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Sid Roth welcomes Wesley & Stacy Campbell

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Sid:  My guests by way to telephone Wesley and Stacy Campbell.  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Stacy literally had an out of body experience and was told to marry Wesley.  It kind of went against a lot of what she had a love for him, but she wanted to have a different career, she didn’t want to be a Pastor’s wife or a missionary’s wife. And but she had this out of body experience and she loved God enough to do what He wanted her to do, but  Wesley when did it dawn on you you were supposed to marry Stacy?

Wesley:  Well, you know I wanted to marry her the whole time I was in Africa, I was praying and everything so.  And you know when we came home it was me that wanted more her than her me I think at that time.  But this experience that she had through praying the scripture, this out of the body experience and God speaking to her then cemented it.  And so we actually got married and we started to you know we started to pursue a life with God; how we could really expand the kingdom of God.

Sid:  Now, your known for praying the scriptures, but God really taught you in a different way, how did that come about?

Wesley:  Well, you know I was such an evangelist, I mean I was on the streets preaching, we were in Africa for a year, I went to a Baptist seminary.  And I have to admit the farthest thing from me was prayer because you know I would sooner go and talk and tell people about God and go to big meetings and eat food, fun, and fellowship.

Sid:  You’re an action guy you don’t want to be cloistered and just praying 24-7.

Wesley:  Yeah, this thing of going in a room and you know telling God what He already knows and asking Him to fix it, I just couldn’t even understand it, couldn’t understand it.

Sid:  So would you say you were pretty much prayer less?

Wesley:  Would say I was prayer less, I mean I really loved God and I would talk to Him in my spirit but I didn’t have prayer times per say, I didn’t pray out loud and I didn’t know what to say.  The only thing I could do was lead prayer meetings because I was more of a leader than I was a prayer.

Sid:  Well, what kind of change occurred?

Wesley:  Well, we had a supernatural revival that happened to us again, Stacy was one of the main catalysts and maybe we’ll tell that in tomorrow’s program which is an amazing story.  But out of that catalyst the Lord began to come upon numerous ones of us who were Baptist and Stacy was one of the first and he literally shock them violently shook them, bounced them up and down and as it were infused them with a Spirit of prophecy.  And they began to prophecy in these thundering voices and I would say like in three months we had 70 shaking prophets in our Baptist church.  Now, here’s the deal when they began to prophecy they said four main themes, there was like four themes and they said this they said, “Revival is coming” and this was 1987 Christmas into 1988.  “Revival is coming,” they said “The children,” they said “The children will do what you have never done,” you know “focus on the children.” They called us to “Mercy and justice” and again, we didn’t do mercy and justice, we didn’t know what the word meant because we were evangelistic in discipleship.  So the concept of mercy and justice, what’s that and why do that, that is probably a waste of money and then the fourth thing that the Lord was most emphatic about was “Pray, pray, pray, I have called you to prayer.”  So He would continually and virtually in every one of these prophetic gatherings He would seize the people and they would just go into these long dissertations and orations about how we must pray.

Sid:   But you didn’t want to pray, you wanted to be an action man.

Wesley:  That’s right and so I actually loved the prophetic meetings and I was kind of like the scribe and I wrote and tape recorded them all.  And so one night we were in this meeting and I had this kind of feeling kind of like oh, troubles coming and sure enough Stacy, you know the Spirit of the Lord comes on her and she begins to shake and she’s doing this like kicking motion like she’s kicking, and chopping with her hands.  And she bounces across the room right in front of me and she comes in front of me with this thundering voice she says “Wesley, Wesley, and then she says, “I have called you to pray.”  And you know I knew that it was God, and then she says you know, “I have been in the closet waiting for you, but you have not come and then she went into this huge dissertation how I’ve been called to pray and if I do not pray this will happen and that will happen.”  And then the Spirit of the Lord came upon David Ruiz and now he was a worship leader and he was also pastor at our church and he rushes across the room again under the Spirit of prophecy and inspiration.  He goes right in front of my noise and he goes “Wesley if you do not pray your ministry will be taken from you like this piece of paper and ripped up and step on the floor,” and he took the notes that I was typing of the prophecy I was writing it and he crumbled it up and stamped on it.  And it was like I went, “Ah you know.”  And I though oh God is going to kill me, God is going to kill me, you know I felt like Moses on the back side of the mountain you know quick get the knife.  And so that was…

Sid:  But you didn’t even know how to pray, so how are you going to follow this prophecy?

