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Our Guest Mahesh Chavda

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Sid:  Now my guest is red hot for the Messiah, I’ve known him for many years and he’s a man that walks in the glory that releases such miracles that I want to pick his brain so that you can walk in those miracles, so that I can walk in those miracles, but let’s get to know Mahesh Chavda a little bit better.  Mahesh I understand you came from 800 years of ancestry of Hindus and at age thirteen for the first time in your life someone spoke to you about Jesus and gave you a Bible.  What did you think?

Mahesh:  It was awesome, it was really at the age of sixteen and I was in Kenya, Africa.  I was born in Mombasa, Kenya of Hindu parents from India.  My parents were both from India and my father worked for the British government there so in Kenya and India in those times were colonies of the British Empire and so they would have a lot of people go back and forth from work in these places.  So my father use to worked there and I was born and raised up in Kenya, Africa.  But we were very devout Hindu’s and very proud.  I came from a Raipur tradition that means, sons of kings.  We use to own I think my family would say, remember now that they were one time rulers of you know a territory in India until someone came and beat the daylights out of them.  And but they still had the proud tradition of royalty and everything.

Sid:  So that had to be very hard when a Christian started witnessing to you, coming from such a tradition and such a heritage.

Mahesh:  Yeah, the offer see what she did, the wife they were both missionaries, but it was the lady who came and was doing a kind of little program somewhere up there, playing guitar or something for the kids in the neighborhood.  And then my niece was with her and she said, “I’m thirsty where can I go?  My niece invited her to come to my house; so she knocked on the door she was a little girl but the missionary knocked on the door and then I open the door and she said hi, may I have a drink of water.  And I said, of course and invited her in and she ended up giving me a New Testament in English and I said, thank you and just got to know her a little bit, but that was it.  But when I started reading this book, that’s was the most amazing thing.  I had never read a book like that and part of it was the fact that, you know of course I read the Geeta and the ———- and the Mad bar these are the words from the holy books of the Hindu faith and it is all about goodness and all of that.  But when I read the Bible, it was so unusual Sid  the thing that was so unusual for me was I tell people it’s as if the author Himself is standing right next to you telling you what it’s about because the words started leaping out at me.  And especially the Chapter in John 14, where the Lord says, “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by Me.”  And that’s where my own religious traditions of the centuries of what the faith of my ancestors and my Fathers came and said no we have our way, there are many ways to God and here is Christ claiming “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life no one can come to the Father except by me.”  And so that’s where the struggle came.

Sid:  And you did what the Bible talks about, you started counting the cost and you came to conclusion, you said no.  But, then you were kind of like half asleep and an amazing thing happened to you.  Correct.  I was still struggling and it’s true what you’re saying is; I knew what this meant; I knew what it meant was that I would have to turn my back on all my tradition and how we had thought of God and…

Sid:  I can relate, I’m Jewish and we went back more than 800 years, but go ahead.

Mahesh:  True, now I could trace back my ancestry about nine hundred years, but that was of course the end, faith has been far longer.  But when this came it was very hard because I said,  you now even if I did so what would my mother and my brothers and my sisters and my father had passed away when I was five.  But all my loved ones, what would they say and they would turn against me and there was a great fear that rose up.  And so I was really struggling and I decided, in fact the struggle, the fear was so much that I made up my mind well I’m not going to be thinking about this anymore; I am not going to be thinking about Jesus anymore; I’m not going to read the Bible anymore.  And I had the Bible open before me and it was around 9:00 in the evening; I so remember it clearly in the Mombasa in Kenya because mosquitoes were all bussing around my head and I had a little blanket over my head.   And I was reading the Bible and I said that I’m not going to read this again, it was too challenging and so I was crying.  I remember I was thinking well I’m not going to think about Jesus anymore.  And suddenly I felt my head go down and I became, I lost consciousness to a degree in the sense of my head hit the table and yet my consciousness was right there.  I could see myself part of me is like my spirit emerged from me and I could see myself and then I found myself in this place of the most…immediately almost I was in another dimension and I was walking on these wonderful streets of gold and the atmosphere was just astoundingly joyful and wonderful.  And the beauty of it was beyond any kind of words I can imagine or can describe in human language.  And a joy started bubbling out of me that I had ever experienced yet in my life.  And it was things were alive, more alive than I ever realized in this realm.  And I heard the most wonderful sounds and I saw light and living rainbows all around me.  The light, but I still, I’m still affected by it. It was living and it was singing light, it went and penetrated every ounce of my being and put every cell in my being in the purest ecstasy.  There’s no word to describe it.  I guess in the Bible it says its joy unspeakable and full of glory.  So I was being filled with joy unspeakably, it’s hard to describe it; nearly impossible to describe in language that…in human language.  And I saw colors I never imagined existed and flowers and grass but they were all alive.  It was almost like the flowers were singing in joy!  The grass was waving in ecstasy and all of this joy and the living beams of light all around me and then it thickened around this one form.  There was a light brighter than all of the other lights; it was brighter than 10,000 sons put together and yet it did not hurt my eyes, you know where very bright light it would want sun glasses.  But this was like living light that my eyes brightened and responded to it and it was the light, concentrated light 10,000 times brighter than anything else came towards me.  And in that light I saw Jesus, I knew that it was Him and a portion of His face was hidden, but I could see His eyes.  And I just did like the concentration of joy and victory was coming towards me; Triumph was walking towards me.  And as He came the joy just started increasing in me and He came and He put His hand on my shoulders and said my little brother, then oh, it just…I knew I had found the One who loved me the most; more than anyone in my family, whether my own mother, I knew that I had found love and it was in the eyes of the Lord Jesus.  And as I remember these eyes it was as if He had taken every bit of suffering and hurt and pain that exist in the world and yet from His eyes streamed out love and victory and triumph.  And it is different it’s hard to describe all of these things really happening in that moment and so I stayed in that ecstasy.  And the next thing I remember was the roosters crowing at 5:00 in the morning all around and there we some roosters around and chickens where I lived and they were crowing and I woke up.  And all that time I had been in this pure joy and place that I now can see that I was in the Heavenly realm in the glory.

