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Sid Roth Welcomes Billy Joe Daugherty

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Sid Roth Welcomes Billy Joe Daugherty

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Billy Joe Daugherty, has prayed for people all over the world. He is a teacher’s teacher of the supernatural of God. And I am so excited because I just finished his book called, “You Can Be Healed.” And I think I might change the title, Billy Joe, to “You Are Healed.

BILLY JOE: Thank you Jesus.

SID: But I’ll tell you, it’s so outrageous. He was in Mexico and a man, 52 years blind, got his sight back. And then the Dominican Republic, a little six-year-old boy, who had been blind for five years gets his sight back! Let’s take a look at that.

[Video Clip]

SID: Billy Joe, it’s got to be worth it all to see that little six-year-old boy singing and praising God and getting his vision back. Do you realize how his life is going to be transformed?

BILLY JOE: Wow. When you think about that moment when you reach that microphone.

SID: I know.

BILLY JOE: That was really the thing for me, and hearing that mother talk about how she had gone to doctor after doctor, all types of treatment, every type of thing that she could. But he was no better. And he was standing out in the middle of that field in Santiago in Dominican Republic and he heard that message. And it was amazing at that age to hear him talk with the interpreter sharing what had happened to him, and that he understood that he was there to receive from God, which tells us about childlike faith. And that moment then, he wanted to sing a song about Lord, you deserve the glory and to give Him praise.

SID: You know, your life has been so hand-picked by God. For instance, you had several visions in the early years that dramatically changed the destiny of your life. Tell me about that.

BILLY JOE: I got saved in1970. And shortly after that, I had a vision of this girl in my youth group, who was the daughter of the pastor, becoming my wife. And now we’ve been married since 1973. But I saw us together before masses of people talking, preaching, sharing, ministering to people. And I didn’t even aspire to be in the ministry or preaching, but I saw it. And I hadn’t even had the first date with her. So it really was. I didn’t know what a vision was. I didn’t ascribe–

SID: Did you believe it was God, though?

BILLY JOE: Well I saw it. I couldn’t even talk about it.

SID: Like on a TV screen you saw the vision?

BILLY JOE: Well we were driving down through North Louisiana. My family was on the way to a vacation. My brother lived in Florida and we were heading in that direction, driving through the night, and I just looked at the window and there’s trees and darkness going by. And then all of a sudden that happened. And I didn’t tell anyone for years. You know, it just was something I couldn’t describe. I didn’t grow up in a background where people talked about visions or even described God showing you things. So I didn’t even know how speak about it.

SID: But you had a second vision that was even more dramatic. No, I shouldn’t say more drumatic, but had such a profound affect on your life.

BILLY JOE: Just about over a year after that I was playing ball in college, and I was standing on the field and I looked out during a break. The offense was in a huddle. I was playing defense, and I saw this vision of millions of people, and in it, I saw people that I knew right in my own community, living for one thing after another. They were living to get a job, to get an education, to get a house, get all types of things, getting married, having kids, retire, get a house on the lake, a boat, and die. And it went just like. And millions of people. And then I heard, now I know the voice of God. I heard this voice, “Nothing they have done will go into eternity.” And I began to cry. I mean, I’m standing there in my helmet. It happened just like that. And I saw them, I saw people that I knew. They had given their whole lives for things, for accumulations, for achievements. And at that moment God said, “You can make a decision to live for me, to go where I tell you to go, to touch people with my love.” And it wasn’t like I wouldn’t have a house, you know, we do, have a family, and we do have all those things. But that would not be what I lived for. I would live to touch people. And He said, “You will come to the end of your life and you’ll look back on the people your life has touched and they will go into eternity.” And that was a pivotal point in my life. And as I contemplated on it later, the Lord said, “This vision is not just for you. It’s for other people.” One time I shared it in a situation and an older gentleman came up to me and he said, “I’m the guy.” I said, “What?” He said, “I’m the guy in that vision.” He said, “I’ve lived my whole life for things. I am on the lake right now waiting to die.” And he said, “But I’m gonna make a decision to live the rest of my life for the Lord.” He and his wife, in retirement on that lake, started a small group meeting and bikers started coming to it. Out of that whole region, I mean, a rowdy gang.

SID: So what you’re saying is it’s never too late.

BILLY JOE: Never too late.

SID: And what did they do with these bikers?

