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Our Guest Robert Inguanzo

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Robert Inguanzo (1282) 2002

Sid: My guest by way of telephone at his home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey is Robert Inguanzo. Now Robert you had unfortunately what’s becoming more and more typical type of life with the drug culture but you were fully addicted to things like heroin and cocaine by the age of 21. If you had wanted to stop at that point could you have?

Robert: Sid I tried everything to stop I went through a drug program, I went to a psychiatrist and there was really nothing. I would stop for maybe for like a year, or two years on the methadone program but then I would always go back.

Sid: So how did you support your habit?

Robert: Well thank God I never really had to steal or anything like that I always had a prosperous business and that’s one of the reasons why my habit grew so much.

Sid: Did you have any close calls where you almost died? You hear about drug overdoses or mixing things.

Robert: Yes well one time I remember I did just cocaine and it was so much cocaine that I felt like my heart was freezing; I felt like I was going to go crazy. And I remember all I did was just get into bed and cover myself and I don’t know if it was that I passed out or went to sleep but I know that God delivered me from that that day, that would be the only time.

Sid: How did you start?

Robert: I started with marijuana at the age of 17.

Sid: Do you believe that there is a connection between smoking marijuana and then going to more advanced drugs?

Robert: Oh definitely, definitely, definitely. It’s you know, you start on marijuana and then you want more you want something strong you want something new. And that’s when I started taking pills like mescaline and things like that. Then somebody introduced me to heroin and I shot it and it felt so good I would only do it like Friday or Saturday evening and then it was Friday and Saturday. And then before I knew it it was Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and little by little it kept more and more. And I always thought I would have control over that because I never liked being under control I always wanted the control but never had anything control me but this was something that nothing could help me with this.

Sid: Was there a point that you wished that you had never opened that door and never been addicted or did you just enjoy it the whole trip?

Robert: No no it got to a point I would have to shoot heroin just to get straight it wasn’t even to get high it was just to not get sick.

Sid: Weren’t you afraid of losing your life or getting AIDS?

Robert: Sid when you have a habit like that you don’t even think of it. I mean my life I would walk up in the morning and the first thing that I would think of how to get high where to get it you know and things like that.

Sid: Were you afraid of getting arrested?

Robert: Well you really don’t think of it.

Sid: Huh.

Robert: You really don’t.

Sid: What’s your heritage? Were you born in America?

Robert: I was born in America my parents are Cuban.

Sid: Okay but well how did you get free of this horrible monkey on your back?

Robert: Well like I said I tried everything I was on methadone for so many years; I would get back on using drugs, I tried a psychiatrist, I tried even a drug program for a year and I always would go back. One day my cousin who used to drink a lot was an alcoholic I found out that somebody prayed for him and he was delivered instantly. I honestly didn’t believe it and so I had to seem him and when I saw him he said “Robert it’s true, it’s true I have no more desire to drink.” I asked him what happened and he told me what happened and who prayed for him. And to myself I said “I have to meet this lady and maybe she can do something with me.” I was desperate Sid, I was desperate to stop but it was stronger, the addiction was stronger than I was I was under total control it was like my whole life revolved around using drugs.

Sid: So did you go to this woman?

Robert: I went to this lady I remember they told me about a church that she went to and I went there on Friday and I told her about the problem. And she said “Robert I understand your problem I’ve dealt with a lot of people with the same situation that you are in now.” And she started to explain to me about demons and all of that and she said
Come Monday night to my house and we’re going to pray for you.” And I thought to myself “Well if I go to her house and she tells me to stand on my head for 5 hours and I will, I’ll do anything to get off drugs.” And you know I mean anything that anybody would tell me that would have delivered me I would have done. So I remember that Monday night I went to her house and it was there and it was her, her son and her daughter. They told me to sit down and relax don’t even pray just be quiet and just meditate on Jesus. I accepted the Lord of course and as she was praying I remember that it was not a prayer like I used to hear on TV or on the Catholic Church like I used to go every once and in a while. But she was actually talking to Jesus and she would ask Jesus for holy angels with swords of fire and all of this and then she started talking to the demons. I remember it’s funny now but I remember that she started talking to the demons of addiction and all of that. And I’m thinking to myself “Oh no what did I get myself into you know.” And I remember thinking “If the demons answer her I’m out of here.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Robert: (Laughing) But thank God I stayed I remember it took us 4 hours there was a manifestation I remember I tore my shirt because I felt something inside my chest trying to explode or come out.    