Sid:  The light beams that you saw in Heaven, they were actually singing, tell me about that.

Mahesh:  Yeah, it’s like they had vibrancy that of vibration.  They were picking up from the presence of the glory; I guess in the Hebrew it is called the Shekinah there was a part of it, they would just come and my heart and my being responded to this song.  And the light beams would sing like I love you – I love you I’ve always loved you – I love you – I love you – I’ll always love you.  It was you know one time I tried to tell my children what I’d seen that was the song.  It was almost like how you would sing a lullaby to your sleeping kids.

Sid:  Mahesh, our time is slipping away.

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Sid Roth welcomes Renny McLean

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Sid:  And my guest Dr. Renny McLean has got the most significant key for you to understand.  I can’t wait for him to mentor you.  But Renny, I want to start you out and then we will go to that revelation and prophetic word you received from heaven about our currency.  But before we go to that, I would like to know to things, #1 how you recommend people worship at home?  And then #2 you’re at a different level than a lot of people, how you worship at home?  But for the people that are just starting in that realm, what would you recommend they do at home?

Renny:  The first thing I say to people is number one, worship is also a discipline.  There’s a certain time of the day where I will just cut off from people, I don’t even take phone calls, you know my wife knows I don’t talk and I’m literally, as people would say in a zone, I just worship.  That’s part of my discipline.  And then there’s times when throughout the day I just burst into a new song.  You know I would say the first thing to encourage people; it is a discipline no matter what you are going through you give God first place in all things.  You make sure you give your worship; you make sure you sow to the heavens in your worship.  That’s #1.  Number 2 have a set time but yet be spontaneous, you know.  David said it like this, when the Spirit of the Lord moves upon me I will dance. And then there’s times you know that you’re going to feel that spontaneity to just step in the river of God and just start to worshiping God.  You know, that’s spontaneous worship.  But then there’s times when you have to start it and then heaven will join in.  And then heaven starts it and you pick it up and start doing it. 

Sid:  You know what’s coming to my mind as you’re sharing this right now Renny?  Is in Matthew 25, it talks about the virgins, the wise had their own oil and the foolish wanted to get the oil from the wise, in effect if you worship, you’re filled with oil but if someone just before the rapture comes and knocks on our door and says give me some of your oil it doesn’t work that way does it?  Each has to worship God for themselves.

Renny:  Yes, we got to get into the presence of God on our own worship not somebodyelses.  Worship is personal, but yet corporate and I mean you can experience the same glorious God, Hallelujah!

Sid:  Now what about soaking, how does that fit into your worship?

Renny:  Oh, waiting before the Lord, I mean that’s something I say to people about the Lord, that just waiting before the Lord, when you wait before the Lord your spirit is still before Him.  And when your spirit is still, you’re really exercising a spiritual discipline because you are not running ahead.  You know, you’re just taking your time.  And sometimes Sid, that’s what God actually wants us to do.  He wants us to stop, pause, think and rejoice and literally be still and know.  So to know is in the stillness.

Sid:  So when you’re saying being still, this is something I do, tell me if this is what you mean.  I listen to very anointed soaking, what I call soaking music and I am just as still as I can be before the Lord.  Is that what you are saying?

Renny:  That’s one way, you can do it, you can do that.

Sid:  What’s another way?