BILLY JOE: Well they began to tell them about the love of God, that God cared about their life, they were important. And they began to get delivered from their drugs, their alcohol, their lifestyle, the criminal activity, violence, all those things. And to this day, that man and his wife are still alive, still doing things for God, up in their 80s now. But that’s why I say it is never too late.

SID: Okay. You heard it. It is never too late. But you got to do something about it, and do it now. I believe that God worked with Billy Joe Daugherty in the former Soviet Union. He was one of the pioneers when the communism came down and you could have freedom of religion. And he witnessed and experienced so many miracles. We’ll find out about it.

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Our Guest John McTernan

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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John McTernan. Fascinating. The shortest book in the Old Testament, Obadiah, has the key to End Times. By looking at Obadiah and then looking at Ezekiel 38-39, you can tell what’s going to happen to certain nations. Explain.

JOHN: Sid, Obadiah is the key. I call it “Obadiah’s War.” And I also tie it in with like Psalm 83. But in Obadiah, it talks about an all out war coming, which we previously mentioned, between Israel and the Palestinians. Obadiah describes Israel as a flame of fire and the Palestinians as kindle wood, and they’re going to burn in them. And it says, “None are going to be left on the land.” But it doesn’t end there, Sid. It talks about the Plain of the Philistines being under Israel’s control. That’s Gaza, Sid. And you know what’s going on in Gaza right now. It talks about Gilead. Now these names, when you read the Plain of the Philistines, most people, well what’s what? But modern times, that’s Gaza. And you read Gilead. Well what’s Gilead? Gilead is the east bank of the Jordan. It’s Jordan, Sid. That is, Obadiah clearly says that Gilead is going to become a part of greater Israel. Then it talks about Ephraim and Samaria. That is the West Bank, Sid, the mountains of Israel. That is all a part of greater Israel, as it approaches the Day of the Lord.

SID: What’s going to happen to the West Bank, according to Obadiah?

JOHN: It’s going to be united in one country with Israel. It’s not going to be a Palestinian state.

SID: Now you said to me that if the United States divides Israel, God will divide the United States.

JOHN: Well Sid, that’s that principle under Obadiah that what you do to Israel will be done to you. So if the United States, through President Obama, starts to, because there’s a danger that he may unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state and force the issue. That could very well literally happen here, Sid. In the center of the United States, there’s a massive fault called the New Madrid fault, and it ruptured in 1811 and 1812. It was the greatest prophet earthquake.

SID: Well isn’t it interesting that you’re the one that first pointed it out to me. That it was the Madrid Peace Conference–

JOHN: Right.

SID: –which was to divide the land of Israel.

JOHN: Yes, Sid.

SID: And we showed you the pictures of first President Bush’s home being just devastated by those waves, and now today, we have this new, it’s called, it’s spelled the same, as a matter of fact.

JOHN: It’s spelled the same, Sid.

SID: New Madrid fault. And so what does FEMA say about this?

JOHN: Well Sid, it has the potential of literally like ripping right through the center of the country. It will be the greatest disaster ever to hit America. It would ruin everything. It would level from Memphis all the ways up to St. Louis and over to Cincinnati. It’s a massive fault. It ruptured in 1811. Actually, there were three massive earthquakes that occurred over a two-month period of time. It sent the Mississippi running backwards, Sid. It rang church bells in Pennsylvania, and it was felt in New Orleans and in Charleston, and in central Pennsylvania. That’s how massive this fault is.

SID: How many square miles did this originally affect?

JOHN: I don’t know. But it affected like, you know, east, from Arkansas, Tennessee, northern Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Southern Illinois it would affect, up into Ohio, Kentucky. Sid, it’s just an awesome, and it sits right in the middle of the United States, and it’s the New Madrid, you know.

SID: Will it happen soon?

JOHN: Sid, there is speculation that it could happen, you know, very soon, because this ruptures periodically and it’s overdue.

SID: And you know, John told me something else that is so fascinating. That the blessings on the United States really come from our forefathers’ love for Israel. Tell me about, was it George Washington?

JOHN: George Washington. Sid, George Washington, in his writings, literally linked the creation of the United States with the God of Israel who delivered the children of Israel from Egypt. He made a direct link. And then he said, “Blessed is that people whose God is the Lord.” And George Washington, in his writings, specifically said that the God of Israel was the God of the United States, and He is the one that created the United States, just as He created Israel and took the children of Israel through the Red Sea and created them from Egypt.

SID: And how soon do you see this war that Obadiah speaks of occurring?