Wesley:  So I said, “Okay, I’m going to die, so I went out the next day and I said “Okay here.” I went out and I bought myself an egg timer and I was going to time my prayers and not cheat; so I bought myself a prayer diary, you know I always say jokingly, “If I had been a woman, I would have bought a white dress, candles, incense.”  I came home and I said, “Stacy, you know go shopping, do something, give me the house.”  And I remember I got all set to do this and I just, I was so excited I just set the timer for thirty minutes you know, I’m all alone.  God’s man of prayer for ½ hour and set it up to pray.  And I was praying out loud I said “God, I thank You that you love me and I think you for my salvation and I thank You for the church and I ran out.”  And so I paused and I went, Africa, bless Africa, and I kind a stumbled a bit and I went, looked at my clock and it hadn’t even moved, it wasn’t even one minute.  And so I started again, I said, “God I’m still here, still calling on Your name, still asking You and I started praying and I then I ran out again.”  I said, “China, bless China” and I looked at the clock and it was one minute and this was the truth, I looked up at the ceiling and I said right out loud, I said, “You cannot like this.”  And for the first time I was realizing I’m bankrupt I don’t know how to do it. And that was the beginning of learning how was knowing that I didn’t know how.

Sid:  Well, what was your first step out of curiosity?

Wesley:  My first step was my father use to say “If you don’t know how to do something find someone who knows how to do it better than you.”  And so I heard that Mike Bickle in Kansas City prayed five hours a day.  So I flew to Kansas City to a conference, I got all the tapes, all the CDs, I came home and I listened like you know a hundred cassettes on praying and all this kind of stuff; and through his teaching I figured out that the primary method that he used was praying spiritual words, spiritual truth or spiritual words and he said, “Spiritual words are the Bible.”  And he hammered in “You have to pray the Bible.”  You have to pray the prayers of the apostles, the prayers of Jesus, the Psalms and this was a …

Sid:  And you know this reminds me many years ago I heard Kenneth Hagen speak and he said a turning point in his life is there were two very special prayers in the book of Ephesians that he prayed out loud over and over and over again.  And he attributes that to his major breakthroughs and understanding the invisible world.

Wesley:  Exactly.  So Bickle was the one who kind of set the stage and so stumblingly and haltingly even though my wife did it, you know she did it, she did it differently though, she did it silently and she would kind of like go through each word.  That was to slow for me, I couldn’t do it that way, I had to do it out loud because I’m a very you know, I lose my attention fast, I’m like ADD ADDD and so I would walk around and I took the Bible and I started with Bickle’s because they were doing the Apostolic Prayers and I started with Colossians 1:9 to 11.  That was my first prayer and I started saying it out loud and I remember you know the first time in the prayer room I tried it and I was walking and I was praying Colossians 1:9 and I thought to myself three things to myself.  “Oo, this is really boring, and I thought couldn’t Paul have spiced it up a bit.  And then my second thought was, you know I don’t pray anything like this, I don’t say any of these words, I don’t say any of these phrases, my third thought was if you don’t pray like the Apostle Paul guess who might be wrong.  And so I come back the second day and I started again and it was about a week into this thing that suddenly this thing came like a fire and I was excited.  I started saying those phrases, they became my own words and then I became a fanatic for praying the bible.

Sid:  I understand you prayed Revelations 4 about 100 times out loud, what impact did this have on you?