Renny:  Okay, let me say to you another way, what’s still to someone else may not still you because you know it is like what you said, everybody is in…that’s why we are all different.  For example with me, I love music and then there’s times the last thing I need to hear is music because sometimes no music that you know literally has the sound of what you’re hearing.  And you know it doesn’t make you still before God.  And so that’s why there’s that time, that’s why there’s the worship without music where you can be still and just know.  And there’s times when music is really an aid and it’s really an aid of worship, it’s never to take the place of your worship because God prefers your voice over the sound of the instruments.  And so you know yeah, both of them are right you can do them both you know there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sid:  You said that it’s a discipline, how much time, I hate to put it on this basis but I’m very pragmatic Renny, how much time should someone take to worship.

Renny:  Can I tell you the truth?  I’m going to surprise you when I say this, I don’t even so much think it’s a time, I really don’t, but the reason why I say that is because I don’t think it takes you that long to get there.

Sid:  But you are instantly in the…I would assume that when you just open your mouth and start you are instantly in the glory. But most, it will take awhile to get into the glory.

Renny:  Because it is a progression of your faith and it’s a progression of your revelation because worship.  Let me say this to you, worship provokes God to reveal Himself and so that’s why worshipping He reveals.  And as He reveals worshipping becomes easier and the flow becomes completely different.  So you know I would recommend that to people Brother Sid that people just begin to do that and after awhile what’s hard becomes easy.  What’s high be made low.  I recommend that to people.

Sid:  What happens to people as they worship, as their faith grows, as they get…they’ll get to a point and I know this where the glory of God will flood there living room or where ever there praying.  When that occurs what should they do?  Or should they do nothing?  What’s happening to them?  What will happen to them?

Renny:  There’s time…oh Sid, let me tell you what I just heard in the Spirit there’s times where when people just do that they are going to have a visitation.  A visitation in nine times out of ten is likely, it’s just a visitation.  You worship Him and you begin to see Him and that’s one of the things that I teach on.  Is that the worship is the realm of the seeing realm.  Because the glory realm is a seeing realm, you’ll see visions; you’ll see the Lord; you’ll see angels; you’ll see heaven; you’ll also see things to come; because that’s the glory of God.

Sid:  Speaking of seeing things to come; tell me what happened in Portland, recently?

Renny:  I was in Portland, Oregon and we had two very very very powerful sessions and I don’t say it lightly because today everything is powerful but this was really unique, it was very powerful.  Because I wouldn’t say I prepared it, because most of the time you prepare a sermon but I don’t believe you prepare a revelation because you flow in the stream of it.  And the first night, we really, God did surgery on our minds; He expanded our minds he got stuff out of our heads that would prepare us for our tomorrow.  And so the second night came and the second night the Lord said to me speak on prophecy from a kingdom prospective.  Now most, in most cases Brother Sid prophecy is spoken outside of the kingdom concept and so the mentality that the church has is that it will get worse and not better.  Well the truth of it is it’s going to get worse for a certain group of people, but for a certain group of people it is going to get a whole lot better.

Sid:  What do you know what people are writing me now?  Their telling me that as they are soaking as they are worshiping God; they’re getting down loads of inventions.  I mean it’s, I think there’s a wealth transfer going on on planet earth right now.

Renny:  There is a wealth transfer, let me tell you this first Sid.  There is a wealth transference going on and I’ll tell you the reason it is going on; because we are at the time frame where I believe that what we’ve seen in measure, God is going begin to release the fullness of.  And when I was there in Portland the second night, the glory of Lord came on me and the Lord said to me Renny, I want you speak on the end times from the Kingdom perspective.  Not from just a prophetic perspective.  Now almost the nature of most people who speak prophecy from a prophetic perspective is that there’s no Kingdom in what their saying.  Now let me tell you something, the Kingdom of God isn’t going anywhere.  The Kingdom of God is here to stay in fact; if you listen to the pattern of the Our Father prayer, heaven is on a collision course with earth.  It says My kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  And so yes, there is great things to come, there are some things to come forth that the earth has never seen before.  That’s because of what God said, but one of the major things the Lord said, what came out of my mouth when I was up there was this.  The Lord said to us that one of the signs of how close we are to things of what is about to break loose is that there is going to be a major currency war.  It is going to be the battle of the currencies.  Now I remember because I had, you know before we immigrated to Dallas, Texas where God lives, ha ha, you know we lived in London, England and we remembered years…

Sid: Wait a second now, Georgia has a lot of God too, but go ahead. Haha you Texans I don’t know.

Renny:  But, I tell you Sid, what happens is what’s strange, do you know Sid that I remember in the ‘80s in London they were talking about England coming into the EU and there was a changing of our currency and that was from the ‘80s and you know when the ‘90s hit but a lot of Europe now is now in the Euro and so Europe is literally become a whole state to itself now.  If you have a British passport now you’re not just a member of Britain now you are literally a member of the European Union.  You can travel anywhere in Europe literally without a passport.  So that tells you what we’ve been reading it’s happening before our very eyes. 

