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Sid Roth welcomes Samuel Kanco and Surprise Suthole

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with two of my friends: one is a former witch doctor from Africa; the other is a former witch from Africa. They moved in the supernatural, put curses on people. Many people died. They served the devil. They both had amazingly supernatural encounters with God and they learned some of the mysteries that they understand from the dark side. They now understand the scriptures better than most of us have ever understood it. In fact, Surprise you told me that you know what’s about ready to happen here in the United States. What’s about ready to happen?

SURPRISE: Exactly. I’m feeling that a major revival is coming. I was here before September – 9/11 and then so I came again in 2002. There was a major change and with this movie “The Passion of the Christ.”

SID: The movie?

SURPRISE: The movie “The Passion of the Christ” will cause thousands to believe the Messiah Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God and there will be a major revival now, not so long it will break through in the whole world.

SID: Ok. Will it last long? Will the revival last a long period of time? Or will it be a short revival?

SURPRISE: I want to tell you because the whole world today is looking for peace and they won’t find peace unless they come to Jesus. They’ll find peace, now the whole world will rush to Jesus now to get peace.

SID: You know, this is my spin: that movie, “The Passion”, the reason that God brought it was to cause backsliders to become real believers and when they become real believers, they’re going to move in the supernatural and when they move in the supernatural, Jewish people are going to come to know the Messiah in large numbers and when Jewish people come to know the Messiah in large numbers, they’re going to come into the Body of Messiah. And there’s something that the Jew brings to the Body of Messiah that no one else can bring. There’s something the Gentile brings to the body of Messiah that nobody else can bring, but when the two come together…that’s why in the book of Ephesians, Paul said that Jesus came to break down the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile to form “one new man.” And what I see, gentlemen, is the formation of the true body of Messiah. It’s going to be the most exciting revival the world has ever seen. Samuel, I want you to speak to people and pray for people as God directs right now. This time is precious and there are people whose lives are going to be…they’re going one way – it’s going to change because of what you’re going to say.

SAMUEL: This hour is your hour and I believe that they Lord died for you and me. Whatever that is going on in your life right now, the Lord’s mercy; the mercies of God and the grace of God will envelop you now for you to receive your healing in order to give your heart to him. Now I see five people with a problem with their mind. Now the demon in charge of madness, who’s in charge of all mental sickness is called dadah. Now dadah’s spirit is the demon in charge of that. I rebuke you out of their minds in the name of Jesus. I rebuke you out of their minds in the name of Jesus. I break the curse that you have put on their minds; the thought, the filthy thoughts, the suggestion. The flashes; the flashes of filthy pictures in their thoughts – I rebuke it in the name of Jesus! Come out of their minds with the blood of Jesus. I break the curse on your life in the name of Jesus. Now I see a lot of pains in their body. Now this demon in charge of pains, unusual pains, unidentified pains, is also called dadah spirit. Now I bind the spirit in charge of unusual pains, unidentified pains, I bind you in the name of Jesus. Pains from all over the body: your neck, your hand, your stomach, your abdomen, I rebuke. I take the pains out of your life in the name of Jesus for I forbid the demon dadah to put these pains back. In Jesus’ name, I destroy his works in the name of Jesus I cancel it. In Jesus’ name I break it in the name of Jesus and finally I pray and I bind every spirit that is fighting against everybody who is watching us, who is listening to us, concerning gluttonous, food, concerning too much eating. Obesity, I cancel that in the name of Jesus. I release the fresh anointing, I release healing, I release power into your life in the name of Jesus and above all I recommend Jesus for you. Receive him as your Lord and personal savior and you shall be free. Now as I’m about to end, I want to know do you have Jesus? Have you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior? I’m going to pray a short pray with you please. Please, I am an African, a witch doctor. Jesus is real. You haven’t had the horrible background that I went through. I am in Africa. I don’t have a doctor, I don’t have a car, I don’t have anything. My country is not beautiful as yours. Have you considered it? It didn’t come by chance you are here for a purpose. I want you once more to think about these things and then open your hearts and pray this prayer after me. Say Lord Jesus, this hour I know that you came to die for me. I have opened my heart and I have received you as my Lord and personal Savior. Come into my heart. Dwell in my heart from today. Take control over my life. I have submitted all my life to you Jesus. You are my Lord and my God. God bless you. Father, I pray for those who received you. I pray that – Lord, I cut every curse and every sickness and I cause them oh God to open their eyes and their understanding to know that in truth you are God. I thank you and I bless you, in Jesus’ name amen.