Sid: So why did you tear your shirt?

Robert: Because I was like…it was like trying to help it come out it was such a pain, something very strange in my chest I felt like something trying to come out so I tore my shirt you know. And I remember I fell to the floor and I started crying and crying and crying. As I’m crying I’m listening to a noise like (imitating sound of wind blowing) like that, like a wind very strong wind and I remember seeing even a black shadow I remember that. And after that they took me home and I went right to bed I was so like exhausted I didn’t even take a shower I didn’t even change my clothes I just jumped into bed and went to sleep. And when I woke up in the morning Sid everything looked different. My room looked like cleaner, I felt different and the first thing I really noticed was I didn’t have those thought on using drugs, how to get it or if I didn’t have it or you know…

Sid: What about I mean physiologically your body was craving, was your body craving this at all?

Robert: Sid that was the first miracle and that’s why I know that Jesus is for real. When I woke up when I used to wake up the first thing I would feel was like nervousness and like a sweating sometime and I woke up in such a peace it was incredible. Not only did the Lord take away the desire to use drugs but I had no sickness, no withdrawal symptoms at all nothing at all. And I know it was a miracle I know that it was God because if I stopped just for half a day I would start getting sick. And here I went I slept through the whole night without using drugs and I woke up and I had no desire and no sickness at all.

Sid: Now explain that wind that you felt there was like a war going on as you explained it going on inside of you and a wind… what happened when that wind hit you?

Robert: Well now I understand more after the next day I saw this lady and she explained to me exactly what happened because she would see all of these demons coming out.

Sid: She actually had the gift to be able to see them.

Robert: She did…yes, yes.

Sid: Hm.

Robert: Yes definitely.

Sid: And what did she tell you?

Robert: Well she told me that exactly what happened that it was demons that come inside a person, and as the devil came to you know to steal, kill destroy and all of that. And he wants to destroy my life. And that the Lord wanted to use me and He was going to help me use what happened in my pass to help other people.

Sid: So you became a believer, you sold out to the Lord you were set free, you met a wonderful Christian woman you got married in the church you had a baby she’s pregnant with the second baby you would define your marriage as a great marriage. You defined your marriage as being one of the happiest men in the world and then you had a minor surgery and they gave you a blood test and what did they find out?

Robert: Well they called me up like a week after the blood test because they had to take a blood test because they want to make sure that if I had any disease that I wouldn’t blame them afterwards so they wanted to make sure. So after a week they called me up and they said there was a problem with the blood test and they wanted to see me so when I went over there they told me that I was infected with the HIV virus with the virus that causes AIDS.

Sid: What was the first thing that crossed your mind?

Robert: I didn’t believe it I said to myself “God would never permit something like this here I am serving God, here I am with my wife who’s parents were pastors you know she grew up in the church I mean God would never permit me to die because of my wife and have her die because… and my girl die and the girl that wasn’t even born yet because my wife was 6 months pregnant.”

Sid: So they thought the whole family would have AIDS. Hold that thought we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast…

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Our Guest Elisabeth Syre

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Elisabeth Syre (1284) - 2002

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Elisabeth Syre and she’s from South Africa but I’m catching up with her in Virginia. She is a holocaust survivor that… it’s a miracle that she’s alive and she walks in miracles. But one of the greatest miracles, one of the greatest releases of miracles, a lot of people don’t think in these terms but there is a key to the release of miracles. It has to do with forgiving supernaturally. Tell me about that woman that you met I believe you said that she… you could tell she was involved in the holocaust except on the wrong side and she was probably taking care of women in the death camps that were ready to be murdered. Tell me about that woman.

Elisabeth: I met her in the area of Stuttgart in Germany in a meeting of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. She was standing there hard faced, no smile, no expression and I knew that she needed to be touched by God, but somehow I felt “I wonder what is behind this face?” Then I saw the watch of my grandmother on my hand, on my wrist, which my grandmother died in the holocaust. So this scripture comes to my mind Psalm 126:5 for it says “If you sow in tears you shall reap in joy.” I just started to sow my watch onto that lady…

Sid: Wait a second Elisabeth! That watch was dear to you it had sentimental value that was from your grandmother. Probably the only thing you had.

Elisabeth: Yes.

Sid: How could you do that?