Wesley:  Oh, more than that, Bickle says you should be reading the Book of Revelation every single week and so I began to do that and I began to pray and he, I don’t know how I got on to this, but somehow I figured it out, I began to pray this Revelation 4, which is the heavenly throne room.  And I realized that if you prayed the visions of God, what the prophet’s saw and you said it out loud then I could be able to start to see heaven in my spirit, like I could close my eyes and I could walk around heaven like you might walk around your house because I said it over and over and over I could every single phrase was like exploding like a Roman candle.

Sid:  Now are you saying to me that you are really in the spirit man walking around heaven or are you just visualizing this?

Wesley:  No for me, for me not Stacy I would be visualizing, visualizing and seeing heaven and it’s so clear and then it moves into, you know you see God doing things and you see the thunders and that.  Stacy on the other hand she actually goes in the Spirit to those places literally.

Sid:  Now you made the statement that the primary means of discipleship is prayer.  I never heard that before.

Wesley:  Well, Jesus told His disciples, you know I read from “Francis of Assisi” it said that Jesus told His disciples to pray not to read.  And we are a reading culture where the Jews were an oral culture.

Sid Roth:  And you know the church doesn’t have a clue about the way the original church used to pray and the way that we know this is from studying ancient Judaism.

Wesley:  Absolutely.  So they prayed the scriptures out loud and so what I found was by, and the Catholic Church, they had what is called the Lacto Divino in Latin, the Devine reading.  And so when we take the scripture and we pray it out loud it’s like reading, meditating and what’s that word, metatachio and as they read it and pray it out loud over and over and over suddenly nuisances of the text come out…

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Our Guest Todd Coontz

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Sid:  I am so excited to be interviewing Todd Coontz right now because Todd you’re talking to man when I watch telethons on Christian TV and I see professional Christian fund raisers on.  And I think you understand the spirit I’m saying this to you in because we’re going to become good friends Todd, but I turn it off because I say “Oh, it’s just that man that’s saying if I give a $1000 everything will turn out right in my life.”  And they’re not even concentrating on like you talked yesterday about feeding.  How many people, children do you feed?

Todd:  Last year, over a million.

Sid:  Yeah, the emphasis isn’t on feeding the million children, the emphasis is “How much money I’m going to get, and it turns me off frankly.”

Todd:  Boy Sid, I can understand that and there are so many even today, and many of the listeners who are turned off by that.  And hopefully today we can maybe answer some of the questions and concerns they may have.  And part of one of the things I want to do today is I want to help, I want to help the listeners understand that there is a right way, there’s a Bible way of prosperity; there is a blessing by obeying God.  But, and I want to emphasis this more than anything else.

Sid:  Let me just interject this, “Many Christians have thrown out the baby with the dirty bath water and let’s stop it, we can’t afford to do it anymore.”

Todd:  Exactly.  Well, we have to get the gospel back into out giving and our sowing.  We’ve got to make God priority and that’s part of not just perpetuating the gospel in Matthew 28.  But it’s part of fulfilling God’s Devine instruction.  You know Sid, the first instruction that God gave Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:28 was to multiply, increase and subdue the earth.  God blessed them before He ever told them to do this.  So He enabled them long before they ever began to multiply and increase, but we cannot, we cannot fulfill Matthew 28, the last instruction that Jesus gave us unless we’re multiplying, unless we’re increasing.  But we’ve got to understand that God’s not a Santa Claus, He’s not to be manipulated, but there are principles that He has established and if we do what He says to do and obey Him He will bless us.

Sid:  Now I use the stereotype acknowledgey of the man that gets on TV and says “If you will send $1000 right now your whole life will be transformed.  Actually that happened to you, tell me what happened to you, you were watching TV one day; what happened?