SID: There is such a presence of God. If you have repented of your sins and if you have asked Yeshua, that’s Hebrew for Jesus, to forgive you and live inside of you, you are the righteous in God’s sight. Now you must be filled with His Spirit. Would you two join hands? In the name of Yeshua, ask God in Jesus’ name to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Pour His Holy Spirit into them Father. Oh, that’s God’s presence on you right now. That is God’s presence. Actually, someone’s back has just been healed and neck and side. There’s a pain in your side – it’s gone in Jesus’ name. And there’s someone that had no hope – you have hope now. You have faith. Now you’re being injected with supernatural faith. Begin to tell God how much you love him. He has a supernatural language just for you and you’ll say Jesus, let me tell you how much I love you. Just begin to praise him. You can even lift your hands up to God. You can even worship him in Jesus’ name, begin to worship him. I love you God. Begin to speak in your supernatural language (speaks in tongues).

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Our Guest Janie DuVall

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Janie DuVall, and we’re talking about supernatural languages. I believe that God wants to restore this gift for the last great push of God’s spirit. As I study the great men and women of God throughout history one ingredient is left out, but it’s in the record, Janie, and that is they all have spoke in supernatural languages. There was a one-eyed, uneducated African-American man that literally led the Azusa Street Revival.

JANIE: William Seymour.

SID: Most people don’t know this. If you had walked into his service the first thing you would see is a man sitting there with a box over his head. You wouldn’t be able to see his face. You would have run out. But you know what he was doing? He was praying in supernatural languages, and he would not take the box off of his head until God told him what to do.

JANIE: But you know, he’s not the only one. John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, that was their key to walking in the miraculous. And all the guests that you’ve had lately, even in like the past year, I asked them, okay, what’s your secret? How come you’re seeing angels? How come you’re being translated? How come you see fast answers to prayer? How come so many people are getting healed? I prayed in supernatural languages a long time. That’s the key. And you know what the big key, but some people can still pray in supernatural languages and not have anything happen. And the reason is when you’re praying in supernatural languages you’re allowing the Holy Spirit to change you. You’re allowing him to have you walk in supernatural love and supernatural power. But if you don’t allow that change then you could be stopping it.

SID: Well you know something else? I’ve always heard all things work together for good. It comes from Roman 8. But the verse before that says, if you’re praying in supernatural languages all things work together for good. My favorite story about supernatural languages is I used to have a Bible study in my home. And we had a Filipino woman that came. She got radically filled with the spirit, loved the Lord, and she started bringing her husband. Her husband is very conservative, Catholic background. He would sit there with his hand like this. He was a medical doctor. Actually, he was professor of medical doctors at Howard University, and as far as he was concerned, he was okay with God. Well one day I put my hand on him, Janie, and I started praying in supernatural language, and you should have seen the expression on is face. He looks at me and he looks at his wife, and he looks at me again, and his first thought was, my wife taught Sid how to pray in the Filipino language.

JANIE: Oh interesting.

SID: His second thought was, “No, she couldn’t have done that because she doesn’t know my dialect. There are 40 different dialects in the Philippines.” And I spoke in the Filipino language in his dialect, and this is what I said: You must repent of your sins and believe in the Messiah. And that sign caused this sophisticated medical doctor to repent of his sins and have an encounter with the Lord. Let me tell you how changed he was. I used to live in Washington, D.C. at the time, and I went out to Georgetown. That’s where all the college kids hang out on the weekends. And I started passing tracks out about the Messiah. And I said, “Dr. Caesar, would you like to come with me?” He said, “Sure. Surprise me.” He’s out there passing tracks out. Some of his students in medical school walk up to him and say, “Dr. Santos, what are you doing here?” And he said, “I’m telling everyone about Jesus.” His wife said, he’s in Heaven now. His wife said to me, the happiest time of their marriage was after he became radical for the Messiah. And that all happened because I had chutzpah, that’s a Hebrew word, the nerve to speak in a supernatural language. Tell me about one time when you did that.