Elisabeth: I realized that I loved the Lord much more than anything else. It was like a sacrifice, something broke in me. I just had such a tremendous burning love for the Lord Yeshua, for Jesus Himself, that He died for me and He gave me life that I was alive I wasn’t dead. I actually had found life, I wasn’t in that hole in the ground anymore where there was no food for me. My bones from my head had not grown together because of a lack of milk as a baby, but here I am strong enough. “Lord I am so thankful for my life. I’m alive.” So what is that watch in comparison to a life. I took it off and I put it on her wrist and I said “This is from the Lord Himself for you, it’s a sacrifice for me. I want to tell you I love you no matter what you have done in the war” She burst out in tears fell on her knees, gave her life to the Lord, called her husband he was saved as well and after that she totally changed. I went on the next train in Germany was without any watch and I thought “How foolish could I be.” You know that was my feeling again. Then the women who I gave my grandmother’s watch to stood at the train station with a brand new watch in her hand she had just bought. She said to me “I have found a new life, I have found forgiveness in Yeshua, in Jesus. This is a sign of a new life and you can take it with you. I’ll keep the old watch of your mother.” I said “Thank you Lord you have forgiven me for having such a hard heart towards people.” She was forgiven by the Lord Himself. It says clearly in Psalm 61 it says “He will give us the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness for they might be called trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord.” I just realized suddenly something in me broke. I had forgiven a person who done probably the most awful deeds, but she was forgiven through the Lord Himself. Therefore the watch I am carrying right now speaks about new life. Many people get sick because they cannot forgive but forgiveness is the key to true joy, joy that comes from the inside not from the outside. I was so changed after that that I could face any person whether it would be a terrorist, or a Satanist, or whoever that might be, I knew that I had enemies such… in that forgiveness and joy. Everything was broken and I could continue. Then on that trip and I was speaking in many meetings over Europe, people gave me watches as a sign that they also wanted to forgive. So I came home to South Africa through the airport and in my pockets were over 40 watches and when I went through the airport…

Sid: I was thinking you might have had a problem going through customs with 40 watches (laughing).

Elisabeth: (Laughing) Yes it was clicking all over the place. They were not new watches but I had watches for Africa. Then the customs officer “Can you go back again we want to check it.” I opened my purse I said “Do you mean these coins?” He said “Oh go straight on.” I could bring over 40 watches to all the poor pastors of Cape Town people that we related to everyone got a watch. I told them the story and things have never been the same. They have a proper watch which they have never had before. I was free and the woman was free, and so this is something God gave me to share with you. That forgiveness is the key to miracles.

Sid: Elisabeth you’ve seen so many miracles, for instance, you have prayed for many women that couldn’t have babies that did. Two of them that actually had hysterectomies, tell me about one of these women.

Elisabeth: This was in Holland in Amsterdam. I prayed for a lady who had been to the doctors and could not receive babies. She came forward and I didn’t know what her story was, she had underpants of her husband with her as well in the meetings. She said “Would you lay hands on these pants?” I looked at the pastor and at the leadership and he laughed and he said “Carry on praying she’s got a lot of faith.” I laid hands, both hands on the pants, and suddenly what happened I was laughing myself, I found it quite a funny situation. She took those pants and said “It’s mine! It’s mine! It’s mine!” and she went back to her seat. The next year I came back and she was pregnant with twins. A year later, I think it was last year or the year before I saw 2 children on her arm, a little boy and a little girl. The girl is called Elisabeth and the boy is called David, the girl was called after me. God did a matching miracle there and it opened the doors in Amsterdam for many ministries.

Sid: You’ve prayed for women that been barren 15 or 20 years.

Elisabeth: Yes.

Sid: I mean that is… (laughing) but someone with a hysterectomy I mean talk about a miracle. One of the other keys you’ve mentioned to miracles or secrets is fear the Lord and respect what He does. What do you mean by that?