Sid:  So, what’s going to happen to the US dollar was that part of the word you had?

Renny:  The US dollar is going to crumble and I’m not just saying it to scare the world.  The US dollar is going to crumble, it is going to change, it is going to change.  It is going to change and I mean that there is so much of it we went into but the major currency the major war is going to be over currency.  Now when you follow that trend of thought clearly in the Spirit, whoever controls the currency what else do you control?

Sid:  You control everything. Ha ha.

Renny:  Exactly, exactly, exactly now the Lord just shared that with me, now I don’t have a date on it, but I know that it is not too long from now.  It can be like what we were talking about before the show Sid, it can be three weeks from now, or it can be three years from now.  But I’m telling you…


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Sid Roth welcomes Peter Horrobin

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah.  But there are so many people that are genuinely born again, genuinely filled with God’s Spirit, have read the Bible for years, but their just plain not free in one or more areas of their life.  And as a result of this they can never really hear God’s voice.  They can never really fulfill their destiny and they flat don’t know what to do about it.  That’s why I’m so excited to have Peter Horrobin on and I’m speaking to him at his home and office in Lancaster, England.  And he is the director of Ellel Ministries and they are dedicated.  He’s been called by God, handpicked by God to set people free.  And most people don’t even know the areas that they have to be set free in, but they just know that they’re not as free as the Bible says there suppose to be.  And by the time you go through this a wonderful series on freedom, which was ministered in a live audience after twenty years of being handpicked by God to teach in this area of freedom.  This is the finest seminar, you’ll go through this, you’ll get free and then you’ll want a use this for Bible studies.  I mean there’s areas that Peter Horrobin that you deal with I don’t hear people dealing with.  For instance most people don’t know the term, let alone they have this, called ungodly soul ties.  What is this?

Peter:  I better unpack a little bit, haven’t I?  We are as a human being, the spirit, with soul and were body and we have relationships and those relationships affect each part of our being.  Now when we have intimate relationships we become joined in those relationships and there are godly relationships and there are ungodly relationships.  Relationships are precious and the relationships through which we trust people become a blessing to us.  But not every relationship that we have is necessarily a godly relationship and when we look at the Ten Commandments for example, it is very clear it says that you should not commit adultery.  Now many people look at that and say oh this is God being unfair, He’s stopping us from having fun.  But they don’t realize that this not God being unfair, this is the mercy and the grace of God warning us about the dangers that there are in ungodly sexual relationships.  For when two people have sex together, they don’t just become joined together in body, they become joined together in soul and spirit as well.

Sid:  So let me ask you this, if someone has a number of demonic issues and someone else has unbiblical sex outside of marriage with that person, I believe as I’ve studied the scriptures those demons now have access to their partner. 

Peter:  Absolutely, that is absolutely right because there’s like, it’s like there’s a channel is opened up for them to be able to move across and many many times we have prayed with people who have had ungodly sexual relationships and they  have become  joined to the person they’ve had sex with.  See this is what God intended marriage to be, that you become joined.  It’s not just a bodily joining; you become joined in spirit and soul as well.

Sid:  Peter, I’ve heard Christians that are married one partner bumps into someone they had sexual relationships years ago and even though they are believers, even though they know better they leave their spouse, they leave their children.  I mean it’s almost so hard to believe, but you understand what the pull is.

Peter:  Well, I totally understand it because I’ve seen the fruit of it.  I’ll give you a very simple illustration.  A woman and her husband, they were unable to conceive a child and they had been married six years longing for a child; and when we began to unpack their personal story the lady admitted that she had had sexual relationships with a man before her husband.  Just one man, but when she broke off that relationship this man said to her if you are not going to marry me you will never have any children by anybody else.  Now she believed those words and that was a curse.  And because she was joined to that person sexually there was a soul tie in existence between her and this man.  She believed that and she received a spirit which affected her ability to conceive.  The good news is that we asked Jesus to undo that ungodly soul tie that she had.  She was completely open with repentance; she humbled herself, brought it to the Lord and she was delivered and she was then healed and she was then able to conceive a child.  The consequences of ungodly sexual sin are long term.  And it is only Jesus that can set us free from those things.

Sid:  What does someone have to do to be free from an ungodly soul tie?

Peter:  Well, there are many different type of soul ties.  We’re talking here specifically about the sexual area.

Sid:  Tell me about some of the other areas.