Todd:  It happened more than once in my life, you know I began to learn about a principal in the Bible the principal of Genesis.  It’s the principal of first; it’s called the law of seed time and harvest.  And we look at Genesis 8:22 as long as the earth remains there will be seed, they’re will be time, there will be harvest.  And then you connect it to Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived, God’s not mocked, whatever you sow, you’ll reap.”  Then you look at Galatians 6:9 and it says, “Do not be weary in well doing, in good things you’re doing, because in due season you will reap if you faint not.”  I was going through a time in my life of great financial loss, a time when I wasn’t making ends meet, a time when I was struggling.  Times when I didn’t have money, my heart was towards God, I was even a preacher preaching, seeing people saved and healed.  But Sid the only part of the gospel that will work for you, or for the listeners right now is the part that you believe, many, many believe parts of the gospel that other do not believe.  I believed God as my Savior, I believed Him as my healer because we talked about it yesterday; God healed me of being hyperactive; ADHD taking Retinalin three times a day.  Yet as a young preacher in my twenties I did not believe God as my Jehovah Jireh.  And I heard a man of God work with my faith, my believing and said, “If you will set aside, he called it uncommon seed, a $1000 seed then you would sow it into the work of God.”  And Sid what stood out to me was he was saying, “Help spread the gospel around the world, help feed hungry children, help mend broken lives.”

Sid:  All right, all right did you feel an inclination from God to give at that moment or did you give because that’s a good thing to give to, which was it?

Todd:  The first thought I had was, “This is a good thing to do I need to be part of this.”  And that’s when God spoke to me and God said, “I want you,” he was actually asking for 70 to sow a $1,000 seed, and God said, “I want you to be one of the 70.”  And Sid, you know I knew God’s voice, and I immediately responded and I planted the $1000 seed.

Sid:  And what happened as a result and how long did it take, out of curiosity?

Todd: I, I, you know this is a program about the supernatural, I mean supernatural things began to happen within 24 hours, literally the heavens opened up on my life.  Within seven days God connected me to a man who literally have sent me around the world to preach the gospel.  God’s given me favor today with over six people who are blessing me.  And Sid, one of the six was a businessman who decided to send me monthly checks every single month via Fed-Ex.  Every month a woman would come to my home with a Fed-Ex envelope and I would open up the envelope and there would be a check.  It was a sizeable check; it was a check that anybody would be happy to see.  This happened month, after month, after month, I say kind of laughingly she came to my house so much that even my wife began fighting me over opening the envelope.  I said, “Don’t open the envelope, I like to open it, and she says “Well, I like to open it too.”  But God began to bless me like I’d never been blessed in the history of my life.  I was telling my mother about it and you know, my mother is my number one prayer warrior without her I wouldn’t be here today.  She believed in me, prayed, even prays for me every day now, intercedes for me.  But I was talking to her on the phone and I was telling her about my miracle harvest from the $1000 seed I planted and about the Fed-Ex and I said “Mom every time I see Fed-Ex I get real excited.  And she said “Oh son, God’s not through blessing you yet God’s probably going to use UPS next.”  And Sid it was, it was almost nonchalant with her like everybody gets check via Fed-Ex; but within 24 hours there’s a knock at my door and there stood the UPS woman.  I opened up the envelope and there was a very sizable check, I mean a large check, and that resulted from a $1000 seed into the work of God.  It was supernatural like nothing I’ve ever known.

Sid:  What you’re saying begs another question, there are many people that watch ministers ask for money and the ministers give  money, but it seems and they’re getting planes one from another.  It seems like it really works for the ministers that have this revelation.   But what about the average Joe, the average person does this really work for them?  I know that it works for the big ministers.

Todd:  Boy, that’s a, that’s a good question because I know that there’s many listening today asking themselves this.

Sid:  I mean I watch on TV and I hear top evangelists say “Well, this minister gave me a plane and then that minister and they’re all kinds of friends and the give planes to each other.  And I have to be candid with you; it makes me a little cynical.

Todd:  Ha-ha well, you’re just saying what a lot of people are thinking.  But let me say this, and this where I come from.  When I look at the Bible and I look at Deuteronomy 28, the blessing chapter.  Sid, if we’re going to throw out Luke 6:38, “Give and it shall be given back to you.”  Then how can we trust God with John 3:16 if we can’t trust God with our finances?  How can we trust Him with our soul?  If God lied about money and blessing, what makes us think that He hasn’t lied about heaven.  And Sid, I want to say this to all the listeners, and I want to challenge them to us their faith and to focus on God as their Jehovah Jireh, not another man, not a person.