JOHN: Sid, it’s right on top of us. Because you look at what’s going on in Iran, with Iran on this rush to build nuclear weapons. They are forcing Israel’s hands, Sid. Israel cannot wait until Iran develops nuclear weapons. So with Hamas in the Plain of the Philistines, with his block to the north, with Syria, who is a vicious enemy of Israel, and Iran building nuclear weapons, Sid, Israel’s hand is forced. And I believe once Israel attacks Iran, it’s going to set off a chain of events that will lead to what Obadiah has written about.

SID: Obadiah 1-15, “As you have done unto Israel, God will do unto you.” And when is that really going to come into play? It’s been the whole history since Israel. But the significant point is just before the Day of the Lord there will be devastation if we divide the Land of Israel. I believe what FEMA is talking about, of this Madrid fault, it’s about ready to happen. But here’s the good news. As you have done to Israel, God will do to you. You could be in the midst of judgment. I mean, this fault, John, has going through so many states. When the earthquake finally hits you could be living right in the center of that fault, and no weapon formed against you can prosper. I believe that Obadiah 1:15, coupled with Genesis 12:3, John–

JOHN: Yes, Sid, very good combination.

SID: God says, “I, God, will bless those who bless the Jewish people, and I, God, will curse those who curse them.” It’s the same verse, really, Genesis 12:3 and Obadiah 1:15. So you can be in perfect peace as you are a blessing to the Jewish people, as you are a blessing to the Land of Israel. And I want you to know that I believe in helping Jewish people get to Israel. I believe in humanitarian efforts. And God will bless you for those things. But there’s a blessing that’s so far beyond that. It says, “He who wins souls is wise.” What is the greatest blessing you can give anyone, Jewish person or gentile person? Not religion. We’re Jewish people. We have a corner in the market on religion. Intimacy with God. God is saying, “I am your friend.” You know, John, you know if there’s ever been a time, if there’s ever been a time for you to pour your heart out to God and tell Him you’re sorry for your sins and you want to know Him through Jesus, it’s now. There’s only one name that you can know God, through Jesus the Messiah, the King of the Jews.

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Sid Roth welcomes Jason Westerfield

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SID: Hello Sid Roth here with Jason Westerfield. Jason you recently were called by God to go to the Philippines, did you know why you were going there, did you have speaking assignments,
why did you go to the Philippines?

JASON: I was originally going to the Philippines to work with over five hundred pastors as a part of a team that I was going with. And on the way over there, it was interesting, the Lord sat
me next to a gentleman on the airplane that has the largest American company that employs jobs to the Philippine citizens over there, so God began to give us insight in his life, what was going on personally, but also insight to what was going on in his companies management.

SID: When you look in the Spirit you have insight into people’s lives, is that what you are saying?

JASON: Yeah, God will show me where people are at and where companies and organizations and where nations are at, and then where they need to get to, and then how to practically get there. He will put a plan and a strategy in place. So it feels a lot more like consultation is taking place and I will do that whether I am at businesses, whether people or government, whether I’m at churches, or whether people in film, really dealing with people and seeing their improvement take place. And so when we went to the Philippines we not only saw this man’s life begin to get touched, but the Lord had said I am going to open up the doors to the national government to you, and I am over there less than twelve hours, one thing leads to another, the next thing that occurs is I’m at this restaurant with this lady who owns the restaurant and she is serving the table that we are with and two ladies come ad sit down, one of which I saw in prayer earlier that morning and I told her, I said I saw you this morning. And she said I don’t know you. And so I began to tell her what the Lord had shown me, I relayed to her a lot of facts and details about her life to give credibility, and that there would be an understanding with her that God knew who she was and I began to tell her the things that God wanted to have take place in her life and how to bring her into these things. She completely got touched, never had anything like that happen, we are inside of a nice restaurant in a well to do place and then I asked her, I said do you know some people in government?

SID: Why did you want to know people in government?

