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Sid: My guest is Julie True.  Julie is a modern day psalmist. As a matter of fact, Julie if I was to say to you, what is your purpose in the Kingdom, how would you respond?

Julie: Right now it’s to infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing.

Sid: And that’s why you work a lot in healing rooms and healing rooms around the country use your music in soaking rooms.  You know, that’s kind of a new concept for a lot of people, soaking to anointed music.  Why don’t you explain what that is.

Julie: To me, soaking is, it always involves music for me.  It’s a time to quiet the soul, but to be awakened in the spirit to hear the heart of God in that moment and to interact with Him in a very personal way.  And so, it’s like letting go of everything that is in our everyday business and just letting God saturate us.  You know, I believe music can actually permeate our cells. The cells of our being and bring change in our bodies and in our spirits and souls and bring healing that way.  So that’s what it is for me.

Sid: Well, I believe the light of God just flows into an individual.  Jesus is the light of the world and it is sort of like in the sound waves. They penetrate a person when, they vary, so many people like to either sit in a comfortable chair or even most people like to lay on the ground.  I know people that are moving so fabulously in this supernatural that they get their revelation; they get their intimacy with God through soaking.

Julie: That’s right. We jokingly say BYOP bring your own pillow.  Sometimes when you come to soaking people will be laid out on the floor or some people will be writing in their journals and getting all kinds of revelations from God.  But you know, He speaks to us in a still small voice sometimes and so you have to be quiet and you have to quiet your soul. And for me it has been a time of letting God increases my spirit man so that my spirit is the leader and not my soul realm, which is all about my emotions and my will and all that.  And so, yeah it changes you and you get closer to the Lord.

Sid: Now I understand your son has all sorts of developmental delays and that must be very hectic for you, Julie.

Julie: Well, yes.  I don’t know how anybody can make it with any kind of the things we go through in this life without having communion with God and having connection with God in a spirit to spirit way.  But for him, my son, he is all about soaking himself.  He loves to have peaceful music and music where he can sing to and it actually helps him speak.  That’s one of the things I am noticing that’s helping him be healed is that he can sing much better than he can speak.  Because of his speech has been delayed and so I believe God’s healing him through the music and through the process of him even singing along to CD’s, mine and others you know.

Sid: You know what I find fascinating?  We interviewed before this interview, a woman that is a counselor in a substance abuse counselor and a number of other specialties in the secular and she is also a Biblical counselor. And the interesting thing is she plays your music and as she plays your music the people are being set free.

Sid: Let’s go to that interview: I have on the telephone, Mari.  We’re not using her real name, because she is a state certified substance abuse and mental health counselor from a biblical foundation and she is going to talk about some confidential things.  But she saw Julie True on “It’s Supernatural”.  Got her music and now she plays the CD “Breathe You In” in the background when she does group counseling or individual counseling.  Why do you play that in the background, Marie?

Marie: Well, it basically helps usher in the presence of God in my group settings.

Sid: Tell me a few things that have happened to people that are sitting with this presence of God in the counseling place situation.

Marie: Okay, well the first time I tried this was in a group setting of about twelve people and we were doing an exercise on forgiveness.  I had them write down all the people the Holy Spirit was leading them to forgive, as kind of an experiment, I thought well, I’ll put on this music because it really brings in the Holy Spirit into the setting.  So, I began to play, I believe it was “Yes, You Love Me” from that cut, it was a cut on “I’ll Bring You In” and as the people began to work.  They were given pencils and papers to write who they needed to forgive and as the music played, I looked around the room and almost all of them were visibly moved.  Some were weeping, some were sniffling, and then you could see that the Lord was doing this deep, deep work in them. And after the exercise I went through one by one and asked each one .  Okay, what did the Lord do for you? One woman was able to forgive her parents that were really neglectful to her.  One man was able to forgive a rapist of his daughter.  One man was able to forgive the Federal system that had wronged him, he thought.  So it was very, very powerful.

Sid: Marie, tell me about the person that was addicted to pain medicine for twenty years.

Marie: Yea, this young man was in that group that night and I didn’t see much happening with him.  He had had an abusive  father and he later told me that as a result of that session with Julie’s music he did on deed, forgive his father.  Well, that was in January and in April, we were having another session and he had told us that he had been on oxycotin, oxycodone for almost twenty years.  He had been in a terrible car accident when he was younger, his leg had almost been completely severed, but he was in terrible pain.  So he had felt like the Lord, had told him to quit this medication and he did ,but he was going through withdrawal and of course, he was left with this pain.  So when he came to group and announced this, we said okay, let’s go ahead and pray for you and he was instantly healed.  Previously, this young man had some extreme anger issues. He would jump out of his car and accosts people driving down the street when he was angry.  He was angry at his mother, his father and through the course of time and the use of treatment and Julie’s music he has greatly improved.

Sid: You also do secular counseling that is not faith based.  Tell me what happened when you exposed them to Julie’s music?

Marie: Well, in this particular group, this is several people who have substance abuse and mental health issues. And so I used Julie’s music again, “Yes, You Love Me” that just talked about the love of the Father and as that played two people began to just totally weep and weep in the group.  One of them was homosexual, he was homeless, he had HIV, he was alcoholic, and he had a mental illness.  He really had a lot of problems and he began to just weep, and weep and weep.  And I said, what is going on?  He said, oh that music, I don’t know why I am weeping I just feel so emotional and I know that the Spirit of God just touched him in that setting just from his reaction.

Sid: Thank you, Marie.

Played Julie True’s CD “I Hear the Sound”)

Sid: We put together a mini soaking kit, its two music CDs by Julie True.  Trust me, my favorite soaking music called, “Breathe You In” and “Sounds of Healing” plus a bonus, Cindy Parton did a teaching, I asked her to do this of the basics of soaking.  She spent 15 yrs. they’ve had more visions and experiences with God.  She’ll teach you how you can have your own experience God.  How you can hear God’s voice.  How you can soak; were making that as a bonus.

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