Peter:  Well the other areas have to do with emotional bonding, it can be domination and control, there are people that we become afraid of, but we are afraid to break away from that relationship; and you have domination and then you have people who rejection you and got a deep curse of rejection in your heart and you don’t want a relationship with this person, but because of the rejection you almost feel tied to this person.   And there are many different ways that this can happen and God wants us to be free to be the people he wants us to be.  Without the limitations of all these other relationships that can be really like a curse upon us and as we pray we pray with people and we ask the Holy Spirit to show the different areas.  Yes we talk about the different areas where there has been sexual sin.  One of the tragedies today is that there is so much wrong freedom in the world in terms of sexuality and the church has taken on board that.  And instead of we being salt and light into the world there’s so much darkness has come into the body as a result of ungodly relationships.  And so it’s quite unusual today to be counseling somebody who is about to get married and find that they haven’t had any previous sexual relationships.  Things have changed terribly in the last twenty, thirty, forty years.

Sid:  But you know what, I blame a number of the pastors that don’t stand up there and call sin sin.  And as a result their looking more like…and they feel like we won’t to relate to the world and as a result their young people are being lost rather than won.

Peter:  Yeah. Yeah if you read the first three or four chapters of Proverbs and the warnings that are in there about ungodly relationships and ungodly ties and they become like chords of death upon you; that’s what the Word of God says.  And we need to be speaking the truth and whenever I teach on this whole area, people come to me afterwards and say, why didn’t someone tell me when I was young what the consequence is of ungodly sexual sin as sexual relationship is?  Because it’s serious, but I don’t want people to come into condemnation hearing this because what I’m bringing to you is a message of freedom and it is only however as we bring things into the light that we can be set free from the consequences.

Sid:  It’s like the devil gets you coming and going.  The devil gets you before you are a believer and then because of the shame issue you never get free after you come to the Lord.

Peter:  That’s right and this is why James says in James chapter five when He says, “Confess your sin one to another, not so that you be forgiven, but so you be healed.”  And this is a very very important verse because the word confess; it means much more than tell God what you have done wrong.  And this is one of the deceptions which satan loves people to have.  To think that in confessing sin, in telling God what they’ve been up to.  They forget that God is omniscient, He knows all things.  He’s not waiting for information about what we’ve been doing.  The word confess means to come to a place of agreeing with what God thinks about our sin.  And when we deal with that and we come humbly and it says one to another and that is to deal with our pride.  When we deal with our pride He will raise us up and the healing flows is enormous.  I’ll never forget being at a large meeting when I taught on this whole area of sexual relationships and the consequences of ungodly sexual sin.  And afterwards, probably two-thirds of the people came to the front confessing things that they never before brought to the light.  But after that there was an amazing move of God.  After that I then began to pray for physical healing and the physical healing that took place in that meeting was astonishing.  Probably more than I have ever seen before.

Sid:  I have to believe that these keys that you talk about in your Freedom Series, once people deal with all of these keys they get free and its almost as if sickness has no place to hang on to them anymore.

Peter:  That’s right.

Sid:  Peter, in one sentence what is your goal in your heart of hearts for people?

Peter:  Well, you put it into one simple sentence.  It is for restoration of God’s order in a person’s life.  Because when we become ordered in the ways of God we are then able to move in the presence and the power of God.  Let me say that again, when we become ordered in the ways of God we can then move in the presence and the power of God.  And it is so so precious to see God restoring peoples’ lives, bringing them to a place of wholeness again.  Bringing them to a place where instead of suffering the consequences of the past and living under the circumstances the season riding above the circumstances and begin to enter into their destiny.  One of the people we prayed for over a long period of time they came out of physiatric care, today she is one of our teachers and she teaches out of the experience.  She teaches, she had no hope, she was on a life time disability physiatric pension here in the UK because the …

Sid:  Ooops I’m sorry we are out of time.

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Our Guest Mel Bond

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Sid:   My guest is as bold as a lion; his name is Mel Bond and Mel you had an experience back in 1973 where you had…it was actually your first vision of Jesus.  And you understood the demonic and God activated your senses, but you’ve had a lot of experiences where you understood the demonic.  And your book is just loaded with overcoming victory in that realm because most problems and you would say all problems that are afflicting people have a demon behind it and most people don’t even realize it.  Tell me about the time that you started to have chest pains, I guess a lot of people will relate to that.