JANIE: You know, one time, and it’s come out in all different language. Sometimes Hebrew, sometimes Aramaic, sometimes even Chinese. But I was at church and I spoke out in French. And there was a woman who brought this man to church. He didn’t believe in Jesus at all. But he heard my words, supernatural languages, come out in French and he knew that I didn’t speak French. She told him and he the words, “Come to me now. Respond please. Respond please.” And he ended up believing in Jesus.

SID: Well you know, I believe one of the reasons God wants these supernatural languages restored is because they’re signs that are so amazing to Jewish people, and the Jewish person requires a sign. So that’s one of the reasons for the restoration of supernatural languages.

JANIE: And it’s a door to the supernatural.

SID: All the gifts.

JANIE: All the gifts of the spirit, yes.

SID: So it is actually your idea, Janie. You said, let’s approach our home congregation and have a special meeting. Explain.

JANIE: Well we invited a bunch of people and we just said, okay, bring people who are hungry who really want the power of the Lord, who really want to speak in supernatural languages. So the turnout was incredible.

SID: By the way, I was a little nervous about this.

JANIE: I know.

SID: I mean, we were saying if you don’t speak in supernatural languages and you want to, show up. I mean, there could have been two people that showed up. When I drove to the parking lot I was shocked when I saw all the cars out there. JANIE: It was really packed. And then you asked at the end for people to come up who really wanted their supernatural language. And you had from the really young to old. And there were some people. There was one couple, her husband came up. And for 20 years they used to argue about supernatural languages. And he thought, “What do I need this for?” Well he ended up speaking in supernatural languages that night. All of them did, from the children to the old.

SID: Oh and there was this one woman who was also of a Catholic background and her daughter brought her, and the whole way there in the car she’s saying to her mother, “I want you to pray in supernatural language.” In the whole way her mother is saying, “I don’t believe in that nonsense. I don’t even know why I’m coming, but I’ll go to the meeting.” Do you know what? She came forward and broke forth in the most beautiful language. Now she’s telling everyone, “You must,” she must be a Jewish mother but she doesn’t know it. “You must all speak in supernatural language.” Janie, I would like to hear, I want to take you back. You went to your Jewish mother who had now publicly made Jesus the Messiah, and you said, “Mom, I want you to hear this language.” Her mother took that as a strong sign and then became a bold believer in the Messiah. I would like to have you speak in a supernatural language just as you spoke to your mother.

JANIE: [supernatural language]

SID: Now I don’t speak French. But I have to tell you something. It sounded French to me. But at the meeting then after everyone got their language we started singing. What did it sound like?

JANIE: It sounded like angels. And I want you all to hear what it sounded like.

[begin video]


[end video]

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Sid Roth welcomes Julie True

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Sid: My guest is Julie True.  Julie is a modern day psalmist. As a matter of fact, Julie if I was to say to you, what is your purpose in the Kingdom, how would you respond?

Julie: Right now it’s to infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing.

Sid: And that’s why you work a lot in healing rooms and healing rooms around the country use your music in soaking rooms.  You know, that’s kind of a new concept for a lot of people, soaking to anointed music.  Why don’t you explain what that is.

Julie: To me, soaking is, it always involves music for me.  It’s a time to quiet the soul, but to be awakened in the spirit to hear the heart of God in that moment and to interact with Him in a very personal way.  And so, it’s like letting go of everything that is in our everyday business and just letting God saturate us.  You know, I believe music can actually permeate our cells. The cells of our being and bring change in our bodies and in our spirits and souls and bring healing that way.  So that’s what it is for me.

Sid: Well, I believe the light of God just flows into an individual.  Jesus is the light of the world and it is sort of like in the sound waves. They penetrate a person when, they vary, so many people like to either sit in a comfortable chair or even most people like to lay on the ground.  I know people that are moving so fabulously in this supernatural that they get their revelation; they get their intimacy with God through soaking.

Julie: That’s right. We jokingly say BYOP bring your own pillow.  Sometimes when you come to soaking people will be laid out on the floor or some people will be writing in their journals and getting all kinds of revelations from God.  But you know, He speaks to us in a still small voice sometimes and so you have to be quiet and you have to quiet your soul. And for me it has been a time of letting God increases my spirit man so that my spirit is the leader and not my soul realm, which is all about my emotions and my will and all that.  And so, yeah it changes you and you get closer to the Lord.

