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Sid Roth welcomes Michael Zeitler

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Sid:  I don’t see how you can help to be red hot for the Messiah when you see before your very eyes the Miracle nation of Israel; it should not exist except God said that it would exist.  When you see before your very eyes the miracle people, Jewish people they should not exist, except God said as long as there is a sun, a moon and stars there will be physical Jews on the face of this earth.  I have Rabbi Michael Zeitler on the telephone and I’m interviewing him on his brand new book “The Eagle, the Lion and Miracles,” and when Michael shares about the miracles of Israel miracles take place among the people that are listening.  When Michael then blows the shofar miracles transpire. …Rabbit Zeitler teaches about the miracles of Israel and then moves in words of knowledge and then blows the shofar…  Michael, on yesterday’s broadcast you were sharing the most amazing miracles that are taking place and did take place in the history of Israel.  But miracles are taking place when you speak; I mean you have seen over in the last three months (June/July ‘2010) over a thousand miracles as you’ve been speaking the Peru area and other parts of Latin America.  You’ve seen over a couple hundred salvations.  Of all of the miracles that you have seen what is the one that just touched you personally the most.

Michael:  The one that touched me personally the most, there are actually two in two separate locations when two different girls, about twelve to thirteen years old received their hearing from the Lord for the first time in their life, they were born deaf.  To see the expression on their faces as they were crying and so grateful to hear for the first.  And so many other things have been taking place all along this whole trip, when I was in Ecuador I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but we celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days and the people gave testimony that they saw on the sides of the Tabernacle that the church had built two twelve foot tall angels.  People heard angels singing; people heard the shofars of at least a dozen trumpets or shofars being blown by heavenly hosts.  And also people heard and saw and danced with angels as you saw them spinning around and dancing.  The Pastor couldn’t get up, his legs were like rubber every time he tried to get up he was on the floor again.  I went down in the Spirit on the altar twice, got up again after awhile and just God moved so supernaturally as He was celebrating His Feast and celebrating what God has designed for all of us.  So many miracles, everywhere I have been seeing it happen, the people are so hungry Sid and everything that’s been going on vision of people being opened both in the supernatural and in the natural.  Ears being opened, sometimes when I blow the shofar sometimes when I just speak a word, I just speak a word out to the congregation of say a 1,000 people in a congregation and miracles happen as God moves with His angels to touch and bless.  And people are coming up and giving testimonies of all the things that are happening and primarily I’ve been focusing in on the urgency of the last days.  I’ve been showing them the Israel is that which God has talked about, the fig tree and that we are to look to the season and that this is the time and this is the hour and the urgency of the hour.  And I have been encouraging them that greater things shall they do because Jesus, Yeshua went to be with the Father.  And I have been encouraging them to go out.  I have been seeing myself on the street when I ran into people, I pray for them.  A guy with a cane walking in the street, I only had two minutes to pray for him, I prayed for him.  He went hoping and jumping and skipping like the guy at the beautiful gate with his cane waving in the air as he went down the street after seeing the Lord set him free; this was a guy in his eighties. I  saw another guy who was practically blind and deaf; as we came across this bridge to see him the presence of God hit him and the blindness left and then the deafness left and he’s been fantastic ever since, eighty-six years old.  So many miracles not just in the church, but outside the walls of the church as God has been moving miraculously.  I just prayed for a guy the other day it was in a shoemaker out in the street corner and his leg grew out three inches; he was walking with a limp and he had pain in his hip and then he was walking without the cane any more.  Everything that God has been doing.

Sid:  Now as you share about all these supernatural things that happened to Israel, people are getting healed.  Tell me some more miracles of Israel like the Hebrew sign Shem.

Michael:  You know it wasn’t Sid, until they actually had satellites where they could take photographs and as they were patrolling the nation of Israel a photograph was taken by the area called Bethel which in Hebrew means house of God.  And right next to it is a mountain range and only from a satellite photograph do you see the image of the letter Shem which stands for the name.  It stands for one of the names of God, Shem and there it is.  The hand of God, the name of God himself is on the land of Israel.  It’s absolutely amazing the things that go on in what the Lord has done to establish His nation.  Jerusalem is the apple of His eye; He states it over and over again and he is not pleased when America tries to go against it to force the leaders of the nation of Israel to give up land for peace.