Mel:  The first time it ever happened, it was in 1972, let the think that would be September 22nd and it was probably about 7:00 in the morning 6:30 and I was setting eating breakfast and boy I could just see it today.  And while I’m sitting there eating breakfast all of a sudden I had this horrible pain in my chest in my heart and it was just like the pain was so intense and it was going down, I can’t remember which arm because that was 1972, but it was so intense that it was like my body alerted my mind and said, you’re not going to live but just a few more moments because this pain is so severe you’re going to die of a heart attack.  It was just the most severe pain I’ve ever had and I’ve had broken arms and all sorts of things.  And so when I begin to think of that I thought well, I didn’t have much knowledge of the Word in those days and so I said okay if I am going to die then I’m going to die praising God.  And I began to raise my hands and immediately that was gone.  Well, if you remember then about a year later in October 1973 that I had that encounter with Jesus and he took me down this cave and I’d seen that one hideous demon that is about seven foot tall with long fingers and long fingernails.  Well several years, now that demon had been after me with heart problems.  I didn’t know that, I didn’t know that for many many years that I had the chest pains.  They never were as hard as they were that morning, but several years I would have the chest pains and sometimes it would be three months before I’d have them sometimes it would be six months sometimes a year but they’d be pretty hard and so it was right around 1990 during the night session that I was awakened because I had the most severe chest pain I’ve ever in my chest – in my heart.  It was like more compounded then back in 1972.  And as soon as I woke up I’d seen that demon that was in that corridor with those long fingers and long fingernails and he had his right index finger into my chest with the fingernail gripped around my heart, severe pain.  And I’d seen him in living color and within micro seconds again the Lord spoke to me and said you don’t have heart problems it’s that demon deal with the demon and you’ll be free.  So I rebuked that demon in Jesus name, I just said in Jesus name I command you to leave.  That I have authority over you in Jesus name and when I did that he had sort of a hideous laugh, but he was leaving he started pulling his fingers slowly out of my chest and within maybe it took him I bet thirty seconds to fully pull his finger totally out of my chest and as he was pulling his finger out more of the pain started leaving.  And when it was totally out all of the pain and then he disappeared after his finger was fully removed from my chest.  Then he disappeared in that bedroom and the pain totally dissipated after about thirty minutes, twenty to thirty minutes and to this day I have never had those kinds of pains ever again.  I would be willing to say it was maybe six months later there was just a small fraction of a hint of that pain coming in my chest.  But it brought back to remembrance of that night in Jesus and I knew that demon was trying to get back in and to kill me and so I would rebuke it.  And that has happened maybe three or four times.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity let’s take you back there where it was trying to sneak back again and you rebuked that demon and what would you do if you rebuke the demon and yet you still felt those symptoms what would you do?

Mel:  Well, what I would do is focus my whole heart on the Word of God.  Sid have been times that the devil has attacked me so strongly with things to come against me, it’s just like I knew that it was the devil trying to come against me in different areas and we all have, you know the devil comes against all of us.  Now even Jesus in Matthew 4 that the Bible says Jesus was tempted and so that means He was tempted, but he didn’t give in to it He rebuked it and He took authority with the Word of God.  So all of us have the enemy comes against us.  But there’s been times in my life that the forces of darkness was so strong to try to come against me that I would just sit and read out of my New Testament, especially the Epistles is where I get my greatest strength and that’s where we get our greatest strength today.  And I would just read the Epistles sometimes I would need to do that as much as eight hours a day doing nothing, but just reading the word, going to the bathroom drinking water and maybe eating a little something and do that for two days.

Sid:  But tell me about the time that it looked like you couldn’t have any children, your wife miss-carried four babies.  The doctors told you you had one chance out of a hundred thousand for your wife to have a normal delivery, which doesn’t sound too good.  Give me the bottom line on what happened there.

Mel:  Okay, well Dawn and I we were married June 20th 1970 we wanted to have children just like anyone else and we had four babies the first three babies she miscarried them the fourth one she went full term and it was born deformed and so it didn’t live very long and then it died and the doctor had told us before that you can’t have children, don’t even try.  And then especially after that, they said, don’t have any.  And so Dawn and I we were in the ministry at that time as well as you know we’d been schooled in the Word of God so we continued to pray and just trust God; we are going to believe God we are going to trust God and so we kept doing that.  And during the night session I was awakened and I looked and there was a demon that looked like he was probably maybe four or five foot tall and he was over the top of my wife, over her body especially down in her belly region, the lower parts of her body.  And within seconds I seen this spirit that was white and kind of resembled this is not a good illustration but sort of like a Casper the friendly ghost because of the fact that I couldn’t…he was so bright that I couldn’t really see his fingers or facial features it was just like limbs and a hand without separated fingers that sort of thing.  Anyway, he came rushing out of the eastern sky, it was like I could see to infinity through the walls and I’d seen him rushing very quickly; he came into our bedroom and he began to wrestle with this other demon spirit and they begin to fight and they fought for just a few seconds and he chased.  I can still remember it, we lived at 139 Tulip Tree in St. Charles, Missouri and he chased him off into infinity out towards the southwestern sky into infinity and then faster than you could blink an eye he came immediately back.  Then I seen him on his knees and he stuck his hands inside the lower parts of my wife’s body and he did this a few times and then he just disappeared; and from that day forward my wife had no more problems of carrying babies.  She would bleed a lot during pregnancy, but she never bled anymore and we’ve got three perfect daughters and our oldest daughter is thirty eight years of age, and we got one thirty and we got another twenty eight years of age.  And so our problems are in the spirit world that if we’ll get serious with God God will get as serious with us as we get with Him.  And we can have victory in every area we’ve done this, our youngest daughter that you have the documentation Sid, I sent you the medical documents that she was blind and I cast those demon spirits out and now she has perfect eye sight.  And you have the documents of before and after; she’s twenty eight years of age now and…

Sid:  You know, one of the statements that you make in your book is so overwhelming, you say the spirit realm must become more real than the natural realm.  What do you mean by that?