Elisabeth: To have full trust in Him and not to actually trust man in the first place. That sometimes takes a sacrifice because people will say “Oh be careful you know could be prosecuted for praying or for believing in this.” Still to put your faith on the line, this is what happened when I prayed for a pregnant mother in Cape Town who had, the doctors said she had water head baby who has no brains in her body, she need to abort it. She came to me and said “Can the Lord do a miracle?” I said “He is in miracles.” I prayed, I don’t lightly say something like that I really have to hear the Lord. I heard clearly the Lord said “Are you willing to put your whole ministry on the line for me?” I said “Yes Lord I will I love you too much.” Then I stood with this woman and by the time that the baby was being born, she believed she said “I believe that this baby is going to be fine.” We were the only two who believed it plus her husband. When we went into the hospital all the x-rays showed a water head and no brain, but by the time the baby was born a miracle happened. The baby started to shout, to scream, or to cry and started to drink from the mother straight away. I was in tears by that time because a baby without a brain cannot do that, cannot drink from a mother. The head looked totally normal. We saw a whole lot of doctors standing around this mother saying “We have to do more test. We have to do more test.” I went into the office of the hospital he took all the records that stated the baby was a cabbage and she dressed herself and her husband took all her clothes. We left the hospital with the baby and today that baby is 8 years old, normal brains goes, normally to school, healed in the womb of the mother. This is one of the miracles I will never forget it changed my whole heart to the Lord. I knew that He could so much more than I could do.

Sid: You know one of the keys that you were talking about is respecting what God is doing and what God is doing right now is having mercy on Israel. What God is doing right now is equipping Christians to move in the supernatural. What God is doing right at this moment is giving Christians Jewish hearts because it’s all coming together. Our ministry is operating in… I mean it’s beyond my wildest imagine. The fact that we’re on almost every home in Israel primetime secular television, other parts of the world. We have a book ministry almost 400, 000 of these books have been distributed to Russians and many of them are running with the clothing on their back to Israel.

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Our Guest Jim Barbarossa

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Jim Barbarossa (1344) 2003

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to hear the anointed shofar the rams horn. Why? Because I have a guest I’m speaking to him at his home in Valparaiso, Indiana. Jim Barbarossa. And Jim was instructed through a prophetic dream that he must blow the shofar, the rams horn. When he does this miracles take place. I believe it’s an end time sign and wonder but not only does miracles take place others that begin to understand the shofar and start blowing the shofar miracles take place when they blow the shofar. It’s a transferable anointing. At some point this week Jim I’m going to have you blow the shofar. And when you blow the shofar in a church no longer does miracles take place of healings and emotional miracles people get set free from fear and even pride, demons literally tremble what do you mean by that?

Jim: Well I have had people tell me that they can actually feel the presence of the room change that they know something took place. And at first people would ask me and I wouldn’t have an answer for them I just didn’t really understand them. But as I started to learn the learn showed me through the word, for example the book of Revelation chapter l verse 10 it says “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and heard beside me a great voice as a trumpet. The voice of God is like that of a sound of shofar and when we’re obedient and we blow the shofar as He tells us we’re leasing like His voice in the atmosphere. And I’ve seen the presence of the room completely utterly change.

Sid: Well, I can tell you that when I traveled to do my television there a couple Bob and Janie DuVall that work in the ministry and they bring their two children. And there son Paul blows the shofar. I have them come into my hotel room and clear out (I’ve just been saying this a lot lately) clear out the demonic atmosphere he blows the shofar in the bedroom I’m staying and I literally feel like the atmospheres cleared out.

Jim: And it lines up with scripture because Ephesians 2:2 it says “Where in times past you walked according to the course of this world and according to prince of the power of the air.” The devil domain is the atmosphere that’s where he’s at. And when we’re obedient to the ordinance to sound the shofar we’re releasing that which is like the voice of God into the enemy’s camp. It’s like a bazooka were pounding oomph!, right into the enemy’s camp.

Sid: Now you told me that when you were in Africa this is where your wife had the dream about the shofar. You started blowing the shofar and all of these miracles started happening that’s when you realized. But then she had a second dream, tell me about that.

Jim: Well the second was that she was to come and tell me that I was to do more than blow the shofar but I was to have an understanding of why I blew the shofar. God was going to give me knowledge so that I could explain people why I would blow the shofar. And when we got home from that trip from Africa I have to say that I was not obedient quickly and I just kind of let it lie for awhile. But then the Lord started telling me to take it and use it and as I would take it and use it we started seeing more miracles, more healings, more things were happening. And at that time my cry was “God why? I know this is you but why are these things happening? If this is You it has to line up with the word, it has to be in the Bible.” Then I started to see. And the more I looked the more I sought the more I found and I found things like “The voice of God is like that of the sound of a trumpet” and that answered that question, why the atmosphere would clear. And there are just so many scriptural reference to the shofar and examples as to what can happen when we are obedient to blow it.