Sid:  Now you have documentation in your book that almost immediately after the United States tries to attack Israel or negotiate for dividing up the land the horrible judgments that occur.  Tell me one.

Michael:  Look what happened to Katrina Sid.  Katrina was retribution from God I believe because of the eviction of the 10,000 people in Gaza.  Approximately 10,000 people were killed in Katrina, 10,000 people were evicted from Gaza by the direction of Condalisa Rice.  And in her correlation the homes in Gaza were destroyed and the homes in Katrina both in Louisiana, New Orleans and Alabama were destroyed.  All correlating there is no way that you can say that these are coincidences this is the retribution of God coming against the US because of its disobedience to bless Israel.  And when we bless Israel, we will be blessed.  But when we curse Israel or try to force its leaders to give up land for peace we will receive justice and retribution from God.  Sid I believe that the Lord is saying right now there is somebody has a problem with their lungs and God is healing, its Emphysema and God is giving you brand new lungs.  You’re not having a restoration but you’re having brand new lungs put in.  You can breathe deep now, there is someone else who is suffering with asthma and God is healing them right now Sid.  Thank you Oh Mighty God, we praise you oh Father; there’s a number of you that just heard that snap and you’re ears just popped open for the first time some of you are hearing.  You can take the hearing aid out you don’t have to worry about it anymore, God has healed you.  Thank you oh Lord, praise You Oh Mighty God, praise You.  There is somebody has a problem with their optical nerve I believe the Lord is saying and the Lord is healing you right now.  You have like a fluttering in your eye and a problem with your optical nerve and God is healing you right now.  Thank you Father we praise You Oh Mighty God; give you all glory honor and praise for what you are doing.  Thank you, praise you Oh Father.  Right now Sid, I believe that God is burning out arthritis in many many people that suffer with arthritis in their knees, in their elbows, in their hands and in their feet and God is burning it out; you’ll feel a fire of God on your body right now and the Lord is burning out that arthritic condition.  Thank you Father that that arthritis is gone in the name of Yeshua.

Sid:  You know Michael, I’m not feeling the fire of God, but I’m feeling wave after wave of the Holy Spirit on the Word that you’re speaking.  Are you feeling that same thing?

Michael:  Amen, amen, whoa Amen!  Sorry.

Sid:  What else is God telling you?

Michael:  There’s someone that has suffered I believe the Lord is saying brain aneurism and the Lord is removing that brain aneurism right now.  I just see the brain and I see it being healed and I see like lightness in the brain right now and the Lord is healing you.  Thank you Father, thank You Almighty God, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.  There’s many that are suffering with depression because of so many things that are going on with our economy and everything that’s happening, it’s just a sign of the times, but Lord right now in the Name of Yeshua by the blood of the Lamb I bind every spirit of depression right now in the Name of Yeshua and I command it GO in Yeshua’s Name leave their lives right now, I send you back bound to Yeshua now go in Yeshua’s Name, thank you Lord.  Thank you Lord people that have been depressed are going to be in the peace of God right now Sid.  Islam is falling all over the place right now.

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Sid Roth welcomes Mark Virkler

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Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to be free and then help everyone else to be free.  My guest, Mark Virkler has put together a series called “Prayers That Heal the Heart.”  This should be basic discipleship 101, but unfortunately very few believers have covered these seven supernatural areas.  And the thing that is so wonderful is, Mark you have shared earlier this week that you as a pastor you got involved in deliverance ministry you saw a lot of fruit and then you got discouraged when some of these demons wouldn’t come out of people and you just stopped it for over a decade.  But then you got into it and you found out that these demons are like attorney’s they have legal rights; they have anchors that make them very resistant.  But if you can get rid of these anchors with these seven supernatural prayers they have no legal rights and they must leave with just a simple prayer.  You know you use to take hours and hours and now once they’re home is dismantled they have no choice.

Mark:  That’s exactly right Sid, it’s one to two minutes once the home is dismantled you just say in the name of Jesus leave and within a minute or two they’ll be gone and there is not a lot of shaking, not a lot of trembling.  You know the manifestations I use to see they have all just calmed down because those manifestations I believe was the anchors the demons anchored within the person and me trying to pull it out and the tug of war showed the vibration of the person’s body and that whole tug of war now is gone.

Sid:  Now, another area you deal with is inner healing.  Perhaps you can give me a testimony of someone that went through that area of prayers that heal the heart and what happened to them.