Mel:  Well, God who is a spirit made all physical things and the demonic world was here before we ever were and I think that’s something that cripples Christian people is not being aware that the spirit world is more real.  It’s the eternal world, flesh and blood will, you know pass away, but the spirit world is throughout eternity.

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Sid Roth welcomes Glenn Arekion

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to find out the plan for their life and to do it.  And there are people listening to me right and you’re saying God, “What do you want me to do?”  Or “God, I’ve got such horrific things going on in my life, I can’t do anything but put out fires; but I want to fulfill my destiny.”  And I have on the telephone Glen Arekion and I’m featuring his brand new book and I mean I just wish I had this book when I was a new believer.  I wish every old believer would have this book.  It’s called the power of praying in tongues and by the time you finish this book and listening to our special CD called “You’re Personnel trainer for the supernatural,” both the book is written and the CD is by Glenn Arekion.  If you do not pray in supernatural languages every objection you have will be stripped away and you’ll be taught how to pray in supernatural languages.  And then if you do have this gift, but you’ve put it on the shelf or you speak a few words once a week.  You are going to put this front and center; but you know what just as an exercise you go to the gym and you need a personal trainer to help you just keep going on and persevering.  This book and this CD will be your personal trainer.  Glenn, how does someone find the center of God’s will for their life?  There are people listening to us right now and they have such critical decisions to make, they don’t know what to do.  What advice would you give them?

Glenn:  Well, when it comes the will of God the Apostle Paul tell us Sid that we must not be ignorant or unwise, but we must know what the will of God is.  Now there are two kinds of the will of God in scriptures.  You have what is known as a general will of God which comes from the Bible from the will of God which is for across the board standard will of God for every believer.  But then you have this specific will of God.  Why are you here?  What am I suppose to do with my life?  But how do I discover that specific will because we all know that we can go to the Bible and discover the standard will of God for our life.  But how do I discover that specific plan, that specific path that God has for us?  The scripture says in the book of Proverbs that “It is to the glory of God to conceal a plan or to conceal a word but the honor of kings to search it out.”  So how do we search out that plan?  Paul gives us a clue in 1st Corinthians Chapter 2.  He says that we speak the wisdom of God or the plan of God in a mystery.  Now here’s a great word, mystery and Paul tells in 1 Corinthians chapter 14 verse 2 that when we speak in tongues were speaking mysteries.  So we speak the plan of God in a mystery.  We speak the path of God in a mystery and that is praying in the Spirit.  We speak the word of God in a mystery; the hidden plan which God ordained before the world unto our glory.  So right now God has a plan for each and every one of us before the world began; before He ordained the world he already ordained a specific plan for your life; a specific path for your life and a specific place for your life.  And when you are in that place where God wants you to be the grace will flow.  But how do I discover that plan, in a mystery by praying in the Spirit.  Then Paul goes on to say he said, “Eye has not seen nor ear has heard neither has entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared.”  So there are things prepared for us before the foundation of the world.  There is a plan prepared for us and in that plan there are prepared stuff.  And how do we discover it?  By praying in the Spirit.  Paul says…

Sid:  Now you say that speaking in a supernatural language will pull you into the future.  Is that what you’re talking about?

Glenn:  Yes sir.  It will take you from the past from the mundane place where you are right now into the exact specific location where God wants you to be.  And that’s how you discover the plan of God for your life.  And most Christians unfortunate don’t discover the specific plan for their life; it is trial and errors for them, but God if you take the time to speak God’s supernatural language which would be your map to get you to where you want to be.  Where God wants you to be and in that place God will bring you to the future where there is the blessing of God and things that have already been prepared for you.

Sid:  Give me an example of this in your own life, for instance you have a congregation in Louisville, but it didn’t start out as a congregation in Louisville.  Tell me the first trip you made to Louisville, Kentucky.

Glenn:  Well, I was on a plane flying to Louisville, Kentucky and this was my first time into Louisville.  And I was in the plane looking down just seeing a bunch of trees and I was thinking to myself, praying the spirit, why am I going to Louisville, never being here before, why is God sending me to Louisville, Kentucky?  So I was just praying in the Spirit and I came down when we landed.  The person met me at the gate, shook my hands did not know me from Adam and just shook my hands and says welcome to Louisville, Kentucky.  This is a preacher’s graveyard, nobody makes it here.  And as sure as he said that, the Holy Ghost screamed on the inside of me.  This is where you are coming next and you’re going to break that curse!  This I want you to come to Louisville.  I want you to come to Louisville, Kentucky.  See, how I got that, by praying in the Spirit.  Louisville, Kentucky was nowhere near my mind; it was not in my thinking.  But, by praying in the Spirit and when I came off the plane…

Sid:  Now, how convinced are you if you hadn’t been praying the Spirit for a long time that you might have missed your destiny?

