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Our Guest Perry Stone

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SID: Okay, Perry.


SID: This is amazing to me. Tell me about the breath of the holies from this ancient rabbi’s teachings.

PERRY: Okay. There was a tradition that in the tabernacle of Moses, you knew when the glory of the Lord came down by number one, the sound of a man breathing. It would be like breath, like … like a wind blowing. And the second way you would know is the … where you had the chamber of the inner court in the holy of holies, we call it where the inner curtains were. The curtains would start moving like a man’s lungs breathing. They would expand in and out. And this became known as the breath of the holies. Now what is interesting is in Hebrew, the word breath, wind and spirit is the same word. You have to read the context of the verse to see what it’s speaking about. It’s [Hebrew language]. And [Hebrew language] means the Holy Spirit.

PERRY: Now, if you start tracing this down, this is in the tabernacle of Moses. It became known as breath of the holy place, breath of the holies, holy breath, Holy Spirit. So in other words, that breathing sound was a manifestation of the [Hebrew language], which is the Holy Spirit, or the spirit that’s holy, the Spirit of God. The interesting thing about that is if you come to the New Testament in Acts, Chapter 2, verses one through four on the day of Pentecost, there is a sound from heaven like a mighty rushing wind, and the bible says it filled the house where they were seated.

SID: Just before your dad was promoted to heaven, he gave you some advice. What did he tell you?

PERRY: Okay, we’re sitting in the house and he was 78 years of age at the time, and he said, “I had a dream.” And he said … and I’m going to make the dream real short, but he said, “In this dream, I’m in a church service and I’m seeing the enemy attack people. I’m seeing him attack people.” And he talked about the sexual sins, he talked about temptation, he talked about pressures, he talked about depression. He said all this was coming against God’s people. And then he said, “The Lord told me this.” And he said, “I’m going to tell you this because I’m not going to live long enough to tell people this. I can’t go out and preach now.” Because he was getting up there, he knew.

PERRY: And so, I said, “Okay, what is it?” He says, “Now, when the Spirit of God quickens this to you, you tell people that the solution to the attacks that are coming,” and this is his exact words, “They must learn to pray excessively in the Spirit.” And so I said, “Dad, what do you mean by excessively?” He says, “Not your normal worshiping in church, not your normal praying in the Spirit, going to …” He said, “You’re going to have to go into a prayer chamber and pray in the Spirit, sometimes for 30 minutes to an hour to break stuff that’s on you.” He said, “If you don’t pray,” and he looked at me and says this, “If you and this generation does not learn how to pray in the Spirit, you’re going to come under attacks that you’re going to have a hard time coming out from under.”

SID: It’s mandatory.

PERRY: Yeah, it’s a mandatory thing. And so, when he said this to me about praying excessively, he says, “Now, do you remember your Uncle Rufus?” Now let me explain who Uncle Rufus was in case we get into a story about him. Rufus Dunford was my dad’s uncle, and Rufus Dunford had a gift that when he was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, he could speak in diverse tongues of any language in the world, go up to any foreigner in the coal fields of West Virginia that worked in the mines, of anywhere in the world, and speak to them in tongues, because a lot of those people came from other countries and they couldn’t speak English well. So nobody could witness to him. So he’d preach to them and witness to them, and they just thought he knew the language. They even thought he was a Catholic priest when he’d speak Latin. They’d call him Father Dunford ’cause they thought he was a Catholic priest.

SID: Perry, could you very quickly pray for everyone to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues?

PERRY: Alright. First thing we want to do, you have to repent. So let’s pray a prayer of repentance. Everybody in the studio, if you want to agree with this and pray and this is fine. Say this with me, Father in heaven.

SID: Father in heaven.

Audience: Father in heaven.

PERRY: In the name of Jesus.

SID: In the name of Jesus.

Audience: In the name of Jesus.

PERRY: I’m coming to you.

SID: I’m coming to you.

Audience: I’m coming to you.

PERRY: Asking you.

SID: Asking you.

Audience: Asking you.

PERRY: Forgive me.

SID: Forgive me.

Audience: Forgive me.

PERRY: Of all my sin.

SID: Of all my sin.

Audience: Of all my sin.

PERRY: Hidden sin.

SID: Hidden sin.

Audience: Hidden sin.

PERRY: Secret sin.