Mark:  Yeah, this was a pastor’s wife that worked in the same church that I worked in and she had a child it was still born and it was traumatizing to her obviously as it would be to any woman cause she never had a chance to hold that baby, to love that baby, to name that baby, to play with fingers and toes.  And yes, she knew the baby was in heaven, but she had picture like, I didn’t hold it, I didn’t hug it.  A picture is worth a thousand words and you can know the child’s in heaven, but she had a wound in her heart and so the Lord Jesus met her in her prayer time and he took her to heaven and he walked over to a crib in heaven and He reached down, pulled the baby out of the crib and he walked over to her and handed the baby to her and said this is your baby.  And she took the baby and she held it, she loved it, she caressed it, she nursed it, she counted it’s fingers and its toes and then the Lord said that it’s time to go back and so she gave the baby back to Jesus, put it back in the crib and He brought her back to earth. And that’s an example of inner healing where Jesus gave her a new picture; you know that healed the wound in her heart.  So inner healing is allowing Jesus to walk into painful pictures, show up, do whatever He wants to give us a new picture and if we live out of those pictures in our hearts there just very powerful.  A picture is worth a thousand words and what we see affects us greatly and God has to adjust those pictures within.

Sid:  Now, I have heard of many cases where people were literally set free of say a demon of fear and there free for ten, fifteen, twenty years and all of a sudden it seems like it comes back with a vengeance.  How do you stop that?

Mark:  Well, the Bible says that when demons are cast out they go through waterless places, dry places looking for a place to live and if they can’t find a place they are going to come back and check you out.  And so usually after deliverance a few days later, a few months or years a demon will come back and knock and say I’m back, fear is back at which point you have an important decision to make.  You can say oh my gosh the demons back and the demons within which means you now believe and confess that he’s within you and you own it again.  So you’re messed up.  Or you can say no you’re not!  You have no place in me because and then you begin to quote scripture to that demon.  So we say, when you’ve been delivered go to the Bible, get your concordance out and look up a whole bunch of verses and memorize some of them and so when the demon comes back knocking you can quote him a scripture verse and say this: I’m a believer, I’m a child of the King and I’m a believer and I believe Christ lives within me and you have no place here.  So you can shut the demon off and turn it away if you can have a wall of defense which for me would be a scriptural wall of defense, a number of verses that I have memorized and I speak them into existence and I live them.

Sid:  Now for those that perhaps are tuning in for the first time, or even those that have been listening all of this week, could you give me a bit of a review of your supernatural CD set of eight CDs called “Prayer That Heal the Heart” but even more important than the review, how you came to put this together.

Mark:  Well Sid, I got into this because my heart was wounded.  I picked up wounds after being a Christian for twenty years and I had fear, I had doubt, I had accusation, I had rejection, I feared rejection, had self rejection.  And so a lady named Kaye Cox prayed with me and she took me through a series of prayers which ended with about twenty demons being cast out of me and I was amazed that…

Sid:  And you had been in ministry how long?

Mark:  Well, about twenty years.  Ha-ha.

Sid:  I imagine you were amazed!

Mark:  Well, I was amazed you know I mean I was amazed that anyone could free me up that much in three hours, because I battled negative things within me for years and I would say in the name of Jesus I bind this fear, but it would go away for ten seconds you know.  And know, she set free and it stayed longer than ten seconds; it stayed now for ten years and I was amazed that she could do that much in three hours.  And so I pondered and I prayed about it and I said Lord show me what she did.  And He showed me that she was using seven prayers that God has been giving to the church over the last twenty years or thirty years and she just used them as a bundle and ended with a deliverance prayer at the end. 

Sid:  And explain what happens to an individual when these seven prayers are exercised in faith.

Mark:  Well, as you exercise every single prayer you feel lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter.  You just feel heaviness just come off of you, because it’s demonic oppression leaving layer by layer by layer and when you are done and you cast the demon out you feel a whole new freedom on the inside and you say this is what I knew Christianity was suppose to be, setting me free.  

Sid:  These seven supernatural prayers, could you review them just briefly? 