Sid: Jim besides the dream that your wife had there was something else that pushed you even further into blowing the shofar and seeing these miracles happen what was that?

Jim: Well in May of ’98 Carla and I were heading to New York to teach at a church in the area of witnessing. And on our way there we stopped at a church in Cleveland, Ohio. Met the Pastor once but we had never been there but they had just happened to be having a little conference of some sort that night and the Pastor said “I want you to take 10 minutes and I want you to share about your ministry, tell people about what you do and so on and so forth.” And I asked Carla I said “Well, what do you think we should do what should we talk about?” She said “Ask the Holy Spirit she’s a smart lady and I did that and the Holy Spirit told me to blow the shofar. And so when the time came and we were released to do that I blew the shofar and didn’t see anything happen, didn’t hear anything. The people let out a mighty shout when it was blown of course but at the end of that service the Pastor said “Has anybody got a testimony?” And I was totally amazed, a man came forward who spoke only in Spanish and spoke with an interpreter the man interpreted it into English so I could understand it. The man pointed at me and said “I wasn’t going to come here tonight because I’ve been in so much pain I couldn’t lift up my arm higher than my shoulder because the pain was so bad and when I saw that man with that horn God told me something great was going to happen when he sounded it; and when that horn was sounded the pain totally left my body. And he stood there waving that arm that he could not lift above his shoulder. Shortly after that a man was there got up and spoke prophetically to Carl and I and he said “God has not only called you to blow the trumpet but God has called you to teach and bring understanding so people know why miracles, healing why these things are happening. And when I heard that it just confirmed further what Carla had said to me in a dream, the dream that she had, that I was to become more and more knowledgeable and have a better understanding so that the people would be able to see that the shofar was not just for back then, but God is calling and raising people up to use it today.

Sid: As I mentioned you were amazed when you saw so much about the rams horn, or the shofar, or trumpet, but it all refers really outside of the silver trumpet in one instance it really refers to an animal’s horn; the Bible is loaded with that.

Jim: I was totally amazed when I saw that it was just trumpet I guess I must have just passed over it. But when I started to relate that it meant shofar then it just really started to come to life for me.

Sid: Give me just a few things that the shofar was used for in the Bible that we can use for today.

Jim: Well one of the areas that really spoke to me was found in Judges and it has to do with the enemy camp going into chaos and Gideon and the 300 were instructed to use a lantern and a ram’s horn. They surrounded the enemies camp. And I thought I think I would have rather had a tank but you know they only had a lantern and a rams horn. Well as they were obedient and they blew the rams horn it shattered the lamp the enemy who out numbered them 30, 40, 50, 100 times however big the numbers were but the enemies camp totally turned on itself, sword to sword and annihilated itself, totally wiped itself out. And I thought “If God would anoint a ram’s horn to do that then why would not God anoint a ram’s horn to do that today defend the enemies chaos.” And it really tied into one of the things that Carla had spoke to me. She said in the dream that she had she saw a dog running down the road with his tail between his legs. And that the Lord had said to her “That’s what happens to the enemy when you obey and blow the shofar.”

Sid: Now you’ve done the studies you have experimented by blowing the shofar and seen that God is honoring this today the same way that He did in the Bible. Then you wrote a book called “The Ministry of the Shofar” tell me about this book.

Jim: Well the book was something I had never planned on doing number 1. I was heading home from a conference one night and we had just blown the shofar at this conference and the Lord said to me “Write the Book.” And I said “Write what Book?” I was kind of lost and He made it very clear to me that I was to take all of the things that He had shown me from the scripture and all of the things that we had actually been walking out as we used the shofar. And we were take these and we were to put them in a book so that people could see what the Bible says about the shofar and how God is using it in this day and this stage that we live.

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Our Guest Jane Glenchur

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Sid Roth 785-Glenchur

SID: So God put Jane in a situation where she became an apprentice of prayer. She literally sat at His feet to learn how to pray. Tell me one of the secrets of power of prayer that God showed you.

JANE: Yes. One of my favorites is called tapping into God’s heart. Because when you ask God what is on His heart first before presenting your concerns, you’re really giving Him free reign to speak about anything in your life or the life of the person you’re praying for.

SID: If I’m understanding you right, when you start every morning praying, is that the prayer you pray? Say it again.

JANE: Yes. I start—

SID: Tell me how you pray it.