Sid:  Well, you know, I’ve always felt when people are forced to do that they realize that God is there and God provides.  But most people or someone that gets sick and then they get their healing and then they understand that realm and they can move in it.  But we’re coming into a time in the history of the US where the dollar could be worth nothing, where if we have to rely on the world system, we’re not going to make it.

Todd:  Well, you know my background is not only as an Evangelist being saved and healed at the age of ten.  But I have over twenty years in the financial business as a professional financial advisor and teacher.  I really believe God’s called me into the Body of Christ to teach Biblical economics.  And Sid there’s two systems of prosperity today, there’s the world’s system of prosperity that’s based on greed.  Get all I can, can all I get, but then there’s God’s system of prosperity based upon giving and obedience.  When we do it God’s way, God will honor it, God will bless us.  And I’m with you on this, I do believe that there are even more difficult economic times coming.  But as a believer we have got to come back to the Bible, what does the Bible say about our finances?  And we’ve got to make God our source, make Him our Jehovah Jireh, not man, not the employer, not Wall Street, not even Washington.  We’ve got to make God our source.  And when we give to God’s work, when we sow seed, we need to do that knowing that God is going to take care of us because He is our source of supply.

Sid Roth:  Okay, our time is slipping away, but I want you to know that number one, Todd Coontz is unusual in that he does have twenty years of experience in the financial arena and in investments.

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Sid Roth welcomes LaDonna Taylor

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Sid:  I am so excited to be interviewing Dr. LaDonna Taylor because LaDonna has a gift from God.  When she plays the violin people with fear and discouragement, even suicidal, it just disappears.  And as a matter of fact, people report they can feel the pain from they various arthritic conditions of pain of any kind.  It’s literally sucked out of them and many report feeling the presence of angels.  LaDonna yesterday we found out a bit about your heritage, when you were twelve, miracles started happening but in the year 2000 there was a change rather than miracles just happening, some of the things that you saw as a young child started happening in your ministry, there was an explosion of the miraculous.  What made the difference, I’m curious?

LaDonna:  Well, the Lord had been dealing with me about full time ministry for just a few months.  If you had ever told me I would enter full time ministry at any point in my life, I would have thought that it was ridiculous.  But the Lord had been dealing with me about it and in the first church service, there must have been fifty or sixty people came forward at the end of the service to have hands laid on.  I just told my life story, I didn’t know what else to do, and the Lord healed every single one of them.

Sid:  Again, as I read the New Testament that is normal, I don’t know what God has shown you, but you know what God has shown me?  That we are about ready to enter into normalcy in Christianity.  Well what do you discern?

LaDonna:  I am so convinced that it’s just another day in the Kingdom for us to lay hands on people out in the stores, as we go shopping, in the restaurants, it’s the normal thing.  I have, so many ministers say to me, “Oh, I wish I could see the miracles that I see when I’m overseas, when I’m in Africa or India.”  When I’m here I don’t understand why people say that, I see them all the time, the very same thing wherever I’m at; when I’m in Australia, if I’m in Ireland, if I’m in England or if I’m in the United States.

Sid:  Now, you proclaim that miracles are going to happen.  How important is that to proclaim it before you play the violin?

LaDonna:  God loves for you to believe that He can do anything,

Sid:  But wait a second, if you proclaim it, and nothing happens aren’t you in big trouble?

LaDonna:  I can’t do miracles, God does them and He loves it when you proclaim that.

Sid:  You know I talk before many groups of unsaved Jewish people and God had me do the same thing. I have to tell you when I first started doing it I was very concerned because these people wouldn’t just walk up off and gossip about me, it could be a whole lot worse than that.  But I found out that every time I proclaimed it, it happened.

LaDonna:  Every time.

Sid:  How about you, every time?

LaDonna:  The very same thing, every time.  And I have in my heart, well my calling you know, I have my violin and I have the notes there and when I play I don’t understand how He gets mixed up in the notes, but I really know how to put that violin under my chin and connect with God.