JASON: I felt from the Lord I was to ask them right there because God had given me a full one-page word about a word of the Lord for that nation of the Philippines, a state of the union, where it was at currently, where God wanted to bring it and what they needed to do to get in that place to turn things around. And she said actually I graduated from law school, I have friends that are in the senate and then the lady who owns the restaurant says, I know somebody who is running for president, one of their head senators over here. And the next thing I know I am not even in the country twelve hours, I am given a phone to this gentleman and I begin to read off the word of the Lord to him, he gets totally touched by God over the phone and says that is everything I have been trying to tell these people, that is exactly what we need to be doing as a nation. And not only was that pretty impressive, what God did and who quick that God can open doors, the next thing that happened is a table of about ten people came Sid, and sat down right across from us, everyone at our table kind of perked up and I said what is going on? And they said do you know who that is and I said no. They said those are high-ranking government officials over there and two of those other people help run the media over the entire nation. So the lady who owns the restaurant went over and talked to them, they said please, have this young man come over if he has heard from God about our nation. So I walk over and they say please sit down we hear that you have a word from God about our nation. We want to hear what God is saying over the Philippines right now. So I read the complete word to them, they were really touched, the presence of God came over everybody and then I said to them, “Do you all understand this word?” And they said yes we do and there were words that had to do with the economy, with the political economy, with society, and also with the environmental issues and the creation of the nation itself. And they said yes we do and I said I want to pray for you and they said please do. So I had them all hold hands, government officials, people in media right in the center of this well to do restaurant and the presence of God came in a very powerful way and I began to pray for wisdom for them that God would allow the righteous to begin to lead and decisions be brought forth to empower the whole nation. Amazing things happened when we were in the Philippines, within an hour and a half I wm with the decision makers of the nation and an hour and a half later I am with the poorest people on the planet, Smokey Mountain. And when we went out there we say God do numerous miracles and we also saw three deaf children completely get their hearing back. After that we flew to a nearby island and the Lord said I want you to pray for the resistance and limitation, the generational curses that have limited this nation off these people and off this nation to be broken. So we corporately repented for all this sins generationally upon the nation, and as we did this winds began to come into this place and over five hundred pastors were there, over eighty of them miraculously got healed with no one touching them, just from the repentance God outstretched his hand and began to heal them but began to shift the very weather in the atmosphere and when I left there I said because of what happens spiritually over this nation, the geopolitical shift, what is going to be taking place within the next twenty-four hours there is going to be a significant earthquake in the Asia-Pacific rim because of the shift in powers that are taking place.

SID: So what happens if it doesn’t happen and you prophesy that?

JASON: Well what happened is within twelve hours of me saying that a 5.8 earthquake hit Bali, Indonesia. And so it wasn’t a bad earthquake.

SID: So you did get their attention.

JASON: I got their attention, but it is not about me it is about the Lord and he wants to disciple nations and he loves every nation and he wants to see them come into the fulfillment and the fullness and the potential of what he has available for them.

SID: There is such a wonderful presence of God on the set right now that when we come back Jason I am going to ask him to pray and I am not going to tell him what to pray, I wouldn’t mind him praying for people’s memories, I wouldn’t mind him praying for a transfer of anointing, I wouldn’t mind him praying whatever God tells him too. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John McTernan. And John has been entrusted with a key to the End Times. He has found revelations like I have never heard before, in the Book of Obadiah. But there is one verse in Obadiah, John, that is key to End Times, Obadiah 1:15.

JOHN: Obadiah 1:15, Sid, is very important. It says, “The day of the Lord has come upon all the heathen. And as thou has done to Israel,” and I’m adding Israel, but it says, “As thou has done shall be done unto thee. Thy reward shall be upon thine own head.” So it makes it crystal clear, Sid, as God’s prophetic plan is unfolding, Israel is the key. And if you bless Israel, now this is individuals and nations, if you bless Israel and the Jewish people and line up with God’s prophetic plan, God will bless you. If you don’t, Sid, there a severe curse on you.

SID: And I find it so amazing that a number of times you have documented that this curse comes every time the United States goes against Israel. For instance, President Clinton, when he had the affair with Lewinsky, tell me about that.

JOHN: Well Sid, this is real interesting, because when President, excuse me, Prime Minister Netanyahu was coming, President Clinton was putting enormous pressure on him to divide the land, and there was talk in Israel about Netanyahu’s government falling if he went along with Clinton’s plan. So Netanyahu comes here. He meets with President Clinton. The president didn’t even go to lunch with him, nor did the Secretary of State.

SID: I remember they really snubbed him.

JOHN: They really snubbed him. The next meeting was with Yasser Arafat. Clinton was supposed to meet with Yasser Arafat. Yasser Arafat was literally waiting to meet with Clinton when the Lewinsky scandal broke. And the president’s government, his term in office was in danger. And we know that he eventually was impeached, although the Senate did not remove him. So exactly what was going to happen to Netanyahu and the Israeli government happened to Clinton and his government at the exact time.
Side: Now a number of these, of course we have this information from FEMA, the worse economic disasters occurred when the United States went against Israel. But kind of bring it up to date. Give me something that happened recently.