SID: Secret sin.

Audience: Secret sin.

PERRY: Public sins.

SID: Public sins.

Audience: Public sins.

PERRY: Anything.

SID: Anything.

Audience: Anything.

PERRY: That’s displeasing to you, God.

SID: That’s displeasing to you, God.

Audience: That’s displeasing to you, God.

PERRY: Forgive me.

SID: Forgive me.

Audience: Forgive me.

PERRY: Cleanse me.

SID: Cleanse me.

Audience: Cleanse me.

PERRY: By the blood of Jesus.

SID: By the blood of Jesus.

Audience: By the blood of Jesus.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

Audience: Right now.

PERRY: Help me, Lord.

SID: Help me, Lord.

Audience: Help me, Lord.

PERRY: To walk in victory.

SID: To walk in victory.

Audience: To walk in victory.

PERRY: To walk in faith.

SID: To walk in faith.

Audience: To walk in faith.

PERRY: To follow you.

SID: To follow you.

Audience: To follow you.

PERRY: And to have deliverance.

SID: And to have deliverance.

Audience: And to have deliverance.

PERRY: In my life.

SID: In my life.

Audience: In my life.

PERRY: And heart.

SID: And heart.

Audience: And heart.

PERRY: Today.

SID: Today.

Audience: Today.

PERRY: I receive Jesus.

SID: I receive Jesus.

Audience: I receive Jesus.

PERRY: As Lord and savior.

SID: As Lord and savior.

Audience: As Lord and savior.

PERRY: Amen.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

PERRY: Praise God. Amen, amen.

SID: [crosstalk]

PERRY: Now, this is going to take two minutes. I’m going to give you three things. I’m going to tell you what I tell folks. I’ve had 200,000 people baptized in the Holy Spirit in meetings in America. Alright? Number one, the same faith that you’re saved with is the same faith you receive the Holy Spirit with. You don’t have to have a greater faith, more faith, pray more faith in. If you can believe what I’m saying, you have faith. Number two, when we ask the Holy Spirit to come in, you have to ask him to come in and baptize you, fill you. He will do what you ask him if you’ll believe. Number three, the bible says that when they were filled, they spoke with tongues as the Spirit gave utterance, and I like to say it this way, they spoke as the Spirit gave them inspired words. And when you’re praying for the Holy Spirit and you’ve asked him to come in, it’s happened to me, it happens to everybody I’ve ever met, you will, at some moment, hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you, and it’s your spirit praying. Your spirit’s receiving the power of God.

PERRY: When you hear those words coming into your spirit, and you’re hearing it, speak it with your mouth and you’ll feel the power of God be released. Okay? So right now, say this with me. Everybody, let’s pray this together. Say heavenly Father.

SID: Heavenly Father.

Heavenly Father.

PERRY: According to your word.

SID: According to your word.

PERRY: According to your promise.

SID: According to your promise.

PERRY: I receive.

SID: I receive.

PERRY: The gift.

SID: The gift.

PERRY: Of the holy ghost.

SID: Of the holy ghost.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

PERRY: Spirit of God.

SID: Spirit of God.

PERRY: Fill me.

SID: Fill me.

PERRY: Baptize me.

SID: Baptize me.

PERRY: In God’s power.

SID: In God’s power.

PERRY: And with the Holy Spirit.

SID: And with the Holy Spirit.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

PERRY: Say this with me. I receive.

SID: I receive.

PERRY: The Holy Spirit.

SID: The Holy Spirit.


SID: Now.

PERRY: Right now.

SID: Right now.

PERRY: In Jesus name.

SID: In Jesus name.

PERRY: Now lift your hands and start worshiping. Praise God. [foreign language]

SID: [foreign language]

PERRY: Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

SID: Now, Perry was given seven words from an angel that changed his life, and it’s going to change your life. Be right back.

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Our Guest Kevin Zadai

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SID: Kevin, you have told me many times that there is an angel that comes with you to accomplish what you speak. Is that angel here now?

KEVIN: Yes, he’s come.

SID: I’m so glad you’re here.

KEVIN: I’m even more relieved than you are.

SID: You have a mandate to teach on angels, how’d that come about?