Mark:  Yeah, the first prayer would be breaking generational sins and curses.  Stuff flowing down from my parents and grandparents we placed the cross there; cut off the power so I don’t have a flow of negativity from previous generations.  The second prayer is ripping up the floor boards of the demons house which is soul ties, ungodly soul ties where I pull together with other negative people and we pass negative energy back and forth and we take the Sword of the Spirit and cut those soul ties so the floor is ripped up of the demons house.  Now we go to the walls and we pull the walls down, which is negative beliefs to inner vows.   A negative belief is a negative belief that does not line up with scripture and is something that I believe about myself.  And we repent of it and renounce it, ask God to give us a positive belief to replace it because you don’t go from negative to positive and you replace the inner vow with a godly purpose.  Say I purpose by the power of the Spirit to do this from this day on.  And the roof of the house will be traumatic pictures and we invite Jesus to come in and show us where He was at in this traumatic scene because He was Emmanuel, he was with us.  So where where  were You at and what were You saying and we tune to the Spirit and let Him show us.  And we also break off word curses that we’ve spoken over ourselves or other people spoke over us; and at  that point in time we rip the house down and so now we can cast the demon out and we can say in the name of Jesus I bind these demons, I command you to leave in Jesus Name you have no right within me and we state who we are instead.  Instead of being full of fear and guilt and anxiety, I’m a believer I believe that God provides all of my needs and there is no place for fear, guilt or depression within me and I command you to leave in Jesus Name.

Sid:  What type of results are you getting in reference to people being physically healed after saying these seven supernatural prayers and perhaps a spirit of infirmity leaves?

Mark:  Well, we’ve seen it happen over and over and over again where, you know Jesus healed all who were oppressed of the devil and a lot of these ungodly beliefs bring physical infirmity right along with it.  So as we break the ungodly belief, cast the demon out the person is set free.  One person I’m thinking of now he’s was in Canada, he had had chemical sensitivity to allergies, very very sensitive and as he went through these prayers and got deliverance and he saw a vision of Jesus coming and healing him totally.  His entire sensitivity, chemical sensitivity dissolved that day, and that was like over ten years ago and I just checked with him last week and it stayed gone for the whole ten years.

Sid: …Whoops were out of time.

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Our Guest Dean & Marilyn Braxton

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, but he says you don’t have to go to Heaven to be red hot for the Messiah, but it sure helps Dean, doesn’t it.

Dean:  It does.

Sid:  I’m speaking to Dean Braxton and Dean on May 4th 2006 his heart stopped and he was what is called prolong cardiac arrest for one hour and forty-five minutes.  He had an experience with Jesus, with God the Father.  He went to Heaven, doctors have said, he died.  Now, Dean on yesterdays broadcast we talked about some of the first people that you saw when you went to Heaven and the first was your Grandmother and your Grandmother wanted to make sure you did something when you got to earth. What was that?

Dean:  Well, after Jesus had told me the third time to go back, you know it’s not your time go back, this is what my Grandmother said…

Sid:  Wait a second, did you have a choice?  I hear many people I interview they say they have a choice, was there a choice in your life?

Dean:  You know I grew up in a military family, I went into the military myself, I wanted to do what my Lord wanted me to do and you could say I had a choice, but I wanted to follow His directions.   I was with the King of kings and the Lord of lords and when He was saying no, go back I felt like a soldier that was saying, yes Sir, and you know and left.

Sid:  Did you want to go back?

Dean:  I did not want to go back!  If He would have asked for volunteers that would have been a different story, I wouldn’t have volunteered I wanted to stay.

Sid:  But weren’t you concerning about the people that you had left on earth?

Dean:  You know one of the things I tell people everything is right there, it’s past peace it’s like the Bible says, it’s the peace passed understanding, it is in that realm and I wanted them to come there.  I wanted them to be with me there, you know we would never be separated ever again.  We were not meant to be separated as family and I came to understand that they would come there we they would never be separated ever again.  That’s you know.

Sid:  So God is really interested in the family?

Dean:  He is very much interested in the family and for me that was a box that was blown apart.  If you would ask me before this happened if I would have recognized my family there I would have said maybe, so so, I really didn’t have that down inside my belief system.  And so then when I got there and I recognized my family not just my Grandmother, not just my Aunt Barbara as I talked about earlier, but also some other relatives that I knew and even relatives that I didn’t know they were generation after generation of those that accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior came literally to greet me into Heaven.

Sid:   Out of curiosity, do you know how many generations back?

Dean:   I don’t, it was a multitude – a multitude you know.

Sid:  Okay, what did your Grandmother want you to tell us on earth?