JOHN: Well Sid, I want you to think back when President Obama began to initiate diplomatic relations with Israel after he was inaugurated. What was one of the things he did? But he made a linkage between Israel creating a Palestinian state and dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons. Do you remember that, Sid?

SID: Yes.

JOHN: He drew this direct linkage. Now Sid, I’m gonna jog your memory here. Do you remember North Korea shooting underground nuclear weapons off?

SID: Of course.

JOHN: And shooting weapons, and shooting missiles, and threatening nuclear war with the United States. Sid, this was happening at the exact time President Obama was making this linkage with Israel with creating a Palestinian state or the United States wasn’t going to deal with Iran’s nuclear weapons, which would put Israel under danger of a nuclear war with Iran. Correct?

SID: Yes.

JOHN: At the very same time, North Korea is shooting off nuclear bombs and threatening nuclear war with us, Sid, so happening simultaneously.

SID: Now the last few administrations have been pushing towards a two-state solution in Israel. President Obama appears to be pushing for it, too. Is there any difference between the way he’s pushing for it and the previous ones?

JOHN: Yes. President Bush was more, shall we say, soft-gloved about it. He was more, we want this, but there was no like direct arm-twisting of Israel. President Obama has come out with an iron fist and is treating Israel more as an adversary than an ally. It’s extremely dangerous, Sid. It’s extremely dangerous.

SID: Now if he continues this course, what is the spirit of God telling you about America?

JOHN: Obadiah says that if you try and divide the Land of Israel, if you try and divide Jerusalem, Sid, exactly what you’re doing to Israel is going to come upon us. And Sid, there could be a political division here or a literal, physical division through natural disasters and things. But it will happen. If President Obama continues this course, what he’s doing with Israel, the integrity of the United States is at stake, Sid.

SID: Now there are many Bible believers that get confused on Armageddon and the war that’s before Armageddon. They’ve merged them all together. Obadiah makes this very clear about a war.

JOHN: It does, Sid. Obadiah is 21 verses of actual power-packed information. And when you look at Obadiah, and again, I go into great detail.

SID: I know. You literally, he literally will show you what nations will be around, what nations are going to be nuked, where these ancient–Most people read these words and they don’t know who these nations are and who the people are. And Obadiah makes it clear.

JOHN: It does, Sid. It does. And Obadiah makes it clear that when Israel is a nation again. So the context is the Day of the Lord, and the Day of the Lord is when Israel is a nation again, and just before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which I believe we’re heading towards, that Israel is going to be a nation. And it said that there are going to be a “flame of fires,” Sid. In other words, “and devour roundabout.” And there’s an all out war coming between the House of Joseph and Jacob, and the House of Esau, which are the Palestinians. And none of the Palestinians are going to survive, Sid. None. And that’s because they violated Obadiah 1:15. They have tried to destroy Israel. They’ve tried to wipe Israel off the map. They’ve tried to destroy all the Jews off the land. At some point, Sid, that’s what going to happen to the Palestinians.

SID: Why in the world were you so interested in Obadiah? Most people skip that book. And all of the keys to the End Times are there.

JOHN: It is, Sid. Those words, “The Day of the Lord,” that’s what drew me to Obadiah.

SID: Okay. For those that don’t know, what is the Day of the Lord?

JOHN: The Day of the Lord, Sid, is the time before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, when God recalls the nation of Israel back into existence, which we have now, and then all the world is going to come. And the classic we think of is Armageddon against Israel.

SID: I’ll tell you what, I want to find out some of the nations that are going to be nuked. I know you’re not going away.

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Our Guest John McTernan

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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Do you know if you go to your computer and look at the FEMA web page, you’ll find out that the ten worst economic disasters since they’ve been keeping their records of FEMA, nine of the ten occurred when the United States went against Israel. Is there a correlation? Obviously there is. My guest, John McTernan, has been studying the Book of Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament. And he says the key to End Time events is found in the Book of Obadiah. John, there was a certain day, a number of years ago you were watching TV, minding your own business, and you saw something. Tell me about it. Actually, it changed your whole destiny, your whole life.