Sid:  Well, as you are playing the violin, I ask many musicians this, but I’m really curious about you.  As you play the violin, do you sometimes find yourself in another realm?

LaDonna:  Absolutely, I do find myself in another realm; it’s a connection to Him.  If I worship Him and truly step into that other realm with that violin under my chin then God will come close and bless the people.

Sid:  Now, you have literally over a dozen times heard music from heaven, it’s hard to explain in English, what something so supernatural was like but do your best; tell me what it was like.

LaDonna:  Alright, for a musician I could say this, there are, there are many many many more notes in the chords than any music we’ve ever heard on earth.  In the choir there’s many many many more notes and vocal sounds than anything we’ve ever heard on earth.

Sid:  You know just as you’re talking about the music from heaven I’m starting to tremble, this is an awful thing to say, but I was thinking to myself, I’m glad this isn’t the TV show, I’m glad this is the radio so no one could see what’s going on with me right now.  But it’s almost you’re bringing heaven in as you’re talking about what you heard.

LaDonna:  Every time I’ve heard it, it’s like you your somewhere else.  I remember every time looking around like; where’s that coming from?  Where’s that coming from in my mind, but my spirit was such a beautiful heavenly sound that like you said, really can’t be explained.

Sid: Now very briefly, how in the world did you get the city of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to back up your music?  How’d you do that, how’d you pull that off?

LaDonna:  What a big miracle, the Lord spoils me so many times.  I was praying, I felt like I needed some new sound tracks, I had been in ministry a couple of years and I was praying, “Lord if you can just send me a great guitarist, if you could just send me a great pianist, I need some new music.”  I received a phone call from someone I didn’t know in Nashville who was the President of a music company that eventually signed me to their label.  They had all this music that they had done with Prague and they wanted me to play the violin along with the Prague Symphony.

Sid:  Let me ask you this question, I had the privilege of meeting Kathryn Kulman and being on her television show, a guest and going to her meetings. And she had certain songs that she knew the Holy Spirit liked.  And she would repeat these songs, do you find that also true with you?

LaDonna:  I absolutely fine that true.  Many times, well like Kathryn Kulman, I have my songs that I know that are going to usher in the presence.

Sid:  Alright for instance we are going to play; we just have a few minutes, “Here I Am to Worship” with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  What happens when you play that song, “Here I am to Worship.”  Most of us are familiar with that song.

LaDonna:  When you move into worship with Him, it’s as though you look eyes with Him.  It’s as though you reach out to touch Him, He always comes close; that’s what happens.  Because when He comes close He’s full of healing, and He’s full of everything that you need.

Sid Roth:  Well, get ready here is LaDonna Taylor with “Here I Am to Worship”

LaDonna:  “Here I Am to Worship” excerpt.

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Sid Roth welcomes Grace Williams

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Sid:  Grace Williams your music is just affecting our staff; the anointing was so strong when they started playing your music in our prayer meetings.  And tell me about the woman that was an ex-Hindu what happened to her when she heard your music.

Grace:  Yes, yes she was in a worship service and she really felt like the Lord showed her during worship that she had this snake that had been coiled around her neck and she kind of started coughing and saw this snake and the Lord showed her that it was basically an ancient generational Hindu spirit and so she grabbed a couple people to pray with her.  And we started praying and just really speaking freedom over her and she was delivered and set free.  And then filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues and she said that, “She felt her physical body; she said she felt her physical body literally felt so free and so light.”  And she’s now been able to share with her family and to just have an incredible testimony of her freedom.  And I really feel like Sid that there’s a wave of freedom right now that the Lord is releasing a wave of deliverance right now that the Lord is releasing.  And I just feel that as people just lift up their hands wherever you are wherever you are just lift up your hands right now.  And the Lord is setting you free of bondage; the Lord is setting you free of generational curses that have haunted people that have kept them in chains.  And some of you have maybe have felt that restricting spirit that even maybe a similar thing about a snake wrapped around you or some part of your body and that can a lot of times be like a python spirit which is a constricting spirit.  That it’s really can be a spirit of death too to really suffocate you.  And so right now I just want to speak life in the name of Jesus, life over your people God, life, life, life and freedom in the name of Jesus.  Who the Son sets free is free indeed and I thank you for it and just begin to praise the Lord right now, just thank the Lord right now; just thank the Lord for your freedom in the name of Jesus, we just thank you for it Lord.

