleep. They actually let me include a section called “Laura’s ABC’s for Z’s.”

Sid: Tell me two of the things that you advise.

Laura: (Laughing) Well, I think the one for some reason everybody, and I spell them out A, B, C, D, E I’m very practical like that. So the one that has been curious to me people are surprised at is the letter F and it’s forgive. And when you’re lying down at night and you need to perhaps you’re thinking through the day, you’re thinking through and your trying to find a place of peace so that you can sleep every single night you need to ask God “Show me who I’ve not forgiven.” And I’m telling you sometimes it’s the person lying in bed next to you and you don’t need to go to bed on your anger. Or as the scripture says “It gives your enemy a foothold.” So forgiveness is a huge one; but I will also say that it’s important for you to de-stress that’s letter D. And I say to take about 5 minutes before you climb into bed and really just start this wind down routine where you dim the lights you wash your face, whatever it is get your own bedtime routine. And ask God to help you be disciplined to make it a sacred time, don’t just fall into be stressed after eating a whole pizza you know. Really take this time of night serious and yes, ask God to speak to you there.

Sid: Okay, our time has slipped away and there’s so many questions I want to ask you but there’s so many people dealing with insomnia, so many people that don’t understand their dreams. This 1000 symbol dream dictionary did you just copy someone else’s?

Laura:   No I didn’t I in fact would find so much discomfort; I would be grieved in my spirit when I would different dream interpretations even Christian books with dream interpretations in them. And one time I went to a secular website to check out what they thought on certain things and I read that if you dream of biscuits you’re a woman whose not ambitious enough in your career. And I thought “Are you kidding this is… people are making life decisions.”

Sid: I’m going to tell you, you researched the Bible for a thousand symbols with everything that they could possibly dream and as a matter of fact when someone reads your book “Seeing the Voice of God.” And the DVD “Ten of the most frequently asked questions about dreams and visions and the 3 CD set “Twenty Twenty Hearing.”

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