Dean:  Well, my grandmother said to me a couple of things, the first things she said that to me when Jesus was saying that to me, bring as many of us back with you as you can.  She meant for me to go back and minister to my own family, I have three brothers.

Sid:  Bring as many as your family members that are not saved, get them saved that was what she was saying.

Dean:  Yeah, that’s what she was saying, bring as many of them back with you, my Mom was born again, but I didn’t know about the others so I concentrated on them plus other relatives, family members on both sides, my wife and mine to make sure that they really have heard about Jesus Christ.  The other thing that she said and Jesus also emphasized this so both of them; that you have to get that thinking out of your head that this is where it ends at.  It doesn’t, like you said earlier, you know there comes a time when we will shed this body and that we will either go to Hell or we go to Heaven and my Grandmother want me really to emphasize, along with Jesus that this is not your home!

Sid:  Why were you sent back, to get the rest of your family saved, but why else were you sent back?  Why wasn’t it your time?

Dean:  You know, I really believe that I was sent back to do what everyone else that knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is suppose to do.  What you’re doing on this radio program right now, what you’re doing in your life and that is to let other people know about Jesus as Lord and Savior so that they have that opportunity to make that choice of where they want to spend eternity.  Because it’s eternity, most of us think that it’s going to end, it will never end you will either choose one way or the other but either way, it’s eternity you will be there for eternity. For you know forever and that’s hard for us to realize sometimes that this life doesn’t mean that we are going to go on and were going to do another life and then we’ll end that life and then we’ll go and do another life and we’ll end that life and we’ll go do another life.  Once you’re done with this one you move on to the next one and that’s for eternity, period.  And I really believe what Jesus sent me back to do and I have had the opportunity now to go all over the place and out of the country is to share this testimony and to share what Jesus Christ has done so that people will know that there is a place that is set up for those that know Him as Lord and Savior that they will be there for eternity and that place is a life, it is not dead.  What I mean by that is that it’s life there.

Sid: But one of the things that you talk about in your book is that everything you saw in Heaven was alive.

Dean:  Everything.

Sid:  Explain things that were alive.

Dean:  Everything is alive, you know the l flowers are alive and when I mean they are alive, they can communicate with you and you can communicate with them, their intelligent.  The trees were alive, the water was alive; to me they had some of the best personality I had ever seen.  It seemed to have a joyful personality of fun all the time, you know the water there.  The throne of God is alive, the altar even the Bible says in the scriptures that the altar spoke, the atmosphere woo, it even talking to you, thinking about it?

Sid:  Well, I’m feeling what you are feeling right now, maybe not as much, but I’m sure feeling a lot of the presence of God.

Dean:  Well, I’m telling you the atmosphere, you know.  One of the greatest things that happened was I was there when people were born again, people on this planet when they got born again, and I shared that with people sometimes and one of the greatest things that happened was, that every time someone accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior that their name is literally shouted all across Heaven, I mean if we could really understand.

Sid:  One individual effects what’s going on in Heaven?

Dean:  That’s right, every, you know everybody and it is just so awesome, I was there when people were being born again and their names were being shouted across the atmosphere, you know like someone like announcing and the celebration that was taking place it was just something that it’s hard to even put into words.  That every time that I know that someone accepts Jesus Christ when I am talking to them, even on this radio program right now, someone is listening to this broadcast during the moments that we are talking, right now their name is being announced in Heaven.

Sid:  How important was it to Jesus that people have their name inscribed in the book of life?

Dean:  Well, all of Heaven is focused on that, that’s how important .

Sid:  So when it says in scripture, he who wins souls is wise, you really understand it from Heaven’s perspective now.

Dean:  Heaven’s point of view, yes.

Sid:  Now, I know what the scriptures say, but what happens to someone that’s won a lot of people to the Lord in Heaven?

Dean:  What happens to them?

Sid:  Is there rewards?

Dean:  You know there are rewards, okay from our point of view from looking from here.  From there you’re just glad that you’re with Jesus.  You know you are serving Him you are in His presence, that’s the greatest reward.  I remember being there and seeing others that had gotten their crowns, you got to understand, even the crowns are alive and yet I saw them put those crowns down because they were with they’re Lord they were with Jesus Christ what else could be greater than being with the Lord?  There is nothing greater than that.

Sid:  Talk to me about the love you felt coming from Jesus.