Sid: Now I understand your son has all sorts of developmental delays and that must be very hectic for you, Julie.

Julie: Well, yes.  I don’t know how anybody can make it with any kind of the things we go through in this life without having communion with God and having connection with God in a spirit to spirit way.  But for him, my son, he is all about soaking himself.  He loves to have peaceful music and music where he can sing to and it actually helps him speak.  That’s one of the things I am noticing that’s helping him be healed is that he can sing much better than he can speak.  Because of his speech has been delayed and so I believe God’s healing him through the music and through the process of him even singing along to CD’s, mine and others you know.

Sid: You know what I find fascinating?  We interviewed before this interview, a woman that is a counselor in a substance abuse counselor and a number of other specialties in the secular and she is also a Biblical counselor. And the interesting thing is she plays your music and as she plays your music the people are being set free.

Sid: Let’s go to that interview: I have on the telephone, Mari.  We’re not using her real name, because she is a state certified substance abuse and mental health counselor from a biblical foundation and she is going to talk about some confidential things.  But she saw Julie True on “It’s Supernatural”.  Got her music and now she plays the CD “Breathe You In” in the background when she does group counseling or individual counseling.  Why do you play that in the background, Marie?

Marie: Well, it basically helps usher in the presence of God in my group settings.

Sid: Tell me a few things that have happened to people that are sitting with this presence of God in the counseling place situation.

Marie: Okay, well the first time I tried this was in a group setting of about twelve people and we were doing an exercise on forgiveness.  I had them write down all the people the Holy Spirit was leading them to forgive, as kind of an experiment, I thought well, I’ll put on this music because it really brings in the Holy Spirit into the setting.  So, I began to play, I believe it was “Yes, You Love Me” from that cut, it was a cut on “I’ll Bring You In” and as the people began to work.  They were given pencils and papers to write who they needed to forgive and as the music played, I looked around the room and almost all of them were visibly moved.  Some were weeping, some were sniffling, and then you could see that the Lord was doing this deep, deep work in them. And after the exercise I went through one by one and asked each one .  Okay, what did the Lord do for you? One woman was able to forgive her parents that were really neglectful to her.  One man was able to forgive a rapist of his daughter.  One man was able to forgive the Federal system that had wronged him, he thought.  So it was very, very powerful.

Sid: Marie, tell me about the person that was addicted to pain medicine for twenty years.

Marie: Yea, this young man was in that group that night and I didn’t see much happening with him.  He had had an abusive  father and he later told me that as a result of that session with Julie’s music he did on deed, forgive his father.  Well, that was in January and in April, we were having another session and he had told us that he had been on oxycotin, oxycodone for almost twenty years.  He had been in a terrible car accident when he was younger, his leg had almost been completely severed, but he was in terrible pain.  So he had felt like the Lord, had told him to quit this medication and he did ,but he was going through withdrawal and of course, he was left with this pain.  So when he came to group and announced this, we said okay, let’s go ahead and pray for you and he was instantly healed.  Previously, this young man had some extreme anger issues. He would jump out of his car and accosts people driving down the street when he was angry.  He was angry at his mother, his father and through the course of time and the use of treatment and Julie’s music he has greatly improved.

Sid: You also do secular counseling that is not faith based.  Tell me what happened when you exposed them to Julie’s music?

Marie: Well, in this particular group, this is several people who have substance abuse and mental health issues. And so I used Julie’s music again, “Yes, You Love Me” that just talked about the love of the Father and as that played two people began to just totally weep and weep in the group.  One of them was homosexual, he was homeless, he had HIV, he was alcoholic, and he had a mental illness.  He really had a lot of problems and he began to just weep, and weep and weep.  And I said, what is going on?  He said, oh that music, I don’t know why I am weeping I just feel so emotional and I know that the Spirit of God just touched him in that setting just from his reaction.

Sid: Thank you, Marie.

Played Julie True’s CD “I Hear the Sound”)

Sid: We put together a mini soaking kit, its two music CDs by Julie True.  Trust me, my favorite soaking music called, “Breathe You In” and “Sounds of Healing” plus a bonus, Cindy Parton did a teaching, I asked her to do this of the basics of soaking.  She spent 15 yrs. they’ve had more visions and experiences with God.  She’ll teach you how you can have your own experience God.  How you can hear God’s voice.  How you can soak; were making that as a bonus.