JOHN: It did, Sid. It did. It was October of 1987, and it had to do about there was a homosexual rally in Washington. At that time, it was the largest homosexual gathering maybe in world history. And immediately after that, Sid, the week immediately following, the stock market went into convulsions. Then the following Monday was the big crash. Do you remember the crash in 1987?

SID: Right. At that time, it was one of the biggest.

JOHN: Yes. And it was six business days after that rally. And while I was watching the TV, the announcer’s lip was actually quivering in fear that this would be the start of another great depression. The Lord took me back the week before to that rally, and put what was happening in front of the TV and the rally together in my mind, and I heard His voice saying that I do not fear Him, and that if I feared Him I would have humbled myself when I saw this rally and cried to Him for mercy. And He said that the Church does not fear him in America, and the country was naked and open before Him in judgment. I heard Him vividly say that. And I fell down on the floor right in front of the TV and I repented to the Lord that I did not fear Him, I did not walk in the fear of Him. And from that day to this, I’ve been in this ministry, Sid, of showing these correlations where God is trying to warn America we’re on a collision course within.

SID: And you have found there are three areas when these occur. There are judgments that occur, such as hurricanes, such as stock market crash, things of that nature. And the three things are abortion, homosexuality, and coming against Israel. But why is it that coming against Israel, nine of ten on FEMA of the worst things to ever happen to us, connected with the worst economic things?

JOHN: Well Sid, in God’s word, God specifically talks about, through the prophets, about bringing the Jewish people back in to the land because of that covenant, Sid, that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It’s a living, real covenant that’s still in effect today, and that God warns in His word, He warns the nations not to interfere with that covenant, Sid. And the United States, maybe with good intentions, ‘cause it started with President Bush, Sr., it continued with President Clinton, President Bush, Jr., now President Obama, we are directly interfering with the covenant and God’s prophetic plan. And there are warnings in the scriptures are coming upon America now exactly according to God’s word.

SID: Let’s give an example. There was what was called the Madrid Peace Conference in Madrid, Spain, and when that meeting convened, and that was a meeting to divide the Land of Israel.

JOHN: Yes.
SID: When that meeting convened, what happened?

JOHN: Well Sid, I guess I’m going to show you right here. Here’s proof from the New York Times. While President Bush, I’ll say President Bush, Sr., not to confuse your listeners here, viewers, while he was standing up initiating the Madrid peace process, while he was speaking what’s called the Perfect Storm, and you may remember the Perfect Storm, Sid. There was a movie made about it. There was a best selling book.

SID: Yes. Of course.

JOHN: And it was bizarre weather patterns that only occur once every couple hundred years, came together in the North Atlantic and sent a hurricane the wrong way. And the hurricane, whoever hears of a hurricane in the North Atlantic in late October forming? Instead of coming from the southwest to northeast, this came from the northeast to the southwest, and came all the ways down the coast of the United States. But while the President was speaking, the storm sent 30-foot waves against his home in Kennebunkport, Maine. And what I just gave you is the New York Times article showing his home was destroyed. Now what it doesn’t say is that it was destroyed while he was in Madrid speaking, but the date is the same date. And you can see.

SID: Now how many of these events have you found where the United States goes against Israel and then there’s a horrible economic catastrophe?

JOHN: Sid, rough number, 50 to 60 now. But they’re the major ones.

SID: I mean, within 24 hours, this judgment occurs. Okay. There was a second Madrid Peace Conference that was in the United States. What happened?

JOHN: Well what happened, Sid, was a year later, the Madrid peace process was transferred from Madrid, Spain to the United States to meet on American soil. And what I have here, Sid, is a picture of–This is not a picture, Sid. This is the actual newspaper article where I was sort of alerted that America was under judgment. Now Sid, this is the USA Today. Notice the headlines.

SID: “One Million Flee Andrew.” I mean, that was some hurricane.

JOHN: Right. Right. That was a Category 5. There’s only been three Category 5’s hit the United States. This was a Category 5. And notice that the whole page is full about the disaster of Hurricane Andrew.

SID: Right.

JOHN: But now look over here, Sid.

SID: “Mideast Peace Talks to Resume on Positive Note.”

JOHN: Yeah.

SID: And again, these were talks to divide the Land of Israel.

JOHN: The Land of Israel, Sid.

SID: And in Joel, Chapter 3, it says, “In the last days the nations will be judged for one sin.” You know what that one sin is? I quote, “Dividing the Land of Israel.”

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