Dean:  Well, the love from Jesus, like I said, It was you know when I was in His presence someone ask me one time, did He hug you?  I said, “His presence hugged me, the light, He’s brighter than the noonday sun as even the Bible says, but the light comes off of Him in waves, like I said waves coming off the ocean, they just wrap around you, and yet there are rainbow colors more colors than I can describe and they are alive they wrap around you and you just experience the love of God, beyond anything you could imagine.  I think you come close to it when you are praying and the presence of God is with you and it’s like you do not want to stop because you know how much He loves you, you can’t put it into words and if you try to describe it to someone else it you just come way short.  Well, that’s what I experience all the time there.

Sid:  Did you see angels in Heaven?

Dean:  Yes, there’s a multitude of angels, I came to understand the thing that really got me about the angels there in Heaven is the respect they showed for Jesus, they did not turn their back to Jesus at any time, I mean they bowed and they would back away from Jesus.  They showed Him great respect.

Sid:  Now before you went to Heaven, you had a visitation from an angel two times.

Dean:  Two times

Sid: Now, have you ever seen this angel since that time?

Dean:  Since that time, yes that angel plays a big part in my life right now.  As I tell people I have a multitude of angels with me so whenever I go anywhere I know that the multitude of angels that are with me they come along, we see a lot of things happen because of that understanding of my responsibility in the kingdom.

Sid:  Dean, our time is slipping away but I urge you to get his book…

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Sid Roth welcomes Mike Shreve

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Sid:  Now, my guest is red hot for the Messiah, Mike Shreve and Mike and I have teamed out to come out with a brand new book and I believe it’s going to reach so many people, Jews and Gentles alike that don’t know Jesus.  It’s for people involved in the New Age; it’s called “Truth Seekers,” subtitle, “Ten Amazing People who Found It.” And the New Agers, I’m amazed Mike at the number of Jewish people that are in the New Age as you’ve been studying the New Age for so many years now, have you found a large number of Jewish people involved?

Mike:  Well, yes and in fact at least two in the book I know of are of Jewish background.  Rafi Cohen and John Alpert were both raised Jewish.

Sid:  And what I find is that leaders in the New Age are Jewish; it’s as if the devil knows when these Jewish people find the authentic we are going to be like modern day Paul the apostles so he throws that cheap counterfeit.  Now you were telling me about some amazing statistical results on surveys you’ve read about the difference between the growth of New Age and the growth and Christianity.

Mike:  That’s all together why every listener needs this book and needs to get several of these books for other people, because our society by leaps and bounds is becoming more New Age in its mindset than it is Christian.  From the year 1990 to year 2000 Christianity according to reputable poles only grew 5%.  At the same time the New Age grew 240%, it was the most…it was the biggest change, the most noticeable and large change in a mindset in our society; more than any other religious world view.

Sid:  You know Mike, most people that focus on what’s going to happen in the last days and what are the things to be looking out for; they focus on Islam, I’m wondering if the sleeping giant is not the New Age. 

Mike:  Oh, I agree 100%.  Islam is very blatant and up front with its divisive point of view, where you have to be a Muslim in order to be saved etc.  But the New Age reaches out and becomes very gentle and loving and kind and all inclusive and that’s much more appealing and much more insidious in the ways it woos them away for the cross where Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to God but by me.”  Now when I was a Yoga teacher at four universities back in 1970 I would quote that statement Jesus made, but then I would say what he really meant by that was his I am consciousness; his awareness of his own divinity is the way and the truth and the life.  And once we come into that awareness where we realize that we are able to say, I am which denotes, eternal existence.  We then come into that same level of consciousness.  We call it Christ consciousness so I suddenly twisted the words of Jesus to make it say something totally opposite of what he meant.

Sid:  And that’s what the New Age does.

Mike:  Yes, it assigns different meanings to familiar phases and familiar ideas.

Sid:  Well, let’s talk about someone in the book, John Alpert and as a young Jewish boy he was similar to me in that he wanted to know what happened after death; tell me about him.

Mike:  Well, John had some love ones die and it just shook him to his foundation.  His family was a very materialistic family, a very wealthy family and then some dear ones in his family perished and he went to the Rabbi and tried to get answers and no one could give him a definite conclusive of what was going to happen to them after death.  And that was just unacceptable to him and so he began exploring in other areas.  He dabbled in Transcendental Meditation, TM which claims to be a mind science but it’s much more than that, it is a religious philosophy.  And then he got involved…

Sid:  By the way, in TM they give you a word, each ones given a specific word that they say over and over again.  What is that?