JANE: I simply, after I’ve thanked God and praised him, I’ll say, “God, what is on Your heart today?

SID: That is so different. It’s normally a laundry list.

JANE: Yes. And I’ve heard amazing things by doing that. So for instance, one time a friend asked me over to her house to pray about a problem, and I said, “I would like to honor God first and ask Him what’s on his Heart.” When we did that, I was surprised by what God said to me. He said to me very clearly, “Your mother will not die this year.”

SID: Had she been sick?

JANE: No. She was in her 80’s, but she was very healthy.

SID: So that was a pizza dream.

JANE: No. I heard it again twice, very, very clearly. So I wrote it in my journal, not realizing that several months later this would be extremely important because three months later, my mother is stepping from her house into her garage at 9 p.m. at night. She falls. She sustains life-threatening injuries. No one hears her cry for help. So she lays on the garage floor for seven hours before someone, a neighbor, calls the police. So I get a phone call and immediately I’m reminded, God told me she’s not going to die this year, so I can stay calm. So I went to the hospital emergency room where the emergency room doctor says to me, “Her injuries are so severe, you would best call in your family members because she may not make it.” And he pulled up the x-rays, and I looked at those black and white facts, but they were no match for God’s truth. And I said to him, “She’ll be fine.”

SID: Wait a second, you’re a doctor. Is this guy a little upset?

JANE: He probably thought I was crazy.

SID: Meshugah. We like that word.

JANE: Right.

SID: It’s Hebrew for crazy.

JANE: Not only that. But he says, “Her injuries are so bad we have to ship her off to a level 1 trauma center.” So we go to the next hospital.

SID: But you’re convinced she’s not going to die.

JANE: Oh absolutely because God told me she was not going to die.

SID: God is so fabulous. Before she’s even sick, before she’s even injured you get the answer. I love it. Is that part of power prayer?

JANE: Oh absolutely. Absolutely. And because I knew what was on God’s heart that day it made the difference in making medical decisions for my mom. Because she ran into multiple complications as she recovered, and every time she did, I would just declare Psalm 118:17, my mother will not die, she will live to declare the Glory of God. And so all my decisions were based on the fact that I knew she would recover.

SID: You shared a little earlier about the way you used to pray and the way you pray now. Give me a real life example of the way you pray now.

JANE: Okay. One time I needed a Christmas gift for a friend and I had no idea what to get her. Now before I would have probably not even prayed about it, but if I had, I would have gotten, I would have said, “God give me wisdom please about what to buy her for a gift.” But then I would have gone from store to store, to store looking for items, buying one or two, bringing them home and then fretting about whether she would like them or whether I spent too much money or not enough money.

SID: You sound typical. Are you relating to her? I think you are.

JANE: But in reality, what I did was I sat down and I prayed. I said, “Lord, I have no idea what to get my friend. But I know You know. So would you show me what would bless her.” And instantly I get this impression, buy her a fleeced jacket. Well this was back when fleece first came out and it only came in sleeveless vests. So I corrected God and I said, “I’m sorry, but fleece doesn’t come in jackets. It only comes in vests. So what would she like?” And I hear again, a fleece jacket. So I thought well maybe this is a deception from the enemy. So using Matthew 18:18, “I bound the enemy from speaking to me.” And I asked a third time, “God, what would my friend like?” And of course, I hear fleece jacket. So I thought, well how can I confirm that this is God? My next question was, God, if this is You, would You show me where I can find it. And I get a picture in my mind of a store that’s in an area of town that I normally don’t shop in. So I felt let’s test this out. And I drive there, look at all the racks, and I said, “God, where is the fleece jacket?” I get to the clearance rack and there is one periwinkle fleece jacket in exactly my friend’s size at a great price. And so the beauty of power praying is one trip to the right store to buy the right item, and it saves time and money. My friend loved the present. It fit her perfectly.

SID: I happen to love that power principle that she pointed out rather than my laundry list to God. God, every morning pray, God, what is on your heart? I want to be a God pleaser. And I have to tell you that you are on his heart. He wanst you not to know about Him. He wants you to have experiential knowledge of Him. If you will tell God you’re sorry for your mistakes, believe the blood of Jesus washes them away as if they never happened, ask Him for help to turn from doing these wrong things and then say, Jesus, come inside of me, become my Lord, become real to me, I want experiential knowledge with you. You are on His heart.



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