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Sid Roth welcomes Katie Souza

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Sid: As I was doing my introduction I was thinking of a conversation I had with a friend just before I did this interview.  In this conversation this person was making such a big deal that they might have had some Jewish ancestry five six generations back and I thought to myself, so what.  The issue is not whether you are Jewish or Gentile.  The issue is not whether you are male or female.  There is a role for males and female.  There is a role for Jews and Gentiles.  And God did not make any mistakes.  He set you in the place he wants you to be in the body.  But the whole issue is knowing who you are in Jesus.  That’s the beauty in the One New Man because you see we each need each other.  God created it that way to have the full dwelling place of God.  That’s the whole deal and if you’d rather be someone that your not, get some help.  Get a life.  God knew who you were before you were even formed in your mother’s womb.

Now, my guest Katie Souza has got a series that I’ve been listening to called “The Healing School.” And we have a special bonus called “The Glory Light Healing.” The thing I love about this teaching is that it is almost like there are some missing keys in the revelation of healing.  And it’s about time that we start walking in the same power, and the same glory that Jesus had.   I can’t wait for her to show you some of the things that God is showing her.  Because, I believe there are people listening to us, Katie, right now that when they hear these keys light bulbs are going to go off. Some of them have been waiting years and years to be healed, waiting for this interview.  Now, on a previous broadcast, we found out about Katie, and as far as I’m concerned, if you saw the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” Katie was both of them put together.  I mean, Katie, these high speed chases and guns and drug labs and running away from the police, and collecting money from people at gun point that owed you money on drug deals.  I mean I can picture someday there is going to be a movie.  But it goes right back to the line of scripture to him who is forgiven much they love much.  I don’t quite understand it, it’s not necessary to be so broken to get such revelation, but it doesn’t hurt, you know.  Something about that brokenness that makes us more pliable to hear from God, what do you think about that?

Katie: Indeed, I’m telling you that there is nothing like being locked up in prison to get you sequestered and silent so that you can hear God and He can fill you up with His goodies.

Sid: So, about 2006 you went to a friend of mine who runs the church, Bill Johnson, the Bethel Church in Redding, California.  You felt directed by God.  You had seen healings, when you were in prison you saw healings.  But you knew that was something more so you went to this church what happened to you there?

Katie: Well, God told me to go to Bethel and I didn’t know anything about it because I was an ex-con. I had just got out of prison so, you know it was a big deal for me to get on a plane and go some place that I had never heard of. And when I got there it was like we have been believing that we were going to receive the Matthew 10 anointing that drives out demons and heals the sick.  And I got there and found out that Bethel is, of course world famous for the kingdom of Heaven manifesting there on a regular basis. I went because my mother had been very very ill.  She had a disease that ate her bones and she had lost many.  Her hip and her fingers and her bones had fallen out of her knuckles and she was extremely crippled.  We believed that the Lord was going to do something great.  So He told me to go.

Sid: And I tell you, I had never heard of such a disease but according to my notes, when she got an artificial body part the disease ate through the artificial body part even.

Katie: Yeah, six months Sid, the one hip was eaten they took it out, they put in the artificial one, six months later she collapsed, they open her back up and it had eaten the plastic parts of the manmade hip.

Sid: So you were desperate to understand healing.  So you go out to Bethel, what happened?

Katie: Well, like my second day there God did what He said He was going to do.  I’m standing in the service in the front. Two little housewives with their kids clinging to their skirts laid their hands on me. And the liquid power of God filled me up and I knew I had received the Matthew 10 anointing.

Sid: Which allow you to cast out demon and lay hands on the sick and have them recover.  So you get back home, you know that God has given you something special.  He directed you there.  You receive. Now you are coming home and your mother, who you love, who has been suffering.  I mean, it really sounds like she was in agony for something like 25 years.  You go there, great woman of God, you lay hands on her, what happened?