Glenn:  Oh, I’m definitely sure I would have missed my destiny.  I mean, I know without a doubt that I would have missed by destiny if I wasn’t praying in the Spirit because tongues will synchronize you with a plan and the timing of God.  It will take you were you want, where God wants you to go.

Sid:  Let me ask you this, Romans 8:28 says all things work together for good and I hear that quoted all the time.  But I never hear the verses before Roman’s 8:28 quoted which tells you what you have to do to have everything work out for good.  Explain that.

Glenn:  Well, the verse before says likewise the Spirit of God helps our infirmities.  For we don’t know what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit himself maketh intercession.  Now that, “the all things work for together for good has been taken out of context and it’s always in connection with something that is bad.  Then we say well, all things work for good but that verse does not talk about death; that verse was not talking about a bad situation.  This verse was talking about praying and groaning in the Spirit and intercession.  And it refers to praying in tongues; it refers to praying in the Spirit and then all things work together for good to them that love God.  So it is when you are actually praying and interceding in your supernatural language…

Sid:  So when it says groanings, it’s talking about your supernatural language?

Glenn:  Yes Sir, Yes Sir because it is in articulate speech; it is not done in your own natural language.  It is referring to intercession in your supernatural language of tongues.  Because tongues, the supernatural language is ultimate help in our prayer life.  Because many times we face situations, we don’t even know how to pray about it.  But that’s how we can lean on the Holy Spirit to pray through us and as we lean on Him then all things work together for good as we lean on Him in that supernatural language; that all things work for good to them that love God.

Sid:  You know when I think about some of this teaching that you have in your book and your CD that when you’re praying in a supernatural language, God’s language you have no unbelief, no fear.  Can you image being able to pray with perfect faith, no unbelief and no fear.  I mean when you realize the magnitude of it it’s mind-blowing.

Glenn:  Yes, there’s not an ounce of doubt or unbelief or fear when you’re praying in the supernatural language of tongues.  It’s all speaking in line with God’s word, that’s the Holy Spirit inside of you praying.  He’s inside of you connecting with your High Priest in Heaven, Jesus.

Sid:  Now, one of the things that I know about you is you’re known for getting revelation knowledge.  What does praying in tongues have to do with this revelation knowledge you get from the Bible?

Glenn:  Well, you can read the Bible from an intellectual level and a lot of people do that and that’s all they know the Bible from an intellectual level.  But, when you begin to pray in the Spirit, then it opens up the Bible to you from the Spirit stands point and the Holy Spirit is the author of this book.  And you will not understand the Bible like the Holy Ghost can explain it to you.  It will open you up to the realm of revelations to see things that God wants you to see from His word; not just from intellectual standpoint but from spiritual standpoint.

Sid:  And one of my burdens is that people that represent the Kingdom of God walk in purity.  How does speaking in supernatural languages purify your life?

Glenn:  Now, we know that our flesh doesn’t like to pray, our flesh doesn’t want to pray at all, our flesh is lazy; even Jesus says the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  And the more you begin to pray in the Spirit you are dominating your flesh.  It will help you and enable you to give your Spirit man ascendency over your flesh.  And the weaker that your flesh is, now I’m not talking about sickness and disease for weak flesh, I’m talking about controlling and dominating the flesh, the carnal nature.  And you dominate from your spirit man and then you begin to walk a life of purity, holiness, you begin to live a life of righteousness the way God designed us to walk; it’s because we are mortifying the deeds of the flesh by and through the Spirit.

Sid:  You know, I just wish I had this CD, I needed a personnel trainer, I needed someone to mentor me as a new believer and as a Jewish person I didn’t have anyone to mentor me.  But if I had had this CD, which is called “Your Personnel Trainer for the Supernatural, a 101 Reasons Why To Pray in Tongues.”  And then for those that haven’t broken into this realm yet, it’ll teach you how to break in the realm in speaking in supernatural languages.  And those that have broken through, when you finish this CD and when you finish this brand new book titled “The Power of Praying Tongues” I’m going to promise you something, you will be so motivated to spend hours praying in supernatural languages. What’s going to happen to these people when they start praying hours in the supernatural language? 

Glenn:  Their live will change; miracles will flow in their lives.  They will hear the voice of the Lord; they will get direction for their future.  They will know what to do.  They can start eliminating mistakes out of they’re lives.

Sid: Okay, the book “The power of praying tongues” and the CD “Your Personnel Trainer for the supernatural.”

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