Mike:  Well, when you chant a mantra you’re repeating this phrase over and over again, quite often it is actually a worship phrase for a Hindu deity; which is a nonexistent being.  It’s a demonic force and when you chant that mantra you actually succeed in conjuring up that supposed deity but it is really a demonic influence in your life.

Sid:  Well, you know what I find fascinating is Hinduism if it came as Hinduism people would kind of say, I don’t want that.  But if it comes in a nice package as TM or some of these other courses that are like a positive thinking type thing but there really New Age things that are slipped into the positive thinking.   I even find, which is so amazing something like in Judaism we Cabbala which is getting hot in Hollywood; that’s a mixture of Judaism and Hinduism yet I don’t think many Jewish people know that Mike.

Mike:  No, they don’t realize truth is being muddied by doctrines and ideas that are absolutely contrary to the Bible. 

Sid:  So let’s go back to John Alpert, tell me about him.

Mike:  Well, John is a very successful television producer and he actually, he dabbled in self realization fellowship and Yogananda and he went through a lot of different groups in Transcendental Meditation.  And finally he hired someone to help take care of his house and his children who happened to be a Christian and she began holding conversations with him and she took him to some meetings that were Jewish oriented.  They were Messianic Jews who were sharing the truth from, sharing their revelation from Jesus from their Judaism background as well and it just convinced him that there is more to Jesus; that He really did fulfill the scriptures and was the Messiah.

Sid:  You know I have been a Jewish believer in Jesus for over thirty years and it blows my mind that most Jewish people don’t even know that Jesus is Jewish.  I mean most Christians take that for granted, but we Jewish people are starting from ground level zero.

Mike:  Well, that’s what he emphasizes in his testimony in the book.  That his maid or this lady that came to work for him convinced him that Jesus was really Jewish and the disciples were Jewish.  And he said that this just blew up in his spirit that wow, Christianity is not a separate religion but it is the fulfillment of Judaism and then it all came to a head when he came to a meeting where Jews for Jesus leader presented Christ in the Passover and he connected the dots.  He suddenly saw how Passover was all a revelation of a much greater deliverance to come, not just being delivered from Egypt, but being delivered from sin and death and from hell eternally.

Sid:  Very briefly tell me about why Reincarnation and Christianity are mutually exclusive.

Mike:  Well, in order to believe in Reincarnation you have to dismiss the whole idea of receiving forgiveness from God, because the whole basis of reincarnation is the idea that you pay off your karmic debt.

Sid:  So, it’s works.

Mike:  Yeah, it’s salvation by works.  Whatever you do in this life you pay for in a future life, there is no room for forgiveness coming from God and no need for Jesus going to the cross; it’s absolutely unnecessary.

Sid:  And when you understand that you become the righteousness of God in Messiah Jesus you can’t get any more righteous than that.  Why would anyone even need to, not that they could come back, because the scriptures say that you live once and then comes the judgment.  But why would someone want to come back to get more righteous when they have the righteousness of God in Jesus in themselves?  They’ve already reached it, it’s such a wonderful gift that God has given us.  Now you have Jewish friends, you have gentle friends, you even have Christians that are dabbling the New Age, like yoga and they don’t even know it; they don’t even understand it…Mike what’s the Spirit of God telling you about what will happen with this book.

Mike:  Oh, God showed me that we would have, well he called it a bumper crop.  I woke up one morning and I heard the audible voice of God telling me that and I wasn’t really sure what a bumper crop meant, so I went to a dictionary and check it out and it’s an exceptionally large harvest, unexpectedly large ingathering.  And I just believe this book will go worldwide in a very quick period of time.  I believe it needs to be translated into many languages because this is the most powerful book I’ve ever seen or if I hadn’t written it I would still say that it is the most powerful book I have ever seen to reach somebody who believes in New Age thought.

Sid:  Well we were talking about how the growth of New Age, I believe that if you don’t understand the New Age you are not going to understand the end times.

Mike:  Absolutely and that’s why every Christian needs this book, because most Christians I meet have no idea how to hold a conversation with somebody who believes in New Age thought  and New Age thought is permeating our campuses, it’s infiltrating even the entertainment industry, even Disney has characters that participate in New Age thought.

 Sid:  There are so many movies; you can’t even watch TV without seeing New Age…


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