KEVIN: I was taught that we need to start to recognize the fact that we have been assigned angels that have read our books in heaven, quoting Psalms 139. This process of them reading the books becomes the agenda of angels, which is the agenda of God. This agenda of angels comes down and they make the agenda of angels, which is the agenda of God, our agenda. That’s our goal, is to cause us to do our books. They help us. They assist us. There’s this mindset that has to happen. The Lord said to me if this does not happen, this next move of God will not be what he intended.

SID: Tell me about the first angel you ever encountered.

KEVIN: Sid, I feel that people talk too much about the devil, so they talk about all the things that the devil is doing to them. If you talk like one instance where an angel comes into your room like it did for me on this first time, and I was just praying, I was just being a nice Christian praying in tongues pacing back and forth, and all the sudden something shifted in my room and when I looked, the door had swung open in my dorm room. Whatever came in there, he was huge. I couldn’t see in the dark until he got close to me but he must’ve been 10 feet tall and it looked like he weighed 800 pounds. He’s in full armor, centurion armor, that you can look up.

KEVIN: He walked over to me, I had fallen and I couldn’t even move. The holiness of God was just pulsating from him. He grabbed me, he picked me up and he said I’ve been sent from the presence of the Lord to tell you and to warn you that you must set yourself apart. You must come out from among everyone and set yourself apart for the next six months. He instructed me, he said, “Now there are people that are going to actually be judged by God that are around you right now and you are not to be their friends anymore.” He showed me who they were. There was a whole group of them. I said, “I didn’t suspect any of this.” He told me, he said, “Now, you’re going to set yourself apart and you’re going to see God because you’re called and the Lord has plans for you and you must do this.”

KEVIN: All the sudden, he stopped. I said, “Continue”, and he said, he went like that. He was listening in his ear and the Holy Spirit was speaking to him. He said, “I’ve been called to another place. Go to the prayer chapel and the Holy Spirit will finish my message.” I said, “Well, you’re right here, just go ahead and finish it.” He got upset with me, he said, “I said go and pray and the Holy Spirit finish it”, and he turned and he started to run down the hallway and disappeared into the air.

SID: That was just his first encounter with an angel. There’s something that a lot of people don’t understand. How does supernatural languages or speaking in tongues coincide with these messengers, these angels?

KEVIN: When I was with Jesus, he showed me that tongues was the number one way to enter into the supernatural realm while you’re doing your everyday life. I saw though that when I prayed in tongues, I was praying forth the will of God according to Romans 8:26. When in my weakness, the Holy Spirit came in and gave me the ability. I saw that angels understood what I was saying in tongues, but what I was saying in tongues was the agenda of God, which when they looked at their agenda that they were sent to help me with, it was their agenda. My agenda was angel’s agenda and it was God’s agenda, so why would you not pray in tongues all the time like Paul did? Why would you not want to engage?

KEVIN: I found myself in supernatural missions where I felt like I was on some special forces team. I had angels that were taking me places and telling me go talk to this person and they would just be led to the Lord immediately. They’re here right now, Sid. There’s actually more angels with this group of people that we’re talking to than there are people. There are at least twice as many angels in any one place.

SID: There’s been, again, a little crunchy, he had a meeting with some angels who identified themselves as Pentagon angels, and how they work to help the United States and Israel, be right back.

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Our New Guest Rebecca Greenwood

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SID: Yeah, you know what’s so amazing? The glory warfare is so easy. For instance, when you were singing in Germany with Klaus, I mean, this man was religious, hardened, not an experiential Christian, a head Christian, and when you sang, the glory came and the warfare was actually done for you.

REBECCA: It was easy.

SID: He broke.

REBECCA: It was easy. You know, Sid, the Lord gave me this powerful word when He was giving me this message because sometimes people will say to me, “Are you a lover, are you a warrior?” In my mind I’m like, “I’m not either or, I’m both and.” The Lord gave me this prophetic word to speak in this message. He said, “The greatest lovers make the greatest warriors because they have a cause to fight from and they have a cause to fight for.”

SID: Isn’t that what David said?

REBECCA: That’s exactly–

SID: “Is there not a cause?”

REBECCA: “Is there not a cause? Is there not a cause?”

SID: You just got back from Indiana–


SID: –where the glory just was all over the place. What happened?

REBECCA: It was amazing because the Lord actually told us to go out and to pray. He told the leaders to gather and to pray in an assignment that He had revealed to them in the glory where there was a cult that was holding back a move of the Lord. Sid, we actually went and we prayed on this location as the Lord told us to pray on this location and we felt something when we were praying shift in that atmosphere. We came back that weekend to the Glory Gathering. They were calling it the Glory Conference. We changed it to a Glory Gathering because, Sid, do you know what happened in that meeting?

SID: What?

REBECCA: When I opened up and I started talking about the glory, God’s glory came so strong because of the breakthrough that we had received in obedience to that assignment He had given us like David. He gave us that assignment. God’s glory showed up. People were being healed just sitting in the audience, me talking about the glory and the presence of the Lord. People got healed. People got delivered. A lady was paralyzed on her right side of her face, totally healed, weeping. People were coming to the altar where they had been blind and could not have encounters with the Lord. There was a breakthrough that came where they were able to have glory encounters with Jesus face to face.

SID: Okay. I’ve got a question. How would you like that breakthrough now? Anyone in the studio audience? Anyone at home want that breakthrough now? I want you to sing whatever God tells you to sing.


SID: I want you to be expectant, to be pregnant, with a word from God.

REBECCA: I want to say this, Sid, before I start singing. I want to say this ’cause you were saying when you get strategies from the Lord, right, and we’re talking about lovers and warriors. I’m going to sing and this is going to happen. I want to prepare people for this. When you’re in the glory, when you’re in God’s presence, when you’re in Jesus’ presence, the glory is around us. There is all power and all authority. I want to say this. The enemy and spirits might tell us they have power, but Jesus has all authority and all authority trumps power every single time. Whatever the enemy has said to you, whatever the enemy has spoken to you, all authority trumps power every single time. I’m going to sing over you.

REBECCA: (singing) Amazing grace! How sweet, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! Oh, like me! I once was lost, but now, but now I’m found, was blind but now we see.

REBECCA: Lord, in this glory, every place where the enemy has spoken lies, I break the power of those lies right now in Jesus’ name. Lord, everyone that is listening, open their eyes to see you and to hear you. Lord, right now I speak and prophesy and release prophetic strategies of victory. We’re not fighting for victory, we’re fighting from victory. Even right now, those that are listening and watching, that are encountering you, I speak healing to physical bodies. I speak healing to heart issues right now in Jesus’ name, that right side of the heart that has not been pumping correctly. I speak healing to that heart issue right now in Jesus’ name.

REBECCA: Every place where a spirit of delay or busyness or distraction or heaviness or fear has come to keep people from encountering you, I break that assignment now and I release that sound of authority now in Jesus’ name. Transform us, Lord, from glory to glory, from the inside out. The greatest lovers make the greatest warriors because they have a cause to fight from and to fight for. I say right now, every place where people have been shackled and have not run the race because of circumstances, I break those shackles now in the glory in Jesus’ name. I say you will run the race and I’m hearing a specific name. There’s a Lorraine that is watching right now. Lorraine, I hear the Lord saying, “Daughter, this is your season right now. This is your time.”

REBECCA: We’re not even talking future tense. We’re saying, “Now is your time.” You are feeling the heat of the Lord. Many of you are, so take this word if this applies to you. Say, “Lord, I’m claiming. I’m claiming it.” You’re feeling the fire of the Lord. He is burning up the dross of the past season. There is physical healing that is coming into your body now. Your heart will beat again in rhythm and alignment with the word of God. I see three couples that are watching right now and every assignment of the enemy that has come to rob your family business, I break that assignment now and I just speak, Lord, speak your prophetic creative strategy to see your victory realized in this situation. Many of you are going to have dreams. Do not dismiss the dreams. Write them down in the glory. Strategy is released for breakthrough and victory.

SID: But the most important thing is as we go off the air, say out loud, “Jesus, you are my Lord. I worship you, God.”

Audience:  Jesus, you are my Lord. I worship you, God.

REBECCA: has been given the hidden keys to defeat the enemy and bring victory in every area of your life.

SID: Many of you are fighting life’s battles whether it’s in your marriage, with your children, your job, your finances, your ministry, fighting, fighting, fighting. But you’re like a prizefighter that goes into the ring and you have one arm tied behind your back and you keep losing. God wants to untie your arm, give you a strategy that it’ll be rigged. You’ll win every time.

REBECCA: Every time you’ll win.


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