Katie: Well, I had something I never had before.  I suddenly had the switch that turned on and it was like this power generator with this heat started going and flowing inside of me and being released down my arms and out my belly and out my body on to Mom.  So, here I am, God had given us sign and wonders saying He was going to do something great.  I went, I got the anointing, I’m back I got this generator and I’m totally believing Mom’s going to jump up and be completely healed.  I’m praying, I’m releasing and I’m going and nothing happened.  And I’m like, what’s going on God.  And the next day I pray and nothing happened, and the next day I prayed and nothing happens.  But then on that third day, my father had been in the emergency room all day and he had been scheduled for two major operations with his prostate because he had been having trouble with it for years and years.  I walked up to him, I laid hands on him and he was healed.  So I knew that we had the anointing but there was something that was blocking Mom from receiving and that was when God began to tell me what it was.

Sid: What did He tell you?

Katie: As I sat before Him, He started to explain to me about the order in which Jesus talks about that Matthew 10 anointing.  He said, Notice the order and how Jesus presents it.  He says, he gave His disciples the anointing to first drive out demons. Then heal the sick.  God told me that sometimes you need to remove demonic powers that are hindering the healing before you can then heal the sick.  So I’m like oh, I get it God and I run back in there and I start praying for Mom rebuking every demon on the face of the planet off of her and again nothing happened.  So I’m like, what is going on with this God?  And He said you are doing what you were told.  You are fighting the enemy but once again it is about order.  You are fighting the demonic kingdom in the wrong order.  God began to minister to me how there was an order in the dark realm that it operated like an army.  That’s why the man at the tombs told Jesus that his name was legion.  Legion is a Roman army term and he knew he was part of an army.  And in every army there are ranks.  You know, generals, lieutenants, colonels in the United States army.  God began to show me.  Stop fighting from the bottom up the ranks.  Start working your way from the top down.  And when He said it to me, I said well show me where the ranks are in scripture.  So He took me to Ephesians 6:12, that classic scripture and I was reading it in the Amplified.  And as I saw it, I saw the order.  It says that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but against the and here’s the order. Gasp bits, the powers and the master spirits.  And as I looked at that order I could see that there it was.  That was the order I need to fight the demonic kingdom.  The first in the order is des pit.  What is a des pit?  It is a tyrant king and no king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him.  So who are in these kings’ kingdoms, the next two, in the order. The powers and then the master spirits.  The word powers , when you look it up in the Webster’s Sid, it actually means orders of angels, there’s the ranks in the demonic army.  And then the last in that army and the lowest rank are the master spirits because to master means to be able to control someone.  So those are the spirits that have the ability in some way to control or to harm you.  And so as I began to see this order of the demonic kingdom, with the kings at the top and the powers and the master spirits underneath them in their kingdom, the Lord spoke to me again and said if you will learn how to fight and defeat the king then the powers and the master spirit underneath them in their kingdoms will just submit to you.  I was like, okay, that’s cool.  Where is that in scripture? And He said, it is in the story of David and Goliath.  As I went to that story Sid, I saw exactly what God was trying to say to me.  That if you fight the demonic kingdom from the top down, you will be successful. And I saw the story starts with the Philistine army and the Israel army lined up in battle array to fight each other.  But they were not fighting.  The reason why was because each one of those armies had a champion that was covering them.  David was fighting for Israel and Goliath was fighting for the Philistine.  In this story Goliath himself makes a statement that proves what God was trying to teach me.  It says that Goliath will come every day for forty days to challenge the Israelites and every day he would say this Sid. He would go, choose a man from amongst your selves to come down to me. If he is able to fight me and defeat me then we, meaning me and my army will submit to you.  And that’s exactly what happened. See Goliath was saying, look I’m the covering for the Philistine army.  I’m their champion.  If you defeat me then not only will I submit but my entire army.

Sid: So that was the key you got for your Mom.  If you could get rid of that ruling king then the whole army backs off.  I love it, and as a matter of fact, we have her entire Healing School, six CDs step by step; the missing keys that you’ve been waiting for; the missing revelation that you have been waiting for.  That I believe is going to unlock the mystery of you manifesting your healing and you being about to set a lot of people free.  She has teaching on soul wounds. She has teaching on the glory and healing. Really missing keys and the thing I love about the teaching.  It’s more of a how to than a superstar mentality.  Her greatest passion is for you to learn to walk in the same healing that she’s walking in.  And we have a bonus that is worth the entire thing.  It’s a bonus CD on the Glory Light, Healing from the Glory Light.

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