Sid:  Grace, tell me the story of the song “All for Love,” what is this about?

Grace:  All for love was one of those songs that was just really, it was just downloaded almost in one fell swoop; it was almost like this mighty rush from heaven and I just pushed the record button and it just went.  And after I finished recording I listened to it, listened back to it and I put it on repeat and I, I was on the floor in my studio and I was crying and weeping for, it was hours, it was probably half of the night.  I literally was just overwhelmed and I felt like God was giving me possibly a small feeling of His heart and His just great amazing love and His amazing sacrifice.  And so I felt like this song was kind of like a theme song of God’s amazing sacrifice you know He gave it all for me and He would have done it if it was just for me, it was just for one person.  And so it was just really a deeper revelation Sid of His amazing love, overwhelming,it captured my heart again and I felt like He was saying, “Grace, you know one encounter with My love is just truly, it transforms us and to know that we are perfectly and completely loved.  You know that’s what every human being is desiring you know really in the deepest part of their heart is to be completely loved and that is only know through God’s love and God’s…

 Sid:  You know there is not a close second to that, let’s hear “All for Love.”

Grace’s “All for Love” excerpt

Sid Roth: I’m reminded of the woman that was driving through the Nevada desert and she had your CD on Grace in her car and she said, “It was like driving through heaven.”  How would you like to be in a circumstance of driving through heaven, no curses could stand against that, no sickness, no grief, no stress could stand against that, people are even given downloads of gifts of the spirit as they listen to Grace Williams music.


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Our Guest Matt Sorger

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. How does a young man have angels visit him, give him supernatural revelation? I have such a man here. His name is Matt Sorger. And I believe that if we can find out what he did and we do the same thing then maybe we won’t have an angelic visitation, but we’ll be in that supernatural realm. Matt, when I think about you, I think about your mom, because it was your mom who was the catalyst to get you started. Your mother was suffering from, diagnosed with MS. Medical doctors couldn’t help her. She tried the supernatural realm not of God, Buddhism and New Age. Instead of getting better, she got worse. And so finally her mother, your grandmother, I guess, invited her to a Catholic charismatic service. She gets there. She wants to go forward to have hands laid on her to be healed, but she doesn’t even make it to have the hands laid on her. What happened, Matt?

MATT: Well that night, my mom was the worse she had been in two years. I was 14 years old now at the time she went to the healing mass. When she went forward for prayer, before the priest could even get his hands on her to pray for her, she had, just before going up, looked up at the cross and said, “Jesus, tonight I am giving everything to you. I’m turning to you 100 percent.”

SID: That had to be key.

MATT: That was the key. And she realized it because she had New Age remedies and she had tried psychic healing and crystals. She just got worse. And she got a revelation that these other things, she said, “Something is wrong here. These other things must not be of God if I’m getting worse.” So that night, she came back to faith in Christ, went forward. Before the priest could even be pray for her, who was filled with the Holy Spirit, by the way, the power of God overshadowed her body. The force of God’s manifest power was so strong that it physically knocked her body through the air about 10 across the altar. She landed on the ground. And she describes it like she felt volts of electricity flowing through her body. She thought she died and went to Heaven. And when she got off the floor all the sickness was completely gone from her life.

SID: What affect did it have on you?

MATT: She walked home that night. She came through the front door that night, and she was bright and smiling, and happy, totally healed. And I said, “Who are you? What happened to you?” And she said, “Jesus healed me tonight.” That week I got saved, my whole family got saved, and not only did Jesus heal my mom, but he saved our whole family at the same time.

