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Our Guest Bill Johnson

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BILL:  Cause just to make sure the name was his name on the check.


BILL:  And I looked at it and it was $30,000!


BILL: And I went wow! Then I checked the name and I go yeah, that’s his.


BILL: So I put it in my Bible and thought well, he’s going to be blessed by that. And so that evening in our pre-service prayer meeting Chris walked in. I said Chris, someone gave this to me for you today. And he looked at it. Does that say 3,000? I said that’s $30,000! He totally ruined the prayer meeting!


BILL: He walked around waving this check just telling everybody –


BILL:  – look, look what, look what God has given me. Do you know what? He never thanked me for all that money!


BILL:  He didn’t thank me because I delivered a check somebody else wrote! And when you pray for the sick and they’re healed it’s a check that Somebody else wrote!


BILL: We’re just delivering the check!


BILL: So I think it would be great. I just called out a number of things. We’re going to  do this briefly and quickly. But I just called out a number of things. Is there anyone with hearing loss that would like to get that healed today? Is there anyone with arthritis in the neck? Who’s that? Okay, we have a few. Some of you keep raising your hands. You just, how many of you need an overhaul? No don’t –


BILL: Don’t put your hands up. No. Is there anyone –  [laughing] Is there anyone suffering with cancer? Anybody in the room have cancer? Okay. All right. Maybe in overflow? Yeah. Sure. Of course. Of course. You know it’s crazy the kinds of miracles that we see happen. And I had one meeting in Brazil where we had people healed in the meeting and then we had people healed by phone and we actually had a higher percentage of people healed on the phone than in the meeting! I had somebody come up afterwards. I thought man, you ought to go outside and call me. The chances are a lot higher so – 


BILL: [LAUGHING] This is true. So the other things that were mentioned. Digestive issues. Is there anyone with colitis or Crohn’s disease specifically? Is there – yeah, colitis. Okay. All right. Food allergy. Real serious food allergy stuff. All right. We’ve got several of that. All right. There’s something in the right eye. Is that you? Is it an infection? Can you tell me what it is real quickly? The optic nerve was severed. Awesome. This will be a great opportunity to see a miracle. Deafness in the right ear? Okay. Is there anyone that has a learning disorder? Letters get reversed or maybe dyslexia or something of that nature? Trauma to the head caused problems? All right. All right. Well we’re going to pray for these situations right now. Also is there anyone here you have problems, you had a blow to the head? Specifically you had a blow to the head. It may have been a football injury you know 40 years ago but there was a blow to the head and things have been different since then. And you have? Is there –

WOMAN #1: I went a thousand feet down off of a cliff!

BILL: A thousand foot down on a cliff? That qualifies as –


BILL:  – as trauma. Man, okay! Anybody else with any kind of a head trauma thing? Right here. Okay. All right. Right there. All right. All right. Well we want to pray for all of you that just put your hand up. So all of you that stood, why don’t you put your hand up, why don’t you stand real quickly. If you’re able to stand, obviously. If you can’t just stay where you’re seated and we’ll get somebody to you. All right. You know one of the most refreshing ways to pray for people, Randy Clark made a statement to me years ago. Actually I heard him in a meeting. He made this statement that just stunned me. He said “For us to beg for God to heal someone is for us to as we have more mercy than He does.” Hah! That got me really big. And so what we’re doing is we are simply delivering checks that Somebody else wrote.

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July 26th, 2019 at 4:39 am

Sid Roth

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SID: But we will, but stay here for one moment. I want it because she made a very important point. The scripture says, what she quoted. You can sing in the spirit, and sing in your understanding. You can pray in the spirit. I keep hearing this again. You have a neck problem, I tell you are Healed! In Jesus’ Name! In Jesus’ Name. In Jesus’ Name. You can pray in the spirit, and you pray, in your understanding. And Oral Roberts taught, and it’s a wonderful revelation that you can develop a rhythm. You’re praying in tongues and then you’re praying, in understanding. You’re praying in tongues, then you’re praying, in understanding. And if you’ll do this long enough, I don’t know how long it will take, till it happens. You will begin to interpret your own tongues. You’ll be getting direction by the spirit. I’m reminded of another man that’s in heaven right now. His name is Kenneth Hagen. And I went to one of Kenneth Hagen’s meetings. And he called me out, and a friend of me out. Well, he prophesied over me, and by the way, he’s in heaven now. But that prophecy is coming true right now. So, he prophesied over me. But then, he prophesied over my friend, who is also a Jewish believer, who is also a Jewish believer, who is also got a ministry worldwide. And he prophesied it over Him in tongues. Because he said, ├½It’s no one’s business.’ God, you realize when you’re praying in tongues unless God gives you the interpretation, the devil doesn’t have a clue. He can’t sabotage you. so get it, your praying, perfect prayers, in perfect faith, with no satanic resistance. Now you do understand why the devil doesn’t want you to pray for hours in tongues. You do understand that. God, You’re so good. Just stay here. What did god do for you?

Man 2: well, today, earlier on today I was contemplating about not coming. as I was thinking of ways not to come, God just put me to sleep. Sure enough, it was about 400. And my Mom’s like, ‘Alright, time to get up, time to go.’ I was like, ‘Alright, cool. I’ll go, and see what’s up.’ And then, as I was in here, I went to the overflow. And I was like, I always like to play with my phone and whatnot. And sure enough, my phone wouldn’t have, no signal; no nothing. ‘Okay God, what’s going on?’ [laughs] so, then I guess they brought me way back in here, and as you were talking about praying in tongues, I know I’ve been struggling with a really bad back. Like I’ve had to configure my mattress so that I could actually feel somewhat comfortable. And I’m talking about, really bad. And as we were pressing in, I just felt this intense heat come all over my back, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute.’ That’s why I was sitting there turning around, like moving. I’m like, ‘Wow, that does not feel like ├▒ Oh my gosh.’ And I felt God say, ‘There’s a lot more coming. This is only the tip of the iceberg.’

Audience: (clapping)

SID: There is a lot more coming. There is a lot more coming! You know, after I became a believer, and realized I was really speaking in a supernatural language, I use to go out to, I use to live in Washington DC. I use to go out to Georgetown University, and they had the beginnings of the Charismatic Movement. They were called Catholic Charismatics. And I use to go there and you know what fascinated me so much? What she just was saying. People didn’t know each other. They came together, they didn’t rehearse as a choir. And they were praying in different languages, singing in different languages, the most harmonious. You’ve never heard a choir that could sing. By the way, do you know, there are tongues of Angels? Have you ever read that? It talks about it in the Love chapter. It says, even if sing in the tongues of angels, do you realize  – you are releasing the angels on your behalf with no resistance from the enemy? When you are praying in tongues, you’re releasing the angels. if people only understood what was [the] prayer of [the] first Jewish Apostles speaking in unknown tongues! And Paul says, ‘You all’ because he was southern; Y’all can do that. I would like to have a, It’s Supernatural choir, and you guys are drafted. [laughs] You don’t enlist, you’re drafted. Lock the doors Ryan, [laughs]. He said, ‘Yes’. Julie, I want you to play, not sing. Well, you can sing in the spirit, but I want, It’s Supernatural Choir. I want you to sing your tongues, and make melodies unto the Lord. Harmony unto the Lord. [prays in tongues] [Julie continues to play piano]

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