SID: Well Matt then has a hunger for God. But he does something that a young teenager, it’s just not normal. He goes to these services where there’s hundreds of people praising God and he feels a real manifest presence of God. So he goes home and he starts worshiping God like he did at the meetings, and nothing. But here’s the thing that I think is so amazing, and I want you to catch. Matt, when you felt nothing, a pragmatic person would say, well I’ll just wait until Sunday when I go to service. You didn’t do that.

MATT: No. I wanted God one on one. I mean, I loved experiencing His presence when I was in the service. But I wanted to experience God by myself, just that one on one relationship. So I kept worshiping. Everyday I’d go into my room. I put my worship music on and I would sing the same songs we sang in church, and I would feel nothing. But you know what, I didn’t stop. I kept pressing for four months, at least an hour a day, at least an hour. And I remember after the fourth month one day standing and singing the same song I had sung everyday for four months, and it was like Heaven opened up over me. God’s manifest glory came in the room, filled me, filled the whole room, and a breakthrough happened in my spirit.

SID: And this breakthrough that you had, if you had been like most people they would have stopped. Once he has this breakthrough, and you call it kind of an overflow, a spillover.

MATT: Exactly.

SID: Does it continue or do you have to then go for your next breakthrough?

MATT: The Bible says to be continually filled with the Spirit, but there is something about continually seeking God. But what happened with me was once my spirit got that breakthrough, I call it reaching the saturation point. Once the Holy Spirit saturated my spirit, overflowed into my soul and my body, began to fill every area of my life, from that moment forward, every time I would just whisper the name of Jesus, I could be doing laundry and I would say, “Jesus”. I’d close my eyes and I would just whisper his name.

SID: Excuse me. You just said his name and I just felt an overflow.

MATT: And his presence, like his presence is here right now. His presence would fill the room wherever I was and I would try it out. I’d say, I wonder if God’s presence is going to be with me here when I’m in the classroom or here when I’m doing laundry in the laundry room. I would just close my eyes and whisper his name and (blows) his presence would come in.

SID: So how long did you worship before you reached that overflow position?

MATT: It was about an hour a day.

SID: But for how many months?

MATT: Four months.

SID: Well that sounds pretty good to me. But what if it would have taken a year and a half, Matt? What if?

MATT: You just keep worshiping. See, because it’s not just about what we feel. We worship God because He’s worthy to be worshiped. And whatever He chooses to give us as a gift of His presence we accept that. So it’s not always about how we feel. But I encourage people no matter what you feel, God is still there with you. But if you keep persevering and you keep letting God fill you, eventually your spirit man will reach the saturation point.

SID: So you become a young pastor. You go into your office and all of a sudden you recognize, although you have a schedule like most pastors like this, you recognize God is there. What happened?

MATT: I open the door of my office. I was a brand new pastor, just my first year pastoring. I walk into the office right into the presence of God. He was there waiting for me. And I was taken back by it. I said, “God, your presence is in the office.” And I heard His voice speak to me, an inner audible voice. I shut the door. “I want to spend this whole day with you.”

SID: By the way, you weren’t the only one. I just heard the voice of God and He just said there are people watching that have a pain in their neck, and if you will move you will see that the pain is gone and the anointing is going all the way down your back right now, if you’ll just bend over. Matt, I think you’ re hearing the same thing.

MATT: Hallelujah.

SID: You look like it. What are you hearing?

MATT: People, again, healed right now. There is an anointing that’s flowing. Holy Spirit is touching you right now where you are, in your room wherever you’re watching from. It’s amazing.

SID: Now God spoke to you during that time and gave you a warning. Tell me about it

MATT: As I sat in my chair, the heavy, heavy, I mean it was so heavy, of His presence. There was one time I was so thankful for this presence of God that I was feeling and I wanted to say, thank you, God. But as the words came out of my mouth I would feel His presence lift off of me. So I just grew quiet. And then the Lord spoke to me. He said. “This is not about you speaking any words right now. This is me being with you and you just being with me. Just be in my presence.” And then as a few hours went by my mind started to go. You have to this, you have to do that, you have to do this. And I actually felt guilty for praying. And the Lord spoke to me, something that changed my life forever.

SID ROTH: Hold that thought. We’ll